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128 oz. Premium Deck Cleaner

  • Ready to use, no mixing
  • Great for outdoor wood decks, rails, etc
  • Best for prepping wood before sealing
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Product Details

Surface preparation is the critical first step in achieving a beautiful, long-lasting wood finish. Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner is a unique, premium quality product that penetrates deep to remove dirt and mildew stains. Restores the clean, natural look to exterior wood, concrete, composites and other surfaces.
  • Deep cleans decks, fences and siding prior to staining
  • Removes 4X more dirt than water alone
  • Essential first step to remove stains caused by dirt, mold, mildew and algae
  • Fast action; wash off after 10-minute
  • Ready to use - no mixing
  • 1 gal. cleans up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Works with all wood types including most composites
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Questions & Answers

Q:Will this remove rust stains?
by|Mar 28, 2023
1 Answer
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A:  Hi Pete. Thank you for shopping at The Home Depot. Removing rust stains is not listed as one of the stains tis deck cleaner will do. There are other products that are listed as removing rust. https://www.homedepot.com/s/rust%20remover?NCNI-5 Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Rick_HD_OC

by|Mar 28, 2023
Q:Will this cleaner work to remove sap from my wood deck?
by|Oct 14, 2022
2 Answers
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A:  Don't know about sap. It definitely removes mold. If you try it, use it on a cloudy day or in the shade. You have to let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then scrub with a hard bristle brush and rinse. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck.

by|Oct 15, 2022

    A:  Hi Christine, this product alone will not remove sap. Please call us at 1-800-441-9695 to discuss this in more detail.

    by|Oct 17, 2022
      Q:Can you use in a crawlspace?
      by|Sep 21, 2022
      2 Answers
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      A:  Not something I would recommend. This stuff is pretty strong. Can cause skin issues with contact. Ventilation would be critical.

      by|Sep 28, 2022

        A:  Hi Bobby, this product is for exterior use only.

        by|Sep 27, 2022
          Q:Is this safe on decking hardware?
          by|Sep 12, 2022
          3 Answers
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          A:  i can only speak for myself all my hardware is stainless steel, the screws are colored and it did not discolor them, the railing supports are also colored and it did not affect them

          by|Sep 16, 2022

            A:  In my opinion, it’s the best deck cleaner “hands down”!  I’ve been using this product for at least 10 years, and not only does it do an awesome job, but it’s extremely easy to use!  Just use a pump sprayer.  Wet down the deck with water, spray this cleaner on an approx. 10’ x 5’ section, wait 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it of with a hose.

            by|Sep 12, 2022

              A:  Hi Chris, you will want to thoroughly wash the deck hardware and ensure that the product does not dwell on it.

              by|Mar 30, 2023
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                Bottle leaked
                Product corroded through container and leaked on to leather baseball mitt in garage, putting a hole in the leather baseball mitt. Also, do not recommend using with leather work gloves. Product did clean composite deck well.
                Response from Olympic TeamMay 23, 2023
                Hi, we're really sorry this happened, and can't imagine how frustrating this situation must be. Please contact us at techservicerequests@ppg.com or 1-800-441-9695 between 8am-5pm ET so we can gather more details about this issue and find you the best solution. OlympicPaint
                  Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner Isdurs
                  Just bought 2.5 gallons of this product to use on a 2year old deck…after using SealOnce sealer on it a year ago. First used it on the top rail & got the results in the photo…fuzzy finish as if it had been pressure washed on high setting. This wood has never been pressure cleaned. What’s happened & can it be fixed????
                  Response from Olympic Client CareMay 2, 2022
                  Hey there, we're terribly sorry to hear about your experience! Our team wants to help. We’d like to talk about your issue and continue the discussion with you. Please reach out to our technical services team for solutions at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm EST Monday-Friday. They have the knowledge and resources to deal with your product issue.
                    Olympic Deck Cleaner is the Best!
                    About every 4 years I have used Olympic Deck Cleaner prior to using Olympic Honey Gold Stain. The deck cleaner delivers a look like the deck was just built - and its now its over 20 years old. I spray it on and brush off the black film and mold and it looks brand new. I included a photo below - highly recommend!
                      • Recommended
                      Called company to ask why people complained about this cleaner. Was told it works as long as you don’t let it dry. I soaked this and this is the result! How can they continue to sell a “cleaner” that ruins wood?!
                      Response from Olympic Client CareOct 15, 2021
                      Hi there, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had a negative experience. We would very much like to speak with you again about your project so that we can further assist you. Please contact one of our technical specialists at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm ET.
                        No noticeable difference….
                        Our deck is about 10 years old, never treated, never stained. It had weathered well but was definitely very dirty from years of use. We gave it a hearty power washing over two days, but there were still a few spots we missed and a few spots we thought a deck cleaning product could improve upon. I applied this product liberally (to lightly foaming), let it sit for 10 minutes or a tad more, then rinsed well. There was really no noticeable difference. In some spots, where the boards were fairly well clean, it just faded the board (kind of like bleach would do). We had one spot we totally missed that was covered in dirt and algae/moss; after application, it was absolutely the same. I’ve attached some before and after pics (top 2 of one area, bottom two of a second area) and the last pic on the bottom of the spot we’d missed after the application of the product. You can see the results; it just didn’t live up to the hype. So…very disappointed, and I would not recommend this product. Honestly, if there were a guarantee, I’d request a refund. Total waste of money for us.
                        Response from Olympic TeamAug 2, 2021
                        Hi there, we're terribly sorry to hear about your experience. Our Customer satisfaction warranty covers refund for the product and excludes labor or other expenses. You will need to contact our technical support team at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm ET to start an inquiry and submit your receipts. OlympicPaint
                          DO NOT use on COMPOSITE decking material
                          I recently used this cleaner on my composite wood deck. It did an okay job of removing stains but now I have a bunch of areas on my deck that look worn away. It’s like this cleaner stripped the color off my deck. In my photo, the left side is where I used the cleaner and the right side is where I just power washed. Perhaps I left it on too long? Not sure. I’m just glad I ran out of the cleaner and didn’t bother to go buy more.
                          Response from Olympic TeamAug 2, 2021
                          Hi there, we're sorry to hear your experience with our stain wasn't what you expected. We would like to further discuss your project with you and provide solutions, so please give us a call at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm ET. OlympicPaint
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                            Chose this product!
                            This product is the best in terms of how effective and easy to use it is. I started on the back deck, power washing, using this cleaner, scrubbing it in then power washing again and it looked great. By the time I got to my front porch I was warn out and skipped alot of steps. I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed it on and like magic it melted the dirt and grime away (even better then all the scrubbing and powerwashing!) I included a picture of what it looked like after just being sprayed on. The only con with this porduct is it does have a very strong smell, if you are sensitive i would recommend wearing a mask. It did irratate my hands a little bit and made holes in leather gloves where product got on.
                              • Recommended
                              2 found this review helpful
                              Its okay, I had go o er the deck again but it works.
                              Its okay, I had go o er the deck again but it works.
                              • DIY
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                              More Like Deck Stripper
                              As part of getting my front porch ready to stain I figured I'd use this product to give it a good cleaning as the final preparation step before applying the stain. The surface was in good condition but the previous coat of sealer was 5 years old. I applied this cleaner following the directions to a T (applied with a sprayer waited 10 minutes and then rinsed off). As I started rinsing with a hose, I noticed the once smooth deck surface was now rough and what was the previous coat of sealer was being washed off. When finished rinsing, I was horrified with the final result - see photos. So instead of having a nice clean, smooth, ready to stain deck, I had a very rough deck that needed help and now had to buy a sander and paper to the tune of about $115.00 and spend 6 hours sanding the deck making it ready for stain again. I'd highly recommend that you DO NOT use this product!!
                              Response from Olympic TeamSep 8, 2020
                              Hi David, we're sorry to hear your experience with our stain wasn't what you expected. We are here to further discuss and provide solutions, so please give us a call at 1-800-426-6306 between 8am-5pm ET. OlympicPaint
                                6 found this review helpful
                                Amazing Product!
                                This is my first review am ever as I am usually hesitant to review a product. But this cleaner is the real deal. I used 3 others power washer ones and then I purchased this one and it did the trick. Highly Recommended and no power washer needed.
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