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7-Day Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat in White

  • Phone app offers control for multiple users, zones, and locations
  • Includes hardware for easy vertical or horizontal mounting
  • C-wire thermostat compatible with Amazon Alexa enabled devices
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Product Overview

With its attractive design and soft curves, LUX/GEO has both brains and beauty. The large display, control wheel interface and free Android/iOS application offer intuitive functionality both online and at the device. The LUX/GEO gives the user full control with easy to understand programming and built-in radius geo-fencing to automatically save energy when the user is out of the house.
  • Free iOS and android app with Home & Away Aware geo-fencing
  • Universal system compatibility
  • 4 flexible power options: battery, c-wire, micro-USB or LUX Power Bridge (included)
  • Installation ease with horizontal or vertical mounting
  • 3 year warranty
  • Works with Amazon Alexa enabled devices when installed with c-wire, USB or LUX Power Bridge(included) options
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Simple set-up with or without WiFi
  • Smart tips for seasonal & scheduling efficiency
  • View system usage reports
  • Provides temperature alerts - great when pets or elderly are home alone
  • App provides control to multiple users, zones and locations
  • Also available in piano black finish
  • How to install and replace your thermostat
  • How to choose the right thermostat for your home

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Thermostat CompatibilityUniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal
Wire ConfigurationC-WireC-Wire2-WireC-Wire
Heating & Cooling System Type2 Stage2 StageSingle Stage2 Stage
Control TypePhone ControlledPhone ControlledTouchscreenTouchscreen
Power OptionsUSB ConnectorBattery,C-wire,HardwiredC-wire,HardwiredHardwired
Thermostat ShapeRectangularRectangularRectangularSquare
Voltage TypeLow VoltageLow VoltageLow VoltageLow Voltage
IncludedBatteries,Mounting Hardware,Trim PlateBatteries,Display Base,Mounting Hardware,No Additional Items IncludedPower Extender Kit,ScrewdriverMounting Hardware
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Display height (in.)
Display width (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)


Battery Power Type
Lithium Ion
Battery Size
Color Family
Control Type
Phone Controlled
Backlit Display,Built-in Wi-Fi,Lockable,Lockable
Heating & Cooling System Type
2 Stage
Hub Required
No hub connection available
Batteries,Mounting Hardware,Trim Plate
Pack Size
Periods per Programmable Day
Power Options
USB Connector
Power Options
Battery Operated
Remote Access
No Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Smart Technology
Energy History Tracking,Geo Fencing,Smart Home Hub Compatible,Smart Phone/Android App Compatible
Thermostat Compatibility
Thermostat Product Type
Thermostat Shape
Thermostat Type
Heating and Cooling
Voice Control Hub Required
No Hub Required for Voice Control
Voltage (v)
Voltage (volts)
Voltage Type
Low Voltage
Wire Configuration
Works With
Alexa, Apple HomeKit

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
No Certifications or Listings
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year warranty

Questions & Answers


Do I have to use the C wire? can I just use the batteries for power? I have a Williams direct ve...

Asked by JimmyMoe March 23, 2021

You don't need c-wire if you go with battery-only power. I had connectivity issues with this device, however, so switched to ecobee device.

Can you contal this unit with out the use of a phone

Asked by Jm February 11, 2021

Yes. It has a round dial that is used to control the thermostat in person. A phone is not required to control the thermostat.

What is the minimum radius setting for the geo-fencing feature?

Asked by jdk3034 February 20, 2020

The minimum radius setting for Geo-fencing is 0.3 mile or 1584 Ft. LUX Technical Service

Daylight savings time automatic

Asked by Tee October 28, 2019

Yes it is. It is always connected to the Internet and it gets the time from there.

How long do the lithium batteries last?

Asked by Jeb July 1, 2019

We have a heat only (hot water boiler) system. I put new batteries in every fall. You could probably stretch it a little longer, but I don't want to risk losing power when it's cold and we really need heat!

Heat and A/C

Asked by Pj1979 May 4, 2019


Can this be used without a c wire

Asked by jeff March 25, 2019

I would say yes. We only have 2 wires going into it.

I live in an old house where the thermostats do not have a C wire. Will this work with only a red and white wire?

Asked by March 18, 2019

Not sure if it'll only work with the red and white wires connected (I know there are 4 wires not including the C-wire) but since it can run on batteries it does not require the C-wire.

can this device be used only as a temperature monitor and not be connect to the heating system an...

Asked by doreye March 14, 2019

Yes . We removed ours from the wall connection to replace the batteries. It shows the temp and is connected to the internet.

What is the lowest temperature that can be set with this Lux/Geo?

Asked by WT January 29, 2019

I use mine in a garage at 50. But I believe it goes to 45.

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I replaced two dinosaurs with this one. I tried 3 other ones without success. The problem is with...
I replaced two dinosaurs with this one. I tried 3 other ones without success. The problem is with the C wire. I didn't have a wire on C. C wire is the low side of the 24v transformer and it must have it if you are going to power the thermostat from it. Otherwise, you can use the batteries which is what I did. Their customer assistance hot line is excellent. You get to talk to person right away instead of having to wait thru a bunch of robo menus. I initially had some difficulty trying to link up with my phone, it just wouldn't work. So, the help guys asked me if had a ipad which I did. Using the ipad, it connected up right away. After that, the phone was now able to connect (Phone is Samsung J3) and all is good.
by luxgeo
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I definetely recommend this product and have purchased two for two different residences. My home...
I definetely recommend this product and have purchased two for two different residences. My home environments are much more comfortable than before even though I did have programmable thermostats, having the app on my phone makes it even better. I would have upgraded to this product much sooner had I realized the difference it would make. I think this does everything my son's Nest does (it learns too). My son installed it for me. He was impressed.
by Bullfrogcorner
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Summary: Works well, but you need to be tech savvy to configure. 3-1/2 stars. I bought the Lux Ge...
Summary: Works well, but you need to be tech savvy to configure. 3-1/2 stars. I bought the Lux Geo because it was the highest rated sub-$100 smart-thermostat that doesn't require a "C-wire" (I only have a basic 4-wire connection in my apartment.) If you don't (like me), the Geo let's you connect a micro-USB cable to a port on the bottom to supply the missing power via a USB wall plug adapter not included, but I already had one from an old cellphone charger. (The Geo comes with two AA batteries, but if you use the USB connection, you don't need them. I left them out.) Special note, even if your installation goes smoothly, it can still take you 20 minutes or more to properly mount the unit (I used the included backplate, used a level to make sure it was straight, positioned the Geo, mark the wall with a pencil where the screw holes go... and so on.) So before you start, you should lower/raise the air/heat by about 2 degrees before starting, because for the next 30-45 minutes, you'll have no A/C. (Some of the following issues I encountered will be true no matter what Smart Thermostat you buy.) Once I got everything wired and mounted, you must THEN go through the setup process before you can even turn your A/C back on. And this process can take 5 minutes if all goes smoothly, or 20 minutes if it doesn't (mine didn't.) After I got everything connected, the Geo automatically started the setup process, which started off by trying to connect to my home WiFi. It couldn't find it (even though other devices in my home see it just fine.) And this was the Friday evening before a holiday weekend, so there was no tech support for 3-days. I ended up canceling the Network Setup and just finished setting the unit up as an ordinary thermostat just so I could finally cool the house down. (And once it did turn on, it went straight to turning on the *Heat* despite now being 83' in the house b/c the default heat setting was a whopping 90'. Yikes! I had to quickly configure the unit to get A/C instead of heat.) Now, this is a high-tech device with a ton of options/features that made setup a tad confusing even for a seasoned computer professional like myself. I'm reluctant to use the word "Calibrated" because it actually HAS a temperature calibration option (in case the thermostat is located someplace that is warmer/colder than the rest of the house.) But it has sensitivity settings (from +/- 0.25 degrees to as much as +/- 5 degrees or more.) This can drastically affect how soon your unit turns on/off. Then there are Max Heat/Cool & Min Heat/Cool settings to create a range around when the unit turns on/off. But this range gets *added* to the Sensitivity setting, so it can be difficult to get the unit to turn on/off when you want (I wanted my unit to turn on at 79', but was waiting until 81' before I figured this out.) Then, to complicate things still further, there is a setting for the unit to continue to run the A/C for up to 5 minutes even after hitting your target temperature (I disabled mine but may go back and set it to 1.5' because it is turning on/off too frequently.) I found myself going back and tweaking my settings constantly for the next 48 hours so the A/C would stop either freezing me to death or turning on/off every two minutes. I finally was able to speak to someone at Lux tech support after the holiday weekend and he wasn't as tech savvy as I am. "WPS" mode (autodetect Network by pressing a button on your router) didn't work (despite thermostat being a mere 30' from my router in direct line of sight), so I had to use "App Mode", meaning downloading & installing the free "Lux Home" app on my Android phone. But after repeated tries, the app simply *refused* to detect my Geo even after the Geo finally detected my network. The problem? As I suspected (and had to get the tech to confirm) apparently, you need at least Android OS 7.0 to fully complete the App configuration process and my old phone has Android OS 6.0 ("Marshmallow") with no way to upgrade it even if I wanted to, which I don't. I hate OS's 7 & 8. I was able to finish the setup from another/newer phone and once complete, go back to using my good 6.0 phone. Nowhere does Lux state you need at least Android 7.0 to *setup* your Geo (I don't think they even knew til now.) I never did get WPS mode to work. Fortunately now, I no longer need it. Configuring the Geo on your app adds another layer of confusion, because it requires you to set "Day/Night" temperature ranges (and Home/Away options too unless you set it for "home all day") to know when to turn on/off. And *those* settings will be adjusted based on your sensitivity settings (mentioned above), so even though I set my A/C to 78', the app was showing my A/C set to 83' because of those "range" settings, forcing me to adjust the wall unit yet again. This can NOT be done from the app. Understandable, but annoying. I finally have my Geo installed and it appears to be working normally. A nice big LCD with a backlight that comes on when you click the dial makes it easy to read (a nighttime sensor to turn the LED on at night would be nice). It seems to be a good unit, works properly (though I've only had it for 4days as of this writing) and I can control it from an app on my (Android 6.0) phone. You can set the "Away Range", so if your phone travels outside that range, the Geo uses your "Away profile" to save energy, and switches back to your "Home" profile when you get close to returning (Bad: it appears you can't just adjust this range without going thru the entire Schedule Setup processes again. Good: there's a button on top of the app to "Set Away" mode on demand.) All-in-all, I do still recommend the Geo for the reasons I originally bought it: Under $100 Smart-thermostat that doesn't need a "C-wire" ("Common", blue wire.) And despite the confusing installation, once everything was completed, it seems to be operating as advertised. If you have a C-wire and are willing to shell out $200+ for a more popular unit, you might skip the Geo. I can't say whether or not you won't experience many of these same problems setting up one of them as I had with the Geo, but take all of this into consideration before buying a Smart Thermostat. PS: I don't have an "Alexa" or "Google Home" Smart Home speaker to test it with, but asking Google on my phone about my Geo's status, it didn't know what I meant, forcing me to check my home temperature from the app. Lux claims "Google Assistant" and "Alexa" support on the box.
by Mugsy
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Easy to install. Just pay close attention to the jumpers on the back side of the faceplate one is...
Easy to install. Just pay close attention to the jumpers on the back side of the faceplate one is red and the other is yellow. The device makes it real easy to control the hvac from anywhere.
by Cosmo1
I have the infamous 2 wire heat only system with no c wire, not even at the oil burner. I bought...
I have the infamous 2 wire heat only system with no c wire, not even at the oil burner. I bought the Lux Geo to give me the ability to monitor and control my heating system in a second home that can be vacant for more than two weeks at a time. I use it with the batteries. It has been installed for two weeks. The thermostat does everything I wanted it to do, giving me reliable indication of the past days and current heating operation. It also keeps a much tighter control on the temperature range than the old mercury switch dial that was previously installed. I have had no problems with communicating with the system from my i-Phone and it is great arriving to a warm house. I also like how it reports how many minutes the heating system is on during any given hour of the day. It was real easy to install (as I have only two wires). The app is very straight forward and basic to install. No problems connecting the unit to my wifi (through the app). I have a few complaints - the battery option when set to "optimize" the battery life sets the thermostat to communicate with the wifi about once an hour. So indication and start up can be delayed for up to an hour. I am sure this saves the battery (supposedly it is much more connected when powered through the c wire) but it takes a little getting used to. Also, like others, I wish the "Y2 axis" showing temperature on the Runtime Screen would go below 60 (As I maintain temps at 52 when away). This is in no way a "smart" thermostat. But it is great for keeping tabs on my second home while costing hundreds less. And I arrive to a warm house, as long as I remember to set a higher temperature more than an hour in advance. So far, I have not had to change the batteries.
by FredtheBuilder
Worst investment ever! Not recommended! Had them ( I bought...
Worst investment ever! Not recommended! Had them ( I bought 2) for over a month now. You set a target but they both never get to that target. Always 10 -15 below target. we are having a rough week with them. I have to put the old Honeywell back. Have to return and get my money back.
by Folu
Fitted this in the two-wire configuration, which uses batteries to...
Fitted this in the two-wire configuration, which uses batteries to power the device. Seems to be working well so far. The App records the actual temperature over time, which is great, but it only goes down to 60F, which is not low enough to record the temperature over night here in Maine.
by BobH
I have 7 of these thermostats and they work great....
I have 7 of these thermostats and they work great. I have 7 separate zones with radiant heat in my house. We did not have a C wire and wanted a smart thermostat. The LUX- GEO is GREAT!
by HomeDepotCustomer
This thermostat is amazing! I can control my temperature in my house from work, grocery store or ...
This thermostat is amazing! I can control my temperature in my house from work, grocery store or the gym. I like that I can end my away temp anytime and it's warm when I get home. It was so easy to install too.
by JAM
Would be nice if it wasnt mainly designed to be set on schedule. I bought it for my garage that I...
Would be nice if it wasnt mainly designed to be set on schedule. I bought it for my garage that I only heat when Im going to be working in it. You have to go through 2 screens to turn the heat off. It is easy to do with the app though. I would definitely recommend it. It is nice that I no longer have to go out to the cold garage and turn the heat on. It nice and warmed up when I get out there.
by LS3
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