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QuietFill Valve and Flapper Kit

  • Kit includes the two most commonly replaced items in your toilet
  • Easy to install
  • "took less than ten minutes" (review)
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Product Overview

Designed to fix no/slow refilling, running, and noisy toilets, the Korky QuietFill Toilet Fill Valve is more than two times quieter than other fill valves. It has a universal design to fit all brands and features a wide range of adjustability to fit most 2-piece and 1-piece toilets. The QuietFill Fill Valve is very easy to install and adjust; no tools are required. Simply remove your old fill valve or ballcock, insert your new Korky fill valve, and adjust. The innovative twist-lock adjustment makes installation easy. Designed to fit more toilets, the QuietFill toilet fill valve adjusts from 7-3/4 in. to 13-1/2 in. Also included is the longest lasting Korky Plus 2 In. Toilet Tank Flapper.
  • Fixes: running, noisy, no/slow refill and no/weak flush toilets
  • Proven quietest in lab testing
  • Strainer catches sentiment in the water and allows valve to be serviceable
  • Height easily adjusts from 7-3/4 in. to 13-1/2 in.
  • Fits short and extra tall tanks
  • Innovative twist-lock adjustment for easy installation
  • Enclosed float does not hang-up on toilet tank walls
  • Code-approved anti-siphon design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Replaces old technologies such as ballcocks
  • Included in kit: (1) fill valve, (1) premium flapper, (1) refill tube, (1) metal refill tube clip, (1) mounting nut, (1) cone washer, (1) coupling nut, (1) tamper proof accessory, (1) strainer, (1) flapper and (1) instructions

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Toilet Flush & Fill Valve
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Toilet Flapper

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
5 years

Questions & Answers


Can you please tell me what size flapper value to buy? The only info I find on/ in my toilet is: 0609160864 Mancesa 1.6

Asked by Cee September 29, 2017

Measure the fill valve diameter (the hole that flapper fits on). Standard is 2" and old toilets may have 3".

Does this fit American Standard and Kohler brand toilets??

Asked by Ben June 13, 2017

Yes, I have a Kohler.

Does this work on older 3.5 gallon tanks? I recently installed a new kit and now it only flushes every other time.

Asked by Stacy May 2, 2017

I've used the fill valve an many units, it even fits a single piece toilet. I don't expect you'll have any problem installing or adjusting the water level.

why on my champion toilet the water dosnt come out of the tube fast any more slow and toilet ab...

Asked by dan March 23, 2017

Maybe your feed valve from the wall is turned down too much? Perhaps a pinched line inside the fill valve? Some foreign material stuck in a line?

Can this replace Koehler #85655

Asked by Sawdust March 17, 2017

Not sure about the Koehler number but it fit my Koehler toilet.

i have a 1994 kohler 1.6 gpf and installed the quietfill valve and flapper kit and now it takes 3...

Asked by bc January 21, 2017

Make sure the water is going into the 'tube' (don't know what else to call it) - the round cylinder thing. The previous plumber had it sitting with the water on the outside of the cylinder and it took forever to fill. Much better now. Maybe that is the issue?

Can I use this flapper kit for a Glacier Bay 1.28 GPG/4 8LPT Model N2428T toilet?

Asked by alop November 16, 2016

Thanks for your interest in Korky! Unfortunately, this kit is not designed to fit your Glacier Bay N2428T toilet. Your particular toilet model uses a large 3" flapper, this kit includes a standard 2" flapper. We recommend the following parts, available at Home Depot: 528MCM Korky QuietFill Platinum Fill Valve (Home Depot part number: 586330) and Korky 3060CM 3 in. Adjustable Toilet Tank Flapper (Home Depot part number: 94785). If you have any additional questions or would like help with the installation, we are here and happy to help. Please dial 1-800-528-3553, anytime Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

DDoes this include the big round rubber seal below the flapper?

Asked by Ryan August 16, 2016

No, mine didn't

Will this product fit an American Standard 4049 toilet? Thanks.

Asked by AMR July 3, 2016

It fit my American Standard toilet. Not sure on the model. It will fit most toilets that have a 2" flapper size.

Will this work for an american standard 4010?

Asked by Reba June 12, 2016

Thanks for your interest in Korky! Unfortunately, this kit is not designed for your American Standard 4010 toilet. The fill valve included in the kit will work with your toilet, but because you have a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet, you will need an adjustable flapper for your toilet to perform properly. Luckily, The Home Depot offers both products you will need, in-store and online. Please reference the following Home Depot part numbers to find the correct repair parts for your toilet: Korky QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve is Home Depot number: 586330 and the Korky Ultra 2" Toilet Tank Flapper is part number: 420456. If your have additional questions or would like assistance with the installation, please call 1-800-528-3553 and our customer service will be happy to help.

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This has been a great problem solver because at middle of the night when other bathroom is flushe...
This has been a great problem solver because at middle of the night when other bathroom is flushed, I can hear at any time of the night, with the new flapper, has been quitter and not knowing if the flushing was going on at the middle of the night. I am able to sleep through the night.
by kirkwood
I needed to replace my fill valve in my toilet which was a valve with a rod and float. I looked a...
I needed to replace my fill valve in my toilet which was a valve with a rod and float. I looked at various products and this one seemed to be one of the best based on reviews. It was very easy to installed and works very well. It comes with a flapper, which should be replaced if your original one is a few years old. It is quiet and fills to the right level every time. It does not fill as rapidly as the original, but it is fast enough. If you are looking for a fill valve replacement, this is the one to get. There is another version that allows you to control the water flow. But, that is for high efficiency toliets. It can be used on regular toliets, but it is not really necessary. This seems to be durable and well made. Hopefully, it will last a few years.
by hdcustomer
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I had a squealing valve on a Kolher toilet. It was about 8 years old. This valve and flapper is e...
I had a squealing valve on a Kolher toilet. It was about 8 years old. This valve and flapper is easy to install. Works great! Nice and quiet.
by MP162
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Very easy to install and worked perfect from the beginning.
Very easy to install and worked perfect from the beginning.
by ds305
Works as Expected
I followed the instructions and it worked. Might I also add that this was, by far, the easiest valve replacement that I have ever done. If any of my other toilets need the valve replaced, I plan to buy this same product again.
by Quadman
An easy repair
I was assisting my parents whose restroom toilet was wasting water. I went to my local Home Depot and consulted with Pat in plumbing. What was truly astonishing was when I called the company I was guided in the process of installation and troubleshooting tips. This was and added bonus and made the installation that much less time consuming. I highly recommend this product for DIY individuals.
by Geo
Read "BE CAREFUL!" review with one star only
QUIETFILL VALVE AND FLAPPER KIT is a good product with the locking mechanism design flaw. Read "BE CAREFUL!" review. I could replicate the described accident after I installed the valve. I tried to adjust the water level in the tank with everything attached and water on. When I turned the QuietFill valve counter-clockwise (moved easily), it shot up forcefully. I believe the valve can turn by itself over time due to vibration. Locking mechanism does not properly holds/fixes telescopic pipe. I reinstalled the valve and positioned the head/white box of the valve so it touches back wall of the toilet tank and cannot turn counter-clockwise by itself (see attached picture). So far QuietFill performs well and it is quiet.
by andyrus
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Good Deal
The kit was easy to assemble. I was really impressed with the thoughtful design that made it a great fit.
by HomeDepotCustomer
I installed QuietFill valves in two toilets in my house about 4 years ago. I came home today from work to find my house flooded. The culprit? The Korky QuietFill valve in the upstairs bathroom. These products use a spring loaded telescoping mechanism to adjust the water level. You push the "head" of the contraption down to the desired level, twist it counter clock-wise to "lock" it in place and slip in a plastic clip to, ostensibly, keep it in place. Well, over the years that clip apparently worked its way out and the spring loaded head must have rotated back clockwise because yesterday, when no one was home, it apparently shot up with enough force to knock the 10 lb. porcelain lid off of the toilet. The force of this also disconnected the tube that feeds water down to the bowl. This means that the internal float mechanism thought that it was time to pump water to the bowl, and with no tube directing the flow of water to the bowl (or, as luck would have it, back into the tank) it spewed water out of the tank and onto the bathroom floor, FOR HOURS, flooding all of the upstairs, ruining the ceiling, walls and floor of the kitchen and living room on the main level, as well as flooding the basement.
by joeing
Response from Korky Toilet GeniusMar 28, 2015
We are sorry to hear your frustration with the 818CM Korky QuietFILL Fill Valve and Flapper Kit. Our customer service team would like to speak with you to learn more. Please dial 1-800-528-3553 and we will have your toilet up and running in no time. Korky
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Korky Vs. Fluidmaster
I have 2 American Standard "Plebe" toilets from 1990 that needed rebuilt. One had the original internals which were failing, the other had a Fluidmaster kit installed sometime pre 2010. On the one with the original internals I replaced with a Fluidmaster Toilet Repair kit. This was the universal kit that came with the basic components, as well as 2 tank bolts and a new flush handle. Installation of the Fluidmaster wasn't terribly difficult, however there were parts of the instruction that, in part with the design of the fill valve, could be troublesome for some to understand. I installed everything according to instruction and there were no leaks and the toilet was back in operation. The flush performance had actually degraded from the original components that were installed which was a disappointment to me. The Fluidmaster has a setting on the flap to adjust for water savings which I had set to max. The Fluidmaster fill valve is fairly loud as well. Next up was the other toilet with the existing Fluidmaster kit. As with the other toilet, I removed all the components and cleaned all applicable surfaces. This is a good time to note that you should clean all gasket surfaces, as well as the gaskets / rubber pieces themselves. They may have a white residue on them which I believe is a release agent from the molds. I'm unsure if this would affect surface contact during installation, however I cleaned those parts anyhow for safe measure. Installation of the Korky kit was far easier, with less adjustments and easier to follow instructions. The Korky kit comes with 3 tank bolts (I only required 2), however it does not come with a flush handle. There was an immediate difference in volume level during the fill, as the Korky system is much more quiet than the Fluidmaster. The biggest difference however was in the flush itself. The Korky system helped deliver a very powerful flush, the type it should've had to begin with. I'm very impressed with the ease of installation and performance of the Korky system.
by pinballtec
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