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4.75 Gal. Optimum Driveway Filler Sealer

  • Protect and Beautify your blacktop Driveway
  • Fiber Reinforced for added Strength
  • EZ Stir, Non Skid Formula
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Product Overview

Latex-ite 4.75 Gal. Optimum Driveway Filler Sealer is an asphalt emulsion based sealer designed to beautify and protect your blacktop driveway. Optimum will leave a deep black color while providing strength and flexibility with its reinforced fiber and rubber system. Recommended for all condition blacktop driveways. Helpful Hints before you seal your driveway: 1. Buy an extra pail: Any unused portion CAN be saved for touch-ups (You do not want to run out during the project as you might get color variations) 2. Flip pails overnight prior to doing job (It will be much easier to mix in the morning and will ensure consistency during application). 3. Do the project all at one time without starting and stopping. 4. Check the weather and make sure no rain is forecast and it is at least 55°F at night (A cold driveway will not allow the sealer to cure properly). 5. Check latexite.com for further tips and How to Videos. (Note: If product is not available to order in your area that is due to nighttime temperatures. Product may not cure and/or track in late fall and early spring applications).
  • 8-year warranty
  • Coverage on smooth/previously sealed driveways 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft.
  • Coverage on rough/porous or unsealed driveways 300 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft.
  • Remember: clean your driveway thoroughly so sealer will bond and make sure you do not seal when it is cold outside, it must be at least 55° at night for sealer to properly cure and last
  • Do not seal in early spring or late fall as the sealer will not last - it will not cure properly and may track
  • Fiber reinforced and rubberized for durability
  • Premium EZ-stir formula, save time and effort
  • Low VOC, coal tar free, PAH compliant, soap and water cleanup
  • Non-skid formula
  • Low VOC, coal tar free, PAH compliant, soap and water cleanup
  • California residents

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Questions & Answers


Can this product be used over cracks that I already filled?

Asked by Frank April 22, 2021


Can I use Latex-ite on driveway pavers.

Asked by Mart April 17, 2021

I don’t have the answer you want because I just don’t know why you would pour any driveway sealer over expensive pavers. It’s not a clear sealer. It’s a thick black tar like sealer that goes over asphalt driveways.

Best temperature to do it in

Asked by Mike March 11, 2021


Can I use this on concrete so I can match my asphalt

Asked by sbickers November 5, 2020

No. Latexite will not bond to concrete as it will chip and flake over time.

Can I use this product in the early fall or should I wait until summer?

Asked by Benny September 16, 2020

Minimum temperature of 55 degrees -- do yourself a favor and buy the red lid version as that's good to 40 degrees and there's less mixing involved, but be sure to tip the container upside down for at least a day before use

Can I do the driveway in pieces over a few weeks rather than do the entire thing all at one time?

Asked by Birdie August 24, 2020

no, do not recommend. You will get color differences. It is best to apply all at once.


Asked by GABRIAL August 21, 2020

This really depends upon the condition of the asphalt you're sealing. The worse shape it's in, the less coverage you will get. Do NOT lay it down thick, it will alligator on you as it cures and not be a smooth finish. Do multiple THIN coats.


Asked by AL August 7, 2020

No, not sand. It does contain some type of fibrous material, that adds roughness and strength to the coating. Latexite does make another (less expensive) product which does contain sand, if you prefer that.

We have definite lines between each 4.75 gallon container. Extremely disappointed! We used 9 plus containers. Would not

Asked by Nana July 27, 2020

You can avoid or at least minimize this from happening if you set up a production line for the job: One person mixes the product, another pours it, and the third spreads it. Make this a continuous process until the job is complete. Your problem is that the product has dried too much before you applied the next swath. You need to apply the next swath BEFORE the prior swath has had a chance to dry. Another technique for avoiding the lines (or differences in colors or shades) is to mix in product from a new bucket when the existing bucket is about half full. Any differences in colors if the buckets came from different production batches at the factory will be blended during the mixing and you will get less or no noticeable variation in colors or "lines" (especially if you use the production line I suggested earlier).

How many come on a pallet?

Asked by cgill July 14, 2020

Twelve 4.75 gal buckets will fit on a pallet single layer. More buckets can stack directly on top of those 12 buckets. Would not advise stacking more than three layers high -- they could topple over in transit.

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Watercolor? Bad batch? Just my luck!
First off, I’ve sealed my driveway 3x in 10 years using different brands following manufacturer’s instructions and watching videos. This, I applied the end of August 2020, 10 pails, for approx. 2000 sq. ft. 2 coats applied with a squeegee 24 hrs apart. Just after the fall, I noticed fading in several different areas already. I contacted CSR and was told I may have applied the coats too thinly. Accorded the benefit of a doubt, even with 1 coat, how could the seal be erased in just 3 months? CSR was kind enough to offer to replace 5 pails. I would have preferred a refund and try a different brand/type but I will have to settle with it one more time but just use it on a certain area. I’ll be using a brush rather than a squeegee.
by Deks
Response from UGCApr 29, 2021
Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the vendor on your behalf and this is your response: After reviewing the claim the customer provided, based on our recommended coverage rate, the customer did not apply an adequate amount of sealer for 2-coats of coverage. It was also evident from the photos showing squeegee marks that the sealer was applied incorrectly and without enough sealer. Additionally, the photos indicated a porous surface also requiring that 2-coats be applied properly. Dalton Enterprises, Inc. must stress that in order to get a quality result, it is critical to follow the stated instructions on the package. Any deviation from the instruction will not give you a properly sealed Latexite driveway. Regardless the reason, we offered additional replacement product and customer accepted. Dalton Enterprises, Inc. is committed to manufacturing a quality product and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
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We blew off the loose dirt, power-washed the virgin blacktop, blew it dry, then applied 2 coats o...
We blew off the loose dirt, power-washed the virgin blacktop, blew it dry, then applied 2 coats of Latex-ite Optimum. It came out perfect! People wanted to know who I had do it; it blows their minds when I tell "We did it, ourselves!"
by CHMPablo
I have a long driveway but got tired of waiting for contractor estimates that never came so bit t...
I have a long driveway but got tired of waiting for contractor estimates that never came so bit the bullet and used 23 buckets myself. 67 yrs old and first time doing this DIY project. Followed instructions which is important. Used their squeegee which is a good one. Just wipe down blade occasionally to get grit from driveway off of it. Mine came with a brush as well. The brush is screw in. The squeegee is not screw in and you will need a wood screw to attach it securely to their pole which is also a good one. The product mixes easily and spreads easily with squeegee. It takes very little time to get the hang of it and isn't complicated. Wear clothes, gloves and shoes/boots you don't mind getting product on because eventually you will get some on you. A spare rag or paper towels will come in handy. I would recommend having your buckets spaced out before you start as they are heavy and you don't want to be lugging them a long ways while in the middle of the job. I dumped about a third of a bucket at a time. All you need to do is get it on the driveway. You can move it around easily after that. End result for me looks great. We waited two days before driving on it just to be safe. No issues. A month later all looks good but only time will tell how long it lasts. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Saved a ton of money in exchange for sweat equity based upon cost of our last contractor job that lasted three years and frankly was the usual "get in and get out rush job" with commensurate quality. No regrets.
by Outdoorsman
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It Protects
My driveway is in good condition, and I want to keep it that way. This product,Optimum from latex-ite, is a good product at a good price. The most important thing you can do is good preparation before applying.
by NHpro
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The Best I've Ever Used.
I've done driveways with both sand mix latex, and petroleum based. This covered, filled cracks and dents the best on a ten year old driveway. Prep is key. Thoroughly clean driveway. Mix well. Apply on a hot dry day. Spread it thick, don't skimp, allow 48 plus hours to set before driving on it. My Driveway; 1080 sq. ft. plus. Some double and triple coating. 11 and 1/2 4.75 gallon buckets.
by Craig
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Really Bad Cracking
I am really upset about all the cracks that appeared as the sealer dried. Not sure what to do next?
by Neal
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This is the best of the sealer products that I've used. My driveway is large - takes 18 buckets ...
This is the best of the sealer products that I've used. My driveway is large - takes 18 buckets - and I have been year by year renovating with new asphalt, patch, and filler. I don't use crack patch because I find it to be of little lasting value. This stuff goes on well both with a squeegee and, along the edges, with a wallpaper or large paintbrush. Texture and color consistent from bucket to bucket. Never a fun project, but this is as good a sealer product as you'll find. The time you spend repairing and filling before putting this down is not only well spent, it is necessary - otherwise the underlying cracks and crumbles will nullify the advantage of this stuff.
by NDSinWimb
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So far so good. Time will tell if this product earns a 5 star rating. Goes on easily with squee...
So far so good. Time will tell if this product earns a 5 star rating. Goes on easily with squeegee and brush. Cleans up with minimal effort off of tools. I needed a lot more than I expected given first time I sealed my driveway and way overdue. Expected to use 4 but needed 9 for first coat. Second coat is pending but expect will use less than 9. Driveway looks great.
by CC
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Nothing short of a Miracle...
Over 20 years this driveway has been neglected, abused and rode hard. What the heck I had nothing to lose but a few dollars. After I cleared away the truckload of gravel from the drive, on a beautiful day I started with 3 buckets on my 415 square foot drive, (bucket says 300 on a poor surface... mine was really poor). The first coat worked wonders on the grey pebbled surface. I went ahead and put another 2 buckets over the drying layers just to thicken the layer up as much as reasonable. After 4 hours about 60 percent setting in the shade it was down to tacky I expect the 24-hour cure should be correct. I really like the finished job... it is not new and I did not expect it to be, however it is an A+ improvement. I strongly recommend.
by TRnobody
Be extremely cautious using this product toward the end of the season. Although I followed all th...
Be extremely cautious using this product toward the end of the season. Although I followed all the directions on the container and watched the online videos, I was rewarded with ugly tracking of the sealer into my garage even well after the recommended drying time. In fact, one month after applying Latex-ite, it still tracks when it gets wet. Despite intervening temperatures in the 70s (and overnight lows within the range recommended by Dalton Industries, the manufacturer of this product), the sealer will not adhere during wet conditions. Perhaps I got a bad batch, but every time it gets wet, tires, shoes or even fingers will pick up ugly black tar. See photos for examples. The manufacturer has not replied to my concerns as expressed on their website, so I am taking to homedepot.com to let others know of this issue.
by DIYer
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