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Soil Moisture Sensor

Product Overview

PlantLink makes watering simple and efficient. By combining moisture sensors with the PlantLink app, PlantLink lets you know when your plants need water. Simply place Links in soil indoors or outdoors, and the system will calibrate to the plant's watering needs using our catalog of over 50,000 plants. Never worry about over or under-watering again.

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Questions & Answers


Can i submerge this under 12” of mulch?

Asked by Tim December 25, 2020

No, the components will go bad , ours lasted about 6 months in normal operations ,

will this work for lawns? if not, does plantlink have a reasonably priced wireless moisture sens...

Asked by REP05 February 22, 2017

Yes it will work with lawns, just be careful not to run over it with your lawn mower :-D When you set up the probe you can tell it what type of plant is being monitored as well as the soil type. There are options for different types of lawn grasses such as Tall Fescue, Red Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perenial Ryegrass, Zoysia, St. Augustine, etc. A lot of lawns tend to be a mix and there are no options I could find for lawn mixes. If you don't have a monostand of only one variety such as all Tall Fescues in your lawn then you might want to go with the predominate type of grass in your mix. If you don't know what type of grass you have look for what's common in your area. For example in the south St Augustine and Bermudagrass are common. In the Northeast it's fescues, bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.

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Very Cool Item!
This is a nifty little item if you are like us and have house plants. In the box is the base station with power cord and adapter, and an Ethernet cable, as well as the remote sensor. I plugged it in and connected it to my router and in a few seconds the light turned blua and t was ready to go, Next I powered up the remote sensor and pressed the button, no yellow light. I repeated this for about 15 minutes and never got a yellow light. I thought the remote sensor was defective, when all of a sudden the website said it was connected! I never did see the yellow light. It said check back in an hour to check the reading. When I checked back it had a reading! I am happy! I put this in a false rubber plant and it says "Just Right". Overall setup was simple except the no yellow light issue, device is very cool reporting my soil moisture. It says"Water Monday". I was waiting to try this until the android app was available, but it is not out yet. The website works fine. I wish the sensors were cheaper to purchase. Overall a very cool product.
by es
Easy to setup, easy to use!
Considering what this thing does, the setup is astounding easy. I can't emphasize enough how frustrating it is to try to set something up with incomplete instructions. When I first opened the box I was a little tentative because the only thing that looked like instructions was a small card with a web address on it. However, once I got to that website and started following the VERY CLEARLY illustrated directions, everything was very simple and worked the first time. I'd even bet that my parents could set this up without frustration! Changing settings can be done from a computer or your phone through the web portal that looks not too unlike a simple email service. I was able to have the sensors text my phone whenever watering was needed and it worked like a charm.
by Will
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It works
This review is for Plant Link and its Sensor. Everything is there to get you started. You will need a empty port on your router or Switch as it does need access to your internet. The set up was quick direct and straight forward . I had no issues getting an account then setting up the hub and installing a sensor. All told about 10 minutes with my iPad. Performance, it works as stated and tells you the moisture level the plant you have the sensor in . You can set up the sensor for plant species , soil type and name it . It works off this information plus the actual soil moisture reading from the plant to determine soil moisture. It will email or text you information to your preference , recommend next watering . The wi fi might be limited in range as my sensor is about 20 feet outside a window and I'm getting about 37 percent on the wifi signal scale. So in a nut shell it tell you the status of you soil moisture and when it changes to allow you to know when to water it. At this date it's an entry into the automation information products. The company is working on enhancement coming soon . For me I'm using this to moniter my Expensive bonsai plants in California. If they are ever able to get this hooked up to a sprinkler controler to actually water the plant too ? This would make the product even better.
by FrankieG
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Worked for less than a month
I've had my plantlink for less than a month and the sensor just stopped working. It wont pick up the base, tried new batteries and pressed the link button on the sensor a number of times and waited 24hrs for it to link with the base station, nothing it's just dead!!
by avro5
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Soil Moisture Sensor
Just what I needed to know when to water my plants. I tend to forget to water my indoor plants so this soil moisture sensor has helped. The setup is simple and easy to follow. It lets you know when its time to water and again it very simple to install and setup. It has custom alerts, remote monitoring and has a catalog of over 50,000 plants. Plants for either indoor or outdoor.
by BG32
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No more underwatering
I'm bad with houseplants. I usually wind up underwatering them out of fear of overwatering. Can't seem to get the hang of it no matter how hard I try. These plant link sensors work great. You can view the current watering level of the plant. You set up what type of plant it is and you can even get reminders of when to water. Setup was very easy with my existing plant link base station. Took no time at all. Just insert batteries and press a button. Website shows chart of recent water levels. When you water it takes a couple hours to show the chart but it does recognize that it was watered. I think they do this to give the water time to percolate through the soil.
by Tom3
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Great idea
To get adequate sun I have some hanging plants on my back fence and its hard to tell without going outside to look everyday if the plants need water or not. They're also out of range of the sprinkler so they don't get watered regularly. So my normal routine has been to physically go check on the plants. MyPlantLink was a great solution for me to be able to know when the plants need watering without having to allocate time each day to check on it. The setup is simple. There is a hub that plugs into your router (or switch) and a power adapter into the wall. The sensor itself uses batteries and has a double o-ring design to keep the circuit board inside dry. Once the hub is setup via the MyPlantLink site you push the button on the sensor to pair it. After an hour you can get your plant data. By default you have to use the site (or maybe there is an app) but I turned on email notifications. There is a gauge on the site that tells you how wet/dry the soil is and a recommendation of when the plant will need to be watered next. So far so good! Already thinking of adding additional sensors. I've thought about also using this on pet water dishes so that I get a "too dry" notification when the water level drops below a certain level. I might also add some sensors around my foundation too so I know when I need to water. A lot of possible uses for this device.
by JerryY
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Inaccuracy could make this worse than nothing, but it does have promise
Adding the base station was simple & easy. Adding the Link (sensor), took many tries, and never seemed to succeed, but after a couple days of trying, I went back to the site and it said the link had been added. Unfortunately, from experimenting with the soil types and plant types, the recommendation to water seems to be based entirely off the soil type. I have 2 links, setting one to a plant type of Tacca Batflower (should always remain moist), the other to Barrel Cactus (infrequent watering and never drenched), and soil type of 'Sandy Loam' for both, the 'comfort zone' (my term, they do not label this, just use shading) on the watering graph was the same for both, roughly 15% to 32%. I tried several other plants as well, and there was no change to this 'comfort zone', but it did change when changing the soil type, and to the same values for each soil type, regardless of the plant. This could be a problem, as there are certain plants that actually don't like lots of water and can rot. Worse though, the measurements seem inaccurate. There are 5 levels of wetness, 1 being "Too Dry', 5 being 'Too Wet'. Before watering, with pretty dry soil, one plant had a level of 1, the other 2. I then soaked both plants, but 20 minutes later, they had the same measurements of 1 and 2, even though the interface stated a recent measurement had been taken. During this time, I moved one of the plants closer to the base station, and the measure for Signal strength did increase, so it seemed to have at least partially updated. The plant database claims to have 50,000 entries, and may well have that many, but doesn't contain any species of Dwarf Ginger, so I'm hoping they expand it. It also seems to search only by common name, even though the scientific name is displayed, as searching by scientific names returned no results. It would be very nice if this measured more, like soil pH and sun exposure, but those probably require different sensors, so I can understand why those aren't included. Those would be nice for the future though, especially something that could give you an idea when to fertilize, but I;'m not factoring this in to the rating. I did contact support and they have been very helpful, so that's a good sign. I expect this may improve, they did indicate some pending improvements to the interface, so I'll try to update this review as things change. I'd like to buy several more links as I've got a wide variety of potted plants that have different watering needs, but for now I'm going to wait.
by Spencer
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Great tool
This product helps me monitor how much water is in the ground. I have not had any issues with it and it seems to be fairly accurate. There is no installation process and it is simple to read. This way I can tell not only how much am I watering, but how much do I need to water and how much water is in the ground in a certain time period. This way I can water effectively and when my lawn needs it most with out over watering.
by Remodeledbathroom
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