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6 -Piece Plastic Tray/Applicator Kit

  • For use with all low to medium sheen paints and stains
  • For use on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces
  • High-density polyester knit fabric holds a lot of paint
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Product Details

Metal tray, plastic tray liner, 9 in. 5-wire frame, 2-9 x 3/8 in. covers, 3 in. frame, 3 in. cover, 2 in. angle sash brush
3/8 in. nap on roller
Compaitble with oil and latex based paint and stains with low- medium sheens
Compaitble with oil and latex based paint and stains
The wall surface being painted should be smooth/semi-smooth
roller cover for painting walls and ceilings
the roller cover handles are threaded to accept all standard extension poles
Reusable with care
Illustrations may vary from actual product
Whether your painting inside or out the 6-piece professional tray set is the best value. Everything you need to complete your entire paint project for one low price. The set includes a 9 in. plastic paint tray, a 9 in. x 3/8 in. high density knit roller cover for smooth surface painting, a 9 in. professional quality roller frame, a 2 in. paint brush for all paints, a 3 in. trim roller cover and 3 in. roller frame.
  • For use with all paints and stains
  • For interior and exterior use
  • 3/8 in. nap roller cover
  • 9 in. 5-wire cage frame with threaded handle that fits all standard poles
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Q:can a paint extension pole be added to the paint roller
by|Sep 16, 2022
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the manufacturer and their answer is,Yes, this roller frame has a handle that is threaded to fit any standard extension pole

by|Sep 21, 2022
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    Everything you need
    The Linzer 6-Piece High-Density Polyester Knit Paint Tray Kit has everything but the paint. I have been repainting every room in my house and I needed some new rollers. This paint kit comes with the standard size roller and an additional small roller for trims and tight areas. You get a nice paint tray that is very sturdy and as a bonus you get a brush. I love the angle brushes because they cut in a clean trim.
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    Quick and Cost Effective Painting Package
    This is a perfect little painting package for around the house for a quick cover or touch up paint job. It has everything that you need for your painting project, which includes the larger nine (9) inch roller with the 9 in. x 3/8 in. high density knit roller cover, a three (3) inch smaller roller and cover for the corners, the nine (9) inch paint tray, and a nice two (2) inch trim brush. A very nice value, as it would cost a lot more if you were to buy each of these items separately. The enclosed rollers are made for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. The better quality nine (9) inch five (5) wire roller frame has the ability in the handle to screw on an extension pole for longer reach (pole not included, but you can buy this separately only if needed). And a good quality two (2) inch angled trim brush to go around the trim and tighter corners. The package helped cut down the time and the cost of buying all the items separately and they all worked well. A great way to get your painting project started and completed quickly.
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    Rollers shed, among other things
    This is a terrible product. I’m not sure about the 5 star ratings. Both rollers shed. I was constantly picking out little bits off my wall. I’m talking A LOT of bits. The large roller frame does not work well with a pole (I was painting a bedroom ceiling) bc it’s not rigid enough and flexes when pushing the roller against the wall. If you have a large project it might not last. The roller constantly came off the frame. The roller created so many ridges which didn’t appear until the paint had dried requiring sanding and repainting. So much extra work created by using this kit.
      Excellent Set - Excellent Quality
      This a fantastic complete set. I just used it to apply primer on new sheetrock. I paint a lot, and this is the best way to get started. The tray is solid and much stiffer than many. It holds paint without wiggling. The tray has good ridges for applying the paint to the roller. The brush is 2 inches and angled. Allowing to cut around trim or edges without taping. The rollers are both strong and hold the pads firmly. But the pads come off easily. Everything cleaned up with a little water, ready for next project. I left the tray in the box for extra support (not really needed) and drips. Makes it easier to pick up and move. This set is a bargain for all you get. Definitely a deal.
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      Really Good Paint Tools
      While I haven’t started a painting job at the moment, I am about to start on a fairly large one. I have used Linzer brushes and rollers on many other jobs and they are as good as you can get. This set is their “BETTER” one and not the “BEST” but I can’t really tell any difference except in the brush clean-up after painting. These rollers are worth cleaning and saving for better jobs such as drywall painting or saving just for a onetime use on concrete, stucco or other outdoor jobs. While they may not suit a painting contractor for one reason or another, they are a high enough quality for any homeowner or someone who does small painting jobs. One thing that puzzles me about this set though is why they included a Semi-Smooth to Rough Surfaces 2“ brush with Smooth to Semi-Smooth Surfaces rollers. My advice is to use a better brush if you are painting trim or smooth drywall, along with a high quality paint of course. This brush is fine for many jobs though, so I don’t want to take anything away from it. Linzer products have always worked fine for me. Keep in mind that all of this kit is unbranded including the box it is in. It is a good buy at the current price for everything that is included.
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      everything you need at a good price
      6-Piece High-Density Polyester Knit Paint Tray Kit is everything you need to do almost any paint project. The grey tray is thick enough that it can be used over and over by purchasing tray liners. The kit comes two rollers. (9 inch and a 3 inch) Both rollers are threaded on the end so an extension can be added for painting where you need a little more reach. The best thing about this kit is that it is priced right.
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      All In One Value
      This is an All-In-One Value Linzer 6 Piece Paint Kit with a plastic tray. It stocked with what I need to get the painting project in my house started. It comes with a standard paint roller tray, a 3/8" nap x 9" High Density Roller with handle to be used on smooth to semi-smootth surfaces. A 3/8" nap x 3" Roller with handle for hard to access areas. It also has a 2" angled brush that is ideal for cutting and trim. With all this you should be able to paint a room in no time.
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      Great kit
      I’m in the process of re-painting my ceilings and baseboards, this kit is great for any painting project, the two rollers came in handy for painting the ceilings as well as my baseboards which are flat craftsman style. The angle brush is perfect for cutting in, the rollers in the kit are very high quality. If your painting a room I think this kit is worth it
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      Everything you need to paint, stain, or seal.
      I am doing some work on an old house. The kitchen had old pink and black tiles on the walls. While stripping the tiles and glue off of the wall most of the sheet rock paper came off with it. I decided to get 2 of these kits. One set I used with Pro-999 RX-35 dry wall repair and sealer. The second kit will be used for painting the walls as soon as I have another day off from work. The plastic roller tray is very durable. It has feet on the bottom to keep it level. The ripple design is great for getting off excess paint and the angle is great for directing the extra paint back down to the bottom. The 9 inch roller frame feels durable and has 5 wires for better grip with the roller cover. I had an old one with only 4 wires and it did not hold the cover very snug. The 9 inch high density knit roller cover has a 3/8" nap. It is recommended for smooth to semi smooth surfaces with a eggshell, matte, or flat sheen. It is great for latex and oil paints or stains. The 3 in. trim roller was perfect for the smaller areas that I could not get with the bigger roller. The 2 in. Angle brush worked great for cutting and trim. This brush is better then some others that I have used. I like that the bristles stay intact. Other brushes I have used the bristles would bend and fall off. This brush always kept it's shape even after using it and washing it. This is a great set to have around the house.
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      Basic better painting set
      This is a 6-piece professional tray set for painting. It is an excellent value as collectively the items retail for at least double the price when they are purchased separately. The set includes a 9 in. plastic paint tray, a 9 in. x 3/8 in. high density knit roller cover for smooth surface painting, a 9 in. professional quality roller frame, a 2 in. paint brush for all paints, a 3 in. trim roller cover and 3 in. roller frame. It states that it can be used with all paints and stains and can be used for interior and exterior use. I have used this product before and I have no doubt that it will do a great job on my next painting project.
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