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Decora In-Wall Humidity Sensor & Fan Control, 3 A, Single Pole, White

  • Practical - lessens condensation and helps reduce mold and mildew
  • Smart - sensor detects excess humidity and automatically turns on
  • Energy saving - turns on and off automatically
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Product Overview

The new Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control automatically detect excess humidity in a room and activate the ventilation fan to reduce condensation. This helps to lessen the appearance of mold and mildew and provides a more comfortable environment. The sensor uses a microprocessor combined with state-of-the-art digital sensing technology to continuously monitor and manage humidity levels in areas of the home prone to condensation and mildew. It features user-friendly controls to adjust sensitivity, humidity level and time out settings. The sensor can replace a single pole switch and can be used with most bathroom or ventilation fans or fan/light combinations. It is designed to fit within a standard wall box and requires a neutral wire for operation.
  • Replaces a single pole switch for control of a ventilation fan or a fan/light combination
  • Meets cal green and CA title 24 requirements; sensor is equipped with user adjustable humidity range set points to set the minimum humidity level at which the fan will automatically operate
  • Automatic ventilation/air cycle mode for continuous operation with hourly pre-set time outs
  • Compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent lighting loads
  • Green LED functions as a status indicator (fan on/off, air cycle mode, manual override)
  • Use with existing or new ventilation fans up to 1/6 HP, 4 Amp
  • Compatible with decor and decor plus wall plates
  • California residents

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Electrical FeaturesProgrammableProgrammableProgrammableIlluminated
Wattage (watts)250 W600600800
Mounting TypeIn-WallIn-WallIn-WallScrew-In
Motion Sense TypeOccupancyOccupancyOccupancyOccupancy
Voltage120 volt120 volt120 volt120 volt
Field of View180 Degrees180 Degrees180 Degrees180 Degrees
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Amperage (amps)
Color Family
Compatible Bulb Type
Coverage Area (sq. ft.)
Electrical Features
Electrical Product Type
Motion Sensor
Field of View
180 Degrees
Maximum Distance (ft.)
Motion Sense Type
Mounting Type
Pack Size
General Purpose
120 volt
Wall Plate Included
Wattage (watts)

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
Title 24,UL Listed,cULus Listed
Manufacturer Warranty
5- Year Limited

Questions & Answers


Why is the fan switching on for no reason? The humidity in California is at about 6% right now a...

Asked by JRod April 1, 2021

I have one of these units in my bathroom above a hand towel rack. If the towel hanging there is damp the switch will sometimes turn on the vent fan. Works on humid air no matter where it comes from.

I plan to use this in a half bath in a basement for general humidity control, so not with a showe...

Asked by Brian January 14, 2021

Yes you can set the humidity trip point as well as the runtime after it is tripped

How fast is it supposed to respond to an increase in humidity? I understand that there is a built...

Asked by mikeola January 13, 2021

I’ve never been suspect of mine, seems to respond really well to the shower use. In fact, it will run sans shower at times, which I attribute to it getting sticky upstairs given I have it dialed up to the highest sensitivity. Have never tried to confirm.

Can this unit be installed sideways or just vertical?

Asked by Jonny September 24, 2020

it should not make a difference, there are no "moving" parts inside, id call the manufacturer just to be sure.

How well do these work compared to ceiling humidity sensors that are built into the exhaust fans?...

Asked by atria78 August 29, 2020

I don’t have any experience with the exhaust fan units, but I can say the one we bought worked well for us. Put it in the kids bathroom because they never turned on the fan. It seemed to go on shortly after they got in the shower. Sometimes, it was triggered even when no one was in the room. We live in a humid climate, so that may be why. We have rented out the house for the last 4 years and the tenants tell me it’s still working well.

Does it come in ivory or almond

Asked by Sbc August 2, 2020

Yes, IPHS5-1LI and IPHS5-1LT

Is there a way to have this switch stay on until I turn it off? I do not want it to turn itself off on its own.

Asked by Dave February 1, 2020

This switch is designed to turn off when the set time is complete or when the humidity gets low enough, there isn't a way to set it to stay on indefinitely. If you want to have this switch in place to turn a fan on and off based on humidity and still be able to turn the fan on manually until you want to turn it off manually there is a way. You can wire this sensor switch in parallel with a manual on/off switch. That way you have full manual control of the fan and this switch will still turn on and off automatically based on the humidity settings.

Can you turn off the automatic feature so that it is only used as a timer switch?

Asked by Jeff January 25, 2020

If you go to the Homedepot web site and look the controller up you can scroll down to the installation/operation instructions. The instructions are clearly written and will explain all of the modes of operation.

I installed this sensor in three of our bathrooms. They were installed in the summer months and w...

Asked by Nancy December 18, 2019

bot sure about the settings, is it possible to shield the area so the warm air does no t blow on it directly. I think the quick temp change is fooling the sensor.

If you are using the device in Air Cycle mode only (i.e. on 10 min /hr), when the power goes off ...

Asked by Daniel September 11, 2019

I tested this out by turning off my circuit breaker while the fan was running. The fan came back on once I restored power. at the breaker Don't know if the timer keeps running or starts back where it left off though. Assuming the latter...

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Great after a LOT of dialing in
I bought two of these switches for our full baths. I considered purchasing fans with built in humidity sensors instead, since humidity travels up. In the end I wanted the switching to happen at the wall in case the humidity sensor needed seasonal adjustments. Installed the first switch in our master bath and left it on the factory settings - high sensitivity, automatic detection of humidity “events”. I left the front appearance plate and the cover for the switch adjustments off for several days in case we needed to access the adjustment dials. Ran the shower for a bit and the switch kicked the fan on - success!! That night the fan kicked on probably a half dozen times while I was trying to sleep. Finally got fed up and flipped the breaker to turn it off. Spent the next day trying to get the sensitivity dialed in, but either the fan didn’t kick on during a shower OR it did but it also kicked on at other times. At this point I was tempted to give up and pull the switch out. I persisted because 1) I’m kinda lazy and 2) my husband grew up without ever using a bathroom fan, has not successfully learned to use one as an adult, and has managed to ruin several fixtures in the bathroom by letting the steam build up until the walls begin to drip. I simply HAD to have something in place that would automate the process. After the second day, it occurred to me that the “humidity event” sensor is looking for a sudden rapid rise in humidity. Here in a southeast summer the humidity is already so high that the steam from a shower doesn’t register as a significant change. From there, I made the appropriate adjustments to override the “event detection” mode. I set the humidistat dial to a level just a bit higher than the average summer humidity in our house. This worked a lot better and from there I spent another couple of days making small adjustments to the sensitivity to get it dialed in just right. After four days, I think I can claim I’ve successfully gotten this thing working right. It kicks on just before fog starts to occur at the tops of the mirrors and runs until the bathroom is defogged. It took a little bit of frustration but I couldn’t be happier now that it’s working. If you’re considering this because it’s a neat gadget, it may not be worth your time. If you need a device that will make up for the fact that your family (or guests) were raised like wild animals, and you’re willing to spend a few days goofing around with the settings, I think you’re going to love this switch. Photos: installed switch without the decorative plate or the adjustment cover installed. I opted for the Leviton screwless plates, so the mounting bracket is present here but not the finish plate. Amateur tip: map your circuit breakers - but ALSO write the breaker number on the back of the switch plate for a quick reference!!
by PlumBob
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Local code requires these to be installed in all bathroom remodels. Since the on/off function is ...
Local code requires these to be installed in all bathroom remodels. Since the on/off function is integrated into the design, I mounted this in the 4' standard switch height position. This elevation is too low for steam to adequately activate the fan automatically. I installed a second one 6" from the ceiling to get proper automatic ventilation when the shower is active (see below). The wiring is configured in such a way that if either switch is active, the fan turns on. I strongly recommend this method. This requires a little extra electrical planning. Also, make sure the switch is 6' (horizontal) from the extent of shower/bath Pros: Once the sensor was placed at the proper height above the floor, It turns on in time to automatically prevent bathroom fog-up. The connections are all the screw compression, so it works well with both solid and stranded wire (all 4 connections including ground). The switches can be safely installed in parallel. Cons: There is a 5 second delay from the manual activation of the fan until it actually turns on. There are 3 adjustments that are confusing and not intuitive (e.g. time, sensitivity, and humidity). The access to the adjustment screws is not intuitively obvious. Read those instructions. About myself: Expert handy-man and licensed professional electrical engineer.
by lukeswr
It works as it's supposed to. If you read the directions it's easy enough to program-I set mine t...
It works as it's supposed to. If you read the directions it's easy enough to program-I set mine to come on for 20 mins when I want to manually turn it on. It turns itself on when I take a shower-I do wish it would stay on a bit longer though-and yes I have it set to the highest sensitivity... But here's my gripe-and I'm surprised I'm the only one to complain about this: When the unit is OFF-the green light is ON. When the unit is ON-the green light is OFF. I have 4 other (5 total) digital timer switches in this bathroom-and on every single one of the them LED indicator light is ON when you turn the switch on-makes sense, right? And when they power OFF, the LED indicator light goes OFF. This is the only switch I've ever seen where it operates the exact opposite of what would be considered common sense. I've had this thing for 6 months, and I still cannot get used to it! Leviton-please consider fixing this design flaw. If you notice in the photo's I've attached, I have turned all the other switches ON-including this one. It is the ONLY one where the indicator light (located above the fan drawing) isn't on. In all photos it's the switch on the far right. I also included a photo with the switch OFF-and you'll notice the indicator light is ON!?! I still recommend it though-it works as advertised. Maybe I'm too picky...
by Veganyaya
Response from levitonProductExpertApr 26, 2017
Thank you for your input. We depend on comments from users like yourself and have forwarded your suggestion to our product development team.

David Keller
Senior Director, e-Business
10 people found this helpful
I was looking forward & delighted to have it for my hall bathroom rather than to turn fan switch before & after my showers. My hall bathroom really needed automatically venting @ any time there was humidity. i had a handyman to install it for me but not accomplished it to get working. he retried 3 times, still not working. maybe defected? I was sooooo disappointed. I really wanted to have it automatically turning itself @ any time instead of to turn switch on. boo hoo
by VR
Response from levitonProductExpertMar 9, 2017
Leviton sincerely regrets your experience. We would like to know more about your specific installation and the problem you encountered. Please email to
Ebusiness@leviton.com your phone number and best times to call and we will have a technical support specialist call you to offer assistance.

David Keller
Senior Director, e-Business
1 person found this helpful
It does work, but it takes a while to get the settings right so that it doesn't turn on in the mi...
It does work, but it takes a while to get the settings right so that it doesn't turn on in the middle of the night when the house is being cooled and so it does turn on after taking a shower. Also, had to install it sideways since my bathroom light and fan switches are all in a 4-gang electrical box installed vertically.
by BLab
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Great fan control
This is the third Humidity sensor I have installed in the last month. It just makes sense for a bathroom fan to come on automatically. It's hard to get everyone in your household to turn the fan on when they have taken a bath or shower. This eliminates trying to get everyone on board to run it on. There are several settings that you can adjust on the unit. Like how long it runs, how much humidity it needs to sense before it turns I actually decided to use the preset factory settings. It is working just fine for me at their settings. I also like the feature that when someone stinks up the bathroom they can just touch the sensor and it will run for 10 min. or whatever you have it preset for. Wish my Home Depot carried these in the store, but I did have to order them online in order to get them. Shipping was really quick though, 2 days.
by Steve
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Steam remover
Now I don't have to remember to go turn off the bathroom fan iafter a shower (or remember to turn it on for that matter). I was always forgetting to turn off the fan in the bathroom after my morning shower. 8 hours later when I get home from work, it was still doing its job. When I found out I could get a fan sensor and timer my mind was blown. The install is a little time consuming because most bathroom fan switches don't require a neutral wire connection, so you typically have to re-wire the switch box a bit. This is so the sensor always has power and can monitor the humidity level for changes. It's also deep, so you will spend some time squishing wires around. Once installed it's great. You have a manual override, which is also timed so if you leave it running it will turn off after your preprogrammed configuration. I set mine between 10 and 20 minute marks, it can go for up to 60. You can also adjust or turn off the humidistat if you like. And it also comes with the ability to turn on-off at specific intervals if you have a room that needs constant ventilation like an attic. As for usage; I have not had any false positives yet. The default setting for the humidistat seems to be a good option. Why did I give it only 4 stars; it has 3 design choices that bug me. First you have to remove the faceplate and then gently pry the plastic switch button off the front to make adjustments. Sure you shouldn't have to make changes often but this is goofy and I don't want to break the plastic ears holding the switch plate to the front. The LED on the front, not everyone wants a light switch to glow. The push button is flimsy and gets caught on the switch faceplate cover from time to time, I'm not sure why I can disconnect it from the switch either, seems like another piece that can be broken with use. All in all I am glad to have it and it indeed insures I don't have moisture in my bathroom.
by bb101
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Perfect addition to a bathroom with a humidity issue
Perfect addition to a bathroom with a humidity issue. This is a great way to eliminate moldy damp bathrooms. Before showering, I push the fan button and let it run. When I come back later, the fan has automatically turned off and the bathroom is dry. Installation was super easy. The provided instructions are well written and easy to follow with an understanding of basic electrical. It fits perfectly in a decora plate and blends in well Perfect for people who have to run out of the house as soon as they finish showering !
by HDKevin
Great Solution to Bathroom Humidity
The Leviton Humidity Sensor Fan switch is the solution to that never ending problem of humidity buildup in your bathroom. For all of those times when you forget to turn on the ceiling fan on before you hit the showers, you won't have to worry about those foggy mirrors or excessive moisture any longer. This switch senses the rise in the humidity in the bathroom and automatically turns on the fan. The fan will run for the pre-set time selected during the installation process. Even though this switch will automatically turn on when it senses the rise in the humidity it can also be manually turned on and off. This switch can be configured to meet all of your bathroom ventilation needs. Installation can be a little bit tricky if your wiring does not match the wiring diagram provided in the instructions. One of the most common issues is the need to have a neutral wire available to correctly wire this switch. If you don't have a neutral wire, you will need to troubleshoot this issue and find a safe way to complete the wiring and installation of this switch. The only other issue that you may have is getting all of the wires as well as the switch back in the box. The humidity switch is large and does take up a significant amount of space. Make sure you take your time, assure all of the connections are tight and you will be done before you know it.
2 people found this helpful
This humidity sensor really works, and works well. Within minutes of the shower running, the sensor kicks in and activates the exhaust fan. There are two toggle switches on the face of the switch where you can adjust the built in humidistat and timing features to your preference. I left mine to factor defaults and have been pleased with the results from day one. I keep a separate humidistat in my bathroom to monitor the humidity level and the automatic sensor delivers on keeping it below 50%. If you aren't sure why the humidity level matters - it comes down to mold and bugs. The higher the humidity, typically greater than 50%, the greater the chance for mold to develop. Also water, and high humidity attracts bugs (think roaches!). So keeping your indoor humidity levels in check will save you a lot of headache from these two very unwanted nuisances! Plus this shuts itself off so the fan isn't running needlessly and consuming electricity - in turn saving you money!
by HappyCustomerHere
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