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How to Create a Personalized Lazy Susan Tray

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Choose Your Image
A design with the name Boyd is chosen for the wood round.
  • Once you've gathered your tools and materials, it's time to get started. 
  • Begin by choosing your image. Select the image, design or words to add to the wood round. 

Tip: If you prefer to hand-letter or doodle, skip this step and draw right on the wood. 

Prep for Transfer
A person uses scissors to trim the design.

Using scissors, cut and trim the image to prep it to transfer onto the round. 

Lay Down Carbon Paper
A woman lays carbon paper on top of a wood round.

Overlappinng the carbon paper will help ensure that every part of the image transfers onto the wood round. 

Measure Image
A ruler is used to make sure the design fits on the wood round.

If you're using a round design, measure from the image edge to the edge of the round. 

Trace Image
A stylus is used to trace the image onto carbon paper.

Now, with your image placed on top of the carbon paper, use your embossing stylus, pencil or pen to trace over the image. 

Burn Wood
A soldering iron is used to burn the design into the wood round.

Now, it's time to burn the design into the wood. This design used a calligraphy tip to trace the words, a dotted tip to trace the lines and a stencil cutting tip to trace over the flowers and leaves.  

 Tip: When operating any type of soldering iron or power equipment, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment.

Sand Wood Round
A sander is used to sand a wood round.

After burning the image into the wood round, use your sander and 150-grit sandpaper. Once you've passed over the entire round, go back over it with your sander and 220-grit. 

Stain Wood Round
A person uses a sponge brush to stain wood.

After the round is sanded, it's time to stain. Using a sponge, apply the wood stain. Be sure to apply the stain in the same direction as the wood grain. 

Carve Image into Wood Round
A person uses their rotary tool to carve image into wood.

With your rotary tool, carve out the image a bit more. Now, reburn the image and stain once more. 

Measure for Handles
A ruler is used to measure placement of handles.

Begin by measuring how far out you want the handles to be. Do this to both sides and mark the spots with a pencil. 

Line Up Hardware
Painter's tape is used to mark areas for hardware placement.

Next, add paint to the bottom of your hardware and place the hardware on top of the painter's tape to create a stamp. This will help when drilling.

Drill Holes for Hardware
A drill is used to drill holes for hardware.

Using the stamps as markers, hold your drill upright and start drilling holes for hardware. 

Attach Turntable
The turntable for the Lazy Susan is attached.
  • It's time to add the turntable to the bottom for your Lazy Susan. 
  • Turn over the wood round and place the turntable in the center of the board. You can measure both sides with a ruler to ensure it's perfectly centered. 
  • Use your pencil to mark where drill holes will go. 
  • Now, using your drill and wood screws, attach turntable to wood round.  
Seal & Add Hardware
A wood round is painted with sealant.

With the turntable attached, use a sponge brush and water-based polyurethane to seal the wood round. Once it's dry, attach hardware. 

A finished Lazy Susan holds wine, cheese, fruit and meat.

Now you have a personalized Lazy Susan tray that's perfect for serving a tray of food and beverages, using as decor or giving as a gift. 

Creating a one-of-a-kind item is a great way to enjoy the holiday. Ready to start your DIY project? We have options to deliver your online order when and where you need them.