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How to Replace a Screen in an Aluminum Frame

1-2 hours

Fix a damaged screen without having to replace the entire door

Replace a Screen in an Aluminum Frame

Screen doors are an effective, simple way to invite some fresh air into your home,
but due to their aluminum frames, they can be damaged easily. This guide will teach you how to replace a screen in an aluminum frame in just three steps.


Pry up the vinyl spline
Pry vinyl spline - Replace Screen Aluminum Frame

• Pry the vinyl spline from the grooves around the edge of the frame with a screwdriver.
• Retain the old spline, if it is still flexible, or replace it with new spline.

Stretch new screen material
Stretch new screen material - Replace Screen Aluminum Frame

Stretch the new screen fabric tightly over the frame so that it overlaps the retaining grooves.

Force spline and screen into grooves
Force spline screen grooves - Replace Screen Aluminum Frame

• Use a spline roller to press the spline and screen into the grooves.
• Cut away the excess screen fabric with a utility knife.