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Elite Gourmet Deluxe 25L Air Fryer Oven Black

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Elite Gourmet Deluxe Air Fryer Oven has a variety of functions to give the chef in your home unlimited cooking potential. The 25 liters is large and will bring out the gourmet in your kitchen to create heavenly family meals. With separate oven and air fry temperature controls and a 120 minute timer, you can fast fry, cook, bake, roast, rotisserie & even dehydrate your favorite meals and snacks fast & easy! Enjoy crispy healthy foods without the mess and calories! It's faster than conventional cooking methods, no added fats or oils & saves time and energy. Unlike deep fryers, Elite's Deluxe Air Fryer Oven with 6 stainless steel heating elements circulates dynamic-hot air which automatically makes food crispy, tasty, juicy & tender without oil and it's healthier!Combination air fryer and oven, Large 25 liter capacity, bake, broil, roast, air fry, dehydrate and Rotisserie functions, 4 knob control panel with two thermostat knobs to control temperature of oven and air fryer separately, 6 stainless steel heating elements (4 upper, 2 lower),

Product ID #: 314988298Internet #: 717056128687Model #: EAF9100

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Questions & Answers

Q:can this oven be used on counter and be back aganist wall?
by|Dec 1, 2020
1 Answer
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A:  Hello, The oven could be used on top of a counter (make sure surface is heat-resistant) and away from wall and other appliances. It is recommended to leave approximately 4 inches of space from nearby objects. Elite by Maxi-Matic Customer Care Team

by|Dec 4, 2020
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    Great cooking
    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Functionality wise this is an excellent air fryer as well as a convection oven and oven. It is very nice how many settings it comes with. However, the big huge complaint is I already can't read anything on the timer knob, or most of the settings. It really needs to be addressed, as its vital to know if it is on "air fryer" or "toaster" or any of the other settings. I will probably put an "A" where the air fryer setting is. I love how french fries turn out in here. There was a tip to spray with cooking oil and it does improve them, but not needed. The size is nice and can fit some frozen pizzas, which it cooks well too. It has many uses for cooking and I like that it came with a basket for air fry and rack for oven and toaster settings.
      • Recommended
      Better cooking
      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I would say Elite Gourmet X-Large 25L Air Fryer Oven with Interior Light is a better than those round size air fryer where space is less food gets piled up ,losing the air frying purpose. This is a well designed fryer ,has ample space to cook all types of food in less oil. Not only air frying ,I can bake ,toast as well. The food comes out better each time specially potato fries, veggies fries ,they are always crispy. I baked frozen biscuits, home made fries, cookies. This cooks faster and I can see through while it bakes just like a normal oven, which is great and not possible in other air fryers. Its a big fryer hence you need a dedicated space in your kitchen counter top. My only critic which is surely a big problem that the letters on the knob controls are too small and faintly written that you would need a magnifier glass or reading glasses to read. Its a huge problem for me as my kitchen does not have natural light so initially I had to use flash light alongwith the reading glasses to read the temperature and other details on the knobs. Also the knobs are very tight and takes a lot effort to turn them. I can not recommend this fryer to elderly people. If these can be improved then this could be a highly recommended fryer for me.
        Pretty solid AirFryer
        [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So I've had a lot of air fryers over the years - this one marks the sixth one, so I've had a lot of experience with them. Broken down into the good things and bad things: Good things: Size - this oven is a perfect size for a family. Its big enough for most meals - fits up to a whole chicken or a whole bag of fries Shape - this is the most important thing for us is the shape - the ones that are round bucket designs arent great for getting everything cooked the same because you have to stack everything on top of each other - here the Elite really shines because everything can get spread out on the various racks and cooks everything evenly Speed - there really isnt a pre-heat period - it gets to temp so fast that if you let it heat for just a minute its at temp. It also cooks things VERY fast in the airfry mode. Fries in about 6-8 minutes easy Options - there are a LOT of options here. You can bake, air fry, toast, convection, broil etc. There are a bunch of modes depending on what you want to cook Build - it is built really well, the knobs turn nice, the door opens well and the light is bright Clean up - it is really easy to clean up - the only thing is the door doesnt come off Not so good: Analog Timer - I mean what?? Its an old school egg timer that counts down - where it really sucks is that in most cases you need times less than 10 minutes - with this it is near impossible to tell the difference between 4 minutes and 8 minutes - but that makes a huge difference in air fry mode. Cookies - no matter how we tried cookies just didnt bake correctly - didnt spread and the bottoms were dark Overall it is our favorite airfryer to date.
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          Learning curve but a great appliance
          [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Elite Gourmet Air Fryer / Oven. First I just want to say I hate everything about frying foods. From the smell to the grease splatters to trying to dispose of the used grease when the time comes. That said I was pretty intrigued seeing air fryers but I equally hate clutter and my counters being taken up by big appliances so I put off having one for awhile. Firstly I think its important to note that the elite gourmet isn't just a air fryer. Its also a counter top oven to bake, a toaster and it can broil. So far here is what I've cooked in so far Chicken Nuggets & Tater Tots Fresh Hamburger Patty's for cheeseburgers Mozerella sticks A hotpocket Cookies This review is honestly a mix of love it and hate it. Firstly I'm not fond of the size but its necessary for its functions. It can also be stored away when not being used. The chicken nuggets and tots turned out great tasted like fast food. Super happy with those. Hamburger Patty's were different. Grease was non existent on the patty which while nice made them a little dry however they cooked within 10 mins and tasted great. The cookies- 6 mins at 350 degrees First batch raw on top- burnt on bottom . Second bath cooked but more crispy than we like. Hotpocket - fail burnt frozen on inside still Mozerella sticks - good but cheese started to ooze through basket grate openings had to pick up the hot cheese sticks fast and quickly. Onion rings -best o rings ever! Overall it's a good appliance. It cooks the food as it says it does, but theres definitely a learning curve to it. The book thats included has recipes and cook times definitely helps a ton. Overall not a bad buy just a learning curve and its not meant to cook everything you do on the stove and oven. I'll definitely be sticking to my griddle for cheeseburgers. But for nuggets frys or onions rings this is the only thing ever cooking them.
            • Recommended
            [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This oven is the jack of all traits!!! This is a must in every kitchen! First off the design is soooo modern and fancy! Next you have so many different ways to make your food from air frying to baking. This Oven is super convenient abd cooks amazingly !! You can cook so many different items & use the different trays for your food!
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              Best air fryer ever
              [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Let me tell you about my air fryer oven. It's big and a big turkey can fit. Also it's an air fryer and conventional oven too. It has an interior light and a oil dispenser on the bottom. It has lots of features.
                • Recommended
                [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We love this oven and in all honesty it has replaced our regular oven and toaster for most of our cooking. Food comes out piping hot, evenly cooked and we swear it cooks faster than our big oven. The knobs may be a bit difficult to read but they are easy to use!
                  • Recommended
                  Best kitchen appliance
                  [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely love the Airfryer oven!! The fried chicken turned out perfect! It was very juicy and the cleanup of the airfryer was so easy! I am so impressed and completely thrilled. It is large enough to make larger quantities of food and so many functions to it make it easy for different uses and cooking. It absolutely looks great on the counter! I highly recommend this is you are looking into getting one. It cooks the food so evenly!
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                    Great size, holds a lot
                    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This air fryer oven is Bigger than it looks! It comes with an oven rack, an air fryer basket & a combination baking sheet/drip tray! They all fit inside the oven together for storage & two accessories at a time obviously works well during the cooking process. What I love about it is it's size & versatility. I also am impressed & in awe at what the fryer basket can hold! When making lunch for my family, I was able to nicely air fry & crisp a half a bag of frozen steak fries! They were perfect the basket allowed for great air flow. I also was easily able to bake 6 turkey sausage patties on the baking sheet with no issues! Everything cooked to perfection & was delicious. I also made toast & attempted to bake frozen cookies. What I dislike is the timer/temperature gages. The max limit is 120 minutes (aka 2 hours). However, the timer starts minute wise at 20 mins so that's a down fall for me. My previous appliances (separate toaster oven & fryer) have time & temperature in increments of 5 & it makes it much easier to use. Air fryer temp & oven temp gages are very similar in that they go from off, to 300, 375 & max of 450. When baking the meat & quickly (right before the timer hit off) I toasted buns & it was fine. But, when attempting toast a bagel & actual toast a few times I had to watch it quickly since I guessed on what time & temp I had the oven set too. Also, when making frozen cookies. I tried 3 batches, an entire package, on the baking sheet in all rack height positions. In each attempt the bottoms completely burned & the tops/middles were raw or just below fully cooked! It's crazy that even when lowering the temperature, repositioning the sheet & switching from convection bake to regular bake we still ended up with the same result. However, every other meat or friable food item I have attempted has turned out pretty well, so overall I am happy with this product. I can't speak on the results of the broiling function though as I've never even used it on my regular household oven, but that is a function on this appliance as well. The overall size & how awesome the air fryer function & basket work for my needs is the biggest plus for me & I'm hoping that over time, with some practice I can get better at guessing the appropriate times/temps to have everything work out perfectly!
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                      Nice oven!
                      [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I Like the Elite Gourmet Air Fryer! My hamburgers and fries were cooked to perfection.I was also surprised my chicken was moist. As far as baking cookies and pizza we burnt a couple. I believe eventually I will get the hang of it. I thought they might be dry and overcooked. I was surprised at how easy it was to use. This is easy enough for my kids and my elderly mother in law to use with minimal effort and quick results. The only down side is on the knobs they are hard to read the print is small. My MIL had to use a magnifying glass to read them.
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