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4 in. Round Snap-In White PVC Shower Drain

  • Shower drain constructed with a durable PVC material
  • Shower drain strainer incorporated into design
  • Insert for easy removal or solvent weld for permanent install
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Product Details
Preformed shower base with drain

Preformed Shower Base

Oatey preformed shower base drains come in a variety of materials to connect to the DWV system in a dwelling.

Tile shower with drain

Tile Shower Base

Oatey tile shower drains are designed for use on tile shower bases where a liner with weep holes is used.

General purpose drain in laundry room floor

General Purpose Drains

Oatey general purpose drains, such as the bell trap and snap-in, are recommended for use in residential drain applications.

Various different PVC shower drain sizes

Variety of Sizes

Oatey's drain offering is available in multiple sizes to fit the job.

Round snap-tite and screw-tite strainers

Strainer Types

Oatey's strainers are available in snap-tite or screw-tite to fit your drain needs.

Various different strainer finishes and materials

Strainer Finish & Material

Oatey offers a variety of strainer finishes and materials, such cast iron and oil rubbed bronze.

PVC, CPVC, and ABS pipe icon

Variety of Options    

Oatey's drains fit a variety of pipe sizes and materials, with options including PVC, ABS, cast iron and brass.

No-calk drain

Brass & Plastic No-Calk

No-calk shower drains are designed with a drain body that seals to the shower base with washers.

Solvent weld drain

Solvent Weld

Solvent weld shower drains are designed for an easy installation by sealing to the pre-formed shower base with washers.

Rounded drain with square strainer

Round or Square

Tile shower drains are available with a round or square strainer and are designed for use on built-up tile bases.

Cast iron drain

Cast Iron

Cast iron shower drains are ideal for use in tile or marble shower applications.

General purpose drain

General Purpose

General purpose drains are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and configurations.

Bell trap drain

Bell Trap

Bell trap drains are designed for use in garage, patio and other outdoor areas to drain water to a well.

About This Product

Oatey All Plastic Snap-In Drains are designed for drainage in areas that don't require a waterproofing membrane, such as basement drains. The 4 in. PVC Snap-In Floor Drain with 4-1/2 in. Strainer can be inserted into a piece of Schedule 40 DWV pipe that has been cut flush with the finished floor for easy removal or can be solvent welded for permanent installation (pipe and cement not included). This drain is also suited for use as a vent stack or air inlet strainer. Its 1-piece assembly prevents the cover from being removed. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.


  • PVC snap-in floor drain
  • Plastic snap-in drain can be inserted into PVC Sch. 40 DWV pipe
  • Plastic snap-in drain can be solvent welded into PVC Sch. 40 DWV pipe
  • Fits 4 in. drain
  • Designed for drainage in areas that don't require a waterproofing membrane
  • Can also be used as a vent stack or air inlet strainer
  • 1-piece design prevents the cover from being removed
  • For use with specialty drains
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • Incorporates a 4-1/2 in. strainer
  • Note: product may vary by store
  • Return Policy

Product Information

Internet # 100122758

Model # 435692

Store SKU # 1003316830

Store SO SKU #125490


Dimensions: H 1.75 in, W 4.5, D 4.55 in


Product Depth (in.)

4.55 in

Product Height (in.)

1.75 in

Product Width (in.)




Tub & Shower

Color Family








Pack Size


Plumbing Part Type

Bath Drain/Drain Assembly



Strainer Included




Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Limited

Questions & Answers

Q:Will this fit inside the vent pipe that exits the house? Mine is cast iron and the cap broke off or do I need a metal one?
by|Dec 8, 2022
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  This product would not be recommended for a vent pipe coming out of a house.

by|Dec 15, 2022
    Q:What is the outside diameter of the top flange?
    by|Mar 28, 2021
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  4.5"

    by|Mar 29, 2021
      Q:Will this fit into 4" SEWER PIPE?
      by|Oct 26, 2018
      5 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Yes it does.

      by|Dec 6, 2018

      A:  Most sewer pipe is cast iron or generally a heavy metal. This is for a PVC installation and may not work in the case of direct sewer line. It needs to be sized just right to fit and you need a trap to avoid waste gas seeping into your installation area

      by|Oct 3, 2022
      1 found this answer helpful

      A:  This will fit inside of 4" PVC pipe.

      by|Jul 29, 2023
        1 found this answer helpful

        A:  No, this product is just for tub and shower use.

        by|Jan 6, 2023
          1 found this answer helpful

          A:  Will fit perfectly

          by|Nov 14, 2018
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          • 82% recommend this product
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          Product label sticker covers drain holes
          The product label sticker is literally covering 2/3 of the drain holes and it does not peel off...it's ripping. If I install this, it will clog my drain until the paper and adhesive slowly saturate with water and come off on their own. What a lame design! I would NOT recommend this product until the product label sticker issue is resolved.
          Response from OateyFeb 16, 2024
          Thank you for writing a review. We realize your experience with our product has been less than ideal and we would like to have the opportunity to change that, as quality is a top priority at Oatey. If you are still having issues with this product, please reach out to us directly at technical@oatey.com so that we can help. Oatey
            This ended up being the best option for plugging an unused dryer duct opening in my condo. It fit tightly but well in the duct opening (after throwing in some insulation), and we Gorilla taped over the drain holes. It is perhaps an unconventional use for the product, but it works well and the price was excellent. No possibility of insect or critter intrusion.
            • Verified Purchase
            Poor value because of time needed to remove label
            WHY do they put a super-adhesive label right over the drain? You can't just peel it off. Freezing it doesn't work. Heating it doesn't work. Soaking it in soap takes a lot of time. If it weren't for this, I could recommend it.
              Good Product-Please Remove sticker
              Does what it is supposed to do. Please find a better way to package this product. You have to battle the sticker to remove it from the holes. It's miserable.
                1 found this review helpful
                I'm actually using this to finish an exterior sewer vent line that exits out the front of my hous...
                I'm actually using this to finish an exterior sewer vent line that exits out the front of my house and is visible from the street. The vent pipe is old and corroded, but it's thick and still serviceable, so I just needed something to finish it cleanly where it comes through the siding. This floor drain was perfect. Vent pipe inside diameter was slightly smaller than 4" so I had to force the drain in a bit, but I also know it's not going anywhere. Outside diameter of this drain is 4", inside diameter is slightly bigger than 3 5/8"
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                First of all, let's get the emphasis of the name in the right context. This is a "snap-in" vent - not a cap and therefore infers that while it can be removed, it is intended to be somewhat permanent. Having said that, its use is not necessarily limited to floor drains or other (semi) permanent installations. As the name implies, it snaps in and can reasonably be expected to snap out unless a solvent weld is used. While the most obvious use for this device is insertion into the female end of a 4" floor drain, (elbow, pipe or coupling) it can be used for showers pans with flange sealant and proper grouting. However, because it is not decorative, I would relegate this to utility uses. Most furnace vents for high efficiency units are around 3 inches so this device cannot fit inside dimensions (therefore cannot snap in). However it can still be used as a "cap" for a vent or intake although the inside dimension is about 1/8" larger than the 3" outside pipe dimension. And I would use this as only a non-permanent solution unless screws are used to secure it in place. If one has a 4" schedule 40 vent /exhaust system, this should work just fine particularly where rodents are a problem. I know, I know, it's probably not listed for this, but it does work well and the tradeoff for a rodent free system is worth it. Nothing like finding dead chipmunks in your air intake system. Just don't install it, or any other kind of vent screen where it could clog with snow or debris. You can buy caps (with screens) for this purpose but they are expensive so this is a great alternative. Again, as a cover for 4" DWV pipe, or any other non-pressurized pipe of similar dimension, it can be beat for ease of use and permanence. Just snap it in and you’re done. Inasmuch as it is a drain cover, yard drains should not be overlooked. It will install into a flex "T" but is a bit sloppy. However, that can be made up with a little putty, duct or aluminum tape. A yard drain doesn't have to be particularly water-tight anyway. Just sealed enough to keep debris out. If you are particular, better to convert to a schedule 40 "T" and riser where a drain is located. I have done this in a couple of places in my yard drainage system and it works well. To be sure it is not a universal product, but with a little ingenuity it is surprising how many uses one can find.
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