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How to Solarize Soil

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Level Your Garden and Soak with Water
Level Your Garden and Soak with Water

Level your garden and clear it of all rocks, debris or old plant material. Solarization works best when all of the soil is an equal distance from the plastic. This will provide proper heating to the entire area.

Using a garden hose, soak the garden bed to at least a depth of 1 foot.  

Lay Plastic

Lay plastic. Pull the plastic as tightly as possible across the surface of the raised bed. Use staples or other fasteners to secure the plastic in place. This will keep wind, rain and weed seeds out while keeping the heat in. 

Remove the Plastic and It's Ready

After 6-8 weeks, remove the plastic. Your bed will have regularly heated to up to 120° Fahrenheit during the summer, killing off any weeds, soil borne diseases and pests that remained. The bed is ready to plant again when done.