Project Guide

How to Make a Pipe Coat Hanger

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Review the Cut List
Image of cut diagrams for the pipe coat hanger project.
  • Review the cut list, making note of the measurements, cut indicators and scrap wood. 
Measure and Mark
A person measuring and marking wood.
  • Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the wood and according to the cut list.

Tip: Cut pieces one at a time then measure and mark the next piece from the remaining scrap to ensure that all pieces are correct in size.

Cut the Wood
A person using a circular saw to cut wood for a pipe coat hanger.
  • Use a circular saw to make the cuts on the wood, then use sanding block to smooth any rough edges.
Paint or Stain the Boards
A person painting boards for the pip coat hanger project.
  • Stain or paint boards prior to assembly, if desired.
Attach the Top Shelf
A person using a drill to attach the top shelf to the pipe coat hanger.
  • Place one board on top of edge of second board flush to the edge. 
  • Pre-drill using 1/8-inch bit a hole 2 inches away from each edge. 
  • Attach shelf with 2 1/2-inch wood screws.
Pre-Drill the Mounting Holes
A person using a drill to create mounting holes in the pipe coat hanger.
  • Using the 1/8-inch drill bit drill two pilot holes centered on the back board 4 inches in from each side.
Assemble Coat Hooks
A person assembling the coat hooks for the pipe coat hanger.
  • Screw caps on one end of each pipe and screw the other end into the flanges. Repeat two more times.
Mount Shelf and Attach Hooks
A person mounting the pipe coat hanger to the wall with a drill.
  • Using remaining 2 1/2-inch wood screws attach shelf to wall (holes are 16 inches apart in case you want to mount to studs). 
  • Use 3/4-inch wood screws to attach hooks. Mount one hook directly over each mounting screw and the third one in the center. 

Tip: Use a straight edge and measuring tape to perfectly space and line up the pipe hooks.

  • Drawing a horizontal line centered on the back board and three vertical lines (one in the center and two 4 inches in from each side) will give you a great guide for where to put your screws.
  • Optional: Paint the screw heads to match the pipe color/finish.