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Scouring Stick

  • Perfect for cleaning most hard surfaces
  • Use to clear rust and grime from workshop equipment and tools
  • Use to remove baked-on food and grease from ovens and grills
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Product Overview

The PUMIE Scouring Stick can be used for a variety of applications and is suitable for cleaning almost any hard surface. Use this product to clear rust and grime from workshop equipment and garden tools. It can help remove baked-on food, grease and carbon buildup from ovens, grills and iron cookware.
  • Can be used to clean almost any hard surface
  • Great for removing unsightly toilet bowl rings
  • Ideal for cleaning stubborn stains in sinks, tubs and showers
  • Suitable for removing rock-hard mineral deposits around faucets and drains
  • Can be used on lime- and algae deposits in swimming pools
  • Helps clear rust and grime from workshop equipment, garden tools, metalwork and piping
  • Ideal for removing unwanted paint from tile, masonry and concrete surfaces
  • Note: Product may vary by store.

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Scouring Stick
BrandScotch-BriteRobtecMr. CleanPUMIE
NameStainless Steel Scrubbing Pad (3-Pack)Grade #0 Medium Fine Steel Wool Pads (12-Pack)Thin Sheets Magic Eraser Scouring SpongeScouring Stick
Cleaning Tool TypeScouring PadScouring PadScouring PadScouring Pad
FeaturesNo Additional FeaturesNo Additional FeaturesAntibacterial,Cleaner Infused,Disinfecting,Non AbrasiveNo Additional Features
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Scouring Pad
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Sponge/Scouring Pad Material

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Questions & Answers


Can I use this product to clean grout?The grout is in between tiles in my shower. I am concerned ...

Asked by tiadaughton September 23, 2020

As assumed, this product will remove some grout between tiles. Likely it will not remove a lot of grout, yet due to its abrasive nature, some will be dislodged. Depending upon the soil embedded in the grout, removing some might be beneficial. Yet if keeping all gout intact, I recommend a product like Tilex or ZEP, Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover, both sold by Home Depot. Both will whiten grout and destroy mold and mildew. Again, some kitchen stains can only be removed or reduced as they soak into unsealed grout by removing the top layers of the grout. Some stains, like permanent dyes, might not come out with a surface cleaner only.

can I use this on ceramic cooktop?

Asked by Pat June 22, 2020

The pumice stone is not that expensive to try and it can be used on other hard scratch resistance surfaces in the home if scratching the ceramic surface. However, if using this stone on a ceramic cooktop, I would first try it in an inconspicuous area as it may scratch an otherwise glossy surface. Ceramic and enamel surfaces are softer than porcelain finishes where this stone is typically used. A product I really like is Frigidaire, 12 Oz. Ready Clean Glass and Ceramic Cleaner, sold by Home Depot, Internet #306741999 Model # 5304508690. It is a chemical cleaner that dissolves debris rather than a mechanical abrasive that scrapes off debris. However, it works best when used regularly and heavy caked or burned on debris may be difficult to remove.

why does this not show up when you search for a pumice stone

Asked by StudBolt March 21, 2020

Sometimes when searching for items on Home Depot’s Web Site for in store items or online items, it is best to use a search engine rather than the search feature on Home Depot’s web site. I first leaned this trick when a Home Depot employee helped me to find an item in the store by using a search engine outside Home Depot, like Yahoo or Goggle. The search feature on Home Depot’s own web site tends to be very specific based on how the manufacturer refers to the item rather than common names or descriptions.

Can I use this on glass shower doors?

Asked by Valerie September 14, 2019

No, please do not use on glass shower doors. Glass is too soft a material not to scratched by the pumice stone. Truly, if mineral deposits are fouling shower glass doors, Home Depot sells a product called AMAZ, Water Stain Removed. It requires a bit of elbow grease on the first application, yet with regular use, shower doors can and will look showroom new. I find the best use of these pumice stones is on hard surfaces like porcelain. There is porcelain on steel and there is porcelain on glazed ceramics done at very high temperatures. Porcelain is one of the hardest materials pumice stone will not scratch. Enamel and glass surfaces tend to be too soft for pumice, which is actually volcanic glass its self.

What is the shape and length of this? Could I use it to clean out the toilet jet opening near the...

Asked by jaso February 23, 2019

6x1.25x.75 inches. You should be able to use it on any of the porcelain surfaces

Can this be used on a concrete pool?

Asked by Kay July 22, 2018

Yes, this scouring stick can be used on concrete pools.

Can it be used to clean a fiberglass shower/tub?

Asked by CeeTee July 5, 2018

NO! It will scratch fiberglass

I have a rust colored iron stain on my stamped concrete? The stain appears to be coming from unde...

Asked by Bill March 19, 2018

You probably already took care of this by now, there’s a product that’s in a container like Ajax or Comet called Barkeepers Friend which works excellent to remove rust I would get a little scrub brush and bar keepers friend and a little water and I bet it would take it would take care of it.

Can I use this to clean the calcium and lime deposits in the bottom of my dishwasher? Will it da...

Asked by bb77 March 18, 2018

It will not damage your dishwasher. It will work nicely.

I just had my toilet snaked and it left dark marks. It does not appear/feel scratched. Will thi...

Asked by Patricia January 19, 2018

Yes, this will work nicely to remove the dark marks.

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If you have hardwater, blue, brown stains in toilet bowl, this will remove like magic. Forget about other cleaning products. This will remove years old toilet bowl stains in minutes. Will make grill grates look like new. I even used on grout to remove bluish stains (but be careful with type of tile or stone you have). It will disintegrate rapidly but for the cost & results, well worth it.
by HappyHomer
1 person found this helpful
amazing product
I had to remove hard water rusted stains from a glass stove front and had tried many other products and then bought this as a last resort and it worked beautifully glass front fully restored with out a single scratch
by Steph
2 people found this helpful
WOW- no more rings!
I decided to try this based on how high the ratings are. I was hopeful but prepared for disappointment because nothing else worked. I was not disappointed! In fact I was shocked that it completely got rid of the nasty hard water ring in an unused toilet. This stuff is amazing! Im still surprised! In this photo it already removed about 80 percent of the hard water ring. I had to use the whole stick but it was so worth it. I cant figure out how to add more than one picture or else id add the after picture
by diylady
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Best product ever for removing rust rings in toilets! Our toilets at work were unsightly and emba...
Best product ever for removing rust rings in toilets! Our toilets at work were unsightly and embarrassing but with this wonderful pumice stone and some elbow grease, they are now shiny and like new! I highly recommend Pumie Scouring Stick!!
by Annabelle99
6 people found this helpful
I bought this product to clear out hard water stains from my sink. Its a barely new shiny sink bu...
I bought this product to clear out hard water stains from my sink. Its a barely new shiny sink but due to hard water it got a little dull. I tried most of the stuff recommended from DIY websites, but nothing worked. I did not get back the shine. After looking at the reviews of this product I gave it thought to try it. After using this product, not sure if I got the shine back but I did for sure got scratches. I don't know if there is a certain way to use it but I just wet it and rubbed it around. Not happy with the outcome. Should have tried it on a small portion first :(
by SamitHD
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Wears away way too quickly - not like it used to be
This scouring stick used to last MUCH longer. It must have been reformulated -- the composition looks and feels' softer', where it used to look and feel coarse; you could see different particle sizes - cinders.. I've used this brand for many years (not much choice, actually), and I'll give you an example of its performance just today when scrubbing a sink and toilet: 1. In the past, it would leave those 'streaks', or scrub marks, where you cleaned. They'd go away, of course, but were evidence that it was working.... Not anymore! This new stick leaves nothing like that. 2. The stick was ground down to about 2" long after 1 pretty clean sink and 1 toilet with the light calcium ring and average scum. I am not exaggerating one bit! It wore away to a nub that quickly. 3. Because it feels (is) softer, you don't feel the stick "bite" into the calcium like it used to. I'm bummed and frustrated about this. I think that folks who use the product could expect to have a half-stick laying around, ready for use - but not with this current product (I am presuming the composition has changed, because it wears away like putting lipstick on a hippo!). And, yes, I get that pumice is soft to begin with! Unfortunately, I believe this isn't the same Pumie.
by luvsdaheat
14 people found this helpful
I use these sticks to clean the stain in the...
I use these sticks to clean the stain in the toilets as well as the hard water residue that goes along with living in central Texas. The work great. I got on to them through a Home Depot Associate. I told her that I did not feel comfortable using a lot of the chemical cleaners around the house because of my cats. She directed me to this product; they work like a charm.
by JPS1
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Disappointed Long-time User
It's the old bait-n-switch. Same box, same price, but a far lower-quality product inside. I've been a good customer of this company for 20 years. I've bought this product for smoothing the callouses on my feet. And it's worked very well up until now. But the company went to a much less dense pumice stone inside that falls apart immediately upon use and lasts 1/10th as long as the previous product. And it is now sharp to hold in your hand and will cut your skin. I will not buy it again, but if you choose to, I'd advise you wear rubber gloves when handling it despite what the company says on its website. And wear a mask over your nose also because you do not want to breathe these particles into your lungs. This product used to be made of dense pumice that you could handle without gloves and not worry about wearing a face mask. The company changed the product (and apparently not its website information) and you are wasting your money. Spend the time to search out a different product and you will be much happier. Home Depot: if you read this at the management level, you may not be aware of the product change. Please dump this inferior product or at least ask the company to change it or drop the "Heavy Duty" wording from the box and cut the price in half. Your customers have come to expect better quality from your stores than this formerly-excellent, but now lousy, product!
by TexasDave
2 people found this helpful
After many failed tries of cleaning the hard water ring in the toilet and burn-on stains on my GE black porcelain cooktop I tried Pumie and I am speachless! This is the best product! Give it a try!
by Megpl
2 people found this helpful
Stop Right There!
If you’re embarrassed about how dirty your bathroom can get before you clean, stop right there! Pumie Scouring Stick is here for you! Is there a dark ridge of toilet scum starring at you in the face every time you walk in the bathroom, reminding you that you procrastinate WAY too long? Are you left awake in bed because you remember the look on your friend’s face when they came out of your bathroom with disgust and disdain on their face? This makes the sludge and shame disappear. Now when your friends will think you’re responsible—they’ll never know that you go weeks between cleanings! And you’ll sleep better too. Happy toilet scrubbing!
by CoffeeSnob
2 people found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 153 reviews