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1.5 HP Induction Motor 1500 CFM Dust Collection System
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  • Model 50-767 T2
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1.5 HP Induction Motor 1500 CFM Dust Collection System
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About This Product

The 1.5 HP Dust collector is perfect for keeping a clean wood shop. The 1 micron filter bag exceeds most competitor's filtration capabilities. The clear chip collection bag lets you know when the bag needs to be emptied and/or replaced.


  • Standard 1 micron filtration bag keeps your shop safer and cleaner
  • Sewn in, snap-in filter bag ring is faster, easier and eliminates the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
  • Powerful TEFC induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust
  • 6 mil plastic chip collection bag shows you when the bag needs emptying
  • Max CFM: 1500 CFM
  • Impeller diameter: 11-1/2 in.
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Product Information

Internet # 206420924

Model # 50-767

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From the Manufacturer


Dimensions: H 21.25 in, W 20 in, D 38.19 in


Interior Hose Diameter (in.)

4 in

Product Depth (in.)

38.19 in

Product Height (in.)

21.25 in

Product Width (in.)

20 in


Bag Capacity/Dry Volume (cu. ft.)

2.4 cu ft

Color Family


Dust Collection Product Type

Dust Collector

Product Weight (lb.)

110 lb



Tools Product Type

Power Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

5 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:How many amps does it draw?
by|Jan 16, 2018
1 Answer
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A:  Dear Valuable Home Depot Customer, 20 amps at 120 volt and 10 at 230 volt

by|Feb 8, 2020
1 found this answer helpful
Q:what is the difference between 50-767 and 50-767T2?
by|Aug 17, 2017
0 Answer
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by|Jan 27, 2017
1 Answer
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A:  I don't have a way to measure the sound level in dB but it is not bad. It makes less noise than the table saw cutting wood. A deep wuuuurrrrr. Sounds great, headphones not needed.

by|May 4, 2023
Q:What is the part number for replacement 6 mil chip bags, and where can I buy them?
by|Jan 11, 2017
1 Answer
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A:  Hi Doresoom, I believe it would be best to reach out to the manufacturer, Delta Power Equipment Corporation for assistance. I have linked their website below with their contact information page so that you may receive the best details from their specialists. Hope this helps! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot! http://www.deltamachinery.com/contact-us

by|Jan 13, 2017
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Dust Buster!
This is the ultimate dust collector. I have a 1hp unit that this replaced and I can easily say its 5 times better in every aspect. Its now the work horse of my shop and runs hours a day with no issues. I has great suction even at 20 ft away when I use my table saw. Assembly takes about 20 minutes with 2 people (you can do it with just one person). The nice part is that it has wheels. I can move this around very easy. Overall its a very solid unit that works as it should.
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Huge Reduction of Clean Up in my Workshop!
I do a lot of projects around the house as well as recently volunteering to help our local community theater with sets. I'm always cutting boards and ripping plywood and the clean up has always been a pain after the projects. This new dust collector has taken care of the majority of the mess from the saws. It was pretty easy to assemble and it has a good suction pulling the sawdust in to the collection bag without clogging. The unit is pretty big overall size but it is a great addition to the shop.
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Dust Free Woodworking!
This dust collector is the perfect solution for a garage workshop. The 1.5 HP induction motor can be configured for 110V or 220V wall power, and can run simultaneously with my 13" thickness planer on the same 120V 30A circuit without tripping the breaker. Assembly was easy enough and took me about 45 minutes by myself. The instructions could have been more clear though. There were a couple steps that I had to flip back and forth between and reference the assembled image a few times before continuing. Plus the fasteners aren't labeled and it's sometimes unclear which lengths are supposed to be used for which steps. I managed to set the impeller housing and motor assembly on the frame by myself, although the instructions call for a two person lift. It's probably a good thing to listen to them, since I almost lost my grip on it halfway through. I was a bit surprised to find that the dust collector doesn't come with a 4" hose, but I managed to find a 10' length for around $25. Don't forget hose clamps for it too! I'm getting by with zip ties for now, although a clamp would be a better long term solution. There's not much that will make a mess faster in your work space than having a hose come off of a planer chip ejection port! The performance is awesome, with a 1500 CFM airflow rate, and a max static pressure rating of 8" water. When I turn it on, it's powerful enough to collapse the 10' long 4" diameter hose to its minimum length. It can handle chip and dust output from my 13" thickness planer with no problems at all. Before I got this dust collector, I had to face the planer's chip ejection port out the garage door, where it piled sawdust in drifts! Now I can plane with the garage door down without covering my entire floor in sawdust. The 1 micron top filter bag keeps the air super clean, and the included 6 mil clear plastic chip collection bag comes with the option to be installed with the internal flexible cloth covered ring, or the external band clamp. Operation is surprisingly quiet for the power this thing offers. If I wasn't running a much louder tool simultaneously, I'm not even sure if I'd need hearing protection. (Although there is a caution sticker on the side of the impeller housing reminding me to.) The impeller seems to be pretty well balanced at its operating speed of 3450 RPM, although it vibrates a bit when spinning down. I'm assuming it passes through a resonance band for the frame, which causes it to amplify the effects of a minor imbalance - not a big deal, since it's only running at that speed during startup and shutdown. Portability is great too. The top bag can be collapsed for clearance under lower ceilings or joists, and the casters make it roll very easily. That's a big plus if you don't have existing dust collection ducts for multiple stationary tool stations. Overall, this is an excellent buy for a homeowner with a medium sized garage or basement workshop. I'm really happy with mine, and looking forward to many dust free woodworking projects.
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Workers really well and isn't that loud
Assembly is pretty easy, only a few basic hand tools are needed. A second set of hands would make is a bit easier as the main portion with the fan housing and motor is heavy and bit difficult to get out the foam packaging. The instructions are pretty clear on what fasteners to use where and the order in which to assemble. Attaching the plastic dust bag is a little challenging, hint use some tape to hold it in place till you can secure it with the strap. One downside is that unit does not come with a hose. So you will need to invest in a hose and clamps to hold the hose on. The other is that it does not run really smooth, it seems like the impeller could have been balanced better. I don't know if this is normally how dust collectors run, but the video shows the level of vibration and the how loud or quiet it is depending on how you look at it. As it has a 5 year warranty I am not to concerned, if it is a problem hopefully it will show up before the warranty run out. This thing does have a good amount of power and suction and scfm of air that it moves is very impressive. The 4 inch hose is a restriction a 6 inch is a much better choice if you can make it work. The unit can be run on 120 VAC or 240 VAC, but it comes wired for 120 VAC and if you want to convert it to use 240 VAC the instructions on how to rewire it are included and you will need to purchase a 240 line cord. On 120 VAC it needs to be on a 20 amp circuit, it may run on a 15 amp circuit if you are close to the breaker panel and there is nothing else on the circuit. But mine would trip the 15 amp breaker either right away or after a few minutes. The only other issue I have found is that Delta does not list which replacement plastic bags fit this unit on their website or in the manual, I suspect the ones that fit the 50-760 will but would have to contact them to be sure. Also this thing is tall, just under 8 foot, so if you have low ceiling this may not work so well.
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Much more power than I imagined
The dust collector arrives with assembly required. In all it took about 20 minutes to assemble. The manual advises two people life the unit on to the stand due to its weight. I'm a big guy and was able to complete this step alone. The 1.5 HP motor runs from a standard 110v outlet. I had to plug the unit directly in to an outlet, as the initial power drawn at startup would trip the power surge protection on the various power strips I tried. The dust collector has a "Y" adaptor for the intake port, giving two 4 inch ports. A cap is provided if you only need a single port. I added another "Y" adaptor to give me the three 4" ports I needed. Initially skeptical this would be able to collect from all 3 wood working tools, I installed ports to close of any unused ducts. This was unfounded. The dust collector easily removed dust from all 3 tools at the same time - very impressive. Noise is not excessive as the video I uploaded shows. I like the two large wheels that allow you to tilt the unit and move it around easily. Two casters are at the other side allowing you to move the unit on smooth surfaces without needing to tilt it on to the two larger wheels. The top (white colored) filter bag snaps in place easily with a flexible ring. The user manual indicated a flexible ring could be used for the plastic waste bag, but only a metal bag clamp was provided. Using the metal bag clamp for the plastic bag was cumbersome and required feeding the ring around the outlet and holding it in place while trying to snap the clamp closed. A little fiddly if you have large hands like me. The dust collector made light work of collecting dust and shavings from my wood planer, table saw and miter saw at the same time. A great addition to my workshop that negates the clean up needed after cutting wood.
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Very good quality
This product has been impressive from the unpacking to the use of it. The dust collector arrived in a box with purpose made Styrofoam packaging. Nothing was damaged to bent during shipping. Assembly was easy enough, but I did make an error in a very early step which forced me to go back to that step when I was almost done. (Ensure that the welded reinforced part of the “Rear Blower Housing Support” face outwards not inwards! Delta: try to make that clear in you next revision of the assembly instructions) My assembly took 90 minutes and would have been an hour if I had known to install the supports the right way. What was really impressive, was that I noticed that this unit had been test assembled already to ensure that it would assemble correctly. This was evident by small washer marks on the parts. The assembly bolts shipped were brand new. You do need a second person to lift the pre-assembled blower and motor onto the support. You will also need 13mm and 18mm sockets, 5mm and 6mm Allen keys and a large Phillips screwdriver. The castors and wheels are all solid and high quality, clearly built to take the load of the machine well. The assembled size is: 24½” wide (outside of wheels). If you remove the wheels the collector can be placed in a space 20½” wide. The machine is 42” long including the push handle (which could be removed if space is an issue), and a whopping 91½” high. The height means that in my basement, the dust collector needs to be positioned between the ceiling joists. The hanger that hold the filter bag up can easily be taken down if your have to move it about around lower obstacles. The manual indicates that one should use a 20A circuit (120V). I ran it on on a 15A circuit. The motor can also be rewired for 240 volt use. The collector comes with the upper filter bag and a plastic collection bag. It does not come with any dust tubing (4”) so the tube (and clamps) need to be purchased separately. I bought a 20’ flexible hose and was able to connect it to my table saw which already had a 4” dust port. I expected the machine to be really loud but when I switched it on I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is. I have heard vacuum cleaners that make more noise. After my first test I did find some sawdust on the outside of the machine. I soon located a very small gap in the sheet metal on the blower housing that was emitting a jet of fine sawdust at high speed. I simply plugged the gap with some plumbers putty that I had on hand. Poster tack, glue or even some duct tape would also have worked. This is the only issue I have encountered and was very easy to resolve. Delta would have to test the bower with sawdust to find such a defect and I am sure most people would not appreciate getting a unit that already had sawdust in it!
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Hose not included
First off, the 4" hose is NOT included. It took me about 45 minutes to set this up by myself. ( All the different size bolts were in one bag, so it took a minute to figure out which bolts were what and what went where.) Have your hex keys ready, because it doesn't include anything to tighten the hex screws either. It is loud ( louder than my 6 hp shop vac, so I would strongly recommend hearing protection when using this. It's rated at 1500 cfm which is pretty high. Most wood working tools, table saws, planers etc, require anywhere from 350-550 cfm for proper dust collection, so this is more than enough for the standard wood shop. I bought a standard hose to use with this collector, but was getting zapped every time I went to turn the machine off. So it does produce some static electricity. Being concerned with possible flash fires ( the wood I use has very low flash points) I replaced the standard hose with an anti-static hose and it seemed to clear up the problem. If you plan on creating a central dust collection system I would strongly recommend an anti static kit.. ( Air and wood particles moving through the dust collection system quickly build up static electricity charges in any non conductive hose or piping. When this static buildup discharges, it could lightly shock the operator or even ignite the flammable wood dust particles inside the piping. If the sawdust burns fast enough, you have an explosion.) As for me, I currently have this rigged to a 15" plastic hood which sits behind my cnc machine. And with the mobility of this unit, I can roll it to the table saw, band saw, or any other tool that I need to suck the dust up with...The hose I bought was 10 feet, so I don't really have to move this much. It comes with 8" wheels in the back, casters on the front..Comes with a filter bag and a clear dust bag that can be emptied and reused..Also has 2 ports to connect hoses to and a cap to cover up the port not being used. I plan on attaching this to my dust separator eventually. With the availability of different accessories that fit a 4" hose, this is a no brainer..All in all an outstanding product. Would definitely recommend for any shop...
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This is to update my previous review. The 1 micron bag (2 micron on Delta website) was not fine ...
This is to update my previous review. The 1 micron bag (2 micron on Delta website) was not fine enough. I could smell dust and started sneezing when near dust collector. I would shake the bag to settle the dust and could see a cloud of dust flying into the air. I changed the bag to a Wynn Ind. canister. .5 micron and 222 sq ft of filter area, vs 20.5 for the old bag. My nose likes it, and much improved air flow. Again I don't know if the cost is worth it, or if I could have done better with my almost $800 spent.
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    Good collector
    I picked this one because of the 6 inch inlet, 1 micron bag, and it does not have a power robbing hose connecting the blower to bag. I do wonder if a 2hp (at less than 1/2 price) would be better. Originally I was going to move it from machine to machine, but I ended up running 6" pvc to machines. Long runs I reduced to 5", but all elbows/45 are 6". HUGH difference running 6" to tablesaw over 4". But even only after a short time, I notice the bag clogging with dust, and I have to shake it. If you are really serious, and can afford it, get a 3 hp cyclone, and vent it outside. Being not rich and not serious, I would buy this one again.
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    Not so dusty
    My wood working hobby has slowly progressed over time. I imagine like many others you get to the point where you're going to keep going and realize you're ready to upgrade your tools. For me this was stepping into my first dust collector. It took me awhile to get everything else setup. Tool stations where I wanted, run 4" piping and work on an external closet to house and exhaust the the unit. I'm glad I did some reading first because this thing is tall! Keep that in mind when thinking about your space. Assembly was easy enough and I feel like I was able to be up and running within 30-45 minutes. I've now been through several projects and love it. Plenty of power and good suction. Operation is easy via a wall switch I've installed since my unit is semi-remote. I'd like to either get a wireless switch so I can turn things on from anyplace in the shop or an i-switch. I'd also like to eventually switch out the bottom bag for either a bucket or something contained that may be easier to empty. Overall very pleased to have this in the shop!
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