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Concrete Pavement Cement Mold Stepping Stone DIY Paver Mold Kit Walk Maker for Patio and Garden

  • DIY concrete molds: ten patterns of uneven sizes
  • Various usage: walks, paths, patios, roadside, backyard, etc.
  • Reusable stepping stone molds: long-lasting for being used
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Product Details

About This Product

If you want to decorate your backyard, patios, side-road,garden, this path cement mold is a good option. All you need to do is just fill the mold with concrete and smooth the surface, which is easy to handle and requires no professional skills or special tools. You can also create partial, or single, cobbles as you wish. Just mold a beautiful path with ease. Create a specific design that gives you different aesthetics depending on your preference.


  • DIY concrete molds: the paving pavement mold featured ten pattern combinations of uneven sizes that can meet your freedom design by choosing which grids to be filled or which edged to be connected, you can easily walk on a neat path
  • Path creating: for those who wish to decorate their own path, create a unique landscape of patterned walks, paths, patio, backyard, lawn, etc., size: 17.72 in. x 19.69 in. x 0.16 in., please make sure of the product size before paving
  • Easy to use: this paver concrete mold is easy to handle, requiring no professional skills or special tools, just put it on the ground and fill the pattern and you can create your own path by various combinations, even if you have no experience, you can build a beautiful pathway
  • Reusable: the concrete paver mold is made of high-quality plastic, just clean it with water after being used and then you can use the board for a long time, small tip: to avoid inconvenience after cement drying, it's advised to wash as soon as possible after use
  • Premium and durable material: crafted with thick and tough polypropylene, this cement mold walkway is durable and long-lasting enough, even cement, sun, rain repeated usage could not damage it easily
  • Net weight: 1.90 lbs.
  • Package includes: 1 x concrete path maker 1 x instructions
  • Single Paver Unit Weight : 1.9 lbs.
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Product Information

Internet # 317789889

Model # HG61A0383

Store SKU # 1006603289


Dimensions: H 0.2 in, W 15.75 in, L 17.72 in


Length (in.) x Width (in.)

18 x 16

Product Height (in.)

0.2 in

Product Length (in.)

17.72 in

Product Width (in.)

15.75 in


Color Family






Landscape Supply Type




Package Quantity


Packaging Type


Paver Resistance

No Resistance

Paver Size


Product Weight (lb.)

1.9 lb

Recommended Application

Driveway, Fire Pit, Pathway, Patio





Square Feet per Piece


Traffic Type

Foot Only

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Well made with many uses!
I am looking forward to creating stepping stones made out of cement with this mold. I was relieved to see how deep the pavers would be and how the material it is made of appears to be fiberglass which will clean off easily with a hose. I loved the suggestions that came with my mold, it is also a great tool for coloring cement patios and steps. The only trick you need to remember for using as a cement mold is that you must make sure you don't mix your concrete too runny. If your concrete is the right texture, you will be able to lift this mold up and go right on to your next stepping stone. If your concrete is runny - you are going to struggle to use this product.
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The form is made with a strong and durable plastic that is angled, which I assume is for east removal after the concrete sets. Once the concrete sets removal is difficult without damaging the edges of the sections. Oiling of the form would make it easier to remove, but once removed the way the form is made, there are wide space between each section of the form requiring mortar or grout to tie the sections together. If this form was used on a fresh damp mortar bed it might result in a better result, but given that the concrete must be allowed to dry overnight, it could take months to pour a patio or weeks to make path pavers. But, given that the form is not made in way that results in a patterned, solid concrete unit, it’s practical usefulness is inadequate. This form did not include any instructions or directions.
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Easy Saver Stone Mold
I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making patio stones using a mold. This Jaxpety Concrete Pavement Cement Mold provided the perfect opportunity. I just happened to have an open 50 pound bag of Quickrete Fast Setting Concrete mix that was about ¾ full. I watched a number of videos online that made the process seem labor intensive. It’s not, plain and simple. I used a little less than ½ a bag so I’m thinking it is safe to expect about 2 sets of stones per 50 pound bag. I did purchase a bottle of Quikrete Buff coloring agent and if I ever find it, I’ll use it for a set of stones and do a review of that product as well. I did read the directions before misplacing it and it looks like you can expect 4 sets of stones per bottle. I mixed ½ a bag of concrete in a Homer 5 gallon bucket which turned out to be just the right amount. My mix was on the wet side compared to the online videos but it worked well for me. The mold members are thin on the bottom and get thicker toward the top. That really helps removing the form. I considered oiling the mold but did not. After this first experience, I’m not sure it’s necessary. The mold came free and separated from the concrete stones much easier than I could have expected. Hosing the mold right after use instantly removed any concrete. The mold actually seemed to release the concrete. I did not make the stones at their final resting point since this was a trial, but that seems like a good idea. I did my trial on my garage floor using an ultra-thin piece of plywood to protect the floor. A couple of my stones seemed rough on the sides toward the bottom. I’ll be more careful about that in the future although it really is a minor thing and does not impact the quality or looks of the stone once installed. My mix says you can walk on it in two hours and that was accurate, even for my wettish mix. My math says this becomes cost effective quite quickly, even if you add color. Granted, it’s more effort when compared to just having pavers delivered, but it is not overly time consuming and can save some money. It’s also fun and somewhat rewarding. I would recommend at least one more mold, but that’s a personal choice. Nice mold that makes good looking stones. I wonder what they would look like in buff?
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Well made concrete mold
This concrete pavement stepping stone mold by JAXPETY is very well made and sturdy. It doesn't deform easily and holds its shape well. The mold measures approx. 15-1/2 inches by 17-1/2 inches by 1-1/2 inches thick. From the pictures you can see that the form has been drafted (tapered) to allow for easy removal after casting in your mold. The thicker side of the taper must be in the up direction for easy removal. The top edge of the mold is nice and smooth for easy top finishing. Make sure you oil the mold if you're casting concrete in it, this will allow for longer life of the mold and will prevent concrete from chipping off during removal. The mold can also be used to paint stones on a surface if you didn't want to use it for concrete.
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Unique DIY concrete paver mold!
I have been looking at these DIY molds for about a year now and finally decided to try one. I told my husband I'd like to make a small walk behind our house by our back gate. Wasn't to sure what to expect with this, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. It is a very sturdy 18" x 16" x 1 3/4" black hard plastic mold. Just need to level ground and lay a sand base down. Place thin side of mold against the ground. Then mix your concrete and place in each section of the mold, and level concrete across mold. Let concrete set up for about 5 minutes, then carefully pull up mold. You get about 2 pavers per a 60# bag of cement. You can also add any colored concrete power to your cement before pouring into the mold, to add a variety of design if you like. After we finished, we added polymer sand all across the pavers and swept it into the cracks, and lightly sprayed it with a hose to compact the sand. It turned out pretty nice, and next time I think we will try to be a little more creative with the mold!
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High Quality
This is as good as it gets in the molding design. The quality of the material is great and you don’t have to worry about it breaking. The smoothness of the pattern helps you to put cement and mixtures as easily as possible. I recommend paving the area in steps and pressing the mold into the pattern to give you an easier job and not having to worry about any type of strain. There are many different patterns of your choosing so you don’t have to just pick one. These materials are far better than the rest and the getting your job done is easy. I do recommend getting more than one so you can get the job done faster
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JAXPETY Concrete Pavement Cement Mold Stepping Stone DIY Paver Mold Kit Walk Maker For Patio and Garden This is the perfect way to make a walk-way or even a beautiful decorative floor for a patio or under a gazebo. I have four molds, but they're a smaller size, and a different pattern. These forms also make the perfect walk through a garden path. All you need to do is prepare your designated area, I poured sand on the ground first to level it out, and then place your heavy-duty form down and fill it with cement, and smooth the surface. You will need to wait for several minutes to give it time to set up just a little, and then ease the mold straight up and off the cement. Using this type form gives you the opportunity to design the pattern to your liking. These forms are interlocking, if you have several, but this kit only comes with one form. It is very affordable and well made. The good thing is you don't have to have any special tools or training to do this. This is a simple DYI project. I'm sorry I don't have this paver done yet, but we've had nothing but rain for days. You will have the option to choose which grids you'd like to fill or which edge you want to be connected with another form. This can be you very own unique pattern. It measures 17.72” x 19.69” 0.16.” This mold is made of high-quality plastic. You just clean it with water after using it so any cement left on it won't dry on it. This will cause big problems the next time you use it. Be sure to clean it after each use. This concrete paver is of premium material and crafted with tick and touch high-quality polypropylene, and is sure to last a long time. This product weighs pounds. Instructions are included. I do recommend this concrete paver form by JAXPETY
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Stepping stone mold by JAXPETY
I ordered this mold because my wife thought the unique design would make an attractive walkway. I agreed but found out the process would be a lot harder than just putting down pre-formed stones. You need to remove grass down to soil, mix concrete, smooth out cement in mold then gently remove mold. After cement dries you then have to fill joints with pea gravel or sand or whatever material you choose. I feel the whole process is very labor intensive
Stepping stones
I ordered JAXPETY Concrete Pavement Cement Mold Stepping Stone DIY Paver Mold Kit Walk Maker for Patio and Garden, Black to make stepping stones from my back door porch to my patio off the dining room and down in the yard. This will take some time, more then a weekend like the ad states since I will need 33 concrete stones. Should be easy to make just time consuming. It’s made of heavy plastic so should hold up well.
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