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Feit Electric canless LED downlights elevate your lighting while saving energy and lasting decades. These downlights are ideal for both new construction and renovations. Place them anywhere without the need for recessed cans. Options feature integrated or tethered junction boxes and built-in trim for installation directly into finished ceilings. Spring-loaded clips ensure easy installation with a tight seal. Their edge-lit design and sleek, low-profile trim blend in with any décor. Choose from a variety of sizes and lighting options tailored to suit your needs. This collection features selectable color temperature and smart options to create the perfect ambiance for your space. With selectable color temperatures, you can preset your preferred color temperature on the fixture or set it to SWITCH mode to change it anytime with the flip of a standard wall switch. Smart downlights offer the ultimate lighting control with full-range color, scenes, automations, app and voice control, and more. Enhance the look of any room with sleek design and smooth dimming. LED downlights use less energy than incandescent bulbs while emitting the same bright light. Save energy and replace fewer bulbs. They also provide the highest LED light quality with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90+. Upgrade your lighting experience to canless LED downlights and enjoy enhanced illumination in a stylish, customizable package.

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