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Internet # 312499759

Model # EPD50

50 Pint Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier for Whole House, Bedroom, Bathroom, Crawl Space, Basement and Garage - White

  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor, 5 years on desiccant wheel
  • Up to 1000 sq. ft. area coverage
  • No more compressors, water containers, drain hoses and leaks
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Product Details

About This Product

Introducing the world's smallest commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers - Ecor Pro's EPD30 and EPD50 feature a patented drying technology using ZEOLITE absorption material. Moisture is simply vented away without the use of compressors, water pumps and containers. Both EPD30 and EPDS0 are using 3-hole system - the wet air that is drawn into the unit is filtered and cleaned, then the air is separated - 85% of the dry, cleaned air is exhausted out while the remaining 15% is used to exhaust water as Nano Mist to the outside. Unlike most compressor dehumidifiers, the EPD30 and EPD50 are not affected by power cuts and operates automatically, rated for 24-hours a day usage. EPD30 and EPDS0 can work upside down or on their sides to enable to easily mount on ceilings and walls. Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers are prone to stop working in cold and hot environments, while Ecor Pro's unique technology can pull moisture from 104 degree F all the way down to minus 4 degree F room temperature, making it 4 times better at drying the home than a compressor unit. Better performance means better energy efficiency and more cost savings. Almost the size of a shoe box, these dehumidifiers are easy to carry and can be placed in many small and hard to reach spaces such as inside ceilings, crawl spaces, attics, cabinets, cupboards or shelves where moisture is an issue.


  • Self-Regulating: Simply turn it on and set it to your desired humidity level. It tests your air and adjusts as needed to maintain the set humidity level. It's designed to be turned on at all times - but requires no extra work from you.
  • Large Operating Range: Since it uses a desiccant wheel (without a compressor), this dehumidifier is effective in areas without heat. Use it in temperatures from -4 degrees F to 104 degrees F.
  • Long Power Cord: This dehumidifier uses a standard 120-volt outlet and includes a 15-foot power cord with purchase.
  • Auto Restart: If power is lost during operation, this dehumidifier will restart at its previous settings once power is restored.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install: Since this desiccant dehumidifier only weighs 11 pounds, one person can easily move and install it.
  • Steel Design: Its interior and exterior are designed with steel for long-term use and to stand up to tough conditions.
  • Common Uses: Cold basements and other areas without access to heat, storage facilities, building maintenance, flood drying.
  • Can be placed on the floor and can also be mounted on walls or the ceiling.
  • Easy access to key parts for easy repair and maintenance
  • Auto reset after power out
  • Reticulated dust filter in metal frame can be shaken clean or replaced quickly, prevents dust particles from entering the unit and impeding performance of the machine
  • DIY Installation: Professional installation isn"t required, but be sure to follow installation instructions closely.
  • Five-inch in and out ducts pull in and push out dry air into your location, while a 1.5-inch duct delivers moisturized air outside.
  • Ideal for tough environmental conditions without access to heat, the Ecor Pro EPD50 is perfect for commercial or residential areas up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Its versatile design allow for continuous use since this Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifier automatically adjusts to conserve energy.
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Product Information

Internet # 312499759

Model # EPD50


Dimensions: H 7.87 in, W 7.87 in, D 11.81 in


Maximum Coverage Area (sq. ft.)

1000 sq ft

Product Depth (in.)

11.81 in

Product Height (in.)

7.87 in

Product Width (in.)

7.87 in


Air Treatment Product Type


Appliance Category


Bucket Storage or Bucketless


Color Family


Control Type


Dehumidifier Features & Style

Adjustable Humidistat, Continuous Run, Portable, Wall Mounted

Dehumidifier Use

Whole House

Drain Hose Included




Minimum operating temperature (F)


Moisture removal capacity (pints/day)

50 pt (US)

Moisture Removal Method


Number of Air Filters Included


Number of Fan Speeds


Pack Size


Package Size


Product Weight (lb.)

14.11 lb





Voltage (V)


Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

ETL Listed

Manufacturer Warranty

One Year

Questions & Answers

Q:Venting the humid air to the outside means you are pulling in outside air somewhere in the structure, correct?
by|Sep 9, 2022
1 Answer
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A:  That is not correct, nothing is getting pulled from the outside. The machine is extracting the humidity from inside and venting out. Hope this answers your question. Thanks, Ecor Pro

by|May 17, 2023
    1 found this answer helpful
    Q:Please explain the pints/day data circled on the EPD50-Pro data sheet. The third line (?Compressor Dehumidifier?) shows 50 pints/day (which the HD website also headlines). However, since the EPD50-Pro has no compressor, I?m not sure how to interpret.
    by|Aug 1, 2022
    1 Answer
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    A:  Hi, This is a 50 pint waterless desiccant dehumidifier. Water is not collected as it turns to vapor. Hope this answers your question. Thanks, Ecor Pro

    by|May 17, 2023
      2 found this answer helpful
      Q:Why doesn't HomeDepot sell Santa Fe made in USA dehumidifiers?
      by|Jun 28, 2022
      0 Answer
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      Q:Does this create negative pressure in the house so air gets drawn in from the outside?
      by|Jun 17, 2021
      2 Answers
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      A:  ECOR PRO’s answer is incorrect.....the 200 is pressure neutral according to ECOR PRO.......every other unit is going to create negative pressure in the dried space drawing in outside air.

      by|Apr 14, 2023
        2 found this answer helpful

        A:  Hi, Sorry but this unit is unable to create negative air pressure. Only our EPD200 series can create negative pressure due to its 4-hole feature. Here is the link if you would like to take a look: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ecor-Pro-200-Pint-Portable-Commercial-Stainless-Steel-Desiccant-Dehumidifier-for-Basement-CrawlSpace-Whole-House-and-Warehouses-EPD200-PRO/312499762. Just FYI, this unit is the only unit in the industry that can create negative pressure. Let us know if this helps! Thanks,, Ecor Pro

        by|May 17, 2023
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          Failed within 1 month
          I installed this unit on my boat per the instructions. 2 1/2' of 1.5" diameter for the wet exhaust with no intake or dry exhaust venting. It just stopped working one day and will no longer turn on even if you try to reset it (it has an internal breaker/fuse for overheating that requires unplugging to reset). It also requires a nearby exterior exhaust outlet (< 3' required) - luckily on the boat I have some dorade vents which I was able to adapt to the exhaust hose.
            Failed Twice in Three Years
            At first I loved this product and rated it five stars (Review by Rob in September 2020). It actually did a great job of lowering the humidity in my root cellar -- when it worked. At the start of the second Spring, (March 2022) when I most need to lower humidity, it stopped working. The fan just wouldn't kick on no matter what I set the humidistat to. Eventually they RMA'd it and sent me a replacement, which has now failed again a year later. Sadly, I would not recommend buying this unit.
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              Non-standard fittings made install tedious
              Note that you MUST install a hose to discharge the warm, moist air outside. The pics and descriptions are misleading because they make it seem as though you can just sit the unit in the space and turn it on; not so! That port claims to be 1.5" but in reality it is JUST larger than what 1" PVC fittings will adapt to. Oh, and it can only be 3.3 ft long (seriously?!?). You can also up to a combined total of 10' of duct work, but it has non-standard 5" flanges (U.S. stores stock either 4" or 6").
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                The dehumidifier worked great to keep my basement dry, until...
                The dehumidifier worked great to keep my basement dry, until it totally stopped working less than 3 months later. I'm in the process of returning it.
                • Verified Purchase
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                I installed it in a 1,000 Sq. Ft. x 5'...
                I installed it in a 1,000 Sq. Ft. x 5' high cellar, sealed the foundation's air flow vents (dirt floor already covered with the standard heavy plastic) and vented the Ecor-pro to the outdoors, but it was not up for the task. The humidity in the cellar never reached below 66%. The second thing to know, is that Home Depot (and other hardware store I visited) does not carry any form of a 5" hose, vent, or pipe for the Ecor-pro's intake vent, and I had to Jerry-rig a hose for the 1.5" exhaust vent. Perhaps these are standard Euro diameters?
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                  I purchased this unit in mid September 2020. Where...
                  I purchased this unit in mid September 2020. Where we live the humidity is never stifling but consistent throughout most of the year between 40-80% (summers being the highest relative humidity. We have a fully built out (Including closed cell foam insulated) lower level living area where two walls are under ground and two walls are above ground. It has three doors; to garage, to outside, to main living area upstairs. We keep all closed most of the time (unless it’s dry and warm outside) as we have a dual zone HVAC system managing that area. The HVAC keeps the lower area “OK” but struggles in summer months to keep dry without causing more mildew with the cooling air and high dew point. Total area about 500 sf. I decided to get the desiccant dehumidifier because the water tanks, pumps. and all that stuff for a standard system is a pain and a hassle to maintain. I went with the larger unit here to handle this area "no problem” vs. coming close to max space of this company’s smaller unit. The installation was fairly easy. The only drag (which I knew I was doing prior to purchase) was drilling through brick facia, concrete block, and the inner walls for the exhaust. The 1.5” PVC tube is a simple, non-water forming warm air exhaust that works great without anything leaving the room except humid air. Because the unit has been working while outside the worst months of humidity here are past and since it’s still early in our ownership, the decision to rate this 5 stars is pending. However, thus far, the unit has worked great. It’s one-speed fan is about as noisy as a regular box house fan on with a setting of medium or high. It ran for about 10 days straight 24/7 dropping the humidity from inside the area. Humidity at start was 74%. I have the dehumidifier set to ~50% now and it runs a couple of times as day to keep it low. The range before it kicks on is about 2-4% from the set point. The area is finished in almost all wood accouterments comprised of mainly Brazilian and North American Black Walnut so I had expected a long initial drying period. Thus far the unit is working great. We are hoping this was a great investment long term as this living area especially when we have guests down there is now very, very comfortable (includes a full bedroom). The HVAC works very little now and the area is super dry.
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                  This dehumidifier is extremely quiet, small, and effective. Since it's only a fan and a small he...
                  This dehumidifier is extremely quiet, small, and effective. Since it's only a fan and a small heater, it should be substantially more reliable than compressor-based dehumidifiers. It's also nice to not need to worry about pumping or draining condensate; just gets ducted away as water vapor. The installation was easy. The most difficult part was poking a hole through my exterior wall for the exhaust ducting. The only disappointment I had with this dehumidifier is that it does throw some heat back into the space. I was hoping that 100% of the hot air would be sent outside. It runs cooler than a compressor-based machine, but it does heat the crawlspace up a bit.
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                  Great for basement, do not need to hook up to ventulation system. I installed it as a standalone ...
                  Great for basement, do not need to hook up to ventulation system. I installed it as a standalone unit. Humidity levels dropped significantly in 24 hours.
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