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22-Ton 174cc Gas Log Splitter

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  • Powered by a premium Subaru engine for years of hard use
  • Splits logs up to 25" long and 25" in diameter
  • Cast iron tapered wedge splits the toughest wood with ease
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Product Details

About This Product

This Ariens gas log splitter offers mobility and power. Its Subaru EA-175V engine produces 8.26 ft. lb. of torque and there is vertical and horizontal splitting capacity. The controls are located in the center so it can be operated from either side. It is towable, so you can take it where you need to handle tough jobs.


  • Subaru EA-175V engine produces 8.26 ft. lb. of torque for powerful splitting
  • 27-ton splitting force effectively splits larger logs
  • 12-second cycle time quickly resets the splitter to split another log
  • Centrally located controls allows you to operate from either side
  • Open operating zone reduces operator fatigue
  • Vertical and horizontal splitting capacity for versatility
  • Log cradle and draw bar handle are standard features
  • Towable at speeds up to 45 MPH for convenience
  • Includes 3-year limited consumer warranty
  • Item usually ships in 7-10 business days
  • In most shipping areas, Ariens offers white glove delivery service, Log Splitter will be shipped to your local Ariens authorized servicing dealer for set-up and inspection prior to home delivery, inspection includes operator's manual confirmation, set tire pressure, check fluid levels, test start unit and file warranty registration information
  • Disclaimer in qualifying area only, if an Ariens authorized dealer is not in your shipping area, log splitter will ship unassembled, directly to you via regular truck delivery, to confirm white glove delivery availability prior to purchasing, call 888-927-4367 option #2 then option #6
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Product Information

Internet # 204248703

Model # 917011

Store SKU # 1000015598


Dimensions: H 46.5 in, W 38.25 in, D 86.25 in


Maximum log diameter (in.)


Maximum log length (in.)


Product Depth (in.)

86.25 in

Product Height (in.)

46.5 in

Product Width (in.)

38.25 in




Cycle time (sec.)


Engine Cycles

4 Cycle

Engine Displacement (cc)


Engine Make

Subaru Engine

Engine Torque (ft.-lb.)


Engine Type



No Additional Features

Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)

.32 gal (US)

Log Splitter Power Type


Power Type


Product Weight (lb.)

367 lb





Splitting force (tons)

22 ton

Start Type


Tow Capability



Vertical / Horizontal



Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

3 Year Limited Consumer, 90 Day Limited Commercial

Questions & Answers

Q:How do you drain and change the hydraulic oil? I don’t see a drain port.
by|May 5, 2024
0 Answer
Answer This Question
Q:What engine oil?
by|Mar 24, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Thank you for reaching out. Please contact our Customer Support Team at 877-291-7294 with your model and serial number of your machine so we can provide this information. Thanks

by|Mar 27, 2024
    Q:Where is Ariens made?
    by|Aug 1, 2017
    2 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  When I bought my splitter a couple of years ago, it was US made. The motor was a Japanese-built Subaru. It ia a grat tool. My son is out there splitting with it as I type.

    by|May 4, 2023

    A:  Swen, The Ariens Company has three manufacturing plants in the U.S. Two plants are located in Brillion, WI, and one plant in Auburn, NE.

    by|May 4, 2023
      Q:runs for average 30 minutes before fill up and then engine starts to die unless you let it cool down for 15-30 minutes. is this normal
      by|Apr 23, 2016
      4 Answers
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      A:  No, it's not normal. Although, It's best to let it cool down, there should be no need to other than spilling gas on anything hot. Check your air filter, Clean well an put W30 in it and squeeze it all out. Replace filter an see if that doesn't help.

      by|May 3, 2023

      A:  As long as there is still fuel in it, the unit should keep running like normal. If you have further questions, please see your local "Service + Parts" dealer: www.ariensstore.com/locator

      by|May 3, 2023

        A:  You should. It is the safe thing to do.

        by|May 3, 2023

        A:  no but use premium fuel

        by|May 4, 2023
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          I bought this splitter about at least 4 or 5 years ago and have split 20 or 30 full cords of wood...
          I bought this splitter about at least 4 or 5 years ago and have split 20 or 30 full cords of wood with it since then. I liked the splitter until the main splitting rail bent into an arc about a week ago. I had some huge sections from a large tree that was cut down in my back yard. The pieces were too large to lift. I tipped them up and put some split pieces of fire wood beneath them to keep them off the ground. I then put my splitter into vertical mode and push it into the side of the 40-inch diameter sections of red maple that I hoped to split. The first thing that I noticed was that, because the log sections did not contact the full width of the wedge, the wedge tipped away from the main rail and started to pull up the edges of the flat steel that lies atop the splitting beam. No problem because the machine still worked. However, with the next attempt at a tough split, the entire tubular steel beam (the splitting rail) buckled backward away from the bolus that I was attempting to split. Now I need to buy replacement parts that will cost me over $400. My conclusion is that this piece of equipment is very poorly engineered. It works well for light work, but don't expect it to stand up if you ever use it in vertical position on a wood section that cannot be positioned so that the entire wedge surface contacts the wood. Engineers on this product get an "F".
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            After two years of use
            Any new log splitter will be great but what about after two years of use and about 15 chords processed? This is a fine machine but unfortunately has a number of significant design flaws. Most notably is where / how the hydraulic control valve is mounted on top of the piston. Use of the splitter requires constant movement of the control lever which is precariously mounted by way of a soft steel threaded pipe connector. Repetitive movement quickly loosens, gets sloppy and subsequently leaks fluid. Proper tightening of the lock nuts will not last. Unwise design to consider using a functional pipe as a structural member. Ariens / Torro should provide a steel reinforcement bracket to add strength and stability to the control valve as well as additional hydraulic hose protection. As other reviews noted the stock Subaru engine lacks an idle adjustment; the engine surges regularly and stalls when fuel level is less than half full. Annoying! Finally the front leg is constructed from light gauge steel and is unstable. If the terrain is at all pitched the splitter has tendency lean off-center. When it runs it run strong and splits pretty much everything I've put on it. I like it's bed height and multi-position function. in general i am a fan or Ariens product but not of the engine which is mounted on the 22 Ton model or the way the control valve is mounted.
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            Pretty Good Splitter
            I brought the splitter assembled from Home Depot, while this was convenient, the assembly was sloppy, the valve control lever and the splitter wedge weren't fastened and the hardware missing, luckily I have a small inventory of parts for such occasions. Before buying the Ariens splitter from Home Depot I had tried another brand from a different store which quickly went back because of engine problems. Not with this splitter it comes with a Subaru EA 175V engine. There was a time in the very beginning when the engine didn't start, somehow dirt got in the fuel line. What made it even more peculiar was the fact that it has a screen in the filler neck? You'll also need about a gallon and a half of hydraulic fluid before you begin. Once all the bugs were finally worked out my wife and I split over 7 cords of wood stretched out over a month without incident. We used both the horizontal and vertical positions, with all types of wood including Red Oak, Maple, Popular, Beech, Apple (knotty), Cherry, and Hickory. There were times when the wedge was smaller than the wood we were splitting, when the inevitable happened and it wouldn't totally split the piece. You would then have to turn the piece around and do it over. Maybe a bigger wedge would be nice, about 1”-2” or so. I used an ax on occasion instead of turning it over. As we were splitting the last couple of cords the valve control level on the return would pop into neutral when it shouldn't have, more so as the machine was getting hot. Will have it looked into if it worsens.
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            Good splitter , good value.
            I've split about 7 cords with the Ariens splitter and am pleased. Fast cycle time, enough force to split 18" diameter maple chunks with knots, and good fuel efficiency. Good fit & finish - good tires (that don't offgas a strong creosote odor!) and even nice paint. Some have complained about the smallish gas tank, but it powers the splitter for longer than my back holds up. Plus, after you've split that last log and are storing it until next season, there's less fuel to drain out. I really appreciate the fuel shut-off valve. The splitting wedge's factory shape included a machined, flat splitting edge about 1/16" wide instead of a knife edge. I called Ariens about this and the rep had no idea why and had to research it with their engineering department. In a couple of days he called back, saying that was by design, but couldn't explain why that was the intended shape. I sharpened the edge with my angle grinder and found it splits better, especially when you must slice through knots. But there is some room for minor improvements: - The Subaru engine's fuel cap appears to have an ineffective vent that results in something like vapor lock: When I fill the tank up to the "full" line, the splitter will run for a half hour or so before behaving as if it's about to run out of gas, with the motor surging repeatedly, for a few minutes, and then shuts down. Popping the cap and removing the strainer, I find the tank half full. Replace the cap and the engine fires right up. This happens every fill up, since it was new. - You can't really check the level of gas in the tank, because the strainer basket in the filler neck prevents you from seeing inside. You can remove the strainer, but it's difficult without some kind of hook or pick. I'd prefer an in-line filter between the tank and the carb. - It would be nice if the motor had a variable throttle control instead of a single preset speed, so I could run it at lower RPM, for fuel savings, quieter operation, and wear reduction, when I don't need full splitting force or the fastest cycle time. I split a lot of smaller logs which don't take much force or a long stroke. - Oil change is messy because the motor's drain opening is over the splitter's engine platform, so it dribbles under the motor. If Ariens had made the platform 1/4" narrower, you could slide your catch pan under the outlet and prevent a single drop from spilling. As it is, you can minimize spillage by folding up the tongue stand and resting the hitch on the ground before removing the drain plug, so the whole splitter slopes downward. - And finally, this is really minor: The detent for the hydraulic control valve's return position is too strong. I think it's designed to pop into neutral when the ram is fully retracted, but only does so about half the time. When I try to pull the lever from the retract position to neutral, sometimes I pull myself toward the splitter instead, because the lever doesn't budge! If I yank the lever toward the neutral position with a snapping motion it releases reliably. Spray lithium grease at various pivot points didn't help.
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            Best service I haver had.
            HOME Depot . Now I can order logs and split them my self.
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            Works for me
            Have used this now on the farm for over a month and what a machine. I have put red/white oak, hickory, cherry, maple at it and it has eaten them all with pride. Goes through knots without any problem or strain on the machine at all. Light weight to move around by hand if needed or hooks up to my 4 wheeler to move right into the woods to work there. On the gas dept., I run out before the machine does but splits a load for my cart to haul back to the pile without any problem. Small for storing in the barn in a tight place. Did buy an extra gallon of hydro oil and it took most of that. Starts very easy and I can split more wood in half hour with this that 2 hours with a maul my old age says no more. I see no need for a heavier machine with the power this has to spare. Very happy with this machine with more use on the farm with coming heating season.
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            Failed expectations
            First impression was that this machine was great! I did a lot of research and spoke to several owners of this unit and felt that this machine should be more than I would need. I figured I would split at most 8-10 cord of oak and maple a year. I'm not in the business, just a homeowner trying to save money by splitting my own wood. The reviews on this splitter seem overwhelmingly positive. First session using the splitter started out well. Filled up the gas and it started on the first pull. In fact, it started each time on the first pull. Operated the machine until the gas ran out. Took a break and repeated. On the third fill, it started out in the vertical position no problems until a few minutes in began splitting an approximately 20" oak log, it was struggling a little bit and it wasn't moving. The operator backed it up and POP! The wedges eyes, which connect the piston to the wedge via a pin snapped off (see photos). This should not have happened. Called HD and they said to return it no problem. I probably wound up with a bad cast wedge. It happens. Returned it. Probable going to get. 27T model. Worked great before that.
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            Excellent product
            I ordered the Ariens log splitter with some uncertainty after reading some of the testimonials of the delivery nightmares but after researching this product on line I decided to go ahead and purchase this log splitter especially after reading all of the positive testimonials on its performace. Boy was I glad I bought this, the first load of logs I split up it went through them like a hot knife going through butter, I'm talking straight grain red oak, hickory and mesquite. I am very well pleased with the way it operates and started on the third pull after putting fuel in it. Happy Customer!!!
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            Excellent & powerful log splitter at a good price
            Product arrived in a timely manner despite winter weather & snow. The log splitter came mounted on a pallet, framed in wood & wrapped in clear plastic. It required some simple assembly. The engine already had motor oil & once gassed up, it started easily even in near freezing temperature. The hydraulic reservoir was full but after the cylinder was cycled a few times, it required another gallon or so of ISO32 light hydraulic oil purchased locally. Once warmed up, it split 18" wet oak & 22" dry cottonwood with only the slightest grunt. It retracts quickly & the catcher keeps the split wood from falling to the ground. Very pleased with this 22 ton splitter!
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            A thing of beuaty is a joy forever.
            Love My Ariens Splitter, easy to Maneuver in any position Horizontal or Vertical. Splits with ease, I'm using mostly all Oak left over from last year very dry and hard, use to split by hand, with this splitter never again. Shipping impressed Me very much, the Unit shipped to a local shop for assembly and all fluids added and then delivered to My house, ready to use, and use I did. Thank you home Depot and Ariens.
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