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HeritageHD Series 4-Channel 720p 1TB Surveillance System with 4 HD Camera and 80 ft. Night Vision

  • Four High-Definition 720p Cameras with 80 ft. Night Vision
  • Includes USB mouse and remote control
  • Remote monitoring includes email alerts and incident snapshots
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Product Overview

On-call access via remote monitoring and superb resolution are just two of the many features that make this Q-SEE Heritage HD Series Surveillance System the ideal solution for your home or business. Combining the familiarity of BNC setup with high definition, Q-SEE Analog HD offers the easiest and most economical introduction to high-definition surveillance. Protect yourself with professional-level clarity and features. Every essential detail is captured when you record in real-time 720p or 15 frames per second at 1080p resolution. These larger resolutions translate to video with a high pixel count for images with added detail and clarity, so you can secure the entrance to your business or simply keep an eye on your backyard. Protect what matters the most, let Q-SEE make your life easier by providing you with a smart security system advantage.
  • 4-Channel analog HD DVR
  • 4-720p bullet cameras
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Real-time 720p and 1080p recording resolutions
  • Mobile surveillance via Q-SEE applications
  • HDMI port for high-resolution viewing
  • Preinstalled 1TB hard drive
  • Scan and view for easy remote access
  • Start-up wizard
  • PC and Mac compatibility
  • Includes 60 ft. BNC cables for each camera
  • Smart security system makes it easy to view video with tagged motion detected and view live alerts on your Smartphone

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Cable Length (ft.)
Screen Size (In.)


Camera Connection
Wired Cameras
Camera Resolution
720 TVL
Camera Technology
Analog/ Direct
Camera Use
3-Axis Adjustable Camera,Night Vision
Field of View
60 Degrees
Hard Drive Size
1TB -1.9TB
Hub Required
No hub connection available
Image Sensor Type
Maximum Record Time (hrs)
Night Vision Distance (ft.)
Number of Cameras Included
Number of Channels
Number of Channels
4 Channel
Power Options
Recording Resolution
HD-1080 - 1920x1080,HD-720 - 1280x720
Recording Resolution
Remote Access
Remote Access
Requires Hub?
No Hub Required
Smart Home
Smart Home Enabled
Smart Home Protocol
Storage Capacity
1 TB
Voice Control Hub Required
No Voice Control
Works With
Proprietary App

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Good Both Day and Night
It took me a while to get these installed. I had to have an extra outlet added to my attic. If they had had POE it would have been better. The view during the day is fantastic! The same view in the evening is pretty good as well. This view is about 65 feet away from the camera. You can see where the Holiday lights either make the picture look blurred or the lights make it look distorted in some way. Very easy to install. One little hole on the front of the garage, a little putty and then silicone to make sure the hole was water tight and it was done.
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Simple, Easy to Install, Good Images
Follow instructions and installation is very smooth. You'll be pleased with the results. Choose camera locations carefully - they see only about 65 degrees. Supplied data say furnished cables are 60 feet long, so that says where the DVR can go. It turned out my kit had two 60' and two 100'. Mount the cameras and run the cables, which are complete with connectors. How hard this is depends on your building. Mine is an open attic and getting through the fascia was the only hard step (although it was over 100 degrees up there). The DVR doesn't need any special place as long as you can connect a TV and get to the mouse and clicker, which you need only for setup. The Setup process is straightforward and I had pictures on the TV with very little effort. Go through the setup carefully, though, because it's a nuisance to repeat. (I messed up by not knowing which Sunday DST started on.) Continue to follow straightforward instructions to get a link that lets your smart phone connect into the system and see the pictures. Night vision on mine doesn't work very well. Just a little light in the scene keeps the camera from switching to infrared. Keep in mind that this is a low-end entry-level product. There are lots of fancier products out there - and they cost more.
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Good Cameras, Cumbersome Connections
This is a mix of great features/optics and poor to mediocre execution. The good: - Great picture. The image produced by these cameras is sharp even in low light. - After you sort out your various cords and cables, setup is relatively straightforward thanks to the setup wizard. - The app allows for remote access, so after the initial setup, this unit does not have to be connected to a tv - The app loads relatively quickly (username & password required) & gives you the ability to see feeds from all 4 cameras. It’s fairly easy to adjust DVR settings from the app. - Ability to set the device to only record when motion is detected or during certain hours - Ability to have a snapshot emailed to you if motion is detected while you’re away The bad: - The biggest area where I feel this unit falls short is that there is no option to operate over a secure wifi network. As such, to use this system, the DVR has to be installed in immediate proximity to a router. The cameras are all wired, so if your router is near your cable box like mine & there is no convenient/attractive way to move it, this could mean lots of drilling in very prominent areas of your house. I expected the cameras to be wired, but I did not expect the DVR to be tethered to my router. I understand that connecting via Ethernet is a more secure, and often offers improved connection speed, but in a day and age when my smoke detector and thermostat are connected to my home wifi, I feel like this unit ought to offer that same capability – put a disclaimer on it that it’s not as secure/fast, that’s fine, but give the user the option to connect over wifi in order to position the DVR in a more convenient location. [Note: you can probably remedy this problem by utilizing a wifi bridge, but that’s an added expense, an additional setup and a potential myriad of new problems to troubleshoot.] - While the wizard helps move initial setup along, getting to that point is rather tedious. In order to setup, you have to have access to your router/an ethernet connection, two electrical outlets, and a tv with an HDMI port (I was unsuccessful on getting the DVR to initiate setup by plugging it into a laptop with HDMI, but maybe others will have more success), and due to the length of the cords, they all have to be in very close proximity. Mine weren’t close enough so I had to drag out an extension cord. By the time I’d run an extension cord, 2 power cords (1 for DVR, 1 for cameras), 1 ethernet cable, 1 HDMI cord & hooked up the included mouse & all 4 cameras to test out (they recommend you test them all prior to mounting), my den was essentially one giant knot of cords and connectors. I know lots of those cords are unavoidable, but I felt it was worth mentioning just so you know to clear the area of pets and children before you undertake setup. - Spotty customer support. I began setup at 5pm ET on a Sunday. Despite the instructions stating that their support line was open until 5pm PDT on Saturday and Sunday, I got an automated message stating the help line was closed, to call back within their stated hours. - The app displayed larger than my screen on both my phone and my tv, making all or part of the menu buttons unreadable. I was eventually able to correct it on the TV by adjusting the screen mode, but the menu still runs off the side of my phone. (iphone 5s) So, in summary, this security system does a lot of things right – the cameras are top notch and the security alert options are a great feature. I think it’s perfect for many small businesses and/or new construction homes where everything could be run behind the walls, but I’m afraid its reliance on cords makes it impractical for most homeowners. It can still work for you in an existing home – just be sure to carefully think through where you want this to live & how you will run the required cords ahead of time. If there’s no good way to get all 4 camera cords to the same room as your router, you probably want to look further. If that’s not a problem for you, this system is a great solution. Given the price point and lack of monitoring fees, I recommend it for those who can accommodate the cords.
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High quality HD picture, well featured surveillance system
Good picture quality with plenty of useful features like night vision, motion activation and the ability to monitor the security system over the internet from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Physical installation is straightforward for the averge DIYer and a very 'clean' looking installation is possible if you run the camera wires through PVC conduit as we did. The connection of the cameras to the DVR is quite straightforward. In our case, since we decided to run the wiring through conduit that we fitted under the eaves around our home, we had to cut the connectors off one end of the camera cable to fit down the conduit and we purchase some video and 12v DC power connectors at the local electronics store and online. We also purchased a 12 hole double wall plate so that we could have a tidy installation on the wall next to the DVR with the camera power and video cables and network cable for the DVR. While this entailed a little extra cost and work to fit the connectors onto the cables, the end result was very tidy and well worth the trouble. If you are going to use conduit, we found that a pair of video/power wires for 2 cameras would fit 'snugly' in 1/2" PVC conduit however if you want 4 wires, you are much better off with 3/4"-1" conduit, particularly if there are other cables such as the network cables in the same cable bundle. When it comes to setting up the DVR for connecting to the internet, you should expect to have to spend a little more time getting 'technical' to allow your PC or smartphone/tablet to be able to access the DVR remotely as our install wasn't plug and play. We found that the instructions that came on the CD with the system were the best source of direction on how to accomplish this and you may also need to tweak the settings on your home internet gateway/router to create a 'tunnel' that allows your PC and smartphone to access the DVR remotely over the internet. It took me about an hour to figure out how to do this successfully with our AT&T U-Verse gateway. Some users reported a problem connecting the DVR to their plasma TVs however we had no trouble connecting to our 65" Panasonic plasma using the supplied HDMI cable. All we had to do was use the S-video cable first and then use the DVR user interface to set the display output to HDMI at which point the plasma TV worked fine. Once the internet connection is established, I had no trouble accessing the cameras using my PC however after I downloaded the QSee remote monitoring app to my 2011 LG Android smartphone, it wouldn't work, so it seems like the mobile software may need a more recent Android smartphone. In reality, QSee would be better served by having their Google Play store app check the version of the user's Android software for compatibility with their app and blocking the download of the app if it isn't compatible. I found the on screen user interface that comes with the DVR to be very cumbersome when trying to set up the DVR for timed recording etc. using the mouse and a TV plugged into the DVR however when I used the remote PC software, it was far simpler to set up the DVR for some of these features so I'd recommend using the PC app to set up some of the key recording features on the system. Within about two weeks of the installation, one of the bullet cameras began to exhibit strange behavior on night vision. It ran fine during the day however once it switched to night vision at dusk, after 10 minutes of running in night vision mode the image would become grainy, snowy and then fade out to an almost white image. We contacted QSee customer support and after we'd reset the camera and tested out the wiring to the camera to confirm it was OK, we returned the camera to them and had a replacement under warranty within a week. Using the QSee website is also a little cumbersome since you have to set up two different user accounts - one if you want support and one if you want to purchase items. We did the latter first and found we couldn't use their online support - it would be much improved if QSee simply had one user ID which works for both aspects of their online system.
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Bad Costumer Service
Costumer service the worst you cant call them, don't buy this product.
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    difficult to install but once its in, does the job well
    Difficult to install, had to have some buddies help out to make it looks nice and covered. Once its in, its very easy to use. Wish the camera quality was a bit better but it's good enough.
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    Easy to use, good picture quality, viewable over internet
    I like this camera system better than the other one I have. The picture quality is great and no interference in the signal. The night vision is good. The playback unit up can use a mouse or remote control. The menus are not great compared to an Apple product, but they are fairly easy to navigate. For play back you can set the cameras to only record if they see motion, this produces a map of each day where you can quickly see if there was any activity and select playback. The time stamp can be set up to update over the internet. This unit will also work with cameras from other units. With an internet connection you can access the video on a mobile device. This works really great and is quick to load. I like that that the app remembers more than one device code and remembers your pass word, and makes you log on each time. There is about a 5 to 20 second delay depending on the internet speed. The live video feed works very well over internet and it's great to be able to check on things over your phone. You can playback as well, but the options are a little slow to load. I would say do t rely on remote playback, just access it on site. Works on VGA or HDMI. I was not able to connect to my older tv with HDMI and just used the VGA. I did not try it on a newer tv.
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    HD-SDI limitations?
    I'm new to single-link HD-SDI connections and don't want to be critical of a protocol vs a product, but I'm underwhelmed by the image these cameras bring to a Sharp 40" 1080p LED array. The detail seems very arbitrary, which again might be a factor of bullet cameras period, but I wouldn't want to rely on these for forensic magic. I previously reviewed the 960H DVR with the 700 TVL cameras; both are locally plug and play; neither are network plug and play, and I have never been able to get either to stream out of network; I'm tech-advanced enough to feel constrained by Apple and Logitech, yet not advanced enough to be enthused about controlling the many variables involved in getting these systems to stream out of network. I also find the DVRs lacking a solid tactile feel and reassurance, though the OS and GUI on both are simple, solid and flawless. The 960H is mouse driven; this includes a mouse but is meant to be remote driven; the remote isn't terribly responsive, and as the menu dips below my screen's scanning, I find myself having to switch between both. Universal remotes will work with this and seem to be much more reliable than the included remote. When I tore down the high res cameras to put these up, I found the small mounting screws and the articulating screws had rusted in just a couple of months -- the good news is these have no articulating screws to rust, their mounting screws are heavier, and I've learned to take silicone sealing more seriously. The bottom line is, these cameras work, local network streaming works; I'm confident with enough effort out of network streaming will work as well, but I'd prefer to think this isn't the best 1080p surveillance camera systems can be.
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