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Squirrel-Be-Gone Squirrel-Resistant Metal Durable Wild Bird Feeder - 2 lb. Capacity

  • Powerful Protection: Kills scorpions, spiders, ants & more.
  • Long-lasting Control: Residual power for up to 6 weeks.
  • Versatile Application: Two-way spray indoors & outdoors.
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Product Details

we love birds, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Bird Feeding is Our Passion

Bird feeding isn’t just our specialty - it’s our lifestyle. All of our products stem from our commitment to creating a bird-feeding experience that is fun & fulfilling.

feed birds not squirrels, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Feed Birds, Not Squirrels

We offer a variety of squirrel-resistant features to ensure your seed is reserved for the birds, not the squirrels.

multiple ports, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Room for Plenty of Birds

With less competition from squirrels, and lots of ports on offer, our feeders will accommodate many birds at once.

weight-activated perches, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Weight-activated Perches

When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the ports close off under their weight.

metal feeder accents, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Metal Accents

Our squirrel-resistant feeders feature metals details like cages, port covers, and lids to provide extra defense against squirrels.

secure lid, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Secure Lid

For additional squirrel resistance our feeders boast benefits like sure-lock or twist-lock lids.

large seed capacity, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Large Seed Capacity

With plenty of seed in the reservoir, and nor squirrels to steal it, your hungry birds are sure to be well fed.

seed guide, squirrel resistant seed feeders

Seed Guide

Every bird species has their own seed preferences. Fill your feeders based on the type of bird you want to attract.

cardinals, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These non-migratory birds are a favorite of many bird lovers. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed and mixed seed.

chickadees, squirrel resistant seed feeders


These adorable birds love to feast on black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanuts, and mealworms.

finches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


There are many varieties of finches. These beauties enjoy eating mixed seed and Nyjer / thistle.

nuthatches, squirrel resistant seed feeders


For nuthatches, the larger the food, the better. They prefer black-oil sunflower seed, mixed seed, and peanuts.

titmice, squirrel resistant seed feeders


In the summer, titmice mainly feed on insects. But they also enjoy seeds, particularly mixes that include seeds, nuts, and berries.

About This Product

With the Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder you get elegant design and squirrel-resistant function all in one convenient package. The metal cage is adorned with a leafy design that will look at home in any yard. In addition, the metal is finished with a powder coating to enhance the rustic look, while also ensuring rust resistance. To offer defense against squirrels, this feeder boasts multiple great features. First, this feeder’s weight-activated system is calibrated to support the weight of birds but not squirrels. When squirrels try to gain access to the perches, the cage is pulled down, causing the decorative leaves to cover the ports. In addition, the metal cage prevents squirrel chewing and damage. With less competition from squirrels, birds won’t be able to resist the Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder! It features six feeding ports evenly spaced around the reservoir so multiple birds can dine at the same time and you can enjoy a better view. In addition, this feeder has built-in drain holes to prevent water from pooling in the reservoir, so there’s less seed waste. Use the built-in hanging wire to place this attractive feeder anywhere around your yard or patio.


  • All-metal, weight-activated cage closes off ports under squirrel’s weight
  • Six feeding ports with U-shaped perches allow multiple birds to dine
  • Powder-coated finish ensures rust resistance for durability
  • Rustic leaf design is both attractive and functional
  • Clean feeder at least every 2 weeks with a mild soap and water solution
  • Holds up to 2 lb of seed
  • Never Run Out of Seed - The clear reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels at a glance so you never run out during peak feeding times
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Product Information

Internet # 100615722

Model # 336

Store SKU # 283271

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Dimensions: H 19.08 in, W 7.1 in, D 6.97 in


Product Depth (in.)

6.97 in

Product Height (in.)

19.08 in

Product Width (in.)

7.1 in


Bird Feeder Capacity

3.4 Pounds

Bird Feeder Type

Seed Feeder

Bird Supply Type

Seed Feeder

Bird Type

Wild Bird

Color Family




Feeder Type




Mount Type


Number of Perches / Ports


Product Weight (lb.)

2.507 lb



Questions & Answers

Q:How do I clean it?
by|May 4, 2024
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  To clean this feeder, we recommend soaking it in a solution of warm water with a mild soap.

by|May 6, 2024
    Q:I just got this bird feeder and the bottom was not on and it is so loose when I put it on it falls right off, what can I do?
    by|Feb 4, 2024
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  We do not have recommendations for reattaching the base. We suggest returning it to the retailer for either a refund or exchange.

    by|Feb 5, 2024
      Q:Birds don?t use this feeder compared to others using the same seed mix at different locations in yard. Why? What?s a display name?
      by|May 23, 2023
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Birds are creatures of habit and can take some time to adjust to a new feeder. You may want to temporarily remove any established feeders until this new one is being utilized. Placing the feeder near a fresh water source is also a great way to help birds find it!

      by|Aug 9, 2023
        1 found this answer helpful

        A:  This feeder is spring activated and may not open for smaller birds . there are instructions to inform you how to adjust the spring action.

        by|May 30, 2023
          Q:Should there be 2 springs, one on each side, to keep ports open for the birds? Mine only has one and ports don't seem to open enough for birds to get seeds!
          by|Mar 27, 2023
          3 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  needs both springs

          by|Mar 28, 2023

            A:  You need two springs to have it work. One spring is not enough.

            by|Mar 29, 2023

              A:  There should be two springs. Please give us a call at 855-737-5973 for assistance!

              by|Mar 28, 2023
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                • 54% recommend this product
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                Squirrel is still able to get the seeds from the feeder, pls see picture
                Response from Woodstream TeamMay 16, 2024
                We're sorry to hear the squirrels still got a free meal! To help deter them, hang feeders at least 8 ft away from launching points like trees and fences as well as 4 ft off the ground. Please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 with any questions, we're happy to help.
                • Verified Purchase
                This feeder replaces a 12 year old feeder of the same design. The clear plastic eventually yellows and becomes brittle. The anti-squirrel function works well.
                • Verified Purchase
                As quickly as birds are drawn to this new feeder, so are squirrels. The squirrels have not been able to get to the seeds so far. This feeder represents value for dollars spent. Similar squirrel-resistant feeders cost as much as four times the amount this feeder cost.
                • Verified Purchase
                I must have brilliant squirrels
                So at first this product worked well and I laughed as the squirrels fell off looking discouraged. However the jokes on me. The squirrels have been steadily emptying this feeder by doing exactly what the product says it prevents. Hanging on the side of the “cage”. The problem is the cage is not preventing them from getting so much seed out that other squirrels are eating excess seeds at the base while the hanging squirrel is robbing the feeder. Haven’t had any problems with my other feeder….
                Response from Woodstream TeamFeb 21, 2024
                Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with this feeder! It sounds like there may be a failure in the mechanism if the cage isn't closing off the feeding ports. Please contact us directly at 855-737-5973 for assistance with our 1-year replacement policy.
                  1 found this review helpful
                  Breaks easily
                  I bought 3 of these to prevent squirrels from the seed. One the bottom seed deflector came off so all the seed pours out. The second one as I disassembled it to clean it the retention tab broke off. Now the bottom won’t stay on.
                  Response from Woodstream TeamJul 18, 2023
                  Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear that this happened to your feeder. We appreciate this feedback and have shared these concerns with our Product Manager for review. The feeder has a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us at -855-737-5973 with any questions.
                    2 found this review helpful
                    squirrel feeder
                    Have not seen a bird on it for first week but squirrels love it.
                    Response from Woodstream TeamJun 30, 2023
                    Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear about this recent experience. Birds are creatures of habit and can take some time to become accustomed to a new feeder in their environment. We offer feeders with varying degrees of squirrel resistance. Baffles can be used above or below feeders not considered “squirrel resistant”. In addition, keep in mind squirrels can JUMP! Ideal placement would be at least 12 feet away from any type of launch pad (tree, fence…) and at least 4 feet off the ground. Reach out to us at 1-855-737-5973 with any questions.
                      1 found this review helpful
                      Rodent-proof for 5 minutes then it rains seeds
                      Everything was fine for a month or so. Then one day it took an athletic chipmunk about five minutes to climb our tall skinny metal mounting pole, chew a hole through the flimsy plastic, and unleash a hailstorm of seeds which quickly emptied 80% of the feeder. Fastest $50 we ever wasted. PS: The "tip" to mount the unit far out of reach of any rodents is (a) impossible given that they can climb pretty much any mounting hardware, and (b) an admission that the device is not rodent-resistant as advertised. Better to buy a cheaper unit and spend the savings on extra seed.
                      Response from Woodstream TeamJun 27, 2023
                      Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear that this happened to your feeder. This feeder is designed to be resistant to squirrels. It has not been tested for lighter rodents such as chipmunks. It has a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us at 1-855-737-5973 with any questions.
                        Attracts Mice and Rats
                        The house finches love the this bird feeder. They come every day, eat and make lots of noise and spread seed all over the ground. It's fun to watch. However, at night the mice and rats come. I am pretty grossed out. They climb inside of it and eat and poop everywhere. I am disappointed that we need to get rid of it. There are too many negative problems with the amount of rodents it attracts to keep it.
                        Response from Woodstream TeamJun 7, 2023
                        We are sorry to hear that is occurring. The feeder is not designed to be rodent resistant, however we have shared your feedback with the Product Manager.
                          Design has changed
                          Warning this is not what the item is. We bought one last fall and wanted to add a second. The company has changed the design first off the pirches arent secure. Theyre thin metal rods that are just hooked on the cage so they move. Second the pirches are considerably lower so might be hard for small birds to sit on pirch and reach opening. Third problem the outer cage is larger so its not sturdy Will rattle in wind. I returned and will look for something else. Overall quality not as good
                          Response from Woodstream TeamMay 26, 2023
                          Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on this feeder! It has been shared with our Product Managers. Please contact us at 855-737-5973 with any questions!
                            2 found this review helpful
                            No good
                            Didn't even last a week before the squirrels chewed through the plastic casing
                            Response from Woodstream TeamMay 26, 2023
                            We're sorry to hear squirrels damaged this feeder! To help prevent squirrel damage, we recommend hanging feeders at least 4 ft off the ground. Please contact us at 855-737-5973 with any questions, we're happy to help.
                              Showing 1-10 of 1,789 reviews