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650 sq. ft, Filter-Free Technology, Patented Thermodynamic TSS Air Purifier, Black, Destroys Mold, Silent Operation

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Product Details
About This Product

Introducing the Airfree P Series with TSS Air Sterilizing Technology: the ultimate solution for clean and healthy indoor air. Experience cutting-edge TSS technology and award-winning design, now with an adjustable blue night light. Transform your space into a pure haven, free from harmful contaminants. Our patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology targets and destroys a wide range of pollutants, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment. Designed for allergy sufferers and mold-contaminated areas, the Airfree P Series provides relief and reduces irritants. Enjoy silent operation and zero maintenance, without the hassle of filters or buzzing noise. We also prioritize your well-being by minimizing indoor ozone levels. Create a serene ambiance with the adjustable blue night light. Upgrade today and embrace pure, refreshing air. Join thousands of satisfied customers and choose Airfree for your indoor air quality needs. Don't wait-start breathing with confidence now.

  • Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of replacing filters with our revolutionary filterless technology. Our advanced technology eliminates the need for costly replacements, saving you money in the long run
  • Enjoy clean, fresh air without any distractions. Our device operates in complete silence, allowing you to work, sleep, or relax without any annoying noise
  • Take clean air with you wherever you go. Our compact and portable design allows for easy portability, so you can enjoy purified air at home, the office, or even on vacation
  • Unleash the power of our patented thermodynamic TSS technology. Inspired by the simple yet effective process of boiling water, our exclusive technology uses heat to destroy harmful microorganisms. Experience 100% efficiency at the air outlet and breathe easier, knowing you're protected
  • Trust in our product's performance with proven results in ISO laboratories worldwide. Our device has undergone rigorous independent testing in ISO laboratories across the globe, ensuring top-notch quality and effectiveness
  • Combat allergens and airborne contaminants. Eliminate mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, organic odors, and other organic allergens from your environment. Breathe cleaner air and improve your overall well-being
  • Reduce harmful ozone levels and breathe fresh, clean air without worry. Our device actively works to lower indoor ozone levels, promoting a healthier atmosphere for you and your loved ones
  • Enhance your experience by customizing the ambiance with our adjustable night light feature. Set the perfect mood for relaxation or sleep, all while enjoying the benefits of purified air
  • Rest easy and enjoy peace of mind with our 2-year warranty. Your investment is protected, and we stand behind our product, ensuring your satisfaction and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve
  • Embrace eco-conscious living with our energy-efficient design. Our device allows you to be environmentally responsible without compromising on performance. It boasts low energy consumption, effectively reducing your carbon footprint while ensuring your air remains clean and fresh
  • Experience the epitome of superior quality and craftsmanship with our European-made product. Each device showcases meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the finest standards of European craftsmanship. With durability and reliability at its core, our product ensures long-lasting performance that you can rely on for years to come
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Product ID #: 315948434Internet #: 851866330004Model #: P3000


Dimensions: H 10.4 in, W 8.4 in, D 8.4 in


Maximum Coverage Area (sq. ft.)650 sq ftProduct Depth (in.)8.4 in
Product Height (in.)10.4 inProduct Width (in.)8.4 in


Air Purifier FeaturesPortable, QuietAir Purifier TypeTabletop
Air Treatment Product TypeAir PurifierAppliance CategoryAir Purifiers
Appliance SeriesNot ApplicableCADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)n/a - does not apply at all
ColorBlackColor FamilyBlacks
Control TypeN/AEffectiveness (%)100
Filtered or FilterlessFilterlessIonizationNo
Number of Air Filters Included0Number of Cleaning Stages1 stage
Number of cleaning stages1Number of Fan Speeds1
Pack Size1Package SizeIndividual
Particles RemovedAllergen, Bacteria, Dust, Mold, Odor, Smoke, VirusesPrimary Filter TypeActivated Carbon
Product Weight (lb.)4 lbReturnable90-Day
Voltage (V)110

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and ListingsCARB Compliant, UL CertifiedManufacturer WarrantyAirfree Air Purifiers include a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
  • 4.4 out of 30 reviews
  • 92% recommend this product
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Easy-to-use air purifier!
With having two little children & a family of people with allergies, we have trialed several different air purifiers. Most air purifiers we've used have filters, so I was interested in this filterless option simply to not have as much to worry about maintenance wise. Definitely a nice feature! The product claims to be 100% silent, and it certainly is quiet. Another bonus for those bothered by background noise. In terms of whether it is actually doing its job, I'm not sure of a real way to measure. We still have allergies, of course, but it does seem to be making a small difference. Another note, especially for those with children, is that the top does get quite warm. Make sure to keep out of reach of children. As a whole, I would certainly purchase the product to test in another room, so that's a win!
  • Recommended
The Airfree P3000 is the one I got for our bedroom. Not knowing much about air purifiers I figured bigger is better. My allergies are out of control this spring so I needed something that would help me not wake up as stuffy. This one is rated for a 650 sqft room and, as it states, is completely silent. No fans or anything to make noise. The light is adjustable to 10 levels or off. Some have different color options but mine doesn’t. Only blue light. You can tell it’s on when the light is on, or by the heat that comes off of it. As to whether it works or not I’m undecided. I’m still waking up stuffy, and my wife says she doesn’t really notice any difference after a month or so of use. I say give it a go, and decide for yourself.
  • Recommended
Fresh air, no effort, no filters!
This little air purifier is amazing! We live in the country so there's no end to the supply of dust, pollen, and other airborne allergens / contaminants filtering its way through our home. We have two dogs who love to run and play and get dirty and come in and get rid of it all in the house! It's always been a constant battle keeping up with dust and odors. My husband has a terrible time with allergies and since plugging this unit in, he has been sleeping better. I didn't have any reservations about using it in the bedroom because it is truly, completely, silent! There is an adjustable blue night light emitting from the top, but it is not intrusive. It's actually quite nice as it illuminates the floor leading to the master bathroom. The nicest part is that there's no filters to buy or clean. Just plug it in and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Recommended
Completey Quiet Yet Effective
This AirFree P3000 air purifier is absolutely dead silent, just as advertised. It draws air by convection with no fan to make any sort of background noise. It may be a bit limited in how much air it can treat because of this feature, but it is quiet enough for use in a bedroom. It also has adjustable lighting, so can be used as a sort of a nightlight or turned completely off if you prefer total dark. So far, I can tell a difference in airborne odors after trying it in our study and in our primary closet. It's only rated for one rooms worth of air, but it seems to work well.
  • Recommended
Skeptical at first
I was somewhat skeptical at first because this air purifier does not have any filters installed. I was worried about how it would perform but after using it for 5 days in my office area I was pleasantly surprised at how well it cleaned and circulated the air in the room. The air purifier can cover 650 square foot area efficiently and does so well. I would recommend this product.
  • Recommended
Quiet, dependable and works great.
The purifier is stylish and blends in wherever you put it. There are a few nice features included. The built in blue light can be turned on and off and works great as a night light. There is also a safety switch built in that will shut off the heating element if the unit is tipped over. We put ours in the kitchen and its been running for about a month now. We're very happy with it. Its difficult to measure but the air just seems fresher. No cooking smells and my allergies haven't bothered me at all this spring.
  • Recommended
No filters, No sound
P2000 Filterless 100% Silent Virus Destroying Air Purifier is an interesting and very specific use case - Killing virus. Usual air purifiers filter a lot of stuff - pollen, mold, dust etc etc. This one is focussing only on germs/virus. It basically uses radition/heat to kill the virus. It has no filters, makes no sound and would not realize its there.
  • Recommended
Pure air & pure silence
The Airfree filter less air purifier is definitely silent as advertised. It’s very portable, and while the product functions best when it’s located in the same spot for an extended period of time, it is possible to move the purifier if needed. The small sleek design is helpful as it’s less of an eyesore than some larger devices. The product does get warm at the top, and the included information informs the user, it’s not obvious when looking at it. I would be watchful if you have young children. If you do, I would place this out of reach as the top does get quite hot and a small child could easily keep their hand on it for too long. Outside of the potential for burn, I would say the device works very well, my child has severe seasonal allergies and it’s helped him immensely to have this in his room.
  • Recommended
Stylish. Good For Up To 650 Sq. Feet.
I used to be a skeptic of these products. Now I own two! I owned one of the previous models and find that it works -- limited dust in the room and no more small patches of mildew spots on the walls. So when the new one came out (this one), I wanted to have that one too for another (and larger) room. It is good for rooms up to 650 square feet. They are very stylish and can be placed anywhere in a room -- just not near an open window or more than 30 inches from the ground. It is a plug and play product. No filters needed with this. Other than that, it is good for dust, viruses and spores. As a result, it reduces mites. It will not alter odors that are in the room. There is a two year warranty on it. Lastly, never have it near water. And if you need to use an extension cord, you should use a grounded one (like those from a surge protector).
  • Recommended
Seems cool, but no idea if it is doing what it says it can do.
This is a tough. It's like trying to rate the fashion sense of the invisible man. The whole idea behind this product is that it is killing germs. There is not a way for me to measure how well it is doing that. I guess over time I could determine if I am getting sick less, but even that is accurate because this unit is operating in my bedroom and that doesn't preclude me from getting germs from other places. I like the idea of having it in my bedroom because we spend much of our lives sleeping, but again, I don't know if it does what it says it can do. I can say that it seems to be built well, looks cool, and is completely silent. As with air purifiers you can usually tell if a room smells better, but I just have to take them at their word that they are killing mold, viruses, and bacteria.
Showing 1-10 of 30 reviews