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TubMAGIC 3.5 in. Universal Tub Hair Catcher and Stopper

  • 2-in-1 hair catcher and stopper eliminates clogs
  • Universal design - fits most standard tub drains
  • Easy to clean - just pull it out and wipe or wash it
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About This Product

TubMAGIC tub drain hair catcher and stopper is designed to catch all hairs and debris before they get into the drain and thus eliminate the problem of clogged drains before it even begins. This Stopper operates like a traditional Stopper and your bath or shower is just as you expect and desire. Using this TUBMAGIC hair catcher and stopper makes one free of the frustration of cleaning clogs using chemicals, snakes or plumbers.


  • Unique and revolutionary TubMAGIC operates like traditional tub stoppers giving you all you desire from a good bath or shower, TubMAGIC hair catcher catches human, pet hair or other debris without affecting water flow
  • Universal design - TubMAGIC tub drain hair catcher and stopper replaces traditional stopper and easily fits inside any standard tub drain with included gasket and O-ring, to clean the TubMAGIC hair catcher just pull it out and wipe or wash it
  • Keep the TubMAGIC hair catcher and stopper finish easily updated - don't worry about worn out or faded finishes, TubMAGIC hair catcher has a threaded cap that can easily be replaced by the finish of your choice just by unscrewing your cap
  • Available in 5 finishes - chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, antique brass and oil rubbed bronze
  • Drop-in design - just insert the stopper into the existing tub drain shoe to install, just pullout to remove the stopper
  • Saves the environment and money - you do not need to use harsh chemicals cleaners or call expensive plumbers to clean up your clogged drains
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Product Information

Internet # 316935468

Model # PF0934-CH

Store SKU # 1006373525

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Dimensions: H 7 in, W 3.5 in, D 2 in


Maximum Drain Diameter (in.)


Minimum Drain Diameter (in.)


Product Depth (in.)

2 in

Product Height (in.)

7 in

Product Width (in.)

3.5 in




Color Family








Pack Size


Plumbing Category


Plumbing Part Type

Plugs & Stoppers



Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year Product Replacement against Manufacturing Defects

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Stops water from draining, catches hair, and easy to clean.
This tub strain is universal for most tub drains and doubles as a stropper. It came with an extra gasket and washers for different types of drains. The cap is threaded and can be replaced with different finishes. I decided to give this a try because my mother has long hair that constantly clogs up the shower drain. With the original plug that came with the shower you needed to take off the top peice, use a screw driver to take it out, and then stick a drain cleaning snake down the drain. She has a tough time doing it herself so I always get stuck cleaning it. With this new tub strain all you have to do is pull it up, no tools required. This is very easy for her to do and makes me happy because I don't have to do it. This tub strain looks just like the original stopped once you place it in position. I assumed the hair catcher would work but I was skeptical about the stopper keeping water from going down the drain. I was pleasantly surprised when I did some tests and filled the tub. I filled it above the stopper and let it sit for an hour. The water remained the same depth the hole time. It only took a few days with this tubstrain for the water to start getting backed up during a shower. When I pulled this strainer up it was full of hair. The strainer just slides out, the hair comes off very easy, and then you just slip it back in the drain. This is great for every body, especially older women. If you are tired of making a project out of cleaning your drain I suggest you give this a try. It really works great and does what it claims.
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Finally a tub hair catcher that fits my old tube
This tub drain hair catcher is the only one that I have found that fits my old tub drain. I have searched for several years and finally one that does exactly what it is intended to do. It also looks great when installed. Very easy to install. The extra seals make it a true universal fit. It is made of durable and high quality materials, sure to last a long time. I am sure everyone that installs it will see how well it works. I recommend it to all my family and friends.
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Easy to install, easy to clean
No more having to disassemble stoppers clean them. No more gagging at nasty stoppers that gone far too long without cleaning. This little stopper makes it so simple to clean that it almost becomes a joy. Not quite a joy, but at least not something to be avoided for months at a time. I didn't have to do anything other than open the package and put this in my tub/shower. The old plug as long gone and the mechanism to lift it was never going to work because I didn't want to fiddle with it. This has a nice pop-up feature and gave the tub a finished look that it never had in the entire time since we moved in. it comes with several pieces that the instructions say can be used to adapt it to different sized drains. But as I didn't use any of them I cannot comment on their effectiveness.
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Tub Stopper
Tubstrain WaterWorks TubMAGIC Universal Tub Stopper and Hair Catcher. Chrome. 3.5 inch. Constructed of plastic, rubber, brass fitting and chrome. Includes installation instructions on back of packaging. Easy to replace old tub hardware that had ceased to function. Found the Tubstrain stopper to work well as plug for kids bath - though they occasionally hit it and water begins draining. Simple push plugs the stopper again. We do have to adjust it intermittently to facilitate draining.
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So simple to install and it works perfectly!
The PF WaterWorks TubMAGIC 3.5 in Universal Tub Hair Catcher and Stopper Grey chrome model # PF0934-CH was so simple to install! I removed my old stopper then pushed this in and that was it! It holds the water without drips and if you or something bumps it, it will leak but just press it twice with your hand or foot and it stops leaking. It pulls out completely for fast draining, cleaning and to remove hair. To remove hair, just pull the stopper out, unscrew the hair catcher, remove hair then reverse order to reinstall it. If you install this and it is leaking/draining hold the hair catcher the tighten the top that says PUSH just until nice and snug. After using & testing this item I am really happy with it and it works as described. It is made with good quality parts and has good quality seals/gaskets. This is a great item to quickly and economically replace/update your drain stopper. 5 stars & recommended!
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Great idea
Earlier this year my kid was taking a bath and the drain plug would not stay closed .So I took it out and in it and under it was a massive amount of hair. I thought to my self this is disgusting but at least the drain was not clogged and it would be nice to catch this stuff sooner sooner. When I saw this product I knew I would have to try it. When it arrived I installed it right away .I liked the look thought this will work good. There was one issue I discovered the top for the drain stop threads on loosely and spun even after it was tightened fear I would strip it I made it as tight as I could with out stripping it. This product worked well for the time I had it, but with sloppy tolerances like this one has I am worried about any longevity for this product that is why I gave it the score it received.
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Adjustable strainer
We recently replaced or old tub and the new tub came with a simple rubber stopper that did the job but also required removing when you were finished with your bath and was easily misplaced/knocked off the tub edge. This solved that missing, on the floor and can't find it problem! This drops right into the drain and works as a "press and pop up" style stopper with hair catcher strainer attached. It has a simple adjustment to allow water flow when opened and seal tight when pressed shut. The hair catcher/strainer works well for it's purpose but does take a little bit to pull the hair from out of it when necessary. It doesn't attach to the drain, it's fully removable and comes with replacement seals and O-rings for long life usage.
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A Tub Stopper with a Difference
If your like me and forever cleaning out the hair in my drain, than this is a great choice as a tub drain stopper.It fits both 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” size drains. It’s a snap to install and needs no tools at all. It comes with two different size gaskets and another You can also adjust the height of the stopper easily by holding the the cap, loosening the nut and then turning the brass screw. The entire unit is made well.
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Only Regret is that I Didn't Own this Sooner!!!
I have been meaning to replace the current drain stopper in my kids bathroom and the PF WaterWorks tub hair catcher stopper is exactly what we needed. Our drain measures 1-1/2 inches wide, and there were no issue inserting the stopper into the drain. The stopper also comes with three additional gaskets that allows it to fit in any standard tub drain that measures between 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inches. I also filled the bathtub with water and the stopper kept all the water in the tub. Thank you PF WaterWorks!!!
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Hair catcher with stopper
The Universal Tub Hair Catcher and Stopper is a great concept. The word universal comes into play. I had to go through about four or five different setups with the adjustment, the o-rings, and the stopper skirt. My tub's grid plate does not come out. When I tried to install the stopper as it came in the package, the top came off. I tried tightening the top, but the threads were not holding. I use teflon tape to try to solve this problem. I eventually had to get shoe glue to secure the top. My bathtub is 45 years old. The hair catcher does work!
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Showing 1-10 of 59 reviews