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1.5 in. Cap Dia ClogFREE Universal Magnetic Pop-Up Stopper in Chrome, Retrofits in existing install

  • Patented magnetic stopper removes hair gunk and clogs
  • Features universal design to fit existing or new popup drains
  • Easy and convenient to install without requiring extra tools
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About This Product

ClogFREE Universal Magnetic No Clog Sink Pop-Up Stopper eliminates trapping of hair and build-up of clogs in bathroom lavatories. The patented magnetic stopper removes the ball rod from the path of water flow eliminating the clogs and the need for plumbing snakes, dangerous drain cleaners, messy disassembly and associated health, safety and environmental concerns. Universal design easily retrofits into most existing popup drains and installs without tools. Threaded Cap design allows easy replacement to upgrade finish. Finishes Available - CH, BN, PB, AB, ORB.


  • Universal design - retrofits in existing or new ball rod style popup drains
  • Magnetic stopper elimintaes hair build-up and clogs - there is no ball rod in the flow path thereby eliminating any potential build-up of debris and clogging of the sink drain
  • Easy to install - replacement ball rod included; no tools required; it's easy
  • Drop in design - just insert the stopper from the top of the sink onto the existing ball rod to install; just pullout to remove the stopper
  • Easy to remove - no ball rod disassembly needed to remove the stopper
  • Easily update the stopper finish - don't worry about worn out or faded finishes; easy to replace finishes by just replacing the threaded cap (available in five finishes individually)
  • Easy access to P-trap for cleaning - the stopper can be easily removed without disassembly of ball rod and allows for easy access for snakes and other hair clog removing tools to access the P-trap
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Product Information

Internet # 203462106

Model # PF0316

Store SKU # 546824

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Dimensions: H 8 in, W 3.5 in, D 1.5 in


Maximum Drain Diameter (in.)


Minimum Drain Diameter (in.)


Product Depth (in.)

1.5 in

Product Height (in.)

8 in

Product Width (in.)

3.5 in



Bathroom Sink

Color Family








Pack Size


Plumbing Category


Plumbing Part Type

Pop Up





Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

Limited 1 Year Warranty

Questions & Answers

Q:Why do the popup assemby come in chrome and the stopper is white To make you by a chrome stopper?
by|Feb 24, 2019
5 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  The chrome top is to match the chrome ring in the sink which is what you see the most. The color of the plastic not too relevant as it does not show (or does not show much - depending upon the height you set).

by|Jan 9, 2020
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  You don't really see the stopper anyway, but if it was all chromed, it would probably rust out pretty quickly.

    by|Mar 29, 2020
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  The white part of the assembly is a molded plastic piece and the chrome "cap" matches an existing metal drain, and is easy to keep clean.

    by|Mar 29, 2020
    1 found this answer helpful

    A:  You mean the stopper cap or the stopper body - The stopper cap comes in Chrome and also in other finishes to match your drain finish. The stopper body is inside the drain and cannot be seen so it is not plated. If you have any questions - please contact sales@pfwaterworks.com and we will provide appropriate support. Thanks.

    by|Mar 26, 2021

      A:  I noticed that too. I did not buy the chrome stopper though. I just use the one that came in the kit. I dont know why they did it except maybe to save money cheaper for plastic

      by|Jan 9, 2020
        by|Jun 20, 2017
        10 Answers
        Answer This Question

        A:  No need to unscrew. I just dropped in in the sink and it magnetically connected to the existing mechanism

        by|Jan 9, 2020

          A:  Yes the cap is easily replacable

          by|May 6, 2023

            A:  Yes but water leaks around heads.

            by|May 4, 2023

              A:  I installed it as it came, and didn’t remove the top.

              by|Mar 8, 2022

              A:  The Cap is threaded and can be easily replaced to either update the worn out cap or to change the finish if needed. Replacement caps are easily available online.

              by|Mar 26, 2021

                A:  Yes the cap is threaded and can be removed.

                by|May 5, 2023

                  A:  Yup, as the description says, "threaded cap". Regarding the other answer who asked, "Why?" (since you can't buy replacement caps, which is a fair point): Ease of manufacturing? Plus, you could reuse the sink's orig. cap to exactly match the finish.

                  by|Oct 12, 2022

                    A:  Yes, but why? It's not like you can buy a replacement anywhere, it's just another of many things to go wrong.

                    by|Jan 9, 2020

                    A:  Cheap magnum connection. But cheap to purchase also

                    by|Feb 8, 2022

                    A:  Yes, the top screws right off.

                    by|Aug 27, 2021
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                    Great invention!
                    I just needed the stopper rod to replace one that had rotted off, but the store didn't stock just the rod, so I had to buy the whole kit. I'm very glad I did! After a little trial and error as to how far to thread the ball onto the rod, I now have a stopper that I can just pull up on to remove it for cleaning and clog-clearing, as opposed to having to crawl under the sink and remove the rod and knurled nut. The stopper is a much larger diameter than my old one, but it fits and seals just fine. Great invention!
                    • Verified Purchase
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                    Terrible design
                    Was surprised that this was sold at a legitimate hardware store, would expect to find it at a dollar store. I had to cut the rod as it was too long and was hitting the wall. The pointed rod that comes in contact with very fine (plastic) "ribs" on the stopper will slip over the "ribs" preventing the stopper from sealing. The magnet within the stopper doesn't hold the rod tight enough to prevent slipping either.
                    Response from PF WaterWorksJan 11, 2020
                    Hi Eric, Very sorry to see this review - there are many points you have stated that are truly not an issue with the product design but probably an outcome of your set-up. For example - most pop-up drain rods come with the same length and works for most standard sink setups. However in rare case when distance between the pop-up and the wall is not enough, it is normal to trim the rod to the desired length. The ribs in front of the magnet have nothing to do with magnetic coupling which is designed to be able to lift the stopper even with 10 lb of water. We stand behind this product and I would like you to know that it works and is an industry award winning design. Kindly contact us directly at sales@pfwaterworks.com with your contact info and advise preferred time to call. We will call you to understand the issues you faced and ensure that we address your concern and resolve it appropriately.....Best Regards.....PF WaterWorks pfwaterworks
                      Bought this today to replace my stopper on an old Delta sink. I went to install it and completed ...
                      Bought this today to replace my stopper on an old Delta sink. I went to install it and completed the full installation which was fairly painless, except for a little confusion at the thought that this magnetic "Speed-Bumped" stopper was supposed to last for years. So i Retrofitted it, by using the rest of the kit except for the stopper. very robust ball rod is included in pack, and this is why its getting three stars. the stopper itself is absolutely useless and sad to think that this would replace a traditional stopper. the way its supposed to function is for the ball rod to attract (Magnetically) to the bottom of the stopper, to keep the ball rod from running up and down, the stopper has grooved "Speed Bumps" molded on it. These are a sad excuse for friction, i wouldnt have seen this stopper lasting fifteen days. 5 stars for the ball-rod, zero stars for the stopper, three star avg. enjoy!
                        • Recommended
                        Easy Replacement
                        Everything needed to replace the existing stopper is provided, including three different sized balls, to fit the existing fitting. To adjust the depth of penetration of the operating lever, it helps to shine a small flashlight down the drain....the only difficulty is due to the length of the lever provided, making it a tight fit to get the lever rod into the appropriate hole on the vertical operating link. Once installed the stopper operates freely and is easily removed to clean any blockages. The stopper assembly is plastic...but most are these days.
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                        Looks Nice and Is an Improvement
                        Hard to really tell if this will be clog free - because the little lever inside does protrude a little into the drain pipe - not a huge difference from what i can see. I only needed channel locks for a tool here, but i did have to cut the lever arm about 2 inches because underneath the sink it is really tight and small . A little confusion also resulted because they give a few extra parts and i couldn't tell which part to use, not a big deal - a little trial and error to make it work The part is very light weight and I was a little concern if it was going to drop down when i needed, but no real problem occurred. Not the greatest of instructions, but a little extra patience and some trial and error and this works - very happy with it.
                        • Recommended
                        1 found this review helpful
                        It fits the original one and removable from the top to clean it. Way better than the original one.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Not universal. Had to return
                        Response from PF WaterWorksApr 12, 2024
                        Hello Customer, it would be easier to assist if you contact us at sales@pfwaterworks.com so we can assist with the install - this stopper should work with most standard ball rod style pop-up drains. Thanks. pfwaterworks
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Did not work and failed inspection.
                        Response from PF WaterWorksApr 12, 2024
                        Hello Customer - it would be easier to assist if you contact us at sales@pfwaterworks.com so we can assist with the install - this stopper should work with most standard ball rod style pop-up drains. Don't understand the inspection comment - there is no plumbing code requirement for pop-up stoppers - and the pop-up drain we make using this stopper is CUPC listed so if had any issues - just contact us and we can provide copy of the certificate for the inspector. Thanks. pfwaterworks
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Easy to install. The best feature is there is no rod inserted into the drain to collect hair. Very fair price also. The stopper raises and lowers by magnets.
                        • Verified Purchase
                        This assembly works very poorly
                        Response from PF WaterWorksMar 7, 2024
                        Hello. Please contact us at salea@pfwaterworks.com so we can understand the issue better and offer suitable support to help address it. If installed properly the stopper should function properly. Thanks. pfwaterworks
                        • Verified Purchase
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