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Catch and Release Humane Mouse Trap (2-Pack)

  • Humane trap helps get rid of mice and rats without killing them
  • Sanitary, animal-friendly design safe for use around kids or pets
  • Transparent profile gives a clear view of the trapped mouse
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Product Details

Harris Catch and Release Humane Mouse Trap is an effective, reusable no kill trap. It is easy, safe, sanitary, and animal friendly. Just bait, catch and release. Value 2-pack for multiple treatments.
  • Catch and release mice with the humane mouse trap
  • Effective, reusable, and a no kill mouse trap
  • Easy, safe, sanitary, and animal friendly
  • Just bait, catch and release
  • Value 2-pack for multiple treatments
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Mice, Rats
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Questions & Answers

Q:Hello Does the product have an EPA number?
by|Dec 9, 2022
3 Answers
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A:  This question is not applicable to the humane, non-lethal mouse trap that I purchased from Home Depot, no EPA number is required with this product. There is no substance (such as a poison) in the trap, it is set with peanut butter as a lure. There is no 'waste' disposal as it is CRUCIAL that you check the trap often and then RELEASE the live mouse outside and away from your home. I hosed the empty traps and soaked them in a pail to clean them. I found the traps work very quickly, so check them often. Hope this helps.

by|Dec 15, 2022

    A:  No. An EPA registration number is not required by the EPA for this product. Thank you. P.F. Harris

    by|Dec 13, 2022

      A:  I’m not sure I understand the question.  EPA numbers are for hazardous waste haulers.  I have four of these and they are very effective catch and release mouse traps.  Not something the EPA would be regulating. 

      by|Dec 16, 2022
        Q:I live in Florida.I dont have mice or rats but I frequently see small lizards inside my home.I dont want to kill or harm them.Can this be used to trap lizards?
        by|Nov 12, 2022
        2 Answers
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        A:  You may find this to be effective however it is not labeled for that purpose therefore we cannot recommend. Thank you. P.F. Harris

        by|Nov 15, 2022

          A:  Maybe - how big is your lizard?

          by|Nov 14, 2022
            Q:How do I open the door with the mouse inside? Will this work for bats?
            by|Aug 24, 2022
            5 Answers
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            A:  We bought these a few years ago...I think the door slides up so you can release the mouse. I remeber sometimes a mouse would just take the bait or chew through the plastic to get out. We ended up buying a different brand....Victor Multiple Catch Humane Live Mouse Trap M333 - Catch up to 4 mice... Remember to release them far from your house.You should have holes plugged up before trapping the mice so they can't get back into the house. It will not work for bats. It's best to have a critter control company handle the expulsion of bats. By law, it can only be done a certain time of the year because they are a protected species.

            by|Aug 27, 2022

              A:  The end opposite the trap door slides up to release the mouse. I doubt if it would work for bats.

              by|Aug 29, 2022

                A:  The mouse will stay at the rear of the trap. If you are leery of sticking your finger inside you can use a popsicle stick or a screw driver to open the door. Do not open the trap in any location where you are not prepared to let the mouse go free. - Question: Bats - You can give it a try but you will need to research what type of bait to use. If you mount it on a wall you should cover it to avoid light. Bat houses are usually skinny slots where the bats can crawl up into and the tube may not be attractive to bats because they are round and they are plastic and difficult for them to grab on to.

                by|Aug 26, 2022

                  A:  When ready to release the mouse slide the 'back door' up. This is the end where you place the bait between panels. This is not designed for use to trap bats. Thank you. P.F. Harris.

                  by|Sep 6, 2022
                    1 found this answer helpful

                    A:  When there is a mouse inside you open the back and that slides up and hold the food bait. It might take some time but eventually the mouse will leave. This will not work for bats because it requires the trigger plate to be stepped on. 

                    by|Aug 25, 2022
                      Q:Can the trap be reused if the mouse dies in the trap
                      by|Aug 7, 2022
                      5 Answers
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                      A:  yes!! you might have to wash it out, but Ive used them after one died in it , no problem if you have the right bait.

                      by|Nov 5, 2022

                        A:  Yes. You may find the need to wash the trap with something like dish soap, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before using again. Thank you. P.F. Harris

                        by|Oct 1, 2022
                          1 found this answer helpful

                          A:  Yes, wash it out with the hose, air dry, rebait, ready to go.

                          by|Aug 12, 2022

                            A:  Yes, for sure. After you've got the mouse out, wash the trap in hot soapy water and rinse well. One should check the trap frequently to prevent the slow death of the mouse.

                            by|Aug 11, 2022

                              A:  Yes, but if any mice die in it, you need to wash it thoroughly.

                              by|Aug 8, 2022
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                                Super easy. Caught that little fella within a few hours. Used a bit of peanut butter as bait and bang! Let him go behind the house. Good quality. Came assembled just need to add bait. Super easy.
                                  • Recommended
                                  Easy to set up
                                  This was very easy to set up. My mice seem to like chocolate (they ate my stash), so I used a PB cup piece in the trap. Two were caught on the 1st night in separate traps. I was concerned about them chewing through the plastic but both were safe and sound, and calm, in the morning. They found a lovely new home together miles from my house.
                                    • Recommended
                                    Very humane
                                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a awesome mouse trap that will not kill a mouse but lets you set it free back outside. It is very easy to use. Just push down the front door and add your bait. Set it where you see mouse droppings and wait for the mouse to go in. The nicest part is after catching the mouse there is no mess to clean up. Just take back outside and lift up the back door and the mouse runs back out.
                                      • Recommended
                                      Didn't work
                                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have a ton of mice and I couldn't catch one. Mouse trap worked fine but I get tired of reseting them at night so that I don't catch something like a bird. I tried placing the bait in different places but if I needed something to really get rid of mice, this is not the product I am going to choose.
                                        Super easy !
                                        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This little mouse trap is so easy to bait and set! You don’t have to worry about snapping your fingers off or more importantly, harming an animal. We get little mice in our barn and my husband sets traps but I hated it. So this is perfect. It sets with a click . The plastic is sturdy so they won’t chew out fast if you’re checking them daily. And the back lifts out so they can be released MILES away from your home in a random field!
                                          • Recommended
                                          Worked when others didn't
                                          After two weeks with other traps, this one finally got our little and very smart friend.
                                          • Verified Purchase
                                          • Recommended
                                          The humane traps were so easy to use. I used peanut butter for bate. I had 8 mice that were trapp...
                                          The humane traps were so easy to use. I used peanut butter for bate. I had 8 mice that were trapped over two days. After trapping I took each mouse over to a creek park like area within 30 minutes of trapping and released them. I dont kill Gods creatures.
                                          • Verified Purchase
                                          • Recommended
                                          23 found this review helpful
                                          It is so easy to use. It took a day or two to catch the first mouse, but after that they were lin...
                                          It is so easy to use. It took a day or two to catch the first mouse, but after that they were lining up to get caught. I put peanut butter with flax seed in the trap. It only takes a little bit. I was really happy to release them and know I had solved my problem without taking the mouses life.
                                          • Verified Purchase
                                          • Recommended
                                          14 found this review helpful
                                          Awesome trap. Catch and Release the little guy!...
                                          Awesome trap. Catch and Release the little guy!
                                          • Verified Purchase
                                          4 found this review helpful
                                          These traps work!
                                          I couldn’t stand the thought of killing these little mice and I tried to find something that would allow me to catch them and release them outside far from my house, unharmed! First night, and it worked like a charm. Ordering more!
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                                            16 found this review helpful
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