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Cimarron Comfort Height the Complete Solution 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Elongated Toilet in White, Seat Included

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  • Easy install with included toilet seat, wax ring, and hardware
  • KOHLER AquaPiston releases water from 360 degrees around
  • Comfort height offers chair-height seating (about 2 in. taller)
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Product Details

This WaterSense-labeled, high-efficiency toilet combines water conservation with the versatile style of the Cimarron collection. A 1.28 Gal. flush provides significant water savings of up to 16,500 GPY, compared to a 3.5 Gal. toilet, without sacrificing performance. The toilet features innovative AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast, powerful and plug-free flush. This complete solution package comes with all the necessary installation parts for added convenience.
  • 2-piece toilet
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Comfort height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
  • 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Complete solution toilets provide everything you need in 1 box, including bowl, tank, seat, wax ring and floor hardware
  • Standard left-hand trip lever included
  • Supply line not included
  • Coordinates with other products in the Cimarron collection
  • Available exclusively at The Home Depot
  • Single-flush gravity uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl and trapway to create a strong siphon during flushing
  • AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides (360°), increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush
  • Flush valve's 3:2 ratio harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flush performance
  • Durable canister design has 90% less exposed seal material than a 3 in. flapper for leak-free performance
  • Light-touch canister flush requires a lower actuation force than a flapper
  • Standard 12 in. rough-in
  • Drylock system saves installation time and helps prevent water leakage
  • Watersense toilets meet strict EPA flushing guidelines, including using at least 20% less water than 1.6 Gal. toilets
  • Eligible for consumer rebates in some municipalities
  • Class 5 flushing technology
  • Click here to learn more about Eco Options and Water Conservation
  • Features to consider when buying a toilet
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Questions & Answers

Q:What are the numbers of the flush valve and the fluidmaster for this commode?
by|Sep 21, 2021
1 Answer
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A:  Hello Carolyn, my name is Kassi with Kohler Co. I'd be glad to answer your question. The K-15409-0 toilet uses Kohler parts GP1083167 for the fill valve and 1189000 for the flush valve. Thank you for choosing Kohler.

by|Sep 21, 2021
    Q:The tank fills 100% with water. But, when I flush only about 1/2 is used for flushing. How can I increase water flush
    by|Nov 5, 2020
    3 Answers
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    A:  Hi Von, this is Sarah with Kohler Customer Service. I'm glad to answer your question. This is correct; the full tank capasity is higher than the 1.28 gallons per flush your toilet uses. It is normal for 1/3-1/2 of the water in the tank to be used each flush. For additional assistance, please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-4KOHER (M-F; 8am-5pm CST). Thank you for choosing Kohler.

    by|Nov 6, 2020

      A:  they make a 1.6 gallon cimarron i have a home depot 1.28 and one i purchased from a kohler store that made a 1.6 you maybe able to swap out the tank to the larger capacity and keep the lower section

      by|Dec 29, 2022

        A:  This set by the factory and no way to increase the outflow. Suggest you check the sewer for roots or other obstructions. Good luck.

        by|Nov 5, 2020
        Q:can I get this toilet in BISQUIT color?
        by|May 27, 2020
        3 Answers
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        A:  Hi, this is Laura with Kohler Co. I am happy to assist you with your question. This Complete Solution box K-11451-0 is only available in white. The identical toilet may be purchased in biscuit as model number K-3609-96. A seat would be an additional purchase. Thank you for choosing Kohler.

        by|May 29, 2020

          A:  Contact the Home Depot and ask a consultant for bath and kitchen projects...they should be able to answer your question very quickly.

          by|Feb 28, 2021

          A:  Yes I believe so but you have to order it.

          by|May 29, 2020
          Q:the seat of the toilet wont fall slowly
          by|May 6, 2020
          5 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  Hi DHB, this is Sarah with Kohler Customer Service. I'm sorry to hear your Cimarron toilet with Quiet Close seat is not slowly closing as it should. We would like to connect with you to help! Please call us at 1-800-456-4537 (Mon-Fri; 8am-5pm CST). Thank you for choosing Kohler.

          by|May 10, 2020

            A:  The soft close seats are extra and not included

            by|May 8, 2020

              A:  Ok

              by|May 8, 2020

                A:  If the lid is supposed to be slow close, then contact Kohler customer service. I have many of their products and they have always made things right with us.

                by|May 8, 2020

                  A:  I may be wrong but on mine it did not advertise when I got it that it was a slow fall on the seat. On mine I just bring it up and lower it by hand so no issue

                  by|May 6, 2020
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                  I never write reviews.
                  I literally don’t write reviews but this annoyed me. Had this toilet for a few years, cleaned it with a Rubber brush and toilet bowl cleaner. The white is rubbing away from the inside. When I emailed Kohler they sent me cleaning instructions and said due to the age they can’t do anything. The original toilet in the house was at least 20 years old. This didn’t even make it to its 6th birthday.
                  Response from KOHLER Customer ServiceJun 28, 2018
                  Hi there, this is Laura with Kohler Co. I am sorry for the issue with your Cimarron toilet. This is a vitreous china product which doesn't experience the finish rubbing away. Please email our Customer Service team at KohlerCustServ@Kohler.com with photos of your toilet so we can determine what is happening and offer a resolution. We look forward to hearing from you! -M. Laura K., KOHLER Customer Service
                    Floppy, loose lever cannot be adjusted
                    Disappointed with this Kohler Toilet - very cheaply made for the price. The trip lever is floppy and loose and this toilet sounds hollow and cheap when flushing. Plumber says "thats how they make them these days" The tank cannot be levelled and tilts forward. The space between the bowl and tank is a cleaning nightmare. Not the Cimarron quality I have purchased in the past.
                    Response from KOHLER Customer ServiceNov 15, 2022
                    Hello, this is Sarah with Kohler Co. I am sorry to hear you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your Cimarron Comfort Height toilet. We put a lot of thought into our products, in hopes that we exceed expectations. The tank and bowl should be leveled at the floor, the bowl and then the tank. We would love to connect with you directly to learn how we can help. Please email our team at KohlerCustServ@kohler.com. Sincerely, Sarah S. Kohler Customer Service
                      Strange oversight
                      We had two toilets recommended to us: Champion - by American Standard Cimarron - by Kohler We would have taken the Cimarron except that when we checked the bowl, we found that the underside of the interior bowl lip had no glazing, nothing. We are assuming this was an oversight and tried another Kohler model (the Valiant); fully glazed everywhere and has a fancy surface and flushing action to help it stay longer.
                        Worthy of buying
                        After research on line I bought one toilet for living room, performance is really good, one week later bought two again for bedrooms. There are over two thousand buyers during several years, that means it's a reliable product.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        • Recommended
                        Best Toilet? Not Even Close
                        Got this because it had great reviews. Turns it it's garbage. Worst toilet I've ever had in an owned living space: 1. Clogs 2. Refuses to flush, handle does nothing 3. Fixing the refuse-to-flush issue with a screwdriver causes the toilet to make non-stop water filling noises that ruin the mood of the entire room. Like it's trying, on purpose, to be as terrible a toilet as it can be. 1/10.
                        Response from Kohler Product ExpertJul 6, 2021
                        Hi Anonymous, this is Sarah with Kohler Co. I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your Cimarron toilet. Here, you will find troubleshooting steps you can take to help prevent future clogs and allow for an adequate flush: https://bit.ly/3jPfkQK. Please email us at KohlerCustServ@kohler.com for additional assistance. We're here to help! -Sarah S. Kohler Customer Service
                          Great toilet
                          Great toilet. Flushes everything I've thrown at it. Only downside is a space between the tank and the seat part. That's going to get gross after a while..
                          • Verified Purchase
                          • Recommended
                          Toilet was fine, seat is absolutely worthless...
                          Toilet was fine, seat is absolutely worthless
                          • Verified Purchase
                          We bought this toilet on November 15 2018 and were excited with our purchase. The toilet functions well but we had noticed a chip on the surface of the bowl about 1 year ago....we let that go as we love Kohler products so accepted the fact we got one with a defect. Sadly .... now again we have notice on the rim there is another chip out of the surface. We were totally disgusted this time and found ourselves with a nice looking toilet with 2 CHIPS OUT OF THE SURFACE. WE LOVE OR SHOULD SAY DID LOVE KOHLER BUT NOW NOT SO MUCH!! THE WARRANTY WAS FOR A YEAR AND OF COURSE WE ARE 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS OUT FROM THE PURCHASE. We have had Kohler toilets that were 30 years old and in perfect condition. The one we replaced was 18 years old and a less known brand. This toilet also had no chips just out of date. Our toilet has a Vendor model 542514. We think Kohler should stand behind their toilets for longer than a year especially when it is obviously a defect in the product finish. So hopefully I will hear something from a representative of Kohler and find a solution to our problem. Good Luck on your purchase.
                          Response from Kohler Product ExpertMar 1, 2021
                          Hi Jack, this is Sarah with Kohler Co. I'm sorry to hear your Cimarron toilet has chipped. As the manufacturer, we're very interested in providing our customers a quality product that delivers the expected performance. Vitreous china is made from a clay base that is coated with a glaze and then fired at an intense heat to fuse the clay and glaze. Similar to a coffee mug, with direct impact, it can crack or chip. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please email our team at KohlerCustServ@kohler.com for additional assistance. We are here to help. -Sarah S. KOHLER Customer Service
                          • DIY
                          1 found this review helpful
                          Bought and installed today. So far unimpressed.
                          Build quality is lacking. I have a deep putting in the inside of the ceramic in my tank. The instructions are terrible. They give very generic overview steps withoutentioning the specific details. Like connecting the tank to the bowl, it just says to line up and tighten the bolts. It makes no mention of the giant rubber gromets over the bolts that you have to line up and press in while tightening. It says use a cresent wrench on them. Well a cresent wrench doesn't fit into the recessed hole for the nut. You have to use a ratchet and socket. The chain for the handle is non adjustable unless you want to take the entirety of it out, bent the metal chain loops to loosen it, then bend it back to clamp in position. We will see how it handles being in my children's bathroom. So far, I'm not satisfied with the extra money that this cost for what looks and feels like a standard toilet with sub par quality, design and instructions. Functionally, it flushes. Haven't tried fully testing it too much, but will see how it functions. My last toilets were all glacier bay, and I never had issues with them, and they were $150 cheaper. I saw this one in the store and figured having a nearly "unpluggable" one would be nice in a kids bathroom that I am remodelling.
                            A good buy!
                            We like it a lot. It looks good and flushes well. It was a little more expensive than other options but now that we have it we are satisfied that we spent a few more dollars.
                            • Verified Purchase
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