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Jig Master System

  • Dust collection shroud for easy cleanup
  • Material support stop to consistently repeat hole spacings
  • Hardened steel drill guides with a lifetime warranty
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Product Overview

Ideal for any woodworking enthusiast, the Kreg Joinery Jig Master System offers a variety of user-friendly features. It has a solid clamp, large clamping recess, dust collection attachment, material support stop, removable 3-hole drill guide, and seemingly endless adjustability. The hardened steel drill guides are backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Removable drill guide for use with bench top and portable bases
  • Bench top base with front-side clamp
  • 1/8 in. incremental settings for materials from 1/2 to 1-1/2 in. thick
  • 3-drill guide fixed spacing on the drill guide
  • Dust collection shroud for facilitating easy cleaning
  • Material support stop to consistently repeat hole spacings
  • Hardened steel drill guides with a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • California residents



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Questions & Answers


If I purchase this, is there any benefit to getting the Lreg Pocket Hole Jig for 41ish as well?

Asked by Monty August 10, 2020

Thanks for the questions. The Kreg Jig 320 is beneficial for clamping the jig to larger wood material.

Does it come with a storage case?

Asked by JIM69 January 30, 2020

The one that I bought didn't come with a plastic case. It came in a sturdy cardboard box that securely closes and has a plastic handle.

Will this drill at any angle?

Asked by LC December 28, 2019

No...It is preset to drill at, I believe, a 15 degree angle. If it could drill at any angle, you'd have one helluva time joining the wood without breaking through the other side. Kreg puts out a rotary wheel for your shop...you turn it to the thicknesses of what you want to join & it tells you what length of screw to use...mine set me back 5 bucks.

does it come with a plug cutter

Asked by dt December 25, 2019

No. That is a separate drill bit that does not come with this kit.

Can I drill angled holes with one of these?

Asked by Tony April 6, 2019

Yes, as long as you use the drill bit without the depth stop collet or a drill bit with the same diameter. Your angle for the drill bit guide will always be the same.

How many screws should be used on a 4-sided table leg that is 1.25” per side?

Asked by SushiBreath March 25, 2019

If this is a dining room type table then you would be better served to use a table leg corner bracket. If it's a smaller table the instruction book should tell you how many fasteners to use, which screw to use based on material thickness and type of wood.

What if the two pieces you are attaching are of different thickness?

Asked by SushiBreath March 25, 2019

I have actually come across this same issue when I was building my computer desks. I was connecting the tabletop (3/4") to the frame (1-1/2"). The solution I came up with was to use the proper screw but not drive it in as far as it would possibly go. If I did, it would expose through my tabletop (don't ask me how I know this, haha!). So I would just advise to be careful and as soon as the screw is out of sight in the hole (when looking straight-on), stop driving it. You could try using the smaller screw, but I think when I drove it in, it didn't give enough "bite" for me to feel confident in it. That's also something I did. I drove the screw in without the top on initially so I could see how far the screw would stick out once driven in the hole completely. You can do this as well and find a screw that works for you or use my method mentioned above. You'll want to keep the proper depth setting for the 1.25" leg however, or the screw will not exit in the middle of the edge of the board and you will not get as strong of a joint. Happy Making!

Is "Material support stop to consistently repeat hole spacings" also an addition over the K4 Pock...

Asked by MG3 January 16, 2019

Yes, this jig systems consistently repeats hole spacing. The vertical placement of the board ensures that the holes are always the same distance from the end of the boards. The index marks make it easy to set depths consistently, depending on the size of the board.

I want to connect 2.5"X2.5"x26" table legs to the table top. Is the Jig master system what I need...

Asked by Travis January 7, 2019

Yes. I love this jig. It is perfect for joining legs for tables and chairs. It's very easy to use and does a perfect job every time as long it is set up properly.

What is the point of the clamp? They sell a similar system without the clamp for $99, an extra $4...

Asked by JasonW September 18, 2018

The clamp is an extra tool, very useful in the wood shop and it is also sold separately for about $20

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So happy I decided to get a Kreg Jig
The Kreg Jig was easy to use and so helpful with my project. I had never used one before, but, after watching a couple YouTube videos, I felt confident to put this jig to use. Good purchase with a few start up essentials. A couple pieces I have yet to use.
I am a novice at woodworking and this product was an ease to use. I bought it to build some shel...
I am a novice at woodworking and this product was an ease to use. I bought it to build some shelves and a cornhole game set. Both projects went very well. The Kreg Jig system makes strong, professional joints that make you look like a pro. I had some experience using another pocket hole system and the Kreg Jig, was by far, superior. You can clamp this system to your work bench, place your board in the clamp and consistently drill your pocket holes. The Kreg Jig Master System is well worth the money, and I highly recommend.
by Jeff
for someone who has had no woodworking experience but has...
for someone who has had no woodworking experience but has decided to give it a try this pocket hole jig is PERFECT. I am a total newbie and at age 65 decided to make a cabinet to put dog food in and I actually succeeded using this jig. I then went on to build a table which may have its flaws but overall it is a sturdy, nice looking, useful piece of furniture. If it were not for this jig I would not have even tried, I love it!
by HomeDepotCustomer
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The Kreg Pocket Hole System is fantastic for quick, easy, and seamless joints. I've used this to...
The Kreg Pocket Hole System is fantastic for quick, easy, and seamless joints. I've used this to make custom furniture and cabinets. The joints are strong and durable. My only concern is that over time the jig has developed a slight amount of flex when clamping. I'm not too worried about it but as I've used this jig over the last year I've noticed it. The material support and stop guide is convenient and helpful. Changing the depth for different material thicknesses is quick and easy. The drill bit broke after about a year of use but was easy to replace and the guide bearing works very well. I have not used the dust shroud yet. I've used this to make Maple and Red Oak cabinets along with the faceframes, a mahogany jewelry box, and lots of furniture.
by KandEWoodwork
5 people found this helpful
Just bought this 2 weeks ago for some projects I wanted to make. I had plans for a bench that is made out of 2x4s and wanted a system to make the process easier. I would normally use lap joints or other methods of joining wood pieces together, but this takes a long time and has to be perfect. The bench only took me about 30 minutes to put together after cutting all the pieces to size. THIS HAS TO BE THE EASIEST WAY OF JOINING WOOD! Not to mention the joints being extremely strong, and add gorilla glue to make the joints even stronger. I also used the Kreg pocket-hole screws for the joints, which are basically cabinet screws. The Kreg screws are awesome, yet on the expensive side but well worth it. If you are looking for an easy way to join wood together this is it. You will not be disappointed at all. I have already recommended this to my friends who are into woodworking. If you are thinking of getting this product, get the kit that includes everything.
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Great Product
There are cheaper alternatives to this.. however the Kreg jigs are better made and there are reasons why professional cabinet makers use them. Yes I can do mortise and tenon and I also have a biscuit joiner but this works too.. The best use of this product in project of mine have been for making table tops, and courter tops. With this you can make wide table tops using edge glued boards.. and every board is clamped together. Unlike using a biscuit joiner since they are all clamped individually the top stays flat in spite of pressure. Using clamps result in the top curving without bars on top and bottom to prevent it curving. This can make tops so tight you have to look very hard to even see joints. I have built everything from cabinets to vanity's, to dining table tops that seat 12 people. Attached is an example of top of an end table hat I made. There are 8 separate boards in this top. Joints are very tight thanks to Kreg.. no clamps and all made from scrap wood. And that was just #2 construction lumber, not some fancy lumber. I could easily sell this table at a rustic furniture store for $200.. total cost to make $9. Someone showed a broken bit in a photo.. I have drilled thousands of holes and never had an issue with a bit. My biscuit joiner is collecting dust since I got this.
by Todd
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Jig master system
the drill bit is not strong enough the tip broke off after a few uses. the should be making them with a stronger material, I now have to buy a couple just in case one breaks, I was left in the middle of my now incomplete project.
by Pedro
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by Steve
Fast and effective!
The system is terrific for fast and effective joinery. I have used it on three projects and found it easy to use and a great timesaver. The vacuum attachment is also effective and necessary to avoid the surprising volume of shavings created. This is now an essential tool in my workshop.
by Graham H
Straight into the pocket
I have just begun a retirement wood-butchering hobby after about 30 years away from having the tools and space for it. My first project was a work bench. When I decided that it needed drawers I watched a couple of videos that showed a much simpler way to make them than I had used in the past - the Kreg pocket hole system. For the price I decided that it was a worthwhile investment. The system works very well and I will continue to construct things in this manner. The connecting port for the Shop-Vac is a wonderful addition and I recommend it to anyone who chooses to try the pocket hole joinery method. It is well made and a major tool in my new tool box.
by Mike
Showing 1-10 of 154 reviews