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Pli-Stix 30 ft. Medium Gray Permanent Concrete Joint and Crack Filler

  • Fill your concrete joints & cracks permanently
  • Lifetime Guarantee…works on faded blacktop as well
  • Just pack and melt
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Product Overview

Introducing the only permanent filler for concrete joints and cracks: 30 ft. Pli-Stix medium gray permanent concrete joint and crack filler. This product originated from federally specified highway jobs but the only difference is you do not need a 200 Gal. melter to apply it. Pli-Stix is permanent because it is applied with heat (a simple hand held torch) and it bonds to the sidewalls of the crack. Cracks open up because they expand and contract with freeze or thaw cycles - but Pli-Stix will expand and contract right along with mother nature. Medium Pli-Stix is designed for joints and cracks 1/2 in. to 1 in. in Dia.
  • For concrete joints and cracks 1/2 in. - 1 in. (12.7 mm - 25.4 mm) in Dia
  • Hot applied, self-leveling, gray, rope-like filler bonds to sidewalls for a permanent seal
  • 30 ft. (9.1 m) of medium gray Pli-Stix
  • Traffic ready in approximately 20 minutes
  • For deep cracks or joints, before you begin fill the crack using closed cell high heat backer rod, sand, or stone dust but leave enough room for product
  • Chlorine resistant - great for pool deck concrete joints
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Prevent slip, trip and fall accidents

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Questions & Answers


Can you paint over this after it sets.

Asked by Specmum May 7, 2020

Yes, Grey Crack Stix is paintable.

does this need special tools to apply? Does it dry by itself

Asked by Missy May 6, 2020

You will need a propane torch to heat the rope. It then spreads into the cracks and seals. Yes it hardens on its own. A very good product.

Will it adhere to damp spaces? I have 1/2" spaces between tiles in a kitchen environment that wil...

Asked by aahmean November 8, 2019

If you can dry the area completely for the time that you apply it and 15 minutes of hardening time, you will probably be OK. However, moisture at the time of application will prevent the material from melting and filling in as it should.

Can this product be used around pool coping and concrete

Asked by Bill September 23, 2019


can you use sand as a backer in the cracks? Seems like it should be ok.

Asked by Rick May 18, 2018

I used polymer paver sand because I had some very deep cracks (expansion joints). Regular sand would have kept on going down. Pour it into the cracks, brush all the loose sand away, then spray gently with water and let set, then let dry completely. It sets up pretty solid, even with 1/2" cracks. I had 450' of cracks to fill. About using regular sand- I tried that first, had problems. The torch wants to blow the loose sand all over the place. As the stix melt, the sand starts sticking to them and the stix start writhing around like an earthworm. You are supposed to use "high temp" backer rod. Good luck finding it! The smallest lot I could find was 2300', most places offered 5000' and up. HD does not carry it, and no one I asked even knew what I was talking about.

Are Pli-Stix and Crack-Stix the same product in different quantities? I saw one answer in the Pl...

Asked by Rick May 18, 2018

You are correct. Same product different sizes.

Will this product work on vertical expansion joints? if not then what will?

Asked by Jon September 6, 2017

No, it's intended for horizontal surfaces only. (You melt it into place with a blowtorch.) When filling the small gap between a concrete porch and my brick home, for the vertical parts of the steps I used a premium poly "caulk" that's often recomended for joining/sealing 2-piece stone window sills. It's works for vertical and horizontal joints, and is available in 2 colors - limestone and concrete (gray) that matched this product pretty well. I can't think of the brand off hand, but it's in a yellow tube.

Can this product be used for 1/8 crack. I will need to open crack a small bit to get all concrete...

Asked by Tberry April 5, 2017

No way. This is quite thick and tough to cut linearly. I also used the thinner product, smashed it with a hammer flat and cut for thin cracks, bit 1/8 is really thin so it will be a challege to make that work.

Can you acid wash it, seal it , stain it, etc... ?

Asked by Hds March 8, 2017

This material is closer to actual plastic as opposed to the crack filler you use from a tube. In this case acid wash and stain does not adhere to plastic as well as the other material. To compensate for this, I have left a small gap between the top of the pli-stix material and the top of the crack, thus leaving me room to add traditional crack filler on top to allow for acid wash or stain.

Hydrostatic pressure

Asked by DavidH November 20, 2016


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Product was just as advertised, easy to install and finished product looks great, although the co...
Product was just as advertised, easy to install and finished product looks great, although the color "medium gray" is mis-leading I would still recommend the product to other DIYers
by 1234
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Not impressed
Double your budget on this. The backer rod melted before this stuff. 55 ft x 3/4 equals about 6-8 rolls.Double your budget on this. The backer rod melted before this stuff 55 ft x 3/4 is about 6-8 rolls after it melts down.
by mrreddwg
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Be sure to use open cell backer rod that can withstand heat so the filler stays level. I install...
Be sure to use open cell backer rod that can withstand heat so the filler stays level. I installed 22 feet of the stuff in 2 hours including preparation. After scraping out the crack, putting in the backer rod and cutting the Pli-Stix to fit, don't just heat it with the torch like it says. You really need to take the time to unwind the clear plastic that's wrapped around it. Instructions say you don't need to do that. On the first seam I did as the instructions said. When I heated it, the clear wrap shrinks and blobs of the stuff start oozing out every 1/4 inch. They eventually merge and smooth out. On the next seam I unwrapped the clear plastic wrap before heating. It melted much faster and filled in smoother. After it's done you can notice the 2nd seam looks like a better job than the first. I like the final results. It looks professional.
by jjharring1
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does not flow like black product!!!
does not flow like black product!!!
by Tim
Response from THD-CSJun 27, 2017
Dear Valued Home Depot Customer,"“We have reached out to this customer with an offer of FRESH product to make this situation right and the customer accepted. Dalton Enterprises strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We encourage any customer with a problem to contact us via phone or email at (800) 851-5606 or”
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I used this to fill the expansion joints on my 3 year old driveway. The original fiberboard deter...
I used this to fill the expansion joints on my 3 year old driveway. The original fiberboard deteriorated. The product works well IF you use enough heat. The first time I used a traditional butane torch head, not a good choice for heat and angle. I purchased a hose type torch and it worked like a charm. I had to fill some spots before I inserted the Pli-Stix, I used foam baker rod, although in sone spots that melted and the Pli-Stix sealed down. No problem though I just put another strip in and melted it. Make sure you order more than you need since you are bound to have "sink-spots". It is winter now and the seams are still holing out the moisture and have not separated. In the past have used self leveling caulk type material for the smaller seams but probably would not again knowing now about this product and how to use it.
by DrivewayDan
Response from THD-CSMar 9, 2017
Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, "Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience after applying one of our Latexite products. Dalton Enterprises, Inc. is committed to manufacturing a quality product and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.”
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The repair of 1 inch gaps in my concrete.
This is the first time using this product. The gap that I was trying to fill was 1 inch in width in most of the places I needed to repair. I had to apply the PLI-Stix several times in order to fill the cracks. First I layed the PLI-stix in the bottom of the crack and melted the material. I added more to it to bring it the the top surface of the concrete. The material was very easy to melt using a hand held propane torch. I just need to see how this material will react with the freezing cycle in this location. One plus, I will be able to melt the material again next year if needed.
by worndown
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Difficult to use on cracks under 1/4". Best for wider cracks. Does not flow well. Kept one pac...
Difficult to use on cracks under 1/4". Best for wider cracks. Does not flow well. Kept one package that i used about 24". Will probably find some use for it in the future. Returned the other unused package for a refund.
by Musky
A little difficult to control using a hand held propane...
A little difficult to control using a hand held propane torch but there's a learning curve befor you get the hang of it. Once mastered, it looks good. I would say it's not too good for wide cracks/spaces as you need to use a lot of the material. Filling a deep crack with sand helps. A lot. On balance, it came out good with 2 passes (layers)
by AL
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