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Rejuvenate Plant Food

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Created to work with nature, Pennington Rejuvenate Plant Food revitalizes soil with essential plant nutrients. Your garden or flower beds will be bursting with bigger blooms and fruit compared to unfed plants. This blend of organic and natural ingredients combines earthworm castings, beneficial microorganisms such as microbes and mycorrhizae, and humic acids to improve the soil environment and nourish plants from the inside out. In 1945, we planted our roots to help you create the lawns and gardens of your dreams. You see, we don't see yards as curb appeal, but rather as a little slice of earth to call your own! A living breathing ecosystem where you can plant your roots and nurture them from the soil up. A space for creativity and celebration with those we love most. Whether it's seed, soil, fertilizer, flowers or bird feed, we believe our products should work with nature, not against it - the way mother nature intended!

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