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Wet and Dry Multi-Purpose Hose End Sprayer

  • Spray water-soluble and liquid concentrates
  • Fits standard hose ends
  • Spray for pests, weeds, or feed your garden and lawn
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Product Overview

HDX G6020: a 32-ounce hose-end sprayer designed to work with liquid or water-soluble fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. It's one of the easiest wet/dry hose-end sprayers to use and attaches to any standard garden hose with no adapter. Set it to spray ounces, tablespoons or teaspoons, the G6020 automatically mixes your chemical with water. Spray for pests and weeds, feed your garden or protect larger areas and trees.
  • 32-ounce capacity hose-end sprayer
  • Spray water-soluble and liquid concentrates
  • Fits standard hose ends with no adapter
  • Filter basket for even granular dilution
  • Adjustable 4-position nozzle and backflow preventer
  • Thumb control to easily switch on and off
  • Easy to set dial for ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons
  • Chemical-resistant construction
  • California residents

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Product Width (in.)5 in5 in7.3812.375 in
Hose length (in.)0 in0 in0 in0 in
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Hose length (in.)0 inProduct Depth (in.)12.5 in
Product Height (in.)9 inProduct Length (in.)5 in
Product Width (in.)5 in


Adjustable spray tipYesApplicator typeSprayer/Mister
Capacity (gallons).25Compatible WithDisinfectant,Fungicide,Grass Killer,Pesticide,Weed Killer
IncludesSprayer OnlyReturnable90-Day
Shoulder strapNoSprayer FeaturesAdjustable Spray Tip
Sprayer/mister typeHandheldTank MaterialPolyethylene

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hard to tell if it is sucking out the chemicals
I have two complaints and one might be a deal breaker. 1. The spray hits the edge of the sprayer nozzle so unless it is in Jet mode you will get water spraying in a direction you may not want. For me it was only an issue when I spray the 3 feet strip along our driveway. We have roses so I was spraying Kopr and I didn’t want it to drip on the driveway. The jet position sprays about 20 feet so should get up into most fruit trees without a problem. the other spray settings only go about 5 feet. 2. Not sure it works for very small amounts of chemicals. I only needed two teaspoons of chemical and dilution was two tsp per gallon. Well we sprayed for over twenty minutes which should have been well over a gallon and I didn’t see the liquid getting removed from the tank. I think I would stick to a pump tank sprayer or a sprinkling can for smaller qty’s of chemicals and use this for trees and large gardens and lawns. On the plus side: The filter is pretty fine so should prevent clogging. All plastic = no corrosion Filter basket fits tight into lid. Strainer basket (for dry product) has fine screen to ensure no clogging. It pops in and out easily. Holds about 6-8 ounces of powder. Larger diameter handle makes it more comfortable to hold. Thinner cramps my hands. Be sure water pressure is 40 to 60 PSI to be accurate per instructions. See images for mix ratios. Everything is converted to a (per gallon) ratio. Very easy to use. Instructions make a great note about the produce delivery rate. As long as you properly cover the area with correct amount of chemical you can increase the ratio to use less water. A great option if you don’t need to water the area or want to water but don’t need as much chemical.
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Very versatile sprayer
This is a very versatile hose attachment sprayer that can be used for wet or dry additives. I can see how this can be used for lawn and garden care as well as cleaning purposes applications. There are multiple settings for any number of applications. First, there’s a “wet, dry, off” selector at the input end. There’s also a 4-way spray selector (shower, up, down, and power spray) on the output end. In between, there’s 12-way selector dial for choosing the mixture, depending on the application and additive instructions. While truly multi-purpose, the sprayer may try to be all-inclusive, thus making it a bit complex for simple applications. Still, it’s a useful, versatile DIY tool.
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HDX Wet and Dry Multi-Purpose Hose End Sprayer
I do a lot of yard spraying for fertilizer, weeds, and insects. This is one of the best and most versatile hose end sprayers I have used. What I like about this unit is that it is fully adaptable to use either dry or liquid materials. It mixes them very thoroughly and does not plug up. It also has an adjustable spray head for the most adequate coverage. There is also an adjustment for the mix ratio.
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This is the ideal hose end sprayer. Can do about any spraying job you have. It can calibrate concentrate product at any ratio, it can mix water with a product. It is very easy to adjust the dial to the ratio you need. Also, extremely easy to hook to a hose. The spray adjusts for low spraying, higher shrub spraying and tree spraying. It is very sturdy and well made. Look forward to using it for many years to come.
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We love this sprayer !
Just dial in the amount of the product that needs to be mixed with a gallon of water and let the sprayer take care of the amount of water for you. It is a very sturdy and well made sprayer and easy to use and works equally well with granular or liquid products. You just select granular or liquid from the off dial. I plan on picking up another such sprayer and dedicate one to insecticide and fertilizer and one to herbicide.
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Excellent. Easy to Use. Well Designed. Durable.
Easy to assemble & use. Very clear well written instructions. Well designed for easy operation and filling. Comfortable handle & thumb control lever. Made of thick durable plastic. HDX Hose End Sprayer G6020 is everything it’s stated to be. Selected for applying lawn & flower fertilizers & gently applying vinyl siding cleaner, Sprayer did great for all. Likely will use to spray ant insecticide too. Four spray patterns, 3 perform very well, one is heavier on sides than center. Overall, sprayer is excellent. Satisfied and recommend HDX hose end sprayer.
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Easy to Set and Use Dilution Dial
HDX, Wet and Dry Multi-Purpose Hose End Sprayer made an excellent replacement for my old worn-out car wash/wax sprayer. I am able to set the strength of car wash/wax with an easy-to-use dial. Two ounces per gallon works great for normal soil and if needed I can easily increase the strength, reducing the dilution of the wash/wax concentrate. The sprayer offers four different spray patterns. Up, which I use, down, pencil stream, and shower. The sprayer appears to be corrosion resistant being made of plastic with no metal parts.
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Great hose-end sprayer for garden chemicals!
I found this HDX hose-end garden sprayer, easy to use with it's built-in dial for proper measurement of the chemical you're applying to lawn & garden. It also features an on-off switch for water flow as well as an adjustable spray pattern. This sprayer can use liquid as as well as water soluble granules Simply attach it to your garden hose, select proper mix & spray pattern desired, turn on water and spray.
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Very Adaptable
This HDX Wet and Dry Multi-Purpose Hose End Sprayer is a handy tool for wide area spraying of chemicals on lawns or foliage. As a hose end device there is no tank to carry or pump up which is an advantage. The handle is slanted down toward the back at a 15-degree angle which lets you spray from a relaxed arm position. Chemical is added to one of two sections of the cup. The rate of application is set by turning a disc that has rates for wet and dry chemicals embossed and showing through a window. The spray stream characteristics are set by turning the nozzle to any of six patterns. A small lever on the handle turns “on dry”, “off”, “on wet”. The lever turns a lot harder than I would like but possibly needs to be stiff to avoid unwanted changes.
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A versatile sprayer to handle both dry and liquid garden chemicals
I chose the HDX for dispensing my garden fertilizer. I tend to favor the granules that is mixed with water but sometimes I can get the liquid concentrate at a better price. The HDX multi-purpose can handle both and at the ratios I need. Setup is pretty easy, I just add the dry granules to the included filter basket, Turn the dial to the ratio I need, and adjust the spray nozzle to SHOWER setting. When water is first turned on, the water is dispensing, however, the fertilizer granules haven't made it to solution in the HDX sprayer. It takes a moment to realize that I am only spraying just water, but in less than a minute of spraying, the HDX 32-ounce container is now fully in solution and begins adding the fertilizer mix to the water spray. PROS - I like the easy-to-adjust ratio dial and the 4 multiple spray patterns. I also like how easy it is to open the sprayer and clean. The sprayer is quite comfortable to hold. CONS - The water valve for DRY/OFF/WET does not work well in OFF. Turning the valve to OFF results in leaks at the valve selector and at other points under the mixer. Fortunately, I have a valve on the end of my hose that does fully shut off the water. Otherwise, the HDX multipurpose sprayer makes it easy to apply fertilizer to my raised gardens.
Showing 1-10 of 22 reviews