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Internet # 320537238

Model # CNEAB-A001

Cut-N-Edge and 2.5 in. Paint Brush

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  • Edger for high quality poly/nylon 2.5-in. brush
  • Helps reduce amount of taping
  • Locking mechanism to achieve sharp paint lines to edge with
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Product Details

About This Product

Get smooth edges with this Cut-N-Edge and 2.5-in. paint brush. The locking mechanism lets you achieve sharp paint lines. For easy cleaning, it comes with a side comb to get paint out of the brush.


  • Cut-N-Edge and high quality poly/nylon 2.5-in. brush for use with all paints and stains
  • Easy edging with product cutting or edging trim
  • Locking mechanism to achieve sharp paint lines
  • Side comb for getting paint out of the brush when cleaning under water
  • Paint can hook: take a break and keep your brush wet in your paint can without break away hook; use it or break it off
  • Protects or reforms brush: when not in use, slide the Cut-N-Edge all the way up and lock it closed, also protects brush bristles from fraying when storing away
  • Customizable: designed to break away almost every feature, so you can use it the way you want
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Product Information

Internet # 320537238

Model # CNEAB-A001


Dimensions: H 1.25 in, W 2.5 in, D 3.5 in


Product Depth (in.)

3.5 in

Product Height (in.)

1.25 in

Product Width (in.)

2.5 in


Applicator/Tool Type

Paint Trimmer/Edgers


Cleans with Soap/Water, Reusable

For Use On


For Use With

All Paint Types

Handle Material



Exterior, Interior



Pad Length (in.)


Pad Width (in.)


Pad/Edger Product Type

Paint Guide

Paint Tool Product Type


Product Weight (lb.)

0.36 lb



Wall Types

All wall types

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

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Customer Reviews

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  • 4 out of 22 reviews
  • 84% recommend this product
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Well-Designed, Multi-Function Paint Brush Companion Tool from BoxTown Team
This is a well-designed, multi-function paint brush companion tool from BoxTown Team. The tool itself is made of high quality plastic. It comes with a high quality 2.5 inch paint brush. It is designed to serve a few purposes. Firstly, it helps protect and reform brush. Secondly, it helps with controlling the brush for tough to paint edges. Thirdly, it has a paint can hook that allows only the brush tip to be dipped and kept wet. Lastly, the side bristles on the tool can be used to help with cleaning up the brush. It is made in the USA.
  • Recommended
Difficult to use and not much result
This device is designed to clamp down on your brush bristles and make it easier to cut in and inside corner. The strange little tabs used to create this clamping are quite difficult to use, and tend to slide open with the slightest side pressure when using the brush. The hanging tab is designed to hold the brush and allow it to drip back into the paint can, but can only be used if the can is less than half full. It also has little comb teeth which are supposed to aid in cleaning the brush but are completely useless.
Helps when a straight line is needed!
This painting accessory came with a 2/12 inch brush and a plastic sleeve that clamps over the brush. By reading the attached instructions and watching a video on it use, I was able to insert the brush and adjust it to paint a good straight line. I painted around an electrical outlet and was able to keep a neat, clean line without using masking tape! In my opinion, this is a good tool to use as a dedicated trim brush and "cut in"a room before using a roller to fill in the walls. It does take a bit of time to set up and clean after use but the time saved by not taping the walls would be a good trade off.
  • Recommended
cut edge
I chose this item because the concept looked very promising. Being able to collapse the sides around the brush do help in controlling the amount of paint in the brush. It also allows you to adjust the amount of the brush you have showing and control the tip better. It however is hard to deal with in three sided corners. I had a hard time seeing the corner on top of getting the brush in the corner. I was afraid to take too many pieces of the edger fearing I would not be able to use it. I does come with detailed instructions on how to use it.
  • Recommended
I attached the Cut Pro to the paintbrush to spread out the bristles and right away I was thinking that this is so unnecessary. It also adds unneeded weight to the brush itself. When dipping the brush, there will be undoubtedly paint on this unit which will then drip on the floor or any unwanted area. A good paintbrush will do what this product states that it does on its own merit while also being able to use more of the bristles than this tool is capable of. In my opinion, this product is terrible.
Great for some uses, good for a few others
I'd say that this guard and edger tool from BoxTown Team is going to be of interest to both pros and the DIY crowd. Pros will find the guard to be a great option for protecting those brushes that they've invested in. The ability to snap off one half of the guard when painting a wall adjoining a popcorn ceiling is also going to be very cool...no crumbs in the paint keeps the speed high and eliminates having to strain the paint. For DIYers, the edging aspect will be great for folks who are only doing a few rooms or who haven't yet perfected their cut-in skills. The sleeve can be placed at different spots on the brush to clamp down on the bristles for a razor sharp edge. Getting into corners is also much easier with the sleeve clamped down. In other areas, though, using it as an edging tool is going to cause some issues. The sleeve is difficult to keep clean during painting due to its width, even when a gallon paint can or handheld paint bucket is used. Because the bristles are clamped down, the brush cannot be used for broad surfaces at the same time, so painting baseboards will require two brushes, one to edge and one to fill, to eliminate lines once the paint dries. Both pros and DIYers will find the hanger very useful. I use a liner in my handheld buckets, and find it separates the magnet from the ferrule just enough that the brush won't hold there. I hate placing the brush over the top of the bucket or dropping it in there to soak up too much paint when I need to pause, so the handle hanger options is very cool. The front and back sides of the guard can be snapped off at different lengths to allow the sleeve to entirely clear the can or bucket sides, so it doesn't tend to get messy when used as a hanger. However, my style is to hold the brush quite close to the ferrule with my fingers around the top of the wood part for control. The guard holds the brush handle through pressure, so my style of painting means I have to steady the brush by buttressing the handle with my pinkie. It's great for short periods, but after a time, it causes cramping. So, overall, a great choice for newbie DIYers, excellent choice as a guard, and useful for some other purposes depending on your project and style.
  • Recommended
Cut-N-Edge guard
I really wanted to love this item and I was excited to try it out when it arrived. I will say that it has many useful features, like the handy hook to hang on the side of your paint can, the nubs on the side to help clean your brush and the ability to protect and maintain your brushes by holding the bristles tight. But as for the primary intended purpose of being able to skip the tape and get a clean edge, I was kind of disappointed. It seems a bit bulky and tends to get in it's own way. I am not new to painting, as I have had many years of Craft and DIY paint projects behind me, so I think it may be designed for a less experienced user. It is a unique product that I think those new to painting would find helpful.
  • Recommended
A must for precise painting
Wow! You really can paint like a pro with this cutNedge pro ultimate paint brush edger guard. There is a template on the attached packaging to line up and mark the handle of your brush for different applications. On the edger there is an embossed brush settings with the corresponding marks. 1 for fine lines, 2 for trim or ceiling, 3 for corners. You simply slide your bush into the guard and select the number for what you want to paint. There is an attached hook to hang your brush inside or outside of your paint can. There is also a comb on the side of the guard to help clean paint out of the bristles.
  • Recommended
Boxtown Team Cut-N-Edge Tool,plastic,blue finish,for 2 1/2 inch brush,brush included,side comb to help clean brush,1 year warranty.
I like this Boxtown Team Cut-N-Edge Tool,made to help DIY and Pro Painters. It is easy to use for close cut in or open it up for regular painting. Has a side comb for cleaning your brush and a hook to hang it on a paint bucket or just hang it up for storage. This is for a 2 1/2 inch brush and the brush comes with this tool. This high quality brush is made of poly/nylon and you can use this for regular paint and stains. The locking mechanism holds the brush in the different positions for your use and this tool allows you to store your brush and keep the bristles straight. With the design of this tool,you have plenty of options to use your way. With the quality,easy to clean with soap and water and the 1 year warranty you will enjoy your new tool. I chose to use this in my workshop to help in trim work.
  • Recommended
easy to use
This cut and edge product is intended for two and a half inch paint brushes but can also be used with 2 inch brushes. While the instructions are printed on the back of the packaging there is also a QR code that you can use to get some reference videos. You slide the brush up or down within the tool to make the bristles stiffer or looser. The shorter or stiffer bristles are best for cutting in. If for some reason the tool is too thick for your application there are breakaway lines on the tool allowing you to shorten it up. The hook for hanging the paintbrush is very convenient for while painting as well as for storage.
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Showing 1-10 of 22 reviews