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Large 1-Door Easy Set Live Animal Cage Trap for Racoon, Opossum, Muskrat, and Groundhog

  • Ideal for trapping raccoons, cats, groundhogs, and armadillos
  • Easy to set trap, one hand set and release
  • Smoothed internal edges to prevent injury to captured animal
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Product Overview

Caring about Animal Control since 1940

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Havahart allows caring control for wildlife by offering live animal traps, conscientious animal repellents, and safe electronic solutions.

Easy Set Traps

Easy Set Traps

Rightfully named, we have a line of cage traps dedicated to make setting easy for you!

Traps for All Experience Levels

All Experience Levels

Whether you are a first time trapper or a frequent one, we have a live trap that will fit your needs.

How to Trap: Step 1

How to Trap: Step 1

Identify the animal causing damage to your property.

How to Trap: Step 2

How to Trap: Step 2

Every animal prefers a different type of bait. Choose the best bait for the animal you're trying to trap.

How to Trap: Step 3

How to Trap: Step 3

Place your trap near signs of pest animal activity and monitor daily for a catch.

How to Trap: Step 4

How to Trap: Step 4

Transport the animal to a safe location and release it.

Enlarged Carrying Handle

Enlarged Carrying Handle

The enlarged handle makes carrying easier and more comfortable, especially when transporting heavier pest animals.

Enlarged Handle Guard

Enlarged Handle Guard

The larger handle guard adds a layer of protection and minimizes the chances of contact with the animal.

Easy Set Design

Easy Set Design

The Easy Set design allows you to set and release the trap with just one hand, making the process much simpler and efficient.

Spring-Loaded Doors

Spring-Loaded Doors

The spring-loaded doors securely hold the animal inside the trap and prevent escapes.

Smoothed Internal Edges

Smoothed Internal Edges

The internal edges of the trap are rolled to prevent injuries to the animal during transport.

Adjustable Sensitivity Screw

Adjustable Sensitivity Screw

Adjust the sensitivity screw to be more firm or sensitive depending on the weight of the animal you're trying to catch.

The Havahart Large Easy Set Animal Cage Trap is made from rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for durability. The cage is ideal for catching raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs, opossums, armadillos and more with a spring-loaded door and easy-release lever. Smooth internal edges help keep the animal safe during transportation and the trigger rod is located outside of the trap to keep it protected from trapped animals.
  • Attracts and captures raccoons, stray cats, groundhogs, opossums, armadillos and other large animals
  • Easily place and set with 1-handed lift lever
  • Sensitivity trigger releases a spring-loaded door to target the specific animal's size
  • Nonlethal design allows you to trap pests and release them later with a convenient lever design
  • Made from rust-resistant wire mesh and steel reinforcements for strength
  • Smoothed internal edges help keep the animal safe
  • Solid door and handle door make transportation and release easy
  • Features an external trigger rod to maintain distance from trapped animal
  • Includes instructions and tips on baits and trap setting
  • No assembly needed
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Designed by professional trappers
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Raccoons, Cats, Armadillos, Groundhogs, Opossums
  • California residents

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Product Depth (in.)
33.03 in
Product Height (in.)
14.69 in
Product Width (in.)
12.49 in


No Additional Features
Number of Doors
Pack Size
Pest Common Name
Pest Control Type
Rodent Control
Product Type
Safe for Pets
Trap Type
Live Animal

Questions & Answers


What cage size to trap large armadillos?

Asked by Jody1 June 16, 2020

I would recommend our Extra Large 1-Door Live Animal trap, model #1081 Hope this helps!

I live in South Florida, where Iguanas are a nuisance and using my garden and pool as a latrine. ...

Asked by Tyruss September 14, 2018

I would think so, if you put something in it they like to eat. I am using it to catch possums and raccoons.

Trying to catch a woodchuck, but can't figure out the right bait. Manual just says vegetables an...

Asked by newwoodslady July 24, 2018

The best groundhog baits include cantaloupe, sweet corn, fresh string beans, strawberries, peas, lettuce, peaches and vanilla extract. We recommend placing the bait in a way that will lure the groundhog fully into the trap and require the animal to step on the trigger plate to reach the bait.

do you know where i can find a tip over to open cage?

Asked by Tam December 8, 2016

There is a handle on the top for you to pull the door to open. It's very easy to pull. You don't need any tool.

Will this trap catch an adult raccoon

Asked by RockysDad June 5, 2016

Yes, this product works well to catch raccoons.


Asked by ralph September 1, 2015

Depth 33.03 in x Width 12.49 in x Height 14.69 in

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Not good for armadillos
The Home Depot's website states it is good for armadillos. First night out I caught an armadillo and it broke out of the cage. See picture of cage. I special ordered two of these cages from Home Depot just for armadillos. The cage is just not strong enough for armadillos. I will be returning them to Home Depot today. I do like Havahart cages (I have 7 of them around my place for squirrels and other small critters).
by DBL
I bought this trap to catch a armadillo. First time I set it the armadillo tripped it and bent r...
I bought this trap to catch a armadillo. First time I set it the armadillo tripped it and bent rods that keep doors from opening when tripped. It got out of trap.
by Buford
Good. It does its job.
Good product. Mark 4. You may need to do some adjustments. In my case mechanism was slightly damaged, not tuned and it wasn't sensetive enough. With help of pliers all fixed. Here is result.
by Vit100
It works great!
So far 5 raccoons and 1 opossum. Every other night one guy leaves my backyard on back of my truck. I recommend to screw the trap to piece of plywood so raccoon won't damage lawn or your deck. Young raccoons are trying hard to escape.
by Pawel
Easy to use. I caught my racoon on the first night and relocated him with no harm to man or beast.
Easy to use. I caught my racoon on the first night and relocated him with no harm to man or beast.
by Andy
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Not perfect, but glad I got it
Caught a groundhog within a couple hours of setting it up the first time - I'm sure the bait had a lot to do with that. Some days nothing and I don't use it everyday, but have gotten 4 of them in the first month of purchasing this trap. The easy set really is very easy, except that it has a sensitive trap door which can trigger during set up. It's a bit loud and can spook any critters nearby. I think I got a pretty good feel for it now, but every once in a while still manage to accidentally bump the cage too hard and the door snaps shut. Regardless, the trap works very well. Plus I've never found the trap door shut without having caught a groundhog inside. From the get go, I sprayed the trap down to hose off any packaging scents and handle it with thick yard-work gloves to prevent human scent transfer (other than the yard itself) as well as getting into this habit to protect against bites or scratches. During setup I put a couple stones on top to help weigh it down and use cut tree branches to blend it in. At night I'll either close the trap or bring it inside to avoid catching skunks. Also, I use a few different locations to allow the grass to recover. All of this I've either read or heard from others and so far it's all been great. I transport and release it away from home while it is still in the trap. I do use an old crib pad underneath so no scat or spray can ruin the inside of the vehicle trunk. Though it has never gotten loose during transport say if I hit a pothole or swerve hard, I'm always nervous of it happening so I place the trap door side against the inside wall of the car just in case.
by TopRamen
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Havahart Model 1085 works great!
I purchased Havahart Model 1085 on 8/03/15. The handle has a larger plate, providing safety as you grab the handle, to prevent the caught animal from scratching or injuring your hand. Caught a woodchuck quickly without any bait. The next woodchuck wasn't so easy. It took patience, some lettuce and about two weeks before we caught that one. I placed some branches around the exterior of the cage to make it blend in better. If you use branches make sure they don't interfere with the operation of the trip mechanism. A week later caught a rabbit. Then, this past week I noticed something had once again made a home under my wooden shed. Set the trap again. It took a week but yesterday I caught this beautiful looking, mostly white, furred creature in the cage. Used some dried bread as bait this time. It was Pepe Le Pew. Yep... a skunk. Ugh. The point is this trap works great. I am glad I chose this model mostly due to the larger metal plate that keeps their sharp claws and teeth away from my hand. The trip mechanism worked flawlessly.
by UnhappyInCT
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Very easy to use.
The easy release is an excellent feature which made the release of the animal quite easy to do.
by OldP
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It does the Job and I love it!
I bought this trap because some animal was scaring my dog to the point that he would not go out in his own yard. The 1st night I put the trap out, I caught a big ugly raccoon. I could not believe it! I put the trap out again the next night and caught another one (much cuter but incredibly mean). Now thanks to my Havahart trap and some marshmallows, my dog is back to enjoying his back yard!!
by TrapperJohn
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Bye-bye feral CATS!!
For the last 4 years we have seen this feral cat colony grow and grow: One neighbor uses to feed them so the felines eat over there and "waste" at our properties. Very frustrating to do gardening and see those little mounts of soil or just walking around and VOILA! cat's brownies. Toronto Animal services will take them but not catch them so this HAVAHART trap comes to scene. I got two cages. Set up was easy, used sardines as bait. For the last four days I have caught a cat/ per cage/ per night; a total of 8 cats and counting. Couple of big cats were so vicious but the cage resisted well all escape attempts. For a bigger animal, it may be a bit flimsy indeed, but at least for cats works great. Ahhhhh life is good. Thank you, HAVAHART.
by Arirang
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