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12 oz. PC-Woody Wood Epoxy Paste

  • Two part epoxy paste to replace missing or rotted wood
  • Apply indoor and outdoor with a temp range of 35 to 115 degrees F
  • No shrink, crack or crumble
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Product Overview

The PC Products 12 oz. PC-Woody Wood Epoxy Paste can be used inside and outside of your home to help make repair damaged wood. This paste is made of real wood and can rebuild, shape and mold missing wood. Once cured, this epoxy acts like real wood and can take screws, nails, filing and drilling.
  • Made from real wood and is great for rebuilding missing pieces of rotted wood after the area has been treated with wood hardener (sold separately)
  • Used for reshaping, rebuilding and molding missing wood
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Cured epoxy acts like real wood and can be sanded, drilled, screwed, nailed, sawed, tapped and filed
  • Can be painted or stained after curing and sanding
  • Resistant to shrinking and cracking
  • Peanut-butter-like consistency
  • Dries in as little as 24 hours
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Size (oz.)
Product Width (in.)
2.75 in


Drying Time (hours)
24 h
Paintable,Sandable,Shrink Resistant
Pack Size
Paint Tool Product Type
Wood Filler
Patching & Repair Product Type
Wood Restoration
Product Weight (lb.)

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PC Woody Is Great Stuff
I have a beam supporting a small roof over my patio that had rot at the end of it, I was going to have the beam replaced but it involves a lot of work and money! I found this product online and figured I would try it since it has good reviews, well after getting rid of loose the pieces I applied the PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener! It took three applications of the epoxy to get it totally filled as it was a substantial amount to fill, this stuff was amazing and saved me a major headache! It sands very easily with 60 grit sandpaper and an orbital sander, follow the directions and you won’t have problems!
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    Best product for rotted windowsills!!
    My home was built in the 1930s. All the wooden exterior windowsills were in some stage of rot and I wanted to fix them ASAP. I am a DIY guy and don’t have a ton of money to spend so I prefer to repair them myself. I cannot recommend PC Woody enough for this type of job. Repairing the sills with PC woody is much easier and more efficient then completely removing the old sill and replacing with new wood or using any other repair product. I have tried using other repair products like caulk, spackle, wood repair, etc. but they have all failed (crack, shrink, etc). I have also tried removing the old sill and replacing with a newly manufactured wooden windowsill, but two problems with that- one- new wooden sills are made of finger jointed pine and can start to break down in one to two seasons!!! (I live in the Southeast) and two- the act of taking an entire sill out (cutting old nails, not damaging the window or siding) often creates more problems and requires more tools and expertise. PC Woody is often the cheapest permanent repair route vs using PVC or pressure treated wood. I have repaired 10 windowsills on my house with this product and they all still look great-the oldest repair is going on 3 years, The 12-ounce size is usually enough for one windowsill but will depend on how much rot you have. PC Woody is waterproof and is hard as a rock when dry. It does not shrink or crack and adheres very well. It sands and looks just like wood when painted. My process goes like this: pick a stretch of 3-4 days where no rain is in the forecast and temperatures are going to be warm. Summer is best. 1. Take a flat blade screwdriver and poke all over the sill to find soft, rotten places. If you can see the rot before you even begin poking, there is going to be a lot. Poke every bit of the sill because sometimes the surface will appear sound, but paint is hiding the rot. 2. Dig out and discard as much of the rotted wood as you can. You want the softest (most times still wet) wood out so that you are left with solid wood for the epoxy to adhere to. Use a vacuum or blower to clean it out. Keep digging until you hit solid wood. On some of my sills, the rot went all the way through! 3. Let the sill dry out for at least 24 hours, ideally in full sun. You can leave a fan blowing on it to help. I don’t like to use a heat gun because you risk catching the house on fire, especially if it is old like mine. 4. Once dry, I like to brush on wood hardener as an added step to make sure the remaining wood is a good surface for the epoxy to adhere to. PC woody makes a wood hardener. You don’t have to do this as long as there is solid, hard wood remaining, but the wood hardener is not that expensive and it ensures a good surface for bonding. If you use the hardener, let it dry another 24 hours. 5. If I have holes to fill larger than 1 inch in width and/or depth, I also like to drive several small screws in the gaps. I use old junky screws I have salvaged from other projects for just this purpose. This strengthens the epoxy like a rebar effect and saves you from using too much. 6. Then, mix up the epoxy per the instructions (you get an A and a B container). 1 to 1 ratio. I mix it on a spare piece of plywood about 24 inches square with a firm putty knife. If you are going to use all of it just scoop it all out from each container with one putty knife. If you plan on reusing the expoxy in the containers later, use a separate stick/putty knife to dig out what you are mixing from each container or it will harden in the container! 7. The consistency is going to be like sticky peanut butter and working with it takes some practice. You have about 30 minutes usually depending on air temp. Press it hard into the holes. I like to overfill about a quarter inch and then sand down after it dries. Wear gloves and old clothes, it will stick to just about anything. 8. Most important tip- once it is applied, you can’t really work with it and it becomes stickier. So with your rubber glove, dip your finger in denatured alcohol and you can then smooth it out or mold it that way. The alcohol breaks it down just enough to allow it to be worked a bit better and this step can really save you on having to sand too much. 9. Let it dry 24 hours and then come back and sand, prime, and paint. The finished product is better than wood! If your entire window sill is falling off or large front facing sections are missing, then you likely need to remove and replace as it is hard to replace that much and not have it looking like a repair. And if you need the job done in one day and don't have time for the multiple steps, then you obviously need to remove and replace. But if not, trust me, use PC Woody!
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      Easiest way to fix small amounts of dry rot in an exterior window sill. Easy to use and doors exa...
      Easiest way to fix small amounts of dry rot in an exterior window sill. Easy to use and doors exactly a what it said it would do. Sands and smooths just like wood.
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      Used PC-Woody Wood Epoxy Paste after treating the rotten wood...
      Used PC-Woody Wood Epoxy Paste after treating the rotten wood with PC-Petrifier Wood Hardener. The epoxy paste filled the hole nicely without shrinking and it is as hard and solid as the original wood. I had a top of a post that was rotted away.
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      It does the job. It also seems more finicky than the white paste epoxy in terms of not setting ri...
      It does the job. It also seems more finicky than the white paste epoxy in terms of not setting right unless the proportions are spot on; and it's a lot harder to smoothe than, say, wood filler or caulk. But sanded, it does give a hard, eventually smooth surface.
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      The stuff works out amazing. I highly recommend this product. If you have any problems of wood ...
      The stuff works out amazing. I highly recommend this product. If you have any problems of wood rottening, it will b a magic to get it repaired. I hope that the product will be sold in Canada as I had to order on line and got it in State.
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      I had a tough job that needed a tough product, and PC Woody Epoxy was the key. Areas of dry rot ...
      I had a tough job that needed a tough product, and PC Woody Epoxy was the key. Areas of dry rot on the base of my huge weight-bearing columns had to be removed. I then sealed and replaced those vulnerable areas with the epoxy that became rock hard. The PC Wood Epoxy gave me the confidence in a job well done. I couldn't risk it by using anything else. I had to special order my PC Woody, but it arrived to Home Depot in just a few days. The two epoxy solutions are hard to mix. I found the easiest way to stir the A and B together was in a strong bucket placed between my feet while I stood over it with a sturdy wood stick or bar. I then stirred the contents from about my waist area. PC Woody Wood Epoxy Paste is great! I have more similar work to do on my house, and I have more PC Woody Epoxy on the way!
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      I used this for a wooden wagon wheel in my garden that had rotted on the bottom from the weather....
      I used this for a wooden wagon wheel in my garden that had rotted on the bottom from the weather. I first used the PC hardener and then mixed this together and filled the holes with a spatula. The results are great. The color is lighter than the wood, but since it's on the bottom you can't see it. And now I have my wagon wheel back for a while longer!
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      Did alot of research after using mimiwax product which had horrible fumes and wasn't plyable lik...
      Did alot of research after using mimiwax product which had horrible fumes and wasn't plyable like the pc . Below are 1 before pic u can see the deep cracks in the wood and the1 pic of after I applied the putty it leaves a smooth tan surface after applying the pc wood putty but u still.have to sand it some .The PC wood putty is terrific its 2 parts mix together very well and apply it. It goes on smooth and if u have some natural alcohol it spreads on even smoother I used it on some support beams that were getting weathered but before i applied the putty I used PC wood.hardener applying 2 coats and let it dry for a day then put wood putty over it to fill.in the cracks in the wood I recommend the PC wood hardener and the PC woody wood putty they go well together especially if u want the project ur working on to last and not have to fix it the following year.Fyi it rained before i was able to sand and paint over the area i was fixing and not knowing if this product was going to crack or fall off the wood beams let me just say it held up well in the rain it didn't crack or thin out, so i know the wood post will holdup for many more years. So yes if u want a good product get the Pc woody wood putty and if ur wood is cracking or weathered real.bad apply the pc wood.hardener 1st and u will see just how awesome this product is when patching holes in wood.or building up a piece of wood that was rotten etc...U wont be sorry the benefits will out weigh the cost
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      Great Product
      Used quite extensively on weathered patio wood and am very satisfied with the results. It applies nicely and fills in cracks, nail holes, small gouges, etc. well. Bonds and sands very satisfactory and looks and feels like wood. Once the 2 part product is mixed the cure time is limited to a half an hour or so in warm weather so mix small patches and apply immediately. HOT water assist with clean up and I found craft wood jumbo popsicle sticks work great for initial scooping of product from each jar and mixing it together in a throw away plastic cup.
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