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How to Improve Soil in Flower Beds

How to Add Compost to Flower Beds:
  • Calculate the square footage of your flower beds. Check the compost bag to find out how much you’ll need or ask a Home Depot Garden Center associate.
  • If there’s old mulch on the flower bed, rake it away. Compost or repurpose under trees and shrubs.
  • Add a 1” layer of compost on soil, breaking up any clumps. Keep the compost off the plants.
  • Work compost into the soil. No need to dig deeply. You don’t want to uproot any plants.
  • Lightly water the compost. Soaking the soil is only necessary if it is dry.
  • Top with 2″-3” of mulch.

TIP: When you transplant or add new plants to your flower bed, mix a shovelful of compost into the soil you have dug out of the hole.