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24 oz. Grout Cleaner with Brush

  • Safe for tile, stone, porcelain, ceramic and glass surfaces
  • Deeps cleans soiled grout, safe to use on colored grout
  • Use as an intensive cleaner for natural stone and ceramic tile
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Product Details

About This Product

Don't risk harming your grout's surrounding surfaces with highly acidic solutions. Granite Gold Grout Cleaner quickly and safely deep-cleans soiled grout, and is safe on stone, tile, porcelain, colored grout, ceramic and glass. The lightly "citrus-scented" grout cleaner is ready to use and safe on colored grout, and it comes with the Granite Gold Grout Brush to agitate dirt and grime.


  • Created by a third-generation family of Stone Care Experts
  • Safe on food-prep surfaces
  • No phosphates or ammonia
  • Includes Granite Gold Grout Brush to agitate and remove dirt
  • Use on grout, colored grout, all natural stone and can also be used as an intensive cleaner for natural stone and ceramic tile
  • Made in the USA
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Product Information

Internet # 202724981

Model # GG0371

Store SKU # 523845

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Product Size: 24 OZ-Ounce


Product Size

24 OZ-Ounce


Concentrated or Ready to Use

Ready to use


Non Abrasive, Non-Corrosive, Phosphate Free, Residue Free

Helps Remove

Dirt, Food, Grease

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Recommended Surfaces

Concrete, Glass, Grout, Porcelain, Stone, Tile



Where to Use

Bathroom, Floors, Kitchen

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Questions & Answers

Q:Is this safe and non corrosive to use on grout surrounding acrylic jetted tubs? Thank you!
by|Dec 18, 2022
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Yes, Granite Gold Grout Cleaner is safe you use on grout surrounded by acrylic jetted tubs.

by|Dec 19, 2022
    Q:Can this be used on unsealed grout (that's been dirtied over the course of a year)?
    by|Dec 9, 2022
    3 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  It worked well for us on dirty unsealed grout, but the real work was cleaning the grout prior to application. Lots of scrubbing with cleaners and stiff brushes on hands and knees to make the floor presentable before applying the product

    by|Dec 14, 2022

      A:  I apologize, I thought the question was in regards to the application of their sealant. The cleaner works but it is an effort to clean the floor.

      by|Dec 14, 2022

        A:  Yes, however, unsealed grout is extremely porous. If the dirt is deeply embedded into the grout, it may be stained; as such, re-grouting is the best option. Sincerely, The Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold

        by|Mar 30, 2023
          Q:Starting with this product, as it has the highest rating. The photos show the work I am trying to clean up. This is not normal dirt, dirt that can be washed away. This was done by a contractor, and I swear, for the life of me, I can't figure why this grout looks the way it does. I've used water and toothbrush, and when wet, the grout looks perfect, as I would want it to, yet when it dries, it looks like this. Heartbreaking, really. Will this product work to clean his up? Again, though, I have no idea why it is this discolored. Some areas are really bad, so there is little to no grout showing at all I don't want to buy something, only to have to return it because it doesn't work. I prefer to get something that does it right the first time. Any idea why it looks this way?
          by|Nov 26, 2020
          5 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  I used this product to clean my shower scum, mildew, etc, and this product returned the grout to the clean, newly installed look that it had before it got dirty and grimy due to use. Is what you're showing pictures of the "newly installed" look? Or did it used to look good and it's now grimy - e.g. the contractor did the grout and then had other parts of the project to do and it got dirty during the work process? If the grime needs to be cleaned, the granite gold will probably do the trick! If the grout was installed poorly (maybe not mixed properly/evenly?) and that is what it looks like brand new, I'm not sure how to remedy that.

          by|Nov 27, 2020
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  There may be some underlying challenges here. Please contact us at 800-475-7866, so we can discuss further and help you resolve this. The Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®

          by|Nov 30, 2020

            A:  It appears to me it isn't sealed correctly, I would try to reseal the grout after cleaning it well with this product and allowing it to dry.

            by|Nov 28, 2020

            A:  I have used this product in the tile shower and the tile floor in my master bathroom. It did not do anything to the grout in my shower, but it worked great for the grout in master bathroom.

            by|Dec 6, 2020

            A:  I can't figure how to reply to the last comment but thank you for replying. Yes, this is what it looks like after the contractor installed the tiles. The grout was premixed, but wonder if like you said, they put it down, and did a bunch of other work and other junk coated it and then dried.

            by|Nov 27, 2020
              Q:Would this work on grime build up on wood floors?
              by|Apr 15, 2020
              5 Answers
              Answer This Question

              A:  I definitely would not recommend this for wood floors!!!

              by|Apr 17, 2020

                A:  I wouldn't use it on a wood floor, it's very strong and could damage the finish.

                by|Jun 2, 2020

                  A:  As stated on the bottle of Granite Gold Grout Cleaner it is safe to use on stone, ceramic, glass and colored grout, but it is specifically designed for deep down cleaning of soiled grout. That’s what I use it on and it works great. I would not use it to clean grime off of wood floors as I believe the chemicals are way to harsh and would most likely cause damage to the finish and wood surface as well. There are specifically designed cleaning products for wood floors, whereas they clean but not cause damage. Home Depot has several options to choose from when it comes to wood flooring.

                  by|Apr 17, 2020

                  A:  It's a grout cleaner and did nothing to my grout. Get a good degreaser to clean gunk up off your wood floor.

                  by|Apr 17, 2020

                  A:  I can’t answer with 100% certainty, but the product specifically states for ceramic, stone and granite surfaces. The website doesn’t indicate use on wooden floors, so I don’t think so. Hope that helps

                  by|Apr 16, 2020
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                  Instantly works
                  I received this product complementary in exchange for my awesome experience. From the moment I sprayed it on my bathroom shower grout to the time I scrubbed it it was instantaneously , all the muck melted away . I am sold on this product . I will no longer dread scrubbing my shower tiles . Thank you Granite Gold loved my grout cleaner it’s like magic .
                    • Recommended
                    Clean as new
                    The Granite Gold Grout Cleaner spray comes with a cleaning grout brush that has plastic brittles that won’t scratch your tiles. It makes doing a deep clean a simple process. At first I tired it on my grout where it tries growing mildew in the shower. I sprayed scrubbed and rinsed and it made no difference. Then I followed the deeper clean directions and what do you know , it worked! It’s like the mildew and stains never existed. You know it’s a great product when you can use it on food safe surfaces. I love that it does have harsh chemicals and there’s no strong odor or smell from this cleaner spray. Not sure of the ingredients but if it makes my live easier with keeping it clean like it just did. I’m all for it!
                      • Recommended
                      Does an outstanding job
                      I have tried other grout cleaners in the past , they left the area looking dull and dingy, I was so happy when I tried the Granite Gold Grout Cleaner , it left it looking clean and sparkling, great product !
                        • Recommended
                        Another Amazing Product!
                        Granite Gold has the best products by far! I was fortunate enough to get to try the grout cleaner which came with the perfect size brush. I used it to clean the grout in my den/dog bunker. Sometimes my 120lb. Husky/Great Pyrenees has accidents, this grout cleaner did the job. Also, my bath tiles never looked cleaner. Thank you Granite Gold for the opportunity to try your amazing products.
                          • Recommended
                          Granite Gold Grout Cleaner works amazing! It comes with a very handy brush that is safe to use on stone too. The Granite Gold Grout Cleaner is safe on food-prep surfaces, non toxic, non acidic, biodegradable and has no phosphates or ammonia. It has no harsh chemical or cleaner smells. It is very easy to use and my grout came out looking fantastic! I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I will buy it again.
                            • Recommended
                            I would have given it 5 stars except the scrub brush provided was a piece of garbage. I purchase ...
                            I would have given it 5 stars except the scrub brush provided was a piece of garbage. I purchase a drill attachment with heavy bristles and it did a pretty darn good job even though it does say anything about using a think brush.
                            • DIY
                            • Verified Purchase
                            • Recommended
                            Cleared and vacuumed the bathroom floor in preparation for spraying on Granite Gold Grout Cleaner...
                            Cleared and vacuumed the bathroom floor in preparation for spraying on Granite Gold Grout Cleaner. I broke the work down into four sections since access and reach with the scrubbing brush on a wet floor is limited in a bathroom. I sprayed the grout cleaner as directed. Since the grouting was darkened over time by the dirt infiltration, I then let the grout cleaner soak in for three minutes as stated on the bottle prior to taking the scrubbing brush that came with it and going over it. Upon scrubbing and loosening the dirt grit I then rinsed and wiped the tiles off with warm water as also directed on the bottle. The grout cleaner did an excellent job turning the darkened grout back into a clean looking finish. And for the final finishing touch to keep it cleaner longer I utilized the Granite Gold Grout Sealer. Both available at Home Depot.
                            • Recommended
                            1 found this review helpful
                            It worked but, was not perfect. But then again, I had no right to expect it to be. My home has m...
                            It worked but, was not perfect. But then again, I had no right to expect it to be. My home has marble tile floors in two bathrooms with white grout. They are about 30 years old and are not in the best of shape. We've only lived here seven years and suspect that the floors were abused in the past. The grout is off colored in some areas. I had planned to remove it and re grout with a good, white epoxy grout in the future when I got around to replacing the toilets with water efficient ones. However, that seems to keep getting pushed out so, I decided to try this Granite Gold Grout Cleaner as I had used other Granite Gold products and found them to be easy to use and helpful. However, I wasn't expecting much as I learned long ago that items worn or in need of repair can't be fixed with magic potions. I applied the product to the grout lines as direct. I let it sit for three or four minutes and then scrubbed with the brush provided. I rinsed it off with warm water on a rag, rinsed and wrung several times and dried the floor with a couple of paper towels. (It's only about 12 sq ft!) Well, the attached before and after pictures speak for themselves. The grout looks better in some areas but, it doesn't look brand new in any sense. About the result I expected. You're results may be better or worse, depending on your own situation. A word though: The product gave off a strong odor. Like bleach. (I was working on my hands and knees.) The label says it's non-toxic, non-acidic, pH balanced and biodegradable. It also says it does not contain ammonia, very important for use on marble tile! There is no ingredient list on the bottle and I don't have the MSDS handy. I would suggest that one open a window or use a fan for ventilation and wear gloves when scrubbing the grout with the brush. I know I will.
                            • Recommended
                            2 found this review helpful
                            The grout cleaner was simple to use. I just sprayed on the solution, waited for 2 minutes, scrubbed with the included brush and watched years of mopped over grime break down. As much of the dirt was deep in the grout, it will take a bit more concentrated dirt removed; however, the product does what it says it will do within reason. I and fine with the outcome as it took little time to get years of grounded in grout resolved and removed. I would recommend the product for quick grout cleaning with the understanding that some tough areas will take a bit more work to get the best outcomes.
                            • Recommended
                            I really liked this cleaner I thought it worked great. I sprayed it on scrubbed it a little with...
                            I really liked this cleaner I thought it worked great. I sprayed it on scrubbed it a little with the brush and saw the dirt lifting out right away and wiped it up with a wet cloth. I forgot that my grout was a light sand color, this cleaner brought the color back to that nice light color. I would absolutely recommend this product and would use it again.
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