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10 oz. Drip Free Smooth Rod Caulk Gun

  • Dripless feature prevents waste
  • Features a built-in spout cutter and seal punch
  • 6:1 thrust ratio for use with acrylic and silicone caulk
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Product Details

Anvil 10 oz. dripless smooth rod caulk gun provides a smooth bead of caulk with little effort. It has a 6:1 thrust ratio making it ideal for 10 oz. tubes of acrylic/latex and silicone caulk. Features include a drip free tip that helps prevent waste, a built-in spout cutter to safely snip the tip off a caulk tube, and seal punch to break the inner seal of a caulk tube.
  • Built-in spout cutter
  • Dripless caulk gun
  • Compatible with 10 oz. tubes
  • Built-in seal punch
  • 9 in. L
  • Steel construction
  • 6:1 thrust ratio
  • Best with acrylic/latex and silicone caulk
  • Weighs 0.86 lbs.
  • Best Caulks for Your DIY Projects: https://www.homedepot.com/c/ab/best-caulks-and-sealants-for-your-home-improvement-projects/9ba683603be9fa5395fab90d0b119c9
  • How to Caulk Like a Professional: https://www.homedepot.com/c/ah/how-to-caulk/9ba683603be9fa5395fab9012f8277f
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Questions & Answers

Q:How do you load this, cut tip a d break seal?
by|Dec 2, 2022
1 Answer
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A:  Pull handle back.Insert tube.Gently squeeze the handle to set the plunger inside the tube; just enough to hold the tube in place. Clip the tip with scissors (a little at a time to keep the hole small enough to work with). Plug with a nail when finished.

by|Feb 6, 2023
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    Q:how can i clean off sika self leveling caulk from this gun?
    by|Nov 8, 2022
    0 Answer
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    Q:Will this work for a 28 oz tube?
    by|Aug 20, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  No, you need to purchase the larger caulk gun that holds the 29 oz tubes. The 28 oz tube would work with the 29 oz caulk gun size.

    by|Dec 18, 2022
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      Q:Why doesn't it have a ladder hook on the end? Frustrating when you are 15' off the ground.
      by|Aug 12, 2022
      2 Answers
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      A:  The back of the plunger rod is bent so it can be used as a ladder hook.

      by|Oct 22, 2022
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        A:  Low cost basic no frills caulk gun. Bending a piece of wire and making a hook helps. Anvil 10 oz. Smooth Hex Rod Caulk Gun Model# 08175 comes with a hook.

        by|Feb 6, 2023
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          Absolute Garbage! Buy ANYTHING else.
          Absolute junk caulk gun. It's not cheap at all, because you will be throwing it out right after the first use, to buy a proper one. The puncturing rod in the front is too short - it doesn't reach the membrane unless you chop about 3/4" of the nozzle off, which leaves you with too big of an opening in the tip. Secondly, the caulk gun is either too long, or the tube retaining ring on the back is too short. While squeezing the handle, the tube pushes forward and pops out. Complete trash!
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            Horrible gun
            This is supposed to have a drip free feature but I don't see anything being drip free.. as a matter of fact all it does is squirt and squirt even after you take the pressure off the rod. This has caused serious problems on my current project.. trying to prevent the caulk from squirting everywhere that is sensitive around me I almost had to break my knee getting it away from that area.. please redesign this piece of crap because it has no value whatsoever
              An Affordable Option for DIY Homeowners
              I recently discovered I needed to caulk our upstairs bathtub to prevent water from seeping into the walls. I discovered this product and have been extremely happy with the value it provides. For less than $4, it does everything I need. The metal tip on the end to pierce the caulk is incredible. There is no need to purchase a more expensive version for most homeowners.
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                Dripless is right
                A higher end caulk gun. Spring loaded release makes it dripless. Has an actual blade in the tip cutter hole. Has a long tip piercer rod. All of the operation is smooth. One would think it was hard to affordably improve a caulk gun but Anvil did.
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                  The Big Caulk gun! A series of tradeoffs for the non-professional. I have a bunch of caulking t...
                  The Big Caulk gun! A series of tradeoffs for the non-professional. I have a bunch of caulking to do to seal up some roof joists. Small 10oz caulk tubes are about $3 each, the large 29oz size are about $7, so I save $0.65 per tube, getting the larger size. The big gun is about 2x the price of the small but I have several small ones, none as heavy duty as this anvil. In fact the smaller cheaper guns tend to not push as well as they are used more (why I have several). I figure to need 24-36 small tubes of caulk, so I estimate the big gun should save $15-21 in caulk purchases. When I use it again I'll save even more. The construction of this gun is so much more solid than my inexpensive 10oz gun(s); there is literally no comparison in build quality. The Anvil is built like a tank. The smooth rod moves much more easily than the notched versions,and will stay much cleaner. The bigger trigger gives better leverage, so it's actually easier to pull. And the tube tip cutter works very easily. So I've found some unexpected benefits. My roof ceiling is all overhead, the bigger gun gives little extra reach, BUT caries quite a weight penalty I'm guessing the small gun+caulk tube weighs about 20oz (1.25 lb) than a pound. The big gun weighs just over 2 lbs + caulk your at about 4lbs. Does not sound like much difference until you get to your 30+ joist and you change tubes again, pulling the trigger is still much easier, but my arms are starting to wobble (+100 degree heat not helping either). I decide to finish the next morning. Changing the tube far less frequently is a bonus, stronger trigger push another bonus, a little extra reach, a bonus, faster caulk delivery a bonus (if you have big cracks). The decreased product cost, easily paid for the gun, maybe twice over). But the increase weight takes a toll, my wife said I'd be getting more/better exercise; I suggested she try/help - end of conversation - she disappeared. In the end I'm glad to have the bigger, better tool, especially for bigger jobs (that should get done every few years). When finished I ended up using 15 big tubes of caulk, taking 3 days, I'm pleased with the job done, and I saved about $30 in caulk cost (more than I estimated). It would have taken much longer to do with the smaller caulk gun. Happy with my acquisition.
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                  Anvil 29 oz. Drip Free Quart Smooth Rod Caulk Gun Are you a big caulk user? This large, heavy dut...
                  Anvil 29 oz. Drip Free Quart Smooth Rod Caulk Gun Are you a big caulk user? This large, heavy duty caulking gun is great to have when you have a large caulking job to do. This gun works with the large 29 ounce caulk tubes, and not compatible with the smaller tubes. This gun has a built-in cutter, and a handy piercing tool to pierce the seal inside the long tube spout. The smooth rod action of the trigger makes it a well thought out design, able to do any job that’s needed.
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                  ANVIL DRIP FREE SMOOTH ROD CAULK GUN By: ANVIL Great working tool by Anvil. It is well made and is easy to operate. It only weighs 2.03 pounds and is 17.48" deep, 3.08" wide. It is constructed of steel and includes a spout cutter, seal punch and it has a ladder hook. It is a 29 ounce smooth rod HDx caulking gun. It has a 8:1 thrust ratio and uses 29 ounce size tubes. It is a smooth round rod and is drip free. I would recommend this caulk gun by Anvil to everyone. It is so easy to uses and does what it says it will do. Drip free, hassle free. Great product and well made.
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                  Anvil, Brand Trade Mark, 29 oz. Drip Free Quart Smooth Rod Caulk Gun is a basic clanking gun for ...
                  Anvil, Brand Trade Mark, 29 oz. Drip Free Quart Smooth Rod Caulk Gun is a basic clanking gun for light to medium calks and sealants. It is well made and sturdy. The smooth rod also functions as hook for hanging the calking gun from a ladder, there is a cartridge nozzle cutter and cartridge piercing needle built into the calking gun. I found the nozzle cutter not to be the most accurate. It is fine for cutting the nozzle open where the angle or a sharp clean cut might not be critical to producing a neat uniform bead. Designed as a dripless calking gun, it won’t keep pressure on cartridges due to retracting the smooth rod plunger about a quarter-inch each time the gun lever is released. For most calks and sealants, when finishing a bead and staring a new bead, the dripless feature works well for starting a clean new bead. If applying more viscus materials, the ability for keeping some pressure on the cartridge is beneficial where long bead application and uniformity are critical. And while the Anvil calking gun is drip free, there are calking guns that incorporated both dripless and constant pressure settings that work with all large 29 oz. cartridges. For the home owner or DIY individual needing a large capacity calking gun for sealing driveway, sidewalk joints, roofing, or cracks, around pools, and foundations, the Anvil large cartridge calking gun offers good performance and utility with basic design and function.
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                  Being the painter in the house, a good caulk gun is one of those tools that make your job easier....
                  Being the painter in the house, a good caulk gun is one of those tools that make your job easier. My current caulk gun works but it is really hard to pull out the rod especially when the caulk is oozing out, it is all plastic, and the rod to puncture the caulk is so ‘gunked’ up it no longer sits in place (see phtot). I am repainting the exterior of my house and wanted a better caulk gun so I got this one. The first thing I like is there is no plastic used on the caulk gun. Second, the spring load on the trigger makes it much smoother to operate. The ‘spout cutter’ is in a more logical location. The rod to puncture the caulk is at the base and no matter how ‘gunked’ it will get, it will always be able to be put back. Finally, it has a drip free feature which is the best. Great product, highly recommend.
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                  This is a good quality caulking gun that is a great choice for a handy homeowner. It is made for ...
                  This is a good quality caulking gun that is a great choice for a handy homeowner. It is made for the popular 10-ounce size caulking cartridge and is a sturdy all metal construction with extra features like a spout cutter, and a seal breaker/tip cleaner rod. I used it to seal around my windows with DAP acrylic latex caulk. This caulk is a relatively low viscosity material and the gun pumped it out very nicely with gentle squeezing of the trigger. I did not experience any caulk dripping from the tip when I released the trigger. This is a nice feature since dripping caulk is messy and wasteful – and is a real pain to deal with when working on a ladder. I am very satisfied with the performance of this tool.
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