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LST Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder 7' 7" - 9' 2", 22.5 x 31.5 with 350 lb. Load Capacity

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  • S-shaped steps double as hand rails while climbing
  • Folds and unfolds almost by itself with minimal force
  • Length adjustable by adding or removing step segments
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Product Details

About This Product

The Fakro LST Scissor Attic Ladder is engineered for space efficiency and durable functionality. Made of durable, powder-coated steel, the ladder features a well-balanced scissor mechanism that requires minimal room for operation. With a 350 lbs load capacity, it provides a safe and sturdy climb. The white, insulated door is sealed with a weather seal gasket to help minimize heat loss, aligning with an R-value of 5.2. The ladder fits ceiling heights ranging from 7'6½" to 9'2¼". Installation brackets for easy setup and a metal rod for hatch opening and ladder deployment are included. The ladder also comes with a white metal trim for an elegant finish.


  • Rough Opening: 22.5 in. x 31.5 in.
  • Ceiling Height Range: 7 ft. 6½ in. - 9 ft. 2¼ in.
  • Additional Ceiling Height: Up to 10'10" with added two LSS-31 steps (sold separately; details in specification)
  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs
  • R-value: 5.2
  • Insulated Door: White finish (Insulation Thickness: 1 1/8" hidden inside hatch)
  • White Metal Trim
  • Material: Durable, powder-coated steel stairs; pine wood
  • Weather Seal Gasket
  • Opening Rod: Included for hatch opening and ladder deployment
  • Safety Features: 11 non-slip steps also serve as handrails
  • Warranty: 2-year standard warranty
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Product Information

Internet # 100672568

Model # 66875



Maximum Ceiling Height (ft.)


Maximum Ladder Length (ft.)


Minimum Ceiling Height (ft.)


Recessed Opening Height (in.)


Recessed Opening Length (In.)


Recessed Opening Width (in.)


Rung/Step Depth (in.)

3.125 in

Step Rise (in.)


Swing Clearance (ft.)




Adjustable, Insulated, Scissor Ladder Design

Finish Type


Fits Ceiling Height

8 ft.,9 ft.

Ladder Rating

Not Rated

Ladder Type


Load Capacity (lb.)

350 lb.



Number of Steps


Product Weight (lb.)

84 lb



Rung/Step Material




Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

No Certifications or Listings

Manufacturer Warranty

2-years warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:How wide is the steel part of the ladder where the steps are on the 27.5" wide ladder?
by|May 8, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Please contact us directly at service@fakrousa.com to better specify which part you are referring to.

by|May 8, 2024
    Q:I do not see how wide the rings are. I have a 10' ceiling and must order a couple of extensions. Please advise which ones to order?
    by|Mar 25, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  For this opening size you would need the 13" wide steps, model "860205". For a 10' ceiling height you would need to order 2 additional steps.

    by|Mar 27, 2024
      Q:Do I need to purchase anything to install this ladder (I have the tools). It looks like I might need some hardware? Screws and shims?
      by|Mar 25, 2024
      1 Answer
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      A:  Correct, you will need 3" wood screws and shims for installation.

      by|Mar 26, 2024
        Q:My attic opening is 22.375 by 30.125. This seems like the closet option. I'm relatively handy and could move the crosser studs in the opening for the extra inch but I'm wondering how much play is there on the both of this ladder unit?
        by|Mar 12, 2024
        1 Answer
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        A:  The outside frame dimensions of this unit are 22" x 31 1/4" so you would need those dimensions in order for it to fit into your opening.

        by|Mar 13, 2024
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          came damaged inside an undamaged box
          This product arrived damaged but *the box was intact*. That means that they packaged and shipped a damaged product. The door panel is cheap, thin composite wood stuff. I'm very disappointed in the quality and the minimal steps HD took to correct this. With an large item, returns are difficult. But it was so much worse because the shoddy shipping company that HD used. Took forever: nobody answers phones or returns emails. Phone calls get disconnected after 16 minutes with no one ever picking up.
            3 found this review helpful
            Use it as a filing loft ladder. Is...
            Use it as a filing loft ladder. Is a bit wobbly at the bottom 2 steps, but rock solid as you get further up. Worked perfectly for what I needed
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            4 found this review helpful
            The product is well made and balanced nicely so it is easy to operate. But, the installation ins...
            The product is well made and balanced nicely so it is easy to operate. But, the installation instructions require more than one person. One, or more to hold the unit from below and one above to do the supports. I added cleats to the sides of the unit and the opening so that I could drop it in from above and do the install single handed. At over 90 lbs just getting it into the attic was a bit of a job. The mechanism takes up a lot of the opening after installation. That is a bit of a bummer. You can't get anything more that 18' tall through the opening and I have to swivel my hips to get past the narrowest point. I'm 6' 3", other may not have this problem. But, the landing is nice and unobstructed, unlike when I used a ladder. My ceiling is 8 ft, so I removed one section , which was easy. I selected this unit because my opening isn't standard size and changing the opening so that a standard size stairs would fit was going to be a lot of work. But, the hand holds that the scissors on the stairs provide are nice.
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              I STRONGLY RECOMMEND SHIPPING THE LADDER TO THE STORE FOR PICK-UP. I ordered a ladder, had it shi...
              I STRONGLY RECOMMEND SHIPPING THE LADDER TO THE STORE FOR PICK-UP. I ordered a ladder, had it shipped to my house, and it was damaged upon arrival. So, I returned it to the store (thank you Home Depot!), and then ordered another shipped to the store. The shocker was - when I picked up the ladder from the store, it came in a huge cardboard box (that was missing when delivered to my house). The cardboard box has huge labels - that the box must be included with any return - which, to me meant, that the first shipper damaged the box/ladder, and discarded the box before delivery to my home. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND BUYING FROM HOME DEPOT. Based on my need for a return, I could have been "stuck" for return shipping if I would have bought from an online-only source. Not worth the risk. The only way to assure that you'll get a good, damage-free ladder, without incurring costs associated with returns, is to pick it up from a store. I bought this scissor attic ladder because my home did not have enough room for a folding attic ladder (the attic access is inside a walk-in closet). While I did install the ladder myself, this is really NOT a one-man job. The ladder is heavy, and the method of installation should have three people: one in the attic; and the two to lift the ladder up into the opening. And the two people had better be stout, and they have to hold it in place a short while - as the temporary bolts/brackets are put in place. Temporary supports could be used on the underside (room side), if you don't mind filling the temporary holes in the ceiling after the install is done. I installed eye bolts in the attic, and then used cam buckle straps to lift the ladder into the opening. It was not easy! A "come along" would have been better suited, but I did not want to spend the money for this tool (and then never use the tool again). The ladder comes with four metal pieces (about 9" long) to temporarily "hold" the ladder in the opening until the lag bolts/screws are installed through the ladder frame into the framing of the house. For my application, the metal pieces would not work, as my home has truss framing, with vertical supports exactly where the metal pieces were supposed to go. So, I bought and used two 60" long slotted angle pieces (from Home Depot), and that worked great (see pics). The slotted angle pieces spanned the 47" opening, and provide a guaranteed way to hold the ladder in position. I needed two LSS ladder extensions to extend the ladder, to account for my 10' ceilings. When adding two LSS extensions, I recommend moving the storage pins/bolts. Moving the pins is not in the instructions for the LSS extensions, but really helps lessen the force (and strength) needed to open and stow the ladder. This wasn't the easiest thing to do, and the pins have bushings that pressed into the ladder frame that must be pressed/pounded out, and then pressed in to the new location. If you are mechanically included, and have a good collection of tools, moving the pins is achievable, albeit difficult. If I had not moved the pins, my wife could not have opened/stowed the ladder. Moving the pins was necessary for her, as the extra length of the LSS extensions required the ladder to be compressed further to stow. The door on the ladder opens and closes easily. The ladder looks great in place. My wife commented that the ladder looks better than the opening that was there before (which was well made/painted). Pulling the ladder down is easy, once you understand how it works. The ladder doesn't pull down straight, but follows an arc (due to the arm that help support the weight of the ladder). You unhook the ladder, then pull OUT (sideways) and down. If you pull down only, you're fighting the mechanism. The ladder is quite sturdy, and doesn't flex like I thought it would. If flexes less than the extension ladder I had been using to access the attic. The ladder treads are narrow, narrower than I prefer, but this is necessary due to the width of the mechanism needed to counterbalance the door and ladder. I've read negative reviews about tread width, but the treads aren't much narrower than the extension ladder I had been using. It is just something to get used to. I am happy with the ladder. It is pricey, but as I had stated earlier, this is the only ladder that would fit into my limited space. This solution is much better than carrying the extension ladder in from the garage every time I (or my wife) want to access the attic. In addition, now my wife can access the attic anytime she wants, and . . . I don't have to get the extension ladder out (and put back) every time. For anybody that doesn't have room for a more typical folding ladder design, I heartily recommend this scissor attic ladder. For those with room for a folding ladder design, I would recommend this only if: you like the design/looks (it definitely looks expensive and unique - a good fit for high dollar homes); and/or you want the higher weight rating (although other ladders can be bought with high capacity). As for installation, if you are mechanically inclined, and are adept at framing, etc., then you can do this! But, self-installation is not for the faint at heart. I framed homes earlier in life; I do all my own demo/renovation work; as well as my own plumbing, electrical, car repair etc. I found installation, especially alone, challenging, but achievable. I would say that most average homeowners should not attempt this installation.
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              This ladder overall definitely fit exactly as another reviewer mentioned - As a matter a fact, th...
              This ladder overall definitely fit exactly as another reviewer mentioned - As a matter a fact, thanks to another review that gave me enough courage to get this attic ladder set for the garage. Rough opening on my end was 32 5/8" x 28 7/8". Some other reviewer said if you have 32 x 28, you should be perfect. Now while I had a slight more, I ended up sealing the gap between 1/2 to 1 inch all around using a trim frame all around and then insulating the gaps from the attic. With this done, the finish looks perfect and no issues. The setup took 2 guys to help lift this puppy up in the air thorough the hole and another 3rd guy in the attic to quickly lock and bolt this thing tight. End dup removing one X pair from the ladder to get a perfect open and close use. Besides that, these dimensions do make it rather difficult to fit anything "big" through the opening especially if bringing items up but if the items are no bigger than 24" x 21", you should in theory squeeze through the hole. Planning to use entire garage attic for storing original PC boxes since running a data center and more than enough space to maintain those needs.
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                A bit expensive but excellent quality. Home Depot best price I found.
                Locate video at FAKRO site to see how to install while waiting for delivery. Needed 2 below to lift into opening and 1 above to lock down. Although a senior, installation was a breeze for me and 2 sons. Easy to open, lower, and raise. Like that ladder latches when scissored up and door does not get away from me when half closed. Great design. Free ship to HD is best option. Price was lowest I could find, even beating Amazon.
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                Excellent ladder. For those interested nothing about the ladder operation affects the far end of the ladder box. I would also figure out your trim plan before hoisting into the roof (our hole was too wide for the provided metal flange, so we used 1x trim which we will plaster up to. I'd also arrange a rope/strap as a safety (the screw ears are great, but 2x8 rafters aren't thick enough, so you need 2x4 extensions around the entry box. Our kit included a spare white bottom plate (I guess in case of damage, we had none). The unit holds itself up to the ceiling, so the clasp piece is just a hooking point (for the very, very solid pole provided).
                • Verified Purchase
                Just had this ladder installed today. It seems to be very sturdy and I feel comfortable climbing up on the wider steps. The opening is rather small and will not allow for a large person to climb through comfortably. However, due to the limited space I have to install a ladder this was my only option.
                • Verified Purchase
                • Verified Purchase
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