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Model # MLBXJB

78 in./32 in. REDSTICK Box Level Jamb Set

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  • ALL-METAL BACKBONE™: Strongest, most durable frame
  • SHARPSITE™ vial technology: best readability; impact protected
  • Guaranteed lifetime accuracy: accurate to .029°
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Product Details

About This Product

The Milwaukee REDSTICK Box Levels provide industry-leading performance with best-in-class vial readability and frame durability. The ALL-METAL BACKBONE provides the strongest, most durable frame ensuring long-life accuracy. SHARPSITE Vial Technology provides best-in-class readability with a magnified bubble and high-visibility vial spirit. The Milwaukee REDSTICK Box Levels are backed by a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • All metal backbone - strongest, most durable frame, reinforced vial retention
  • SHARPSITE vial technology - best readability, impact protected
  • Guaranteed lifetime accuracy - accurate to 0.029-degree (0.0005 in./in, 0,5 mm/M)
  • High contrast vial system is easy to clean and optimizes visibility
  • High density, removable end-caps protect frame and provide access in tight spaces
  • Wide, durable handles for comfort and portability
  • Precision milled measuring surface guarantees accuracy in all working positions
  • Over-molded, non-slip grips stick to the wall and prevent sliding
  • Durable, all-metal hang hole for storage
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Product Information

Internet # 300642221

Model # MLBXJB

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From the Manufacturer



Level Length (in.)

78 in

Product Depth (in.)

78.00 in

Product Width (in.)

2.53 in


Accuracy (in.)

.0005 in




No Additional Features

Hand Tool Type

Standard Level

Level Type




Number of Vials


Package Quantity




Tools Product Type

Hand Tool

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Do these box levels have a magnetic side?
by|Dec 23, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Brendan, the 24 in./48 in. REDSTICK Box Level Set is not magnetic. Thank you - Milwaukee Tool, Social Team

by|Dec 26, 2023
    Q:Does it come with a case?
    by|Jan 9, 2023
    1 Answer
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    A:  Hi Jeff- No, this Level Set does not include a case.

    by|Jan 10, 2023
      Q:Why is the vial on the 78” level not centered?
      by|Nov 27, 2019
      0 Answer
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      Q:How do they compare to the Stabila jamber set? (durability, accuracy, ease of reading, etc.)
      by|Nov 14, 2019
      1 Answer
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      A:  Junk. Stabilator is overpriced. I returned Milwaukee and bought Sola. Made in Austria. Perfectly accurate. Better looking vials than stabila.

      by|Apr 28, 2022
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      • 92% recommend this product
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      Still new but is already called the good level on work sites by other co-workers. I got a good de...
      Still new but is already called the good level on work sites by other co-workers. I got a good deal for this pair & Time will tell how well they hold up under construction conditions .
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      Strong Holding Magnets
      Very Impress with the holding power of the magnets on the Milwaukee red stick Levels, The levels kind of heavy but very well made looks like they can withstand some rough punishment, 48" level Works great on metal studs, and the 24" on smaller work area's, The ends of the levels have a heavy duty rubber cap to protect the level if dropped, Yes I would recommend to the homeowner and professional
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      Nice and level! Great Set!
      Excellent level from Milwaukee. These 78" and 32" magnetic "REDSTICK" levels are very robust and feels very strong. It has a great weight to it, so I am confident that it will last during my various projects. The two different lengths are perfect for those bigger projects such as cabinets, tables, doors, decks, etc., and smaller projects alike! The fact that it is magnetic is a surprisingly useful feature, not only for projects involving metal, but for storage! I currently have my Redstick levels stuck on the side of my large metal tool cabinet, that way I'm not wasting any space! The bubbles are very easy to read from dim to very bright light. The handles are easy to grip and the sides that are flat against your surfaces have a texture to it to provide a nice grip and prevent slipping. Additionally, the top black end caps can be removed if you need to fit it into an even tighter space. Pretty neat and I highly recommend!
      • Recommended
      Heavy duty construction levels
      These are hefty, heavy duty, rugged levels. These levels are a few ounces heavier than my older levels, and they have a heavy duty feel and heft to them. Milwaukee touts the toughness and durability of these levels, and their product video says that they can easily survive drops, falls, and job site abuse. If you need levels that can take abuse, these would be a good option. The sticker on these levels says that they are stronger than Stabila, so these appear to be aimed towards construction and contractor work. The two features that differentiate these REDSTICK levels are an additional internal metal reinforcement to make them stronger and more durable, and the extra-large vials. The vials on this level are huge compared to typical vials, and they have an extra thick plastic housing that looks very durable. The vials are bright yellow and are easy to read, and the bright red paint on the levels make them easy to spot. These levels are more expensive than most of the Empire box levels available at Home Depot, but if you need a level that can take abuse, these are a good option. If you only need a level for DIY projects and don't need an extra rugged level, than these may not offer as much value as a less expensive Empire model.
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      Straighter than an arrow !!!!
      What a nice set of levels, Great for anything from laying beams to hanging a door. They are solid, very nicely made, very cleanly machined straight edges, They have rare earth magnets in them which were developed in the 1970s, rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets made, producing significantly stronger magnetic fields than most any other type of magnet, so you won't have to worry about them falling off wherever you stick them. Milwaukee famous for their right angle drills that they invented in 1949 has been around a long time and produces a quality product,,,well worth the investment as these levels will last you a lifetime,,,,,,
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      Next level of Levels
      These levels are absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough. The overall build quality is unbelievable. Milwaukee has hit a homerun with REDSTICK Levels. I have the competitors level and after having some time with this I am a fan of Milwaukee’s level now. The quality they put in is bar none. The vials are magnified and viewable at virtually all angles. These vials totally pop. They are built for the life of the level and are made from high impact polymer acrylic, which will withstand impacts of your tool or being drop. We know it does happen. The week area of the level is the same spot the vial is located. Milwaukee enhanced this issue. They designed their backbone rib casing design giving structural integrity to the overall level strengthening this area. The accuracy is .029 meaning it with in 5 the thousandths of an inch, simply amazing. I love these levels so much I also have a small 9” torpedo level ant the 16" level. I’m completely sold on these levels. My 1 and only negative comment is the 16" and 24" don't have had grips in them if they did these would be over the top. I should only give it 4 stars because of this but I like it soo much I’ll let it slide and go 5 stars.
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      Built to last!
      I like how durable these levels are, and how much reinforcement is in the frame. The picture on the label shows a cutaway view exposing its rigid yet light, backbone. Yes, I'll admit these may be a little heavier than the average level, but I'll sacrifice lightweight for sturdiness any day. The vials are very large and easy to read. I guess they put a lot of engineering thought into these, since they are made in the USA as well. They are, of course, accurate (otherwise it would have no purpose). There is a lifetime accuracy guarantee which is .029 degrees at .0005 in/in or .5 mm/M. The "amplified rare earth magnets" are quite strong as well, and hold onto any magnetic surface with no problems. These are currently stored on the side of a toolbox (which saves a little space as well as being out of harms way). If you don't have anything metal to latch onto, then there are hollow rings for hanging wherever you please. It's nice that Milwaukee produces these sets in a variety of lengths, so you can choose the appropriate one for your specific purposes.
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      REDSTICK Magnetic Box Level Jamb Set is OUTSTANDING!
      I have a 4ft & numerous 2 foot levels, however NON of them are the quality of this set! The vials are HUGE & easy to see & read. AT 72 inches I was finally able to square up a door on an outbuilding that was off just enough to bind the locks. Hanging another prehund door will be child's play next time. I also like the heft of the levels. They are easy to maneuver & stay put. Also very good to help lay out a foundation on another outbuilding, I was able to span more that 5 joists which helped in building a sturdy hefty foundation & floor. Wish I had gotten these 1st!
      • Recommended
      Great two pack deal! Durable and compact!
      These levels are a great duo that can handle any kind of project; heavy construction, home repair/remodel, carpentry, metal work, masonry etc. The magnetic strip is very useful, especially when we are working with steel beam construction, rebar etc. The compact design makes it easy to use on framing and other small projects, as well as making it easy to transport around big construction sites. I would recommend this product duo to anyone at any level of expertise. They are well made, high quality, and durable and priced right considering you're receiving two of them.
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      Amazing Levels
      These are some amazing levels. Everything about them is fantastic, except the 60 seconds you will spend at the cash register, but you do get what you pay for. The bubbles are bright and super easy to read. When I compared them side by side to my old levels the difference was even more noticeable. The edges have ridges/grooves to keep the level from sliding, it just feels alot better when you are using the level. The end caps have shock protection in case you drop it. I didn't have the heart to drop mine on purpose but I have seen people abuse these things. You can also pull the end caps off in case you need an inch or two extra to fit in a tight space. The 48 inch has nice big hand grips so if you are wearing gloves you should still be able to fit your hand inside to hold it. The 24 does not have hand hold cut outs, I am guessing because of the re-enforced interior. My levels came with the built in magnets. Very nice, they hold quite securely. Besides the price, my only beef is that the hole at one end to hang the level is just barely big enough to go over a nail. My old level has a nice big hole that is super easy to slap over a nail. The level makes you actually have to aim a little bit. This is a minor issue, of course.
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