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Decora Edge 15 Amp Tamper-Resistant Duplex Outlet, White

  • Faster, safer, and easier-to-install – PUSH. CLICK. DONE.
  • Color-coded lever terminals for fast, efficient wiring
  • No exposed metal parts for enhanced safety
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Product Details

Decora Edge wiring devices provide the traditional appearance and superior performance of Decora devices in a faster, easier-to-install, and safer design. The line consists of Single Pole and 3-Way Switches and a Tamper-Resistant Outlet. Innovative installation features such as color-coded lever terminals (including the ground terminal) for faster, efficient wiring, a larger strap with a unique tongue and groove alignment feature for quicker trim out on multi-gang installations, and no exposed metal parts for safety, make Decora Edge ideal for new home construction and MDU projects as well as retrofit applications. Installers using Decora Edge will experience an installation process as unique as it is practical. The color-coded levers provide the foundation for quick installation by helping to rapidly identify the correct terminal for wiring, including a lever terminal for the ground wire. The lever termination feature assures a positive connection has been made. This patent pending design has a snap feature with an audible 'click' so installers can be confident with every termination.
  • Patent pending color-coded lever terminals for fast, efficient wiring; reduces risk of miswiring
  • Lever doors have snap feature to assure connection has been made; audible click confirms lever door is closed
  • No exposed metal parts for enhanced safety; eliminates need for electrical tape
  • Strap's unique tongue and groove alignment offers quicker trim out on multi-gang installations
  • Lever connectors work with 12 gauge and 14 gauge stranded and solid copper wire
  • Wire openings prevent wire insulation from being inserted into the terminals
  • One standard strip gauge for all devices
  • Devices coordinate seamlessly with other Decora devices
  • Longer and wider strap is compatible with Midway wallplates, and with Standard sized wallplates when breakaway tab is removed
  • Can be used with Decora wallplates and Decora Plus screwless wallplates
  • Test openings for circuit testers
  • Outlet allows for split circuit applications
  • Outlet is Tamper-Resistant to help prevent access by most non-rated/foreign objects
  • Captain Code 2023 NEC Code Changes
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Questions & Answers

Q:It is commercial or residential grade?
by|Jul 29, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Residential grade

by|Aug 4, 2023
    Q:Can this outlet accept 12 guage wire?
    by|Jul 20, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Yes either 12 or 14 gauge solid or stranded copper wire.

    by|Sep 8, 2023
      3 found this answer helpful
      Q:Do they not make these for 20 amp?
      by|Jul 15, 2023
      1 Answer
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      A:  No they don't. However, these can be used on a 20A circuit if you only need 15A capacity.

      by|Jul 20, 2023
        Q:Does outlet UL approve for AL 12 gauge wire or CU 14 gauge wire?
        by|Jul 10, 2023
        1 Answer
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        A:  Copper only, they are not designed for AL wiring

        by|Aug 6, 2023
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          Excellent and Great Looking Tamper-Resistant Duplex Outlet by Leviton
          Leviton Decora Edge is an excellent and great looking tamper-resistant duplex outlet. This is a 15 Ampere version but there are higher Ampere versions available. It looks great and works great. The surface looks smooth but feels solid and sturdy as well. It as tamper-resistant as is required for all electric outlets these days and looks great behind a standard wall plate. It Installation is as easy as push, click and done.
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          Great tamper resistant (TR) 15A outlet. Very easy to wire, and easy to test.
          Leviton has been updating their basic outlets and this one has a lot of new convenient features. Instead of the usual side screws or "back stab" connectors, this outlet has lever actuated wire connectors that hold the wire very securely. It has two black connection points (for the hots), two white connection points (for the neutrals) and one green connection for the ground (sometimes green wire, sometimes bare wire). You can also break a tab between the two hots (lift the little cover to expose it) so that one outlet is (for example) switched and one is not. It comes with an extra long mounting plate. You can break off the tabs at the very top and bottom if you need that space. It is also self-grounding if you install it properly into a grounded metal box. It is for copper only (no aluminum) and is labelled for 12 gauge and 14 gauge wire. It says 125V 15A max. and has the UL listing on the box and on the device.
          • Recommended
          Great improvement for installation.
          Well, Leviton really outdid themselves on this product. If I could have rated it higher than 5 stars, I would have done so. This outlet (and related types of products like switches) is a fantastic improvement in design. Not only is it tamper resistant, but it has special "ears" that enable it to be used with the screw less wall plates, or they can be broken off for regular wall plates. Installation is really easy. Just use the strip guide for the length of wire stripping, and insert the wire into the matching color-coded connectors on the outlet and snap the catches down to hold the wires in. Solid and easy! I also checked out the ease of removal in case you needed to move the outlet. That was super easy. Just open the catch and the wire comes right out. No more fooling with a screw driver to try to get the wire out from the old-style catches. It's a great design! I love to review something like this. It is a great idea and worked perfectly for me. Nice job, Leviton!
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          Leviton Duplex Outlet
          Tis outlet designed and manufactured by Leviton is revolutionary. Leviton is a leader in electrical components this design has many very useful features. It has eliminated alll screws for fastening wires. now all you do is insert and lock wire in with friction wire snaps. it has a wire gage for measuring tip length to allow for proper grip of all wire. If your wire is stripped installation is limited to how long it takes you to screw outlet in electrical box In other words it is a smap..
          • Recommended
          Skeptical at first but this is a well designed product
          I have been skeptical of electrical devices that don't use the side screws for securing wires. The back stab idea resulted in many issues and I wasn't sure about this concept. This receptacle uses side levers to release and apply pressure to the wires holding them in place. This is much stronger than the old backstab method. The levers are opened fully, the wire pushed in and the lever closed. If this is a split circuit there is a cover to open and remove the jumper. If mounted next to other Decora Edge devices the notches and triangles line up the devices in the box.
          • Recommended
          When matched with a Leviton wall switch the Decora Edge works wonderfully! The outlet plus the wall switch needed to be updated in our bedroom so we could have a light. The house is much older and built with no working lights in our bedroom. The Push Click installation made the process a lot less effortless after fighting and identifying the octopus of wires hidden in the walls, then having to fish additional wires down to the junction box in order to get the outlet, wall switch and lamp to work properly. The adjustment tabs at the top and bottom had to be removed to fit correctly in the wall, and they can be done with ordinary wire cutters. Now we have light in our bedroom and will continue to replace these older outlets around the house with the Decora Edge.
          • Recommended
          Modern outlet
          This is a neat product, I like the innovative features that have been incorporated into this outlet. One thing it has is a spring loaded tab that locks down your wires, it’s very easy and fast to install. It also has flaps where you plug in your accessories to help keep dust from entering the outlet. It also has a nice look to it, just flat, smooth, and plain just to blend in.
          • Recommended
          Easy to install
          It is a little different from a traditional outlet, but it is still simple to install. It does come with easy to follow instructions. Just insert the stripped wires into the correct slots and close the tab. There is a guide on the back of the outlet that you should use to measure how long the striped wire should be. The tabs are a little stiff to pull back and feel like they might break off. Don’t worry they won’t.
          • Recommended
          Easy safe and tamper resistant outlet ready to use Al you need is a few tools listed in instructions page make sure you always shut power off on outle
          Leviton Decora Edge 15 Amp Tamper-Resistant Duplex Outlet...I used this unit in my review in garage to replacement a standard old style unit. I having used this unit for the first time this unit has some ver nice features use strip gauge on unit to cut ends to proper length. Alignment tab, break off tabs, colored tabs white black and green for ground. All of these items are shown with instructions the real key to an easy install review that info first
          • Recommended
          You have found the best, look no further
          If you are a professional or a DYI'er you will love these super outlet receptacles. The Home Depot site does an excellent job of showing in detail just how to install the wires using the color coded tabs. First this to check off is where the outlet come from, Leviton is top of the line. This outlet is 15amp and tamper resistant. I love the ease of the tabs to install or remove a wire. Find both English and Spanish instructions that are excellent. The top and bottom have tabs that facilitate putting 2 or more outlets or switches in the same box. Most excellent product.
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