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2-3/4 in. x 5 in. Reusable Hand Sanding Block w/ SandNET Sanding Sheets

  • Reusable block for both flat & countour hand sanding
  • Hook lock backing for ease in attaching sanding sheets
  • With 5 reusable SandNet™ sheets - (2) 80 & 120 & (1) 220 Grit
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Product Details

This is an image of using SandNet for Hand Sanding

Diablo SandNet for Hand Sanding

Diablo’s SandNet sheets take your project from beginning to end. Removal, preparation, finish and final finish, Diablo SandNet has a grit for it all. Our reusable technology fits a wide variety of tools.

This is an image of SandNet's blow through design

SandNet Anti-Clogging Design

Net design is not only reusable but is specifically designed with anti-clogging technology to reduce pitch build-up and is ideal for sanding wood, metal and plastics.

This is an image of Cleaning SandNet

Universal and Reusable

Cleaning SandNet is as easy as shaking, vacuuming or rinsing to clear dust particles for repeated use and up to 10x longer life vs. standard sanding sheets and discs.

This is an image of a wide range of Diablo products

Full Range of Sanding Solutions

Dominate the jobsite with Diablo’s full line up of sanding solutions including sheets, discs, sponges and Diablo’s SandNet line of products.

This is an image of Diablo's Reusable Sanding Block

Diablo’s Reusable Hand Sanding Block

This premium double-sided foam tool is cushioned for controlled material removal in contour sanding, and dense for aggressive material removal on flat surfaces to maximize sanding performance

An Image of the UltraFlex Sponge

Diablo’s Premium UltraFlex Sponges

Featuring a premium aluminum oxide blend, these foam sponges remove material faster and offer up to 3X longer sanding life. Available in 60, 100, 180 and 220 grits

This is an image of a variety of abrasives

Sanding Discs, Belts and More

Diablo’s range includes a variety of sandpaper discs featuring a universal hole pattern, sanding belts and sheets, and CAT/mouse hook and lock.

This is an image showing the 36/40 Grit

Ultra Coarse

Ideal for the removal of heavy layers of finish, paint and primer on walls, doorframes and trim.

An image showing 60/80 Grit


Removal and stripping of paint without damaging the underlying surface on wood.

An image showing 100/120 Grit


For moderate stock removal and sanding preparation before paint on wood, metal and plastics.

This is an image showing 150/180 Grit


Light stock removal and final sanding preparating before paint on wood, metal and plastics.

Image showing 220/320 Grit

Ultra Fine

Intercoat sanding 0f stain/varnish and trim on wood, metal and plastics.

This is an image showing 400 Grit

Micro Fine

Final surface finish and intercoat final finish on wood, metal and plastics.

About This Product

Diablo’s Reusable Hand Sanding Block maximizes sanding performance by enabling professional users to sand both flat and contour surfaces. This premium sanding block includes two sides: cushioned for controlled material removal in contour sanding, and dense for aggressive material removal on flat surfaces. Hook and Lock backing allows repeated attachment and removal of Diablo SandNET reusable sanding sheets. Included with the Reusable Hand Sanding Block are five SandNET sheets, ranging from coarse/removal to ultra-fine finish grits. The reusable NET nylon design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times, simply shake, vacuum or rinse to remove any buildup.


  • Dual-sided foam block fits comfortably in hand for consistent results and maximum performance
  • Firm grip sanding block enables smooth, consistent sanding
  • Cushioned Foam Side for controlled material removal in contour sanding
  • Foam Side for aggressive material removal in flat surface and 90° corner sanding
  • Hook and Lock backing enables repeated attachment and removal of SandNET reusable sanding sheets for a consistent secure connection
  • Clog-reducing nylon design for less dust build-up and up to 10X longer sanding life versus standard sanding sheets
  • SandNET reusable sanding sheets are easy to clean and reuse; simply shake, vacuum or rinse
  • Includes five SandNET sanding sheets: (2) 80-Grit for Coarse/Removal, (2) 120-Grit for Fine/Final Preparation and (1) 220-Grit for Ultra Fine/Ultra Fine Finish
  • Ideal for wet and dry sanding

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Product Information

Internet # 313834956

Model # DFB234DUOH01G

Store SKU # 1005565233

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Dimensions: H 7.25 in, W 2.00 in, D 4.50 in


Product Depth (in.)

4.50 in

Product Height (in.)

7.25 in

Product Thickness (in.)

2 in

Product Width (in.)

2.00 in


Abrasive Material



Reusable, Washable




No Additional Items Included



Number of Sponges


Paint Tool Product Type

Sanding Pads

Product Weight (lb.)

0.50 lb



Sanding Grade


Sanding Sponge Type

General Purpose

Surface Material Use

Composite, Composite/Vinyl, Drywall, Fiberglass, Metal, Plaster, Plastic, Wood

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:Does the 25-block case really only contain 25 sheets, and cost $382.65? Buying five of the 5-block sets would include 125 sheets for only $374.25, right?
by|Feb 26, 2024
0 Answer
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Q:Can this be used to wet sand dry wall?
by|Feb 1, 2024
0 Answer
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Q:Are the dimensions of this sanding block correct on HD's website? The same model (DFB234DUOH01G) on the Diablo website says it's 2-3/4" x 5", and the model on the HD website says 4.5" x 7.25".
by|May 28, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  It's the 2 3/4 by 5 at least the one I purchased but I do know they do make a larger one now too

by|May 29, 2023
    Q:How can I get the 220 only 100 pics
    by|Nov 9, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  Hi! The pack should have contained a 220 sheet! If your pack was missing sheets, please contact our customer service at 800-334-4107 or email customerservice@diablotools.com. There are also packs of only 220 grit sheets that should be available at your local The Home Depot.

    by|Jul 9, 2023
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      So great for all purposes
      I don’t know really anything about home improvement but have a few small jobs ahead with the purchase of a new home. I wasn’t sure what exact grit I would need but it comes with 2 coarse, 2 fine, and 1 extra fine that you just stick right onto the square. The sheet doesn’t move even when you’re sanding vigiourously. Great for novices and experts alike!
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        Not good but wanted it to be
        Bought this hoping to have a great sanding block that I could use again and again and I was wrong. It came bowed and with wrinkles which has effectively made sanding worse. I have quite a few diablo products and had hoped this was going to be good. I was wrong. I tried to use it once and not happy. If it would have come with no wrinkles and not bowed I’m sure this product would be great. But not in my case. I’m not a happy customer.
        Response from DiabloProductExpertFeb 13, 2023
        Hi Moe! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We apologize for any frustration or inconvenience once again but thank you for the honest feedback. Please contact us at https://www.diablotools.com/contact, so that we can sort out this issue.
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          I’ve enjoyed this tool so far. Only have had it...
          I’ve enjoyed this tool so far. Only have had it for a couple weeks. It’s held up longer than other sponge type sanders I've used.
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          Easy to use, practical, very functional, effective and economical.
          When you have to do hand sanding, this Diablo sanding block with SandNet sheets is great. It beats sanding paper and foam sanding blocks with embedded grit. The Diablo block has a dense or firm side for hard or rough sanding and a cushioned or soft side for easy and controlled sanding. The block does not have embedded grit. Instead each side has a “hook and loop” material to firmly hold Diablo SandNet sheets. The SandNet sheets come in various grades from ultra fine to course. The sheets have the corresponding “hook and loop” fastening and attach firmly to the foam block. The SandNet sheets are reusable and can be removed, cleaned and reattached as needed multiple times. The SandNet sheets are easy to clean by shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing to remove any build up which reduces sanding efficiency. The block and sanding sheets can be used for wet or dry sanding. I tried the system on some drywall patches using wet sanding method. I was hoping that the “mild to moderate” sanding could be essentially dust free or minimal dust, and thus minimal clean up. I used the cushioned side and an ultra fine sanding sheet and the wet block. The sanding was smooth and quick with very little residual dust. However, I did rinse the sanding sheet as soon as there was significant build up. I was very impressed. The sanding system worked great and clean up was minimal
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          Diablo SandNET is my new favorite sanding set up!
          I picked up a set of full-size (9x11) sheets of Diablo SandNET sandpaper for use in the school shop I work at and was really impressed by their longevity and ease of cleaning for my students. Because of that, I picked up this sand block for use at home doing drywall work for painting and some minor woodworking I do at home. I am super happy I did. I knew I would like how the sandpaper doesn't clog and wear as easily, but I also like the block that came with it. The sheets are the perfect size for drywall work or hand sanding and with the hook and loop style attaching they go on and stay on while working. This set up will replace my foam blocks I typically buy and use for sanding patches before painting and will for sure be used instead of my traditional block for sanding wood. I know this are more expensive than your normal sand paper and sanding set up, but I think it is definitely worth it!
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          Excellent! Effective & Easy to Use.
          Block & SandNet Sheets perform very well. Hook Lock Backing is easy to use- holds securely and removes quickly. On several DIY projects, drywall hole repair, primed trim paint prep, went very well. Dense foam side made flat sanding quick and easy, plus rinse clean. Cushioned side made getting the curves of trim easy and saved fingers from pushing on sandpaper. Seems like the sheets will last long without grit detaching or requiring careful storage protecting typical sandpaper from moisture, making Diablo’s SandNet sheets a cost effective handy sanding solution, especially for DIY use. Adding to the already economical cost. Highly satisfied.
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          Amazing sandpaper; decent sanding block
          I'll first talk about the sanding block, because in my mind it is the weaker of the two products. It isn't BAD necessarily, but I just prefer a little more heft in a sanding block so I don't have to use as much muscle when sanding. I do like the dual-side nature of it, though, and the soft foam side has a lot of advantages sanding over curved surfaces. The hook n loop on the block didn't seem to grab on quite as well, but I do like the ability to quickly change sheets, and it held on well enough to get the job done. The sandpaper is GREAT. I believe Diablo makes this for orbital sanders, too, and that would be amazing to hook up to a dust collector. It would get almost all the dust for once! In this form factor, the net is still a great feature to make getting dust off of the sandpaper super easy. I was only sanding wood, so I didn't have to deal with it much, but unclogging paint or something would be so much easier with this sandpaper. The sheets are a perfect fit for the sanding block, too. The other thing I didn't like about the sanding block was its packaging. It required a pair of scissors to open. Once you cut it open a bit, the plastic was super easy to peel away from the paper back, but I could not find a way to open it easier. I always appreciate a company that makes opening their product simple and tool free.
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          Stepping Up to Industrial Grade Abrasives Tech
          Abrasive Sanding Sheets made for Industrial Applications are not made from paper like their Consumer Grade counterparts. It is nice to see Diablo stepping up with these nylon screen based sheets. They last a lot longer and are much easier to clean. The front is coated with Premium Ceramic Abrasive and the back is hook-and-loop. The hook-and-loop backing is intended for use with this Diablo Reusable Sanding Block. To clean or change sheets just pull the sheet off, rinse it in a sink, shake it off, or vacuum/blow the clog material away. The sanding block has a denser foam side for flat sanding and a soft foam side for contour sanding. This is much more comfortable and easier to use than the wood or neoprene sanding blocks we used in school with quarter sheets of paper sandpaper. These removable hook-and-loop sanding sheets get a lot more mileage per sheet than a sanding sponge. Awesome tool. 5 Stars.
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          Great Sanding Block
          The Diablo Reusable Hand Sanding Block with Assorted SandNET Faster Reusuable sheets can be used on many different surfaces (hardwood, softwood, pvc, laminate, epoxies, and others). The block has a soft side which helps work on curved surfaces and a hard side that allows you to sand flat surfaces. The block is the perfect size for your hand and it is easy gripping. It helps eliminate sore wrists and fingers. A "must have" for any sanding job.
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          The block with grit
          I am found of the disposable foam sanding blocks, they are flexible, you can sand on all four sides, but alas they are short lived. The Diablo instead offers a sanding block with reusable sanding sheets. The sanding block consist to two foam pads, one a high density which is used for aggressive sanding while the low-density pad works best for contour and detail work. Included with the kit are 2 – 80 grit coarse sheets, 2 – 12 grit fine sheets and 1 – 220 grit ultra-fine. To use simply attach the desired grit to ether side of the block. The sheet is securely held in place with a hook lock system. When done, lift the sheet and clean it for reuse later. The sheets can be cleaned with compressed air or water. The block can be use for either dry or wet sanding across wood, metal, and plastic, making it very versatile. The block measures only 2.75” x 5”, thus making it easy to hold and work with. I used this block to smooth out an opening on a PVC board. I was able to quickly get a smooth surface, and by just using the sheet inside the opening I was able to an even better finish on the inside. This now replaces my metal sanding block which tended to damage soft woods.
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