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Clear Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 8 oz. Capacity

  • A beautiful bird feeder for any backyard, garden, or porch.
  • Wide-mouth, top-fill design for easy, mess-free nectar filling.
  • Made from durable, clear tempered glass to monitor nectar level.
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Product Details
we love birds, glass hummingbird feeders

Bird Feeding is Our Passion

Bird feeding isn’t just our specialty - it’s our lifestyle. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling.

iconic hummingbird feeders, glass hummingbird feeders

Iconic Hummingbird Feeder Designs

Our classic and most iconic styles are loved by birds and bird lovers alike. Find the best seat in your house, because hummingbirds are on their way!

room for multiple birds, glass hummingbird feeders

A Feast for Multiple Birds

Our classic hummingbird feeders boast multiple feeding stations with perches to easily accommodate several birds at once.

easy to fill, glass hummingbird feeders

Easy to Fill

Our classic hummingbird feeders are easy to fill. The wide-mouth bottle design results in fewer spills as you pour nectar.

ant moat, glass hummingbird feeders

Ant Moat

Simply fill the cap with water to prevent ants from crawling down the feeder to the nectar.

bee guards, glass hummingbird feeders

Bee Guards

With our built-in bee guards, bees will be unable to access the ports, while hummingbirds have no trouble.

easy to clean, glass hummingbird feeders

Comes Apart for Cleaning

Hummingbirds prefer to visit fresh, clean feeders. Our feeders completely taken apart to allow for thorough cleaning.

attract hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are attracted to the bright colors of our classic style feeders.

rufous hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Rufous Hummingbirds

Rufous hummingbirds can be found visiting feeders in the western half of the United States.

ruby throated hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only hummingbird species that typically visit eastern United States.

anna's hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Anna's Hummingbirds

These hummingbirds are common to the west coast, and many remain there all year.

Allen's hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Allen's Hummingbirds

Bird-feeding enthusiasts in California may be lucky enough to get a visit from this species.

calliope hummingbirds, glass hummingbird feeders

Calliope Hummingbirds

The tiniest bird in the US, this species commonly lives in western United States.

About This Product

With the Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder, entertaining hummingbirds in your backyard has never been easier. It's the classic design that you know and love with a few great updates, including a new and improved wide-mouth bottle and bird-preferred U-shaped perches. Meanwhile, the attention-catching color and 8 oz nectar capacity are irresistible to hummers. For your convenience, this feeder disassembles completely for effortless cleaning. Remove the ant moat, base and bottle with ease - even the built-in bee guards come apart! In addition, the wide-mouth design makes it easy to access hard-to-reach spots of the bottle, while also allowing for mess-free filling. The Perky-Pet Pinch-Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder also features convenient insect defenses. The bee guards keep bees at bay, while hummingbirds can still easily access the nectar. To keep ants away, fill the top of the lid with water to create a barrier that prevents them from crawling down to the ports.


Product Information

Internet # 204749990

Model # 203CPBN

Store SKU # 744036


Dimensions: H 8.38 in, W 7.25 in, D 7.25 in


Product Depth (in.)

7.25 in

Product Height (in.)

8.38 in

Product Width (in.)

7.25 in


Bird Feeder Capacity

8 Ounces

Bird Feeder Type

Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Supply Type

Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Type


Color Family




Mount Type


Number of Perches / Ports


Product Weight (lb.)

0.67 lb



Questions & Answers

Q:The app won't let me change my location
by|Aug 26, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  This product does not have an app.

by|Aug 28, 2023
    Q:Does this come with a hook to hang from a shepherd's hook?
    by|Apr 22, 2023
    4 Answers
    Answer This Question

    A:  Yes it does come with a hook however please unscrew the top to retrieve it.

    by|Apr 23, 2023

      A:  This feeder comes with a red wire that may be used to hang it.

      by|Apr 24, 2023

        A:  It doesn’t come with one. 

        by|Jul 7, 2023

          A:  Yes mine did 

          by|Apr 24, 2023
            Q:I bought one of these feeders and it leaks is there a way to stop the leak?
            by|Mar 16, 2023
            2 Answers
            Answer This Question

            A:  If a feeder is leaking, we recommend tightening all of the connection points as this is often the source of the leak. Please contact us at 855-737-5973 with any questions.

            by|Aug 31, 2023
              1 found this answer helpful

              A:  I bought two, within 2 weeks the base cracked and leakes... it garbage. Have the smaller feeders for years with heavier plastic.

              by|Aug 31, 2023
                1 found this answer helpful
                Q:Although there are bee guards, has anyone experienced yellow jackets swarming and agitated due to not gaining access to the nectar? This just happened with my last feeders that had bee guards. Sadly, I had to remove my feeders early.
                by|Aug 14, 2022
                4 Answers
                Answer This Question

                A:  No. 

                by|Aug 31, 2023
                  1 found this answer helpful

                  A:  We do not have information available on yellow jackets swarming feeders. Generally we recommend to remove the feeders for a few days until they find a food source elsewhere.

                  by|Aug 31, 2023
                    1 found this answer helpful

                    A:  I have these feeders hanging on the front porch and I have lots of hummingbirds !!!  I made 3 feeders out of empty water bottles and the bees love them.  Birds in front and bees in back and all the critters are fat and happy !!!

                    by|Jan 22, 2023
                      1 found this answer helpful

                      A:  I've had no problems with yellow jackets at my feeders. I have 2 hanging on my patio.

                      by|Aug 16, 2022
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                        Broke too easily
                        The bottom part of the feeders broke within a couple of weeks. Poor quality. Do not recommend buying.
                        Response from Woodstream TeamFeb 14, 2024
                        We are sorry to hear that happened and would be happy to send you a replacement feeder! Please give us a call at 855-737-5973 for assistance.
                          missing pieces
                          Received the glass part but all the yellow feeder parts were missing. Fortunately the replaced it
                            • Recommended
                            Best Hummingbird Feed IMHO
                            Pros: Easy to clean (the entire feeder comes apart if needed) Important to clean the feeder every 3-4 days (hot tap water is fine) and replace with fresh Nectar/Food. Easy to Refill Cons: they are made of plastic so don't screw top lid too tight or it will break the housing and the hook at the top that support the "S" hook will also break in about 1 - 2 years. Important, for the best results just make your own nectar/food with 1 parts refined sugar (not brown sugar) to 4 parts water.
                              • Recommended
                              The top part cracked where it screws on
                              The plastic top part cracked where it screws on to the glass container part after only 3 months. I wanted to like it but I dont think I can even return it now. Ugh
                              Response from Woodstream TeamJul 25, 2023
                              We are sorry to hear that happened! We would be more than happy to send you a replacement under our 1 -year replacement policy. Please give us a call directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance.
                                Epic design failure…
                                This feeder looked like a good value, and it pretty much still is, except for a flaw in the lid’s hanger. The plastic strip failed (or was previously cracked) when inverting the feeder to its normal operating position. The metal S-hook slipped through the lid hanger because it couldn’t support the weight of a feeder full of nectar. Fixed the problem myself. Drilled two small holes, inserted a stiff wire, crimped the ends, and it’s good to go.
                                  1 found this review helpful
                                  Hummingbirds love it
                                  Not only is it a great looking feeder, hummingbirds love it! I love the vibrant colors and of course the glass bottle and built in ant moat. Very simple to refill but due to its smaller size, you will have to refill often. At first I thought the hummers were having trouble getting the nectar but in a few days the bottle was empty. I make 1 part sugar to 4 parts water and they love it!
                                    • Recommended
                                    Wide “flowers” easy access
                                    This feeder is fantastic. I’ve had it for 3 summers now, it’s a bit sun faded, but the hummingbirds still love it. If I am late putting it out in May, I can see them coming back to the spot wondering where it is! I have it hanging on a double Shepard’s hook, w/ another feeder, and they favor this one. The other feeder has a base with smaller yellow flowers, I think it’s too small for them to navigate. This feeder’s flowers are very wide and open, providing easy access to the sugar syrup.
                                      • Recommended
                                      nice replacement.
                                      Wider mouth than the previous feeder makes it easier to refill. Also has a perch for the birds.
                                      • Verified Purchase
                                      • Recommended
                                      2 found this review helpful
                                      The hummingbirds that come to my yard definitely prefer this feeder over any others I've used - w...
                                      The hummingbirds that come to my yard definitely prefer this feeder over any others I've used - when two different styles are there, this is the one that gets used the most. I remove the "flowers" and the bee guards for most of the year, but have to put the bee guards back on during the summer. I still don't use the flowers, though, and without them it's just 4 tubes that are easy to block with my fingers when I turn them over after filling. I wash the glass portion in the dishwasher and run hot water through the base to be sure each port is thoroughly cleaned. I also use the 16 oz version in locations where the feeders empty quickly. The one bad thing about this feeder is that the U-shaped resting spot is too far from the port opening for some of the smaller Rufous hummers that come to the Pacific Northwest in the spring and summer. I've wrapped wire across the bottom of the "U" to make it better for the smaller birds and it works great! Also, don't screw on the base too tightly or the plastic will start to split.
                                      Response from Woodstream TeamApr 15, 2021
                                      Thank you for sharing!
                                      • Verified Purchase
                                      • Recommended
                                      6 found this review helpful
                                      Adventures of Twig 6/9/2020 It all started a year ago when we noticed a Black-Chinned Hummingbird resting on a twig in our Ornamental Chaste Bush. He has been keeping us amused since March 6, 2020. It is totally amazing how this male hummingbird guards his feeder, flies down to the watering hole to take a bath, then back to his twig. He shakes a tail feather, preens himself and waits for the next intruder. Sometimes he flies over to the other feeders or finds a resting spot upon the Joshua Tree. He seems to have fun bombing other hummingbirds too! It is magical just to watch and capture a few photos. Adventures of Twig Part II 6/30/2020 We made a few adjustments and purchased Twig his own Pinch-Waist Perky-Pet feeder! We went to Home Depot around 7:30pm and The Lady mixed some food for Twig as soon as we got home. What caused this dilemma? We were unable to locate Twig. The Lady and I trimmed the Ornamental Chaste Bush yesterday. I tried hard not to cut his personal twig, but failed. We had moved all three large hummingbird feeders to the back wooden beam. I was getting ready to remove the fancy rebar stand, which I welded together. I thought it was time to dump it! I looked out the window and there was Twig on a new Twig! The rebar stand is once again ready to support Twig’s private feeder. I watched Twig down at the watering hole and fly back to his perch to resume his guarding duties.
                                      Response from Woodstream TeamNov 9, 2020
                                      That is delightful!
                                        • Recommended
                                        5 found this review helpful
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