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Range Collection 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set in Ultramarine Blue

  • Oval casserole, frying pan and saute pan set with 2 tiered lids
  • Easy-to-clean, non-toxic, cream enamel interior
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Color Family
Ultramarine Blue
Cooktop Compatibility
Built-in Handles,Comfort Grip Handle,Multi-Pack,Oven Safe,Stain Resistant
Kitchen Product Type
Cookware Set
Cast Iron
Maximum Heating Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Number of cookware pieces
Number of Pieces
Package Type
Assorted Set

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited Lifetime

Product Overview

Rustle up all sorts of mouth-watering dishes with La Cuisine's 5-piece enameled cast iron cookware set. This 5-piece set includes the 3.75 Qt. covered saute, 6.75 Qt. covered oval casserole and 10 in. open skillet with cast iron handles. La Cuisine's cast iron cookware is crafted using sand molds, which are used only once, forging a lighter product with a very fine enamel finish that is truly unique. Wonderfully versatile, La Cuisine's cookware is suited to the oven and all cooktops, including induction. Food heats through evenly and remains hot until served. Whatever your skill level, La Cuisine is perfect for no-fuss, healthy cooking and looks great as it goes straight from stovetop or oven to serving at the table or buffet (our trivets, sold separately, are recommended for table/buffet use).
  • Includes 3.75 Qt. covered saute, 6.75 Qt. covered oval casserole and 10 in. open skillet with cast iron handles
  • Wonderfully versatile for oven or stovetop including induction
  • Lighter crafted cast iron with fine enamel finish - perfect for cooking and serving
  • Large radius corner and excellent food release for easy serving
  • Simple to clean - just wash in warm water
  • 3.75 Qt. covered saute
  • Provides a beautiful presentation for rice or potato dishes
  • Non-toxic cream enamel interior surface
  • Sure-grip, wide-angle wedge handles for comfort and stability
  • Thicker base creates more even heat distribution
  • Tiered lid design facilitates internal basting for deliciously moist food
  • 6.75 Qt. covered oval casserole
  • 10 in. open skillet with cast iron handles
  • Ideal uses include omelettes, pancakes, oven baked apple pies and searing meat
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Questions & Answers


Is this product made in the USA or is it imported? If imported, from where? It looks like this is...

Asked by Kate February 6, 2017

Imported from China

Hi, is the interior of the cookware cast iron or is it coated with something, pictures look like ...

Asked by MushroomHunter January 31, 2017

Where is this manufactured (country)?

Asked by Linda60609 January 25, 2017

China is the COO or "Country Of Origin."

What is the price?

Asked by Excalibre January 22, 2017

The Teal 5-piece set we got is priced at $359.99. Home Depot always displays pricing information for every product on the website. If for some reason you cannot find prices for something, a quick email, chat or phone call will get the information you need.

Will the iron from the cookware get into the food cooked in these pieces?

Asked by Harold January 21, 2017

No. Cast iron in any form does not flake off to infiltrate food to any significant degree. Even if you use metal spatulas and scrape very hard, the amount of iron from a normal cast iron pan is known to be well within safe limits, and might even be beneficial for nutrition! There are many scientific studies to support that statement, along with many articles in journals, on Wikipedia and hundreds of cooking websites. Having said that, we must remember that these are COATED in a ceramic glaze, so food never comes in direct contact with the iron. That means absolutely ZERO iron can get into food. Unless one uses power tools and steel scrapers, this super durable coating will last for several decades. The ceramic coating is as hard as glass. Essentially, it IS glass because it is fully vitrified. One useful tip here: Trained chefs always use the best tool for the job. In raw cast iron, you can use any tool you want, including metal spatulas or spoons that would instantly ruin teflon or other non-stick pans. These are COATED with ceramic glaze. So, like glass, it is smooth and very hard. But it can be scratched when hot or through countless uses with the wrong tools. Therefore, most trained chefs use wooden or plastic or silicone utensils in coated cookware like this. Even bare cast iron is known to be one of the safest cooking materials. Just ask those centenarians who exclusively cook on cast iron! My Dad for instance, was born in 1898 and he ONLY cook on or in iron. Ceramic coated iron should be even safer than that. I have used wooden utensils in coated cookware like this for over three decades with no problems. If you want more specific information, just search, "cast-iron pans. Safe?" Any search engine will return way too many results, so I suggest selecting only those articles from reliable sources such as Medical Journals, peer reviewed scientific papers, or revered cooking websites and long-established publishers. They have the most experience, the latest information AND they have the most to lose if they are wrong. Also, they are usually not selling the cookware. That's why we can trust them.

Can they be used on a glass top stove?

Asked by Babs January 21, 2017

Yes. I do it daily! Some mistakenly believe that iron will scratch glass. That is not true. You can look up the relative hardness scale for materials online to discover that glass is several notches higher than steel on every hardness scale. What usually happen to perpetuate that myth is when people scrap heavy pans on a HOT glass stove top. Then, the glass is susceptible to microscopic fissures that appear to be like scratches when enough of them accumulate over time. That is part of the normal wear-and-tear of glass stovetops. Also, those microscopic scratches can be buffed and polished to like-new perfection if one ever wants to sell the stove or house in which it resides. About once every year or two, during our deep seasonal cleanings, I get out my power buffer and some polishing compound to renew our glass stovetop parts of our granite counters. The whole operation takes less than fifteen minutes and costs practically nothing. If you do not have the tools or desire to do that yourself, there are services listed in yellow pages that will do it for you. After you see how easy it is for them, and how much they charge, you may decide to do it yourself! Overall, YES, it is perfectly safe to use heavy steel or cast iron pans on glass since glass is much harder than steel, That's also why glass cutting board are terrible. They ruin steel knives! Glass is harder than steel, and all steel alloys used for cookware is harder than cast iron. So, cast iron is much softer than glass. Just don't drag and scrap heavy iron on the top while it is hot.

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Heavy Duty Cast Iron - Nice Enamel Coating
first thing is that it is La Cuisine product, very good. It being cast iron also means that this is going to be heavy and if cared for well, should last awhile. It's still new and I don't know anything about rusting, but am hoping it's not an issue. Do use a oven mitt when handling the frying pan as it looks safe, but the handle really is hot. Washing it is going to be my job as, again, it is heavy. I used it the first time on pan frying salmon and I don't know why, but it does a better job of even heating it than my old frying pan. The big sautee and pot are huge and also very heavy. The lids are very nice.
by parttimehack
This is a high-quality enamelled cast iron casserole set.
For more than 45 years my wife and I have wished to own some cast iron cook/bakeware. When this item became available through Home Depot we jumped at the opportunity to order it. And we have not been disappointed. For many years I have enjoyed stove top cooking as a hobby and my wife favors oven baking. We can both use this set, since it design for both stove top and oven use. The set is useable with gas, electric, and induction stoves. The cookware is heavy and must be handled with care. The non-stick interiors are a real plus and make cleaning a simple chore. Make sure to read the well-written instructions carefully to insure an understanding of the cookware's capabilities and limitations in order to prevent damage to it. See attached photographs. Well-done La Cuisine!
by EleEng
Beautiful! Item just as described. Nicely packaged. Worth every penny!...
Beautiful! Item just as described. Nicely packaged. Worth every penny! One satisfied customer here. Highly recommend.
by CarolC
Fancy French Food-ware for a fraction!
By now, every chef knows the famous French brand of ceramic coated iron cookware. Cast iron retains heat very well. It withstands high heat. (…as well it should considering iron is forged in the center of stars like our sun! ) But without a proper seasoning and constant care, the seasoning can be ruined, which in turn ruins food and makes cleaning a dreadful chore. The culinary masters of France solved this problem almost a century ago by applying a colorful ceramic coating to heavy cast iron. That means we can have all the heat-holding and high-temp resistance of Iron, but also have the easy-cleaning, low-stick, and festive finishes from glazing. I have a set of the originals (in “crucible” orange”) and can attest they last for decades. But even the best will wear out eventually, especially when used as heavily and often as ours. Since I got those name brand tools thirty years ago, I was astounded to see how inflation had pumped-up prices. That's why I was delighted to find these lower cost models. The cast iron is the same thickness and weight as the originals. The ceramic coating seems to be just as thick and durable, although only time can tell us that. Modern ceramics have been developed so we now have many more color choices, and that’s fun! We opted for the Aqua Blue-green color. These certainly look nice, equal in appearance to the big brand name. So far I have used the skillet and the large Casserole. Because of the ceramic coating, these do not require seasoning like raw cast-iron pans. You can cook in them immediately. I've used them for oven baking bread at VERY high temperatures (550F) and for grilling steaks on a very hot stovetop. So far, they seem to perform every bit as well as the originals. There is one crucial difference between these and the famous French models you should notice. The famous brand has a WHITE interior coating. These also have the ceramic glaze, but without the white coloring. These have a CLEAR coating inside. To some, the white interior seems an advantage because that makes it easy to see the “browning” effect of Maillard reactions. That may be important if you need these primarily for casseroles where you first brown meats for flavor, then add mirepoix. Personally, that has been no problem for me since we have adequate lighting above the stove. It’s easy enough to see when meats brown sufficiently, even without the reflective white coating. It’s also easy to see when onions turn translucent when “sweating” them. Of course, when I bake bread in the large casserole pan, I do not care about the coating color. What I DO care about is how easy it is to clean afterwards. These clean just as easily as the originals, perhaps slightly easier since the dark color does not show scorching effects as much. If you want the advantages of ceramic coated cast-iron, I think these are a great value. Do they last as long? Ask me in thirty years. Or perhaps you’ll need to ask our kids, because I think these may outlast me! ;-)
by GEO
Showing 1-4 of 4 reviews