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Hammer Fist Hammer and Multi-Tool

  • Compact design for greater leverage in tight spaces
  • Larger strike surface reduces dings in wood and drywall
  • Bright and easy to find in a toolbox, junk drawer or glove box
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Product Details

About This Product

Hammer Fist is a new more approachable way to hammer. Traditional hammers can be intimidating to the novice, but with its adaptive grip, the Hammer Fist fully encompasses one's hand to make nailing, tapping, nail pulling easy and safe. Its strong steel reinforced internal frame helps all types of hands hold securely. Multiple stainless steel strike faces allow for multiple angles of strikes depending on the situation: use the hammer strike for easy nails, the pommel grip strike for more power and the 45° strike for tight spaces. The curves of the steel can be used to work as a peen for rivets.


  • Includes non-marring mallet for softer materials
  • Universal ergonomic textured grip for safety even when wet
  • Compact size allows for use in tight spaces where a hammer swing is not possible
  • Duel directional nail pulls work for every size nail head
  • Universal rulers (SAE/metric) for quick measurements
  • 90° square for quick squaring
  • Hex slot for expanding 1/4 in. hex bits, allows for added uses from nut drivers to screw heads
  • Includes bottle opener for that end of the day quenching beverage
  • Lanyard attachment point for safety and convenience
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Product Information

Internet # 324031091

Model # 33001

Store SKU # 1009109042

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Dimensions: H 5 in, W 1.1875 in, D 3.5 in


Assembled Depth (in.)

3.5 in

Assembled Height (in.)

5 in

Assembled Width (in.)

1.1875 in

Handle Length (in.)

5 in

Weight of Head (oz.)



Claw Type

No Claw

Color Family


Face Type



Comfort Grip, Non-Marring

Hammer Type


Hand Tool Type


Handle Material


Head Material

Steel Head

Replaceable Head




Tools Product Type

Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty


Questions & Answers

Q:Would this be considered P.P.E. in some cases?
by|Jun 10, 2024
1 Answer
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A:  It's a multi-tool designed for light duty hammering and comes equipped with multiple strike faces, a mallet, a hex drive, and more.

by|Jun 13, 2024
    Q:This feels like an insurance scam or a prank product. What's happening here?
    by|Feb 20, 2024
    0 Answer
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    Q:Would this be good for street fighting since brass knuckles are frowned upon?
    by|Feb 5, 2024
    0 Answer
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    Q:How do you use it? Do you hit the nail with it or do you hold the nail with it and hit it with a hammer?
    by|Dec 21, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  You hit the nail with the Hammer Fist. It has multiple surfaces for striking the nail and can be held in different ways depending on the application.

    by|Jan 25, 2024
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      Compact tamper
      This nearly pocket sized hammer is good for light to medium duty use or when you don’t have a lot of space to maneuver. You won’t get as much power of course since you don’t have the fulcrum of a long handle. But you do have the ability to tap in tacks from several angles up close. Only negative I ran into was that when using the long side to hammer it would occasionally catch the nail head in the groove that serves as part nail puller and part bottle opener. The tool also has a smooth plastic non marring surface to use like a mallet and a small socket for a hex tool. Unique to have around.
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      Great multi purpose tool.
      The first word that came to my mind was “wow” when this tool arrived. It is an unique concept for a multi purpose tool. It is everything from a hammer to a bottle opener. It is a well made tool that is made from quality materials. It’s lightweight but sturdy. It can help in those tight spaces where a regular sized hammer is hard to get to. This tool can be very useful in a lot of ways. I look forward to finding new ways to incorporate this tool into my everyday projects. Great concept.
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      Not a Nail Driver
      I am going to begin by stating that it is a stretch to call this a hammer because the only nails it can drive are picture hangers. I tried driving a 6 penny nail and gave up after several whacks. It could have been done but it wouldn’t have been worth it. My wife likes it for hanging pictures and it fits neatly in my toolbox so it does have a purpose. There may be some other uses that I find for it so I’ll keep it around.
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      Excellent compact tool with lots of great features!
      I absolutely LOVE this tool. It is a great compact tool that has lots of features, 13 features to be exact. It is a non-marring mallet; the hammer portions have three strike plates or positions; It has an easy to read 3-1/2" (by 1/4" scale) ruler on one side & a Metric 9 CM ruler on the other side; It can be used as a 90 deg. angle square; on the front face it can be used as a dual nail puller; it does have a bottle opener; it can be used as a hex bit driver; it has on one end a flared deflector which can be also used as a lower grip; on the other end it has thumb wings; there is a lanyard point to run a looped string; and the grip can be used by either hand (it comfortably fits a 3-3/8" width of your 4 fingers grip - I am not sure if a bigger grip one is made or not). I do love its compact shape and I am using it in close quarter spaces as well as lots of other places and uses! If I wish anything different it would be if it had a different color.
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      Houseworks Hammer Fist Hammer and Multi-Tool
      Unimpressed would be a good word to describe this. Nope would be another. If I want to hammer in a nail I will use a hammer. I mean, the concept is good I guess, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. With this you don't have the force needed to put large nails into wood. If you want to use it for small hanging nails, I guess it would work okay. I tried to remove "normal-sized" nails and it doesn't have a pronounced head this thing won't hold on to it. It also doesn't provide enough angle to remove one. The bit holder is cool, but who wants to spin this thing to screw in or remove a screw? So then there is the bottle opener. It might work but I wouldn't ever use it.
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      Unique tool with multiple uses....
      This really is quite a nice little handheld hammer. It fits perfect in my hand and has great grips all around. It’s useful and handy for a variety of techniques. It is very comfortable to hold in your hand and gives a nice strong pound when you’re installing nails. I tried it out yesterday and again today and I’m finding new uses for it every time I pick it up. I especially like the extra features on the underside that can rip nails out and also open lids on bottles. I’ve never had anything like this, so I am delighted to be able to use it as needed.
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      Great fist hammer
      This Houseworks Fist Hammer is great for some hard to get to uses. It is very accurate for detail works and has many uses. for one, it is like choking up on a bat in baseball, it is a small accurate punch. It also has a peaning, nail removal, and whare a brass knuckles are not used, this works just as well. It is lightweight and pretty accurate. The expense is low as a good hammer costs three times as much. Moreover it is like hammering like a fist.
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      The Hammer Fist fills a niche in my tool arsenal and is well made.
      I am reviewing the Hammer Fist hammer and multi tool. I did find the Hammer Fist to be a very interesting hammer, I will be using it for certain tasks but it will not replace my traditional hammer. I am pretty sure that this was not intended to completely replace traditional hammers but it does have a niche it can fill. I will be using this hammer when I need to hammer on a nail that is in a tight spot and I can not reach it with the hammer - you know the times when you might want to use the top or the handle end of the hammer to reach a nail - Wala the Hammer Fist. I will also use this on smaller nails. Another plus is that this has a 90 and a 45 degree angle that can be used as a speed square at times. Additionally the Hammer Fist takes up much less space to take it places - I will be adding this hammer to my travel bag of small tools. I found there to be 3 ways to use this for hammering, I have shown all three in my photos.(there is probably others ways also) 1) Hold by the handle and driving your forearm straight down. 2) Hold by the handle and bending your wrist to drive with the longer side down (this way is a big more tricky because you need to not hammer onto the nail pulling openings. 3) Holding on the end and swinging the Hammer fist Yes this hammer is limited, just apply some physics, without a handle you obviously can not apply the same force as with a handle. None the less the Hammer Fist can drive in nails. The Hammer Fist is better suited for shorter or thinner nails and when driving into softer woods. The Hammer Fist does an adequate job in removing nails, with the 45 degree corner, it applies some leverage to removing nails - but obviously not with the same force as a hammer with a long handle - again it is adequate when in a pinch. Small note, in the nail puller they have added a bottle opener. My 5th picture includes a picture of the helpful guide that comes with the Hammer Fist, it shows different ways to properly use this hammer. I gave this a rating of 5 stars because I think this tool fills an open niche in my arsenal of tools. This hammer does everything is should and appears to be well made.
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      Minimal Applications
      This Hammer Fist will have minimal applications but will be useful in the kitchen tool drawer that most homes have. There is not enough weight to drive large nails but will work for most common household jobs such as hanging pictures or wall art. It has several strike surfaces and also contains a slot for nail pulling but only smaller nails is a mild substrate.
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      Great for tight spaces and more!
      This Hammer Fist is such a clever and well thought out product! It really is so many different tools all in one and for such a reasonable price too. It fits very comfortably in your hand in either direction and is just the right weight. You can use every side of it for or tapping or in place of a mallet. I believe it is the perfect tool for getting to all those hard to reach places where the long handle of a regular hammer makes it impossible. This tool enables a good grip and a way to get into those spaces. Then when you are done you can use the bottle opener and crack a nice cold one to celebrate! It also gives good leverage for pulling out nails and goes much faster than a regular hammer. I also like that it has a type of measurement on it so that if you are spacing something you don't have to switch tools in between. I think it's great and is useful for so many things. The key to making your work projects run smoothly is having the right tools and this Fist Hammer is certainly one you want in your tool box! When you can't get just the right angle with a regular hammer, or want to pull nails quickly, etc this is what you need. It's sturdy and put together well. Recommend Highly!
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