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15 oz. Speed Tire Shine Aerosol Spray

  • Professional high-gloss finish
  • Provides maximum shine and superior protection
  • Just spray and walk away
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About This Product

Mothers Speed Tire Shine's durable, penetrating mist thoroughly coats your tire's sidewall with minimal effort, while providing maximum shine and superior protection. Advanced micro-emulsion resin technology combined with premium silicones give your tires a long lasting, just dressed finish that won't brown, sling or run. When you're short on time and want your vehicle to look its best, showcase it with Speed Tire Shine.


  • Restores that new tire showroom level shine with little effort
  • When you're short on time and want your vehicle to look its best, showcase it with speed tire shine
  • Advanced micro-emulsion resin technology combined with premium silicones give your tires a long lasting, just dressed finish that won't brown, sling or run
  • Just spray and walk away, leaving an instant high gloss finish
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Product Information

Internet # 319396781

Model # 16915

Store SKU # 1007297220

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Dimensions: H 9.25 in, W 2.25 in, D 2.25 in


Product Depth (in.)

2.25 in

Product Height (in.)

9.25 in

Product Size

15 OZ-Ounce

Product Width (in.)

2.25 in


Automotive Part Type

Wheel/Tire Care

Container type




General Part Type

Wheel/Tire Care

Pack Size


Product Form


Professional/ Residential

Professional, Residential

Recommended Surfaces

Automotive, Rubber





Where to Use


Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings

No Certifications or Listings

Questions & Answers

Q:Is this product biodegradable? is it safe for delicate plants?
by|Mar 27, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Dear Mike, Being that this is a tire shine, it has not been tested for its effects on plants. That said, we have never experienced an issue negatively affecting nearby vegetation. Should you ever have concerns in the future, please reach out to us by emailing info@mothers.com or calling 714-891-3364 and asking for Technical Support. -- Sincerely, Mothers Customer Service

by|Jan 5, 2024
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    Fast easy and lasting
    Fast easy and lasting that's how to describe MOTHERS 15 oz. Speed Tire Shine Aerosol Spray. I started by not cleaning anything I was about to use the product on. That being said the stuff worked better than I could have imagined! I did all four tires on my work van then moved onto the backs of the mirrors, bumper covers and anything else that was rubber or vinyl, they all turned out amazing! That was over a month ago and it still all looks like I just did it
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    Excellent Product
    I ordered the Mothers 15oz speed tire shine for my new vehicle. I hunt a lot so my vehicle is always getting dirty. I love this product. This is easy to use, smells great and works exactly as stated. I uploaded a picture and circled the clean area of my tire vs the dirty area. The picture can’t do the shine justice. I highly recommend this product and plan on using it.
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    Very easy to apply, terrific gloss shine!
    If you want a glossy shine on your tires this is a tire dressing product that delivers. Very easy to use: clean your tires with soap and water, let them dry (or use a leaf blower to blow the water off) and spray on the Mothers tire dressing. Tips: put some newspaper on the ground around the tire to catch any overspray and keep it off the ground or garage floor. If you get overspray on your wheels wipe it off. I did not have a problem with overspray. I love the shine! We will see how long it lasts.
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    Shiny Tires look like new
    The MOTHERS 15 oz. Speed Tire Shine Aerosol Spray goes on easily. I have used tire shine spray before and it foams up and runs off the bottom. Most of the product ends up on the ground, not this one. The first thing I noticed was that it sprays on with a wet shiny surface and stays where you put it. I can apply it in my garage and not worry about it slicking up the floor. It has a pleasant smell and is not offensive in any way.
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    Works great and the shine lasts
    This is a great product. I'm a creature of habit and been using the same product for years but the only problem was my old tire cleaner smelled very chemically and if I wasn't wearing gloves it would make my hands feel very slimy for almost half the day. So I thought I'd change it up and try new things and I came across the MOTHERS detail line and the 15oz. Speed Tire Shine Aerosol Spray and boy was I surprised. It was easy to use and unlike traditional pump spray bottle that tend to leak at the nozzle and get all over your hands, this is an aerosal spray which is much easier. Just go about your normal carwash, clean and scrub tires (which is what i usually do) and then after tire dries simply spray a nice light coat on the wheels, careful not to overspray cuz it is hard to get off, then re-apply to cover any missped spots. It has been a week since and the tires still look shiny and clean.
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    I like how you can adjust the sheen you would by giving the tire another coat of the tire shine or if you what a matte like sheen when it's dry buff
    I chose the MOTHERS 15 oz. Speed Tire Shine Aerosol Spray for 2003 SUV I like that the Mother's speed Tire shine is so easy to use it's a one step product! Just shake the can before spraying and again occasionally while spraying and that's it. I like how you can adjust the sheen you would by giving the tire another coat of the tire shine or if you what a matte like sheen when it's dry buff the tire to bring down the sheen.
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    Shiny and black!
    As you can see in the before and after picture this product worked nicely. And the after results are better than the picture. I liked how easily the product was to apply and unlike some products there was little overspray. I made two passes around the tire to be sure there was complete coverage and I was done. No wiping needed and there was no spray on the wheel. you can tone down the shine a bit by wiping with a rag or paper towel. It does take 30 minutes or more for it to dry before driving in my experience.
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    Easy to use, great results
    Mothers Speed Tire Shine Spray is perfect for those of us who are always on the go, and simply don't have the time to manually go through all the nooks and crannies. This is where this spray comes to the rescue. 15 oz is just the right size for this application, and it works like a charm. In only a few minutes my tires are super shiny. I received many compliments on them, and my neighbors asked me what product I used. I told them it was Mothers Speed Tire Shine Spray, and immediately they wanted to buy this spray. I am very pleased with the way my tires look after just one application, and highly recommend this tire spray to anyone.
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    Nice, Shiny, and Long Lasting
    I like this product a lot. It has a lot of things going for it that many other tire shine products do not. First of all, it doesn't turn "brown" like some of the others. Second, the solution doesn't sling to the side of your car after you have applied it, which is always annoying; it stays on the tire. Third, it lasts a long time. I usually "dress" my tires each time I wash my car so the tires always look pretty good. When I can't get around to washing my cars for a few weeks, though, I noticed that they still have that "new" look to them. The directions say to spray the solution right onto the tire but I have never done that with tire sprays. Maybe it is just me, but too much of the solution ends up on other surfaces than the tire. Instead, I spray the solution onto a foam applicator and then apply it to the tire. By using this method, I am assured that all of the solution ends up on the tire and not in the wheel well or on the side of the car. Mothers makes great products and this is another example of their commitment to excellence. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.
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    Shine On
    Mothers 15 oz. Speed Tire Shine aerosol spray is a good product. Follow the directions and you’re good to go. Time shine isn’t new to me. I’ve used it over the years when I wash my own car. If I was at a car wash, I always requested it. Mothers is a good brand. Go pets on easily and stays nice & shiny. It will not rain now till the next week, so I will see then how it holds up. I think it will still be shiny.
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