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Model # 9400K-SBK-HD00R

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Stair Parts 5/8 in. x 3 in. Spring Bolt Fastening Kit

  • Effectively joins ends of stair handrail to stair fittings
  • Corrosion-resistant steel construction offers enhanced longevity
  • Concealed design eliminates the need for plug holes
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About This Product

The EVERMARK 5/8 in. x 3 in. Steel Concealed SPRINGBOLT Fastening Kit is a stair rail joinery system designed to save you time when joining staircase handrails to stair handrail fittings. SPRINGBOLT eliminates the need to drill holes underneath a stair handrail and fittings for stairs, helping to create a tight, professional, installation that is free of plug holes. From stair treads, stair railing, and a complete selection of stair parts, EVERMARK has what you need to make your stairs beautiful.


  • Innovative SPRINGBOLT makes it simple to join stair handrails to stair handrail fittings
  • Since the patented design of SPRINGBOLT means it's fully concealed, there is no need to drill holes underneath the stair handrail and fill with wood plugs
  • SPRINGBOLT eliminates the need for stair handrail bolt kits and rail bolt wrenches
  • Use of SPRINGBOLT requires only basic carpentry skills and woodworking tools
  • SPRINGBOLT dimensions: 5/8 in. x 3 in.
  • For use on interior staircases only
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Product Information

Internet # 202088525

Model # 9400K-SBK-HD00R

Store SKU # 622599

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From the Manufacturer


Dimensions: H 3 in, W 0.625 in, D 0.625 in


Product Depth (in.)

0.625 in

Product Height (in.)

3 in

Product Width (in.)

0.625 in


Builders Hardware Product Type

Other Stair Hardware

Fasteners included



No Additional Features



Finish Family


Handrail Hardware Type

Spring Bolt Fastening Kit



Pack Size


Package Quantity




Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

No Certifications or Listings

Manufacturer Warranty

Yes, 1-Year Warranty limited to replacement of the defective Spring Bolt Kit only. No other warranties apply or are implied.

Questions & Answers

Q:Can this be used with a WM 231 1.5" x 1 11/16" rail ? I need to add a 4 ft section to an 8 ft section.
by|Jan 15, 2021
1 Answer
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A:  Hi TomFromMo, thank you for this question. We do recommend this joinery system for this profile of rail. We are not the suppliers of that particular handrail you're interested in purchasing, so we haven't tested our Spring Bolt with that profile. That said, it appears that it should work. Just to be sure, we recommend that you test the Spring Bolt on two scraps of rail first, just to be sure, before you attempt to use this on any rail application. If you have additional questions, we'll respond as quickly as we can. Thank you!

by|Jan 18, 2021
    Q:Is this appropriate for a 90-degree 6010 to 6010 hand rail connection? If not, which is? I see four spring bolt products listed on the website: Model 9400K-SBK-HD00R Model 9001208 Model 9001207 Model 9001206
    by|Jan 2, 2020
    2 Answers
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    A:  Yes. I used two 6010 - 90 degree railings to make a jog at the bottom of the stairs as it widened into the basement. That required three spring connections. I had to do it twice. During the assemble on the wall brackets the joints came apart even after using glue and letting it dry. The second time I used my Dremel to rough-up the rail joint and provide more surface area on the oak railing. This worked and the second time was easy. The railing has been in place for three years and the joint is used as a pivot point for 11 and 13 year old friends when they spend the weekend. The springs work well if you use a high quality wood glue and a Dremel. My observation is that the spring holds the joint until the glue dries. I do not know the part number but the one in the picture looks good. Note that the spring connection is only for the railing joint-to-joint not for other connections. I used a lag screw that was counter sunk and angled up from the bottom of the rail into the Newel Post in the basement. At the sheet rock wall joint at the top of the stairs I did use the 90 degree railing joint but used an oak rosette that was wood screwed to the railing then the rosette was screwed to the wall stud and a wood plug covered the hole in the rosette. Again good glue and a Dremel. Note that rails require a lot of time and patience. I did a 6010 with two 90's on a church ADA ramp. It was 50 ft long, both sides of the ramp and also took two times. The first time I had clamped it to the wall brackets for final alignment and bumped it. Down it went and came apart at three spring joints. It was two much of a fall and I did not let the glue dry overnight. After light sanding and three coats of spare varnish my good buddy said both jobs look like they belong in a museum.

    by|Nov 26, 2023
      2 found this answer helpful

      A:  Hi Nate, as Legend states below, these rail connectors will work with 90-degree angles. If you have additional questions, we'll be happy to answer them here, or you can call our Customer Service line at 678-455-5188 (M-F, 8-4 ET), and we can answer specific questions for you. Thank you!

      by|Jan 7, 2020
        Q:Will this work on a 22.5 degree mitre ? I need a 45 degree turn not a 90
        by|Sep 22, 2019
        1 Answer
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        A:  Hi Handyman. The short answer is "yes it will." The long answer "yes it will, as long as you can rotate one of the pieces you're trying to connect." For example, if you're trying to connect a newel post to the rail, it may be impossible to rotate a long piece of rail. However, the newel can be rotated...as long as you have the room to rotate it. If you're trying to join two sections of rail, it may be necessary to create your own custom rail fitting. For instance, cutting two pieces of rail 12in. long, making your miter, joining those two pieces, then joining each end of the fitting with 90-deg cuts.

        by|Sep 27, 2019
          Q:I am attaching a rail (6010) to a return end (7009). I saw your recommendation to use the spring bolt 9001205, but I only see 9001206 on the Home Depot website. Are these interchangeable? Thanks! Kelly
          by|Aug 19, 2019
          2 Answers
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          A:  Hi KP, the Spring Bolt that we recommend for joining handrails to fittings is Home Depot SKU# 622599. Your local store should carry these, but if not, you can always order online. The other Spring Bolt products are ideal for joining fittings to newel posts, and are a tad "beefier" than this Rail to Rail Spring Bolt. They will work fine for joining rail to fittings, the difference being the larger holes that are drilled to accommodate the bolts. If you have additional questions, we'll be happy to help you! Thank you.

          by|Apr 28, 2023

            A:  This should work, try it out first on some scrap wood to be sure. But yes railing to return end no problem.

            by|Aug 21, 2019
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            A good idea but not a lot of direction.
            THERE WERE NO INSTRUCTIONS! I had to find a video for the product; Roger explained how to use it for angle cuts including a 45 degree mitre cut. Why did he use a straight cut jig rail template when it is not sized with the 45 degree cut? WHY NOT MAKE A 45 DEGREE TEMPLATE? Frustrated, I rigged my own template. Also, the screws were too long and felt like they were going to strip. I used a 10 D 3/4 wood screw. It’s not easy or quick; you only get 1 chance to get it right on the final product.
              Like the concept but screws often strip or snap in hardwood (ash) and just leave the spring spinning with no clamping power. Went back to dowel pins and clamps.
              • Verified Purchase
              • Verified Purchase
              Heavy duty. Exceeded expectations.
              Response from Steve VibertFeb 26, 2024
              Hi MIKE,
              Thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review! SureWood-LNL
              • Verified Purchase
              No instructions
              Nowhere in the installation guide does it mention, show, or refer to how to use these. In fact, it shows how to use the old school method of joining rails which is what this product is intended to replace. Just another product that HD sells but has no clue of its usage.
              Response from Steve VibertFeb 5, 2024
              Hi Jb2024,
              Hello, we are very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with this product. Please If you have any questions about the proper use of this kit, feel free to call our Customer Care Team at 678-455-5188 (M-F, 8am-4pm ET), and we will answer your questions directly. Thank you. SureWood-LNL
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                Great product. Works very well but be careful not to over tighten.
                Response from Steve VibertJan 11, 2024
                Hi HomeDepotCustomer,
                Thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review! SureWood-LNL
                • Verified Purchase
                • Verified Purchase
                At first blush, I thought this gizmo approach was the shiz. But as I proceeded in my task, the fastener failed and I had back it out - and lucky for me - I had a backup kit (same thing). I made it work, but for one of the three joints I was putting together I used an alternate option. Glue and sandpaper heals all errors ?. All looks good now.
                Response from Steve VibertDec 7, 2023
                Hi Cherry Log,
                We are very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the product. Please feel free to return it to your local Home Depot for a refund or exchange. If you have additional questions about the proper use of this kit, please reach out to our customer service department and a team member will be happy to assist. M-F 9am-5pm 678-455-5188 SureWood-LNL
                • Verified Purchase
                A good product.
                These connectors work well enough, but for angled faces such as 90 deg connections with 2x 45 degree pieces, be sure to make an accurate mirror image of the two pieces being joined, otherwise, it's a struggle to get them aligned. Also, these are not very useful for small profile (eg, 1-1/4" thick) handrail as it's difficult drilling so the hole doesn't auger too close to the surface at the distal end, which then causes the screws to puncture the outer surface of handrail, despite trimming off the end of the screw as the manufacturer recommends. The manufacturer needs to make a smaller version to accommodate smaller profile rails. Due to the "screw together" nature of the setup, the glue between the joints gets squeegeed out as the joint closes. I found it best to coat both pieces, screw together, then for the last turn before the final set, quickly apply another layer of glue - I used the glue that ended up on the edges of the pieces - then make the final alignment rotation. These are end-grain butt joints that can easily become glue-starved from the wicking of the glue into the end grain.
                Response from Steve VibertMay 12, 2023
                Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! SureWood-LNL
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