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Blind Mark Drywall Electrical Box Locating Tool Kit (4-Pieces)

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  • Helps you get drywall cutouts without measuring
  • Trace around locator, cut and install
  • Great for drywall, plywood, laminated flooring and more
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Product Details

About This Product

The Blind Mark will help you get perfect drywall cutouts with no measuring. Just insert the target in the receptacle before hanging drywall. When you're ready to cut the hole, hold the Blind Mark Locator magnet over the area where you think the receptacle is located. When it finds the receptacle, the magnets will snap precisely into place where the receptacle is located. Trace around the locator, cut, then install. With the Blind Mark you simply put it up once, cut the hole and you're done.


  • Works on drywall, plywood, particle board, laminated flooring, masonite, exterior siding, cement board, tile backsplashes, slate and more
  • Target magnets fit standard single or multi-gang, standard or thin plastic or metal boxes for any new construction installation
  • No more measuring and no risk of mis-measuring - just locate the receptacle, mark, cut and you're done
  • Twice as easy as other receptacle locating methods because you only lift the drywall once
  • You can even use it as a stud finder
  • Includes 3 target magnets so you can easily find multiple boxes at once, saving time
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Questions & Answers

Q:Can this be used without taking the plugs out if they are already installed?
by|Mar 10, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  No you will need the Plug Mark Magnetic Drywall Cutout Tool for Existing Outlets

by|Mar 11, 2024
    Q:Will this work with 1-2” OSB?
    by|Jul 13, 2022
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  No that is too thick. It was made to work with material up to ½” thickness.

    by|Aug 28, 2023
      1 found this answer helpful
      Q:Dors any of the home depots have a sheetrock electical box locator in stock?
      by|Jun 19, 2018
      3 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  No stores in my area (Detroit Metro) have them in house. Look it up online and check stores near me.

      by|Jun 15, 2023

      A:  The BlindMark and Multi Mark drywall cutout tools are not available in Home Depot stores, only on HomeDepot.com at this time

      by|May 5, 2023

        A:  Great tool you have.We wouldn't want to do drywall without them

        by|May 5, 2023
          Q:What are the dimensions of the magnets ? Can they be put over wire and nuts inside box ?
          by|Apr 30, 2018
          7 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  target measures 1 3/16 inch wide x 2 5/16 long x 5/16 inch thick and should work as long as the pins can be placed in the screw holes. You can watch a tutorial online as to how they are placed in a receptacle.

          by|May 5, 2023

            A:  Yes the magnets can be put over wire and nuts inside the box

            by|Jan 29, 2019

              A:  They fill out about the box top to bottom but aren't very deep, thinner than an outlet. On a regular box you'll have enough room to push all your wires and nuts back, haven't had a problem with them. I did have some of the short boxes, like 1.5in deep, and there wasn't enough room, would've had to pull the wires out of the box to fit the magnet inside.

              by|May 5, 2023

                A:  The size of the three small magnet/plastic pieces is 1-3/8" wide x 2-1/4" high and it's 1/2" thick. Each has flexible clips at the top and bottom that are placed on the electric outlet box, inside the screw holes used to secure the outlet (see picture). Existing wire and nuts can be pushed to the rear of the box, allowing plenty of room for the magnet piece.

                by|May 5, 2023

                A:  Not sure on exact dimensions but the piece you trace is the size of a standard single gang box. You can use with wire in box but it gets pretty tight with the sheathing on it. I recommend stripping the Romex sheathing and pushing wires as far back as you can without damaging.

                by|May 5, 2023

                  A:  Yes they are smaller than the box, and fit inside it while the drywall covers it. The metal spring clips fit in the screw holes. The other magnet then fits on the outside and you trace it and cut out where you traced.

                  by|May 5, 2023

                    A:  The part you put in the electrical box takes up less room than your switch or receptical. You should have no problem using this with a roughed in box that already has connections made up.

                    by|May 5, 2023
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                      Made the job go quicker. I was able to modify the inserts with some two sided Gorilla tape and Ba...
                      Made the job go quicker. I was able to modify the inserts with some two sided Gorilla tape and Baby plugs to insert them into receptacles with pre-wired plugs. That way I didn't have to remove the already wired plugs to install the locator. I was able to cut out the holes accurately and only had to unscrew the plugs and tilt them out without disconnecting the Romex to allow installing the drywall. Just make sure the plug is completely seated in its receptacle when you make the measurement. That modification sure made the installations easy. Be sure you always orient the orientation arrows in the same direction or else your holes will be way off when you cut them out. I got a black sharpie pen and drew in the arrow to easily see it was properly oriented.
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                      This seemed too good to be true, but dang if it it didn't work perfectly right outa the box. You ...
                      This seemed too good to be true, but dang if it it didn't work perfectly right outa the box. You insert the spring-loaded clips into the receptacle box (standard plastic 2x4") with the neodymium magnets (round black circles) facing out. You cut the drywall board to size, hang it with a couple screws AWAY from your "target". The the "locator" (yellow rectangle with two other neodymium magnets) is then slid around approximately where your box is located. Here's the magic: the magnets you hid in the box ATTRACT the "locator" and it slides into position.MAGNETS ATTRACT ! Gently level it with a torpedo level, draw a Sharpie line around it. Punch your stab saw or spiral saw THROUGH from the FRONT of the board and dang it you don't graze the outside edge of box, like within a 1/16. HINT: draw a pencil target around where you thing the cutout is going to locate before you fully hang the board, put some drywall dust on your "guestimate", and that locator will more easily slip right into alignment. I used dollar store baby power and that worked even better. The key is to ALLOW it to center on your target, without interference. The only "try" that I "adjusted" was over-cut by this 45+ year DIY'er. Now I want a round target for 4" round boxes or can lights and smoke detector installation.
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                      Good but not Perfect for Beginner
                      This is certainly a convenient jig for helping to quickly locate where your boxes are so you can cut openings in your drywall. It takes very little time to put into place and stays out of the way while you're hanging your sheet. The targets pop right onto the drywall and you've got a good sense of where your box is located. This is where things come up a little bit short. First, there's friction on the drywall so the magnet doesn't line up perfectly with the box underneath. It gets close but it can be rotated by a few degrees and so you're not quite sure exactly where the edges of your boxes are. That's annoying and it makes this less than perfectly accurate. The other issue was my fault for not reading the instructions closely enough. I will completely admit that I've only done a couple of projects with drywall so I'm in the beginner camp. Well I plunged my rotozip bit right on the line I drew but that ended up hitting the box side and I ended up plunging inside the box and getting a bit tangled up. It turns out that the line is basically on or very slightly outside the underlying box so you should plunge just outside the line and move your ways inward to trace the outside of the box. You can see in my results picture that I didn't end with the cleanest cutout. Long story short I was hoping this would simplify things a bit more than it did. I'm sure with a bit more practice I'd get more confident. Or alternatively if I used an oscillating tool I probably would have gotten cleaner lines than the rotozip. In any case perhaps my expectations were too high but this one strikes me as being a bit of an imprecise gadget rather than an indispensable tool.
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                      Very Cool Device!
                      This is an ingenious little device. As many other reviewers have stated, cutting drywall for electric boxes is a time-consuming pain for the average DIY. I am no different than most, and have tried almost everything (lipstick, nails protruding from the box, measuring tape, etc.). And while I love using a Roto-Zip tool for this type of job, who hasn’t made a mess of a plastic box? This product works very nicely, and it’s close to perfect. The tool set consists of 3 “targets” (square magnetized blocks that fit into a standard electrical outlet/switch box) and 1 “locator” (a square magnetized block that will line up with the target that is hidden behind the drywall. Each of these blocks has two magnets with different “poles” meaning that each magnet will only gravitate toward the magnets on the other side of the drywall, that is the opposite pole. This means that the blocks will line up “almost” perfectly with each other, essentially making it impossible to goof by placing the locator upside down. In fact, I tried to place the “locator” upside down and it was repelled by the target magnet (simple concept, ingenious application). When I say the product is “almost” perfect, it is because, if the target and the locator are not both plumb, it is possible that the “locator” will not line up exactly with the real location of the target (see picture), it may be off-plumb by several degrees. Before using the device for the very first time, it may be worthwhile to set the target and the locator near the edge of your sheet rock and place the target slightly off plumb to see how it works. One last comment – these magnets are SUPER strong. If you are holding them with your fingers, take care not to bring the locator and the target close together, as they can snap together quickly and pinch your skin.
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                      Fantastic Product
                      For years and years I've been doing construction and renovation jobs for my business, family and friends. Doing proper cutouts in wallboard for switches, outlets and light fixtures is a time consuming exercise in the ability to take accurate measurements. It's all too easy to get distracted and ruin a sheet. I spotted this very ingenious tool on HD's site. The one major drawback for me was that the outlet or switch has to be removed from the box to use it. It's perfect for new construction, before the outlets and switches are installed but the time it takes to empty and refill the boxes kind of negates the time saving factor for renovations. With no projects currently in the works I decided to test its accuracy by nailing a new box to a 2x4, inserting one of the three targets included and screwing a scrap of wallboard on top. The locator snapped to the board instantly but something didn't seem right. Sure enough, when I looked behind the board the top magnet of the locator was attached to the bottom magnet of the target. I discovered there are two simple solutions to identify this when it happens in the field. One is to take a measurement from the center of the box to the floor before starting the install or, a quicker way, is to twist the locator. If it's set on both magnets it will resist the twist. If it's attached to only one magnet it will twist easily. I corrected the problem, outlined the locator and went to work with my Roto-Zip. Staying just outside the line I cut three sides quickly but the fourth side, next to the stud, caused a problem. The bit wouldn't go in deep enough to cut the wallboard. In their video their box is not touching the stud so the bit has clearance all the way around. For me, not a deal breaker, I used my multi-tool for the final cut. The cutout was perfect. No need for Midway or Jumbo plates. This will be my "Go To" tool for new construction. While perusing Blind Marks web site I noticed they have a box locator set for renovations which doesn't require outlets to be removed. Won't work for switches. It's their model 8120. Images 2 and 3 below show this product. Blind Mark includes a one year limited warranty on this product.
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                      Works exactly as advertised, easy to learn to use
                      I bought this to locate electrical boxes behind 5/8" drywall, and it works extremely well. A couple of things: 1. If you're using the typical plastic nail-on new work boxes, remove the little plastic spacers from the side of the box against the stud with a pair of pliers or a razor knife. Otherwise, you have to cut out quite a bit wider or risk blowing out the drywall on the stud-side of the box. 2. I found using a pencil rather than a sharpie made it easy to follow the line accurately. 3. I used an oscillating multi-tool with a Dremel drywall jab-saw blade. This worked very well. It's loud, and cuts a lot slower than a rotozip, but it won't get away from you. I found it best to try to cut the hole tight, pry the piece out and see where the box sits. I had to enlarge a couple of holes slightly before the drywall would fit around the box. Better too small than too big, you can always cut out more. Just don't push on the sheet until you pry the piece out and see how accurate your cut was. 4. Obviously, if you hang sheetrock for a living, you probably can find the boxes and cut them out with a rotozip in your sleep, without using this tool. However, this tool is great for someone starting out or who occasionally hangs drywall. After cutting a few holes, probably too large, you'll get a good feeling as to where to cut in relation to your pencil line. After the first few boxes, I was cutting extremely tight holes without even trying. I've attached a photo of the last one I cut it, nice and close.
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                        I didn’t think that this would be as accurate as it is. It’s well worth the money.
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                        I really don’t like making bad cuts around electrical boxes. This fixed that for me. I am by no means a professional but I like a professional looking job. This tool was an excellent find.
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                        Does not work if the outlet or switch is already...
                        Does not work if the outlet or switch is already installed in the box, and running wires to a box after drywall is installed is impractical.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        This was worth every penny I spent. Very easy to...
                        This was worth every penny I spent. Very easy to use and did not disappoint.
                        • Verified Purchase
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