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Catch and Release Humane Mouse Trap

  • Humane trap helps get rid of mice without killing them
  • Sanitary, animal-friendly design safe for use around kids or pets
  • Transparent profile gives a clear view of the trapped mouse
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Product Overview

The Catch and Release Humane Mouse Trap is an effective, reusable, no kill trap that is ideal for animal lovers. Its safe around children and pets and requires no clean up. It's easy, safe and sanitary to use, just Bait, Catch and Release.
  • Catch and release human mouse trap is effective and reusable
  • Easy, safe and sanitary to use
  • Just bait, catch and release
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Requires no clean up
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Mice

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Product Depth (in.)
5 in
Product Height (in.)
5.5 in
Product Width (in.)
7 in


No Additional Features
Number of Doors
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Pest Control Type
Lawn Insect Control
Product Type
Safe for Pets
Trap Type
Live Animal

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The humane traps were so easy to use. I used peanut butter for bate. I had 8 mice that were trapp...
The humane traps were so easy to use. I used peanut butter for bate. I had 8 mice that were trapped over two days. After trapping I took each mouse over to a creek park like area within 30 minutes of trapping and released them. I dont kill Gods creatures.
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It is so easy to use. It took a day or two to catch the first mouse, but after that they were lin...
It is so easy to use. It took a day or two to catch the first mouse, but after that they were lining up to get caught. I put peanut butter with flax seed in the trap. It only takes a little bit. I was really happy to release them and know I had solved my problem without taking the mouses life.
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Awesome trap. Catch and Release the little guy!...
Awesome trap. Catch and Release the little guy!
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These traps work!
I couldn’t stand the thought of killing these little mice and I tried to find something that would allow me to catch them and release them outside far from my house, unharmed! First night, and it worked like a charm. Ordering more!
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    Overall good, with some considerations
    When this trap works, it works well. I now have 3 of them. I recently purchased 2 and immediately caught a few white-footed mice in our house with one of them. I went to deploy the 2nd trap, but the small pad that helps to latch the entrance door open, was not quite functional. I am not sure what happened since it was new. Someone above mentioned "etched" after use. So point is, this is a very inexpensive live trap and you unfortunately have to expect something like this. I'm glad I purchased 2. I think I can figure out a way to fix this other one in time. To its credit (& I give them high praise for this), when I contacted the manufacturer, they simply sent me a replacement. I've also had to adjust the step-plate mechanism a little on the one that has now captured 10 mice. Again these are inexpensive. You can do this by reaching in from the rear opening, and gently push or pull the trigger plate up a little. Not much! This helps to get the small pad to fit underneath the front door, and keep that door open. Again it became a little 'loose' after catching some 10 rodents. I was able to purchase mine at Home Depot for less than the price listed on the Harris site. Again, when all the parts align like my first one did, this thing catches mice. I also like the rear door option vs. other traps which either do not have one, or operate less easily. I also really like the translucent tint vs. the other brands that are solid/dark. I like that I can see what I have caught. The rear door "glide guides" can be a little tricky. That is, you have to be mindful of getting the grooves in the removable door lined up precisely - it's a tight fit, as it should be. No surprise there - the surprise to me was how easy it is to NOT get them lined up and yet still partially put the door back on. I found one rodent 1/3 out the back door! ha ha. I had not fully lined things up and the mouse did what a caught mouse will do, pushing, and looking for a way out. He almost found it. Finally - yes, mice chew. It's what they do. And they, like my squirrels out back, will chew everything including plastic. So they do slightly chew on these traps. Each time I catch one and pick up the trap there are tiny microplastic pilings beneath it. I'm sure that over time, one of them is going to chew on something important to the trap operation. But again, these are inexpensive units. Just buy 2-3 if you decide to buy one at all. This is the 5th type of live trap I've tried. The only other one that works as well is another translucent one with a front "push open" door. But in that one, you rely on the rodent to push it open, because it detects food inside. I caught a bunch of mice with it as well but they chewed the door even quicker, making it easy for the next mouse to simply get a toe under it and escape. The beauty of this Harris version is that the door opens from the top down vs the other one which is bottom up (and no spring load). So the Harris I rate as #1. The other gray trans one, #2. All the others, esp the solid gray Victor, are dismal as rodent traps. Even the black TomCat has not performed well.
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      It Works. Caught 7 Mice
      These are awesome. They are super easy to set and the mice can stay inside safey for a few hours or overnight until you come and release them back into wild. Apparently my garage was the hottest mouse vacay spot in NC. I offered unlimited peanut butter crackers, bags of dog food and a dry pasta buffet bar. However once the traps were set I caught two mice every day. Since me and the mice were like BFFS at this point after months of supplying their food and shelter we named them. Seriousl these traps are fantastic and well worth the money
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        Worked even for tiny mouse
        I bought 4 sets (8 traps total). By the 2nd day the traps were up I caught the little guy. A few notes: 1) The trap's door is triggered by weight and it's ment to catch small mice thus baiting the trap (with peanut butter) was a bit annoying as to much bait will keep the door from staying open. 2) The trap that caught him was placed right in front of hole I had seen him escape into. This is likely a factor in why the trap worked so quickly. 3) The trap is not loud at all and the mouse was silent so you really do need to check the traps daily.
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          Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
          Rating provided by a verified purchaser
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          These do work!!! You have to be patient.
          After finding mouse poop in our kitchen, my fiancé and I explored our options. We did not want to kill it and wanted to dispose of the mouse in the most humane way possible. I came across this mouse trap after looking up “humane mouse traps”. I picked it up and set it up as soon as I got home. Trap is easy to set up - you put bait in the sliding compartment and the mouse will go in and it’s weight will trigger the door behind it to close. The mouse doesn’t need to be heavy for it to trigger as we tested with a few very lightweight objects. We put our traps against the counter spaces where we saw the poop, since we figured that’s where the mouse most frequents. The first night, we did not catch it. We re arranged the traps to be in different places than they were the night before, and replaced the bait (we used cheese and peanut butter), and turned the lights off. The next night, we checked our trap, and VOILA the little guy was in there! He was not hurt or in pain at all, which made me happy - just startled and not sure what to do obviously. My fiancé released him in the woods down the road from us. Definitely recommend this product, it’s a 10/10 for me. I was skeptical at first, and also disappointed when it did not work the first time. You have to give it a few more tries and be persistent. Move the mouse trap various places around where the mouse frequents and you’ll be sure to catch it. By far, the most humane method, and the most VIABLE one. Don’t resort to drowning, poisoning, snap trapping, or glue trapping these guys. Even though they are pests, it’s a long and painful death, which I personally do not feel comfortable being responsible for or doing (I’m a huge animal lover) This is really just as effective, if not MORE!
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            This trap is well designed and constructed. It is remarkably uncomplicated, yet highly effect...
            This trap is well designed and constructed. It is remarkably uncomplicated, yet highly effective. And, it’s very easy to setup; all you need to do is lift up the rear wall that has the 8 ventilation holes. Place a peanut on the slightly raised platform nearest to the rear edge. Replace the rear wall by sliding it down into place. At the opposite end of the trap, simply push the trap-door inward until it clicks and latches in the down/open position. The mouse can enter the trap to the mid-way point without triggering the door to shut. But, when it takes two more steps toward the peanut, the raised platform tilts down toward the rear causing the latch to release the trap-door, whereupon the spring loaded entrance door shuts securely. It's a wonder that a similar type of mouse trap wasn't invented over a hundred years ago. While plastic material didn't exist, the components could have been made from thin layers of wood. There are only two springs: one that is under tension when the trap-door is held open, and the other is in the middle that holds the floor platform in the up-position until the mouse steps on it. I used to have mice as pets inside of enclosures with food, water and exercise wheels. I put a magnetic counter on a 7-inch exercise wheel and found-out that one mouse made the wheel spin over 9,300 revolutions from 7-p.m. to 6-a.m. each night -- that's a distance of one mile scurrying around. Mice in the wild will typically eat fruits and seeds that are in season and grow in the area. If they are not available, or out of season, they will eat tree bark, roots, oats, corn, or even potatoes. In order to find enough food, they may need to cover a considerable area in relation to the mouse’s physical size. Mice are hardy creatures that are found in nearly every country and type of terrain. They can live in forests, grasslands and manmade structures easily. Mice typically make a burrow underground if they live out in the wild. Their burrow helps protect them from their natural predators -- cats, birds, wild dogs and foxes. Mice are nocturnal, meaning they like to sleep during the day. This is why pet mice or house mice can be heard playing or foraging during the night. Most wild mice are timid toward humans and other animals, but they are very social with other mice. Domestic mice are very friendly toward humans and can make good pets for older children and adults. Mice are very territorial. Even domestic mice like to have a large area that they can claim as their own. Mice serve an ecological function in the wild. If they make their way into your home, they should be trapped unharmed, and then relocated to a large open space away from human structures so that they can continue to carry out their ecological benefits. This device is the epitome of elegance and simplicity! Kudos to the inventor for his outstanding design and final product! This product successfully trapped the mouse just hours after setting it in place, while using two peanuts as bait.
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