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600 Lumens LED REDLITHIUM USB Low-Profile Hard Hat Headlamp (2-Pack)

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  • 125° Flood Beam Illuminates Full Field of Vision
  • Comfortable for Bare Heads & Balanced Design for All Day Comfort
  • Includes two 600 Lumens LED USB rechargeable hard hat headlamp
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Product Details

The MILWAUKEE USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp is powered by REDLITHIUM USB and delivers 600 Lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition Output. The flood light headlamp features an ultra-thin light head that provides an unobstructed view with 125° of flood beam coverage. The rechargeable headlamp is designed with the battery pack in the rear for maximum maneuverability in tight spaces and a balanced design for all-day use. The hardhat headlamp is equipped with a sweat absorbing microfiber strap for comfort on bare heads and four included hard hat clips for secure connections on all hardhats. The Milwaukee headlamp has four light output modes: High, Medium, Low and Eco for 28+ hours of runtime to maximize light output or extend runtime. The clip on hard hat light is IP54 rated for water and dust resistance and can withstand up to 2M drops, surviving the toughest conditions on and off the jobsite. The USB Rechargeable Low-Profile Headlamp is powered by the REDLITHIUM USB 3.0AH Battery, providing all-day run-time, more recharges, and 3x faster charge time. The Milwaukee REDLITHIUM USB Battery can be recharged in the flashlight via Micro USB or swapped out with additional REDLITHIUM USB Batteries for virtually no downtime. The Low-Profile Headlamp is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • 125° flood beam
  • 4 light output modes: flood high mode: 600 Lumens- 3 hours; medium mode: 350 Lumens- 7.5 hours; low mode: 125 Lumens- 13 hours; eco mode: 25 Lumens- 28 hours
  • 1 in. ultra-thin light head for maximum field of vision and minimal obstruction
  • Designed for comfortable bare head use with removable crown strap and sweat absorbing micro fiber forehead
  • Perfect for use with reversed or forward hard hats with (4) universal hard hat clips
  • Internally charges REDLITHIUM USB batteries through micro-USB port
  • 3X faster charge time
  • 50% charge in under 30 minutes or a full charge in 2 hours
  • Comfortable for bare heads; compatible with hard hats
  • IP54 rated: water and dust resistant
  • LED fuel gauge allows fast checking of REDLITHIUM USB battery charge
  • Limited lifetime warranty on light and 2-year warranty on REDLITHIUM USB battery
  • Includes: (2) USB rechargeable low-profile headlamp (2115-21), (2) REDLITHIUM USB 3.0AH Battery (48-11-2131), (2) 2 ft. heavy duty USB cord, (8) universal hard hat clips

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Questions & Answers

Q:Does this fit on the Bolt Hardhats?
by|Mar 9, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hello! This light is compatible with most brands of Hard Hats. However, our BOLT™ REDLITHIUM™ Headlamp (2118-21) is a dedicated solution for our BOLT™ hard hats and helmets and is fully compatible with all BOLT™ accessories.

by|Mar 15, 2023
    Q:Do these only work on Milwaukee hard hats?
    by|Feb 13, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Hi Marcus- This light is compatible with most brands of Hard Hats.

    by|Feb 16, 2023
      Q:Are the batteries 18650 batteries?
      by|Feb 1, 2023
      1 Answer
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      A:  It's their proprietary crap. So yes, it's 18650 based...but forget about using your batteries or chargers you already have.

      by|Feb 18, 2023
        Q:Is this a necklight or headlamp? I'm confused because some reviews say neck and there are also some photos with a necklight? Why
        by|Jan 6, 2023
        1 Answer
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        A:  Necklamp.

        by|Mar 17, 2023
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          Very Useful Headlamp
          I’m very happy with this headlamp. The kit comes with everything you need to mount it to a hard hat; and if you have the Milwaukee hard hat, it makes things that much easier, it just snaps in place. I really like the fact it is a rechargeable battery; it gets tiring having to change batteries all the time. Its also very bright with an easy to use on/off button. Its built quite sturdy and I believe this will last me a long time. I’m very happy with this headlamp.
          • Recommended
          Best option for hard hat mounted lighting.
          Now a hard hat light that is made for the Milwaukee hard hats. I work on a lift a ton running electric and plumbing. It can be very dark do to the lighting hanging from the ceiling or no light at all. I've used other hard hat lights that were strap based and they never stayed on good. The light quality and brightness is perfect for any project you might use it for. Another massive plus is the battery being on the back really makes it well balanced compared to the all in one options that can be front heavy. Hard hat lights are a must have for any time your working in a dark or less then optional lighting situation. As with all the Milwaukee products the quality is absolutely top notch and built to last the test of time.
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          Surprisingly Useful!
          I own several high-quality flashlights and headlamps for the home use and for backpacking/camping. I also have several small work lights and one large one. They are all useful and all have some drawbacks. This is the light source I didn’t know that I needed. And, due to a winter rain storm, I have already found it more useful than I expected! Flashlights require one hand to use and headlamps often don’t do a good job of providing light to where you want it for close work. Work lights leave your hands free and can spot a particular area well but also require a solid place to put them and often need to be adjusted while you work. This dual light neckband leaves your hands free, allows you to see a wide area in front of you, and in a lot of circumstances gives you light where you want it without your having to think about it. On a recent stormy night, I needed to access a shed which has combination padlock. Entering the combination is a pain without good light and the padlock is much easier to operate with both hands free. Using the neck light, it was easy to enter the combination, open the lock, and quickly get what I needed from the shed. This neck light has two lights and each can be adjusted upwards or downwards independently. So, it is possible to illuminate a large area vertically. The beams are also relatively wide; so, you will still get a good horizontal illumination. Good to Know: 1. This light is best at illuminating things near your body to about 10ft away. For things like setting up a tent, cooking at a campsite, crawling through a tight crawlspace, etc. this light is a good choice. Light falloff is noticeable after 10 ft and you will probably want a different light source beyond 15 ft. or so. If you need to see a good distance away, a tight beam flashlight or headlamp are probably better choices or use them in addition to this light. 2. The on/off button light has a color coded flashing light which indicates charge levels. 3. This requires a unique Milwaukee battery. I would rather this used standard size and readily available rechargeable batteries. 4. The charging port is on the top side of the unit and the “snap shut” battery compartment opens to the top as well. Both make me wonder how water resistant it will be if exposed to significant rain. Conclusion: This is a surprising useful light! For me, I expect that it will replace both headlamps and flashlights for many uses.
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          6 found this review helpful
          Bright Light
          I ordered this headlamp for the convenience of the rechargeable battery and the 600 lumens rating. The light has an on/off switch and a MODE switch on top of it. The MODE switch controls the four power(brightness)settings, High, Med, Low and ECO. The highest power is bright and and has a wide beam to it. Same for the next two lower settings, with incremental decreases in the brightness. The lowest power setting(ECO) doesn’t show up in a nominally lit room. I had to turn the light around to be sure it was on at the lowest setting which is only 25 lumens. I have not timed the battery life at each of the power settings. The battery compartment has a USB-C port for charging and a cable to charge the battery is included with the headlamp. The cable is USB-C on one end and the more traditional USB-A on the other end. The rechargeable battery is also replaceable or you could purchase a spare and switch to a fully charged battery when needed. One thing I missed when I ordered this headlamp. It must be mounted to a hard hat that is compatible with the Milwaukee Bolt hard hat mounting system. Otherwise, there is no way to wear the headlamp. I don’t own a Milwaukee Bolt system hard hat but I really like the headlamp and I’m sure I will find a way to utilize it.
          Best headlamp ever
          I never have enough head lamps. This lamp is the best one I have ever had. The color temperature of the lamp is nice and warm like an incandescent light. The best part is the coverage. EVERYTHING in your field of vision is lighted up. Most head lamps have a narrow beam and you have to turn your head to see anything that isn't right in front of you. With this one there is a nice even illumination even in your peripheral vision. I installed it on a Milwaukee hard hat that has the full brim. I live in the mountains of Northern California and it has been raining nonstop for almost a month. This lamp and the hard hat have been wonderful at keeping everything running including my generators. The only negative I can think of is that it must be installed on a hard hat, specifically their hard hat. I wish there was a kit or something so that you could wear it directly on your head.
          • Recommended
          What a great accessory!
          The Milwaukee 400 Lumens LED REDLITHIUM Rechargeable Neck Light is ideal for illuminating the table work area right in front of you. I have use several lights that mount on your helmet or headband, but this beats all of them hands down. I am a crafter and not that young anymore. So, I need plenty of light. The description says it has two light levels but I would describe them as bright and even brighter. You don't want to shine these on someone's eye! They charge fast and you don't need to buy batteries.
          Amazing light!
          This neck light is amazing! It fits comfortably around my neck and stays put. The unit is really solid and sturdy, and the fit and finish is perfect. It came with a USB-C charging cord, but requires a USB charge adapter for an electrical outlet. When charging, a bright ring around the power button illuminates to indicate the charge status. The lighting is fantastic and can be adjusted between high and middle level brightness. The middle level is bright enough for most purposes and allows the battery to last up to 8 hours. The high brightness is very strong and can run for up to 2.5 hours. Each light can be adjusted up or down, as needed. I’ve had a head-mounted LED light for years. It’s pretty good, but no where near as adjustable and comfortable as this neck light. I highly recommend this product, however it is a bit pricey.
          • Recommended
          You need to buy the Milwaukee Hard Hat Seperately
          There is no way to mount this to an existing hard hat. You have to buy the special Milwaukee hard hat. It is probably a really good system, but I didn't realize this when I requested the product. At this point I am not going to invest in another hard hat. I received the Milwaukee BOLT 600 Lumens LED REDLITHIUM Rechargeable Headlamp for free to write this review.
          The Milwaukee BOLT RED LITHIUM Rechargeable Headlamp, Red/ Black overcomes the primary weakness of all of my rechargeable headlamps, i.e., the run-time does not last long so I always seem to be recharging them. What Milwaukee has done is to add a large USB 3.0AH battery at the back of the hard hat to provide a much longer run-time. The headlamp has four light levels from 600 lumens which should provide light for 4 hours, 400 lumens for 8 hours, 150 lumens for 14 hours, and Eco for 32 hours. For me, the Eco mode does not offer sufficient light to do anything useful. However, the other three light levels with their long-run times are useful depending upon the task. The headlamp battery pack located at the back of the hard hat is charged using the bright red USB-C charging cord which supposedly charges 3 times faster (than what?). Pivoting through the six orientations of the headlamp is easy. The color of the power button indicates the approximate percentage of the charge remaining. It is easy to open the battery compartment when it is time to install a new battery. The only disadvantage to me is that the headlamp does not work with my current hard hat; it ONLY works with the Milwaukee BOLTt hard hat. I thought that there might be a way to make it work with my hard hat but there is not a way. So until I get a BOLT hard hat, I will not be able to take advantage of this headlamp’s many positive features. The BOLT unit has a limited lifetime warranty and the battery has a 2-year warranty. The unit is made in China.
          • Recommended
          What A Great Headlamp
          Milwaukee…. BOLT 600 Lumens LED REDLITHIUM Rechargeable Headlamp, I’ve had a couple of Helmet head lamps but nothing like this one, this is great, lots of features starting with a 4 position light switch from 600 lumens, 400,150, and 25, it has a cam lock system to keep the battery pack secured, it fits perfectly on my yellow bolt safety helmet, I like that it has a button to tell you the status of the battery and it has a 2’ charging cord for the 3.0AH Red lithium USB battery which charges to full charge in just 2 hrs. the bolt headlamp is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, this is a great product even if it is just for emergencies.
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