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Vandal Resistant Water Savers

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"Our Vandal Resistant Water Savers are designed to prevent theft, conserve energy and save water without sacrificing quality. You can use them to adjust the flow rate of your kitchen and bathroom faucets and help save water and energy. At Niagara Conservation, we strive to make sure that integrity is more than just a concept - it is something we live and demonstrate through our actions. Our word is our bond, and our dedication to our customers compels us to go beyond satisfactory. We view ourselves not only as manufacturer of a product, but rather as collaborators in our clients' mission of preserving water for their residence, business, and the planet. In the face of climate change, increasing population and record-breaking drought, our water resources are under immense pressure. In response, Niagara Conservation is dedicating its efforts to creating new solutions that allow customers to save water while still enjoying excellent performance."

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