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4 in. Smart CCT Selectable Ultra Slim Integrated LED Recessed Light Kit Powered by Hubspace

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  • Wireless control with Hubspace App, Google and Alexa
  • Set color of light temperature anywhere between 2000K-5000K
  • Ideal for your shower, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor soffits
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Product Details

From sunrise to sunset, Commercial Electric has you covered with smart recessed lights. Simply install as you would any other recessed light, pair it with the hubspace app and you're ready to go. Create the perfect atmosphere for your next party. Make sure your lights come on when you arrive home. Create different moods for different times of the day or simply make sure your lights come on and turn off at the same time every day to conserve energy. The choice is yours and the options are plentiful. Perfectly hands -free, control your recessed light with the sound of your voice using your google assistant or alexa. Home automation has never been so easy. Note - not compatible with Dimmer wall controls.
  • Control from anywhere: Control all your smart devices using just your smartphone with the free Hubspace App
  • Easy setup - no hub required: Simply download the Hubspace App, set up your Hubspace account, scan the QR code on the product and follow the instructions on the app to set up with your Wi-Fi using the 2.4 GHz network
  • Voice control: using your google assistant or alexa, you can control your recessed lights with just the sound of your voice making your life a whole lot easier
  • Decorate with color: Creatively express yourself by instantly changing the color of your space, switching through millions of colors seamlessly to create the perfect ambiance for your party, relaxation, game watching or preparation
  • Transform your space: create memorable moments out of your daily routines by customizing your lights, energize, read, concentrate or relax with these smart lights, have the perfect light for any moment in your day
  • Device sharing: Using the Hubspace app, easily share your smart device with other smartphones to allow friends and family to control an individual smart device when you're not around
  • Specifications: System requirements: Connect with your Wi-Fi router at 2.4 GHz, connect with bluetooth - mobile device running IOS 12.x or higher / Android Oreo 8 or higher, lighting specs: 9-Watt integrated LED, dimmable with app, color changing (RGB), tunable white 2200K-6500K, 90+ CRI, 540 Lumens, wet rated, IC rated, 50 000-hour lifespan
  • https://www.homedepot.com/c/ab/hubspace-faq/9ba683603be9fa5395fab9014e4790c0
  • Not compatible with wall dimmers
  • For more information on the Hubspace app, setup instructions or product compatibility details, please contact Hubspace Customer Service 8 a.m. - 7 p.m., EST, Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., EST, Saturday at 1-877-592-5233.
  • Click here for Hubspace frequently asked questions
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Questions & Answers

Q:I have the non-smart version of these. The connector looks the same. Could I buy these and just plug them into the other junction box? The box looks the same and it is the same brand. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-Ultra-Slim-4-in-Color-S
by|Mar 24, 2023
0 Answer
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Q:Are these compatible with the Phillips Hue system
by|Mar 23, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Thank you for your inquiry, these units function on the Globe Suite app.

by|Mar 23, 2023
    Q:When multiple lights are installed in a room, for example a living room with six lights, can all the lights be controlled via a single input?
    by|Mar 7, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Thank you for your inquiry, this can be done by utilizing the Globe Suite app and grouping lights together.

    by|Mar 8, 2023
      Q:How do you wire these in series? Can a jumper wire be added to go from one light to the next on the connector in the light?
      by|Feb 16, 2023
      2 Answers
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      A:  Why would you wire these in series? They are rated for 120v, so just wire them in parallel. If you don?t understand then you should not be wiring these yourself, please call a licensed electrician.

      by|Feb 22, 2023

        A:  Thank you for your inquiry, for any wiring advice please contact a certified electrician.

        by|Feb 21, 2023
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          Love the sleek look
          Modern can lights with adaptable hues. Looks very sleek.
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            I love these lights but...
            I love these lights. I use the Hubspace app to set up the rooms and Alexa to control them. Just think about how to name the lights individually because Alexa will get confused if you don't speak clearly. Example- bedroom lights is too long so just shorten it to bedroom, just make sure your Roomba isn't in the same room according to Alexa or it'll start cleaning when you turn on the bedroom, so be mindful of that. The but is make sure your wiring is not overloaded. the lights time out they're so sensitive and I had 3 blow out (the boxes) in 5 months and u can't get the J box separate, I have to get a whole new light or take it back. My HD store is cool about that. The colour ranges, what more can you ask? Purple bathroom lighting while taking a bubble bath? Yes please. These lights dim but you gotta set it to like 1% to get that incandescent type of dimming or set a routine where some lights are off and some are dim to get the effect you want, a lot of tweaking but set it and forget it. Plan your layout properly. these lights aren't floods so the standing wave phenomenon is real if you put them too close together or too far apart. Study the guide. other than that, I wish they made gimbal type full coloured lights. I'm happy with them. sorry for the long winded review
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              Best decision I made
              I bought 10 of these whenever refinished my basement. I love them. I don’t use the colors terribly often, but they do get used occasionally and it definitely adds something to whatever is going on.
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                Looks Great On and Off and Easy to Install
                Wanted a replacement light for our hallway that would look more modern. Also though it would be helpful if that light could be turned on and off as well as be dimmed during certain parts of the day or night. Since the hall had an existing light attached to a 4 inch box, that box had to be removed, fortunately it was attached to the drywall and not attached to the rafters. Once the box was removed I had to enlarge the hole which involved cutting both through the drywall and a plywood backer that re-enforced the j-box. The template resulted in a perfectly sized hole and all that was left to do was to attach the metal box, which included easy connects so no wire nuts were needed. Place the metal box and wiring into the hole and the light clips into the hole very easily. As for connecting the light to Wi-Fi, that part I had a bit more difficulty with, but that’s because I misplaced the card with the QR code. I tried to connect it manually, but the instructions did not warn you to make sure your Bluetooth is on and you are on your routers 2.4GHz channel. I pulled the light back out of the ceiling (which was easy) and scanned the QR code. Once I changed over to the 2.4 GHz channel it connected easily. I also configure it with Alexa and was pleasantly surprised that you can voice command, on/off, dim percentage, AND basic colors with Alexa. You can also use Alexa routines to change colors and dim, and ramp brightness up and down. From the app you can select any custom color. Since this light is outside our kids bedrooms I have it set to go to 100% about an hour before bedtime, and then after bed time it ramps from 100% to 15% over 30 minutes and then stays at 15% all night. About an hour before they wakeup it ramps from 15% to 100% over 30 minutes. After their morning routine is done it goes to 25% for the rest of the day. Overall I’m quite happy with this light, it looks great. Is plenty bright in white mode in any of the temperature colors (Goes from very warm to very cool white light). And the RGB colors are just a fun bonus for my kids.
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                Smart multi-color slim light - so cool
                So we got this light because our hallway only had one light by our feet, we could never see in our hall closets. We loved the idea of a smart light, and we needed an ultra slim light, as our A/C vent runs down the hallway, so there is no space for lights, I wasn't even sure if this would fit... BUT IT DID!! I am so happy to finally be able to see down my hallway, and in my closets!! Really easy to install. Has push in connections for ease of wiring. Has so many cool features, different light colors, blue, aqua, red, yellow, etc. Which is just fun! The only reason I am deducting a star, is because the HubSpace app keeps saying it is not online, which is frustrating for a smart light. I still love the light, I would like the app to work better. Once the kinks in the app are worked out, it will be upgraded to 5 stars.
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                Smart LED Downlight, no need for a hub!
                If you're looking for a 4" diameter downlight that can be installed w./o your typical can in the ceiling, this might be something to consider. You can use this light w/o the smart features simply by connecting it to a circuit controlled by a light switch. When it's not used in the smart mode, the color temperature of the light defaults to 3000K, and you cannot use the dimming features even with a dimmer switch. As a smart light, you can remotely control the features with Alexa or Google Assistant or with the Hubspace app on your smartphone. You can wire any number of these together on the same circuit (each unit requires 9-watts of power). You can select either red, blue, or green instead of white. WIth white, you can select 2200K to 6500K. The lights are fully dimmable too with the app or with the voice control. To utilize the features on your smartphone, you must download the free app, Hubspace and go from there. Do save the card(s) with the QR code to simplify connections to a smartphone. Each light fixture is uniquely identified in order to allow for individual programming. The light fixtures do not require a ceiling can. They come complete with a junction box that includes quick-connect lead for your feed, neutral, and ground. The lights are good for damp areas and also fine with contact with insulation in the ceilings. Follow electrical code requirements when it comes to using proper couplings in the knockouts on the junction box. You do not want to have wires going in and out of the junction box w/o their being secured in a coupling that fits the knockouts.
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                Perfect Fit For My Space
                I have converted nearly 100 percent of my lighting to LEDs. One of the last non-LED holdouts was a recessed fixture in a shower. The main reasons we chose this fixture were it had to be safe for wet use and also a simple to do retrofit of the existing fixture. To be honest, this light is probably overkill for my use, but I also liked the idea of a dimmable and multi-color light. The dimmable is important because it’s a small shower and all 800 lumens is plenty of light. So far, I think it’s going to be a great unit.
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                AWESOME LIGHT ~ Alexa & Hey Google compatible ~ Adjustable Color Output
                I got this light fixture to add some additional light in my dark den. This unit is fully controllable with Alexa or Hey Google. Works with the Hubspace app and connects through your Wifi connection. It is fully dimmable and the color output can be adjusted between Daylight and Warm like a conventional light bulb. It only takes up 4 inches of space and doesn't require a can or any other mount. I just cut a hole in the ceiling drywall and the spring loaded clips hold it tight. It can also be used as a regular light but it defaults to 3000K light color. But I prefer the smart operation with voice control. Very Cool Light Fixture.
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                Voice activated smart light
                I ordered this light for several reasons. Our new to us house has 14 older incandescent “can” lights that we wish to upgrade to LED’s. I’ve used this type of fixture in our old house and installing them is a piece of cake. The ability to adjust the color temperature is a real plus for me (have you ever installed a new LED fixture only to discover that the color (i. e. bright white or a bluish tint) of the light just doesn’t work for the space? I pretty much like a warm - 2700K to 3000K - tone for most indoor situations and this Commercial Electric LED Smart Tunable Recessed Kit Light is adjustable to that color range. Lastly my wife has recently decided that voice activated “smart” control is the way to go and this Hubspace App light will allow her that capability. As soon as we finish unpacking I’m installing this for a test run.
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                4" Smart Recessed Light RGB+W is a voice-controlled winner!
                This recessed light is fantastic! It fits anywhere and can go anywhere--damp rated, IC (Insulation Contact) rated, airtight, and super-thin. It’s controllable via app and/or voice control with Alexa and Google, will work without a switch, and can be scheduled to come on automatically. Additionally, if the power does go out, the light will stay at the setting it was on before the outage--if the light was off, then when the power comes back on the light will still be off. The thin form-factor is great. We did a hallway that has a relatively low ceiling height because of a main trunk line for the HVAC ductwork--one big long metal tube goes down the hallway to service all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Previously, we had to use wall sconces, but they intrude into the sight lines, making a confined space feel even smaller. Now, with Commercial Electric’s LED recessed lights, the sconces are gone and the hallway is lit up nicely, completely dimmable and can be whichever color(s) suits the mood. Awesome! I saw lots of questions asking if the light needs a switch, so I wired it up to a cord, plugged it in, and had full-functionality right away. A switch is not needed. This could be really helpful for outbuildings; hard-wire the light, set it to yellow as a nod to old-school bug lights, right up under a soffit, and then it’s easy to look across the yard or field and know if power is on or off to the building, meaning whatever needs to be running for livestock or new chicks is doing fine, or needs attention right away. Great lights, nice color, flexible installation locations and excellent smart features. This is a winner!
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